It had been nearly a week since my arrival in Volterra, a week since I had found myself face to face with Marcus. He wasn't joking that night first night when he said he was a thing from nightmares. I had spent most of the past few days trying my hardest to hide from him in fear that he would bite me again.

It was no use really, being the only human in the whole castle meant I was easy to find, though it was mainly by Jane who looked at me in pity as she informed me that Marcus demanded I return myself to his chambers.

The only good thing about the past five days was that I was once again putting on weight. When I brought it up with Esme during one of her short visits she said it was due to the fact I was near Marcus and that even though my mind and heart didn't trust him my soul did.

Shaking my head I leant my forehead against the window and closed my eyes as the sound of screams filled the air followed by the sound of laughter that I knew came from Marcus. He was playing with his 'food' again. Something that I found sickening and yet at the same time I was glad he was doing that to someone else that wasn't me.

I had read in one of the books I was forced to read that it was impossible for a male to hurt his mate in anyway. Whoever had written that statement had never meet Marcus before; his sadistic nature scared the living daylights out of me. Add the fact I hadn't been able to sit or lay down without a great deal of pain since he punished me for running away from him after he had shown me what he had done to Carlisle, I was tempted to ignore that statement.


I knew that my Isabella won't be in our rooms when I returned from my meal. She never was something that would be changing as of tonight. I hadn't seen her since I had punished her for her childish behaviour the day I brought her to watch me play with Carlisle. From what Caius had informed me I might have gotten a bit carried away once I got my hands on her. He muttered something about me even drawing blood in a few places.

Not being able to hide the slight smirk I quickly showered before following my Isabella's heart beat to one of the old galleries. The moment my eyes landed on her, I cursed my own memory as it did nothing for her true beauty. Even after only being here for just a few days she had changed a lot. Her hair hug down her back in soft curls stopping just at the swell of her ass. The dress I had put her in clung to her frame hiding nothing from my view or anyone else's for that matter.

Let out a low growl, I stalked towards my mate, watching as her body tensed as I stopped behind her. Without warning I wrapped my hand around her neck pulling her so she was pinned to my chest, still looking out of the window.

"You were told to stay in our chambers at all times Isabella. It's not safe for you to be walking around by yourself. Now it looks like I'll have to punish you again. I was so hoping for one evening of fun."

Without waiting to hear her excuse I pulled her up into my arms before ghosting back to our chambers. I could smell the fear coming from her and yet at the same time I could tell a part of her was aroused by the thought of being punished again. She might not admit it to herself or even to others but her body gave her little secret away.

The moment the door of our chambers slammed behind us I dropped her onto the floor, before making my way over to the closet that held my collection. Grabbing one of my whips and leather straps I would need to tie her to the posts of the bed I stalked back to my mate who was still on the floor where I had left her.

"Get up and strip Isabella."

Without me needing to tell her again she did as she was instructed. Pulling her to the bed, I could smell the salt from her tears as she became more scared causing me to become hard. Ignoring her whimpers I raised her arms and tied them to the bed posts to the point she had to stand on her toes.

I slowly ran the cane down her back as my eyes landed on her still bruised ass. I shook my head as I noticed the small cuts that Caius had spoken about. I hadn't meant for that to happen, and a small part of me felt bad but a larger part of me was jumping in joy.

I couldn't stop myself from running my hand over one of the bruised globes of flesh as I leant forward so I could whisper in her ear

"I am beginning to think you like being punished Isabella. I can taste your arousal in the air, this very minute. Maybe I might still get my fun after all."

Standing back I stripped off my shirt as I watched my Isabella shiver in a mixture of pleaser and fright.

Five minutes later

I carefully placed my cane back into it place before turning back to my mate still tied to the bed. Her back would take a few days to heal from the lashes; her spirit however was slowly getting morphed into that of my perfect mate. Pushing myself against her I couldn't help the soft growl of happiness at the hiss that left her mouth as I cupped her dripping sex and started to massage it.

The monster in me wanted to take her here and now but I wasn't going to take her while she stilled feared me. No I could wait, after all I still had a little problem with getting carried away and I didn't want to crush her. Sliding one finger into her, I started to speak

"Isabella, you belong to me. You are my mate. How am I supposed to protect you if you won't work with me?"

Not waiting for an answer I continued

"You have left me no choice."

Pulling away from her, earning a small sound of protest from her, I walked back to the area that held her new piece of jewellery. Kneeling down I wrapped the metal cuff around her ankle, before securing the chain to the bolt under the bed. The chain was long enough that she could use the bathroom when she needed it apart from that was restricted to the bedroom, when I wasn't there. Moving so I was kneeling on the bed so I could see her face, I allowed my hands to run over her body, playing with it until one hand was buried in her hair so she was focused to look at me while the other one was playing with her sex again.

Still watching the mixture of please, pain and fear cross her face I moved so my mouth was just inches from hers before snarling

"You are mine Isabella"


I woke to find my body filled with pain. Between the pain from Marcus's punishment and then him spending hours playing my body while I was still tied to the bed, my muscles where screaming in pain. Moving so I was still laid on my side I looked down at the cuff that now graced my ankle. Ignoring my muscles as they screamed at being forced to move I decided to have a proper look at it now Marcus wasn't about. I couldn't actually see where the join was but something told me that a vampire could. It was actually too bad, the only reason I even knew it was there at all was the sound of the chain scrapping against the floor.

Carefully standing I shuffled into the bathroom to do my human stuff. I stood looking at the bath for a while trying to work out if I could actually take a bath with the cuff on the door to the bathroom swang open to revile a very worried looking Alice and Jane.

It was Alice that answered my unspoken question

"We thought you could use some help bathing after last night."

I couldn't stop myself from blushing at her words. It was true some of last night was horrible but the rest of it was a mixture of up most please mixed with pain of not only being tied to the bed but not being able to control my bodies reactions to Marcus's skilled hands.

Nodding my head, I gasp as I felt a cold cream touch my back; having not realised Jane had all ready moved without me even answering.

"It will help with the bruising."

I sighed as I allowed the two girls to ease my body into the bath. I don't know what Alice had put it in but the moment my body hit the water I could stop the wanton moan that left my mouth causing me to blush and both of the girls to giggle. I would have come up with some response if Marcus hadn't chosen that moment to return from where ever he had disappeared to. Looking down at the water I ignored as Jane and Alice whispered to me good bye before they fled.

I couldn't stop myself from jumping a little as I felt a wet cloth against my skin. It was becoming a normal thing for Marcus to wash me however that wasn't what shocked me the most. It was how gentle he was being with me. We remained silent until I was back in bed laid on my side and Marcus was laid next to me with his nose buried in pile of what I could only guess was paper work. Every now and then I would feel his eyes on me before they would flick back to whatever he was reading. I have no idea how long this went on for before he threw the paper across the room and I found myself pinned to the bed with him hovering over me. A large part of me was scared about what was about to happen especially after last night, however in the end all he did was place his head so it rested on my chest just above my heart.

What had happened in the short amount of time that Marcus had changed so much? Why did I have a feeling that whatever had happened meant I wasn't going to like it.