"My name is Akemi Homura, nice to meet you," the dark-haired girl bowed. The whole room was clapping, but despite the enthusiasm in the air, Homura remained calm nonetheless. During break, there was a huge crowd surrounding the transfer student's desk, almost all the class was there except for three girls.

"There's such a mysterious aura about Akemi-san," said a dark-green haired girl. "Well, she is a newbie after all, Hitomi," a bluenette added. "She is pretty hot though, don't you think," Sayaka chirped. "Y-yeah… she is." A small pinkette had finally joined in the conversation.

"Eh? What did you say Madoka?" Sayaka was inches away from Madoka now, "Can you repeat that for me?" Snapping from her trance, Madoka flustered as she realized what she had said. "I m-me-mean that I-I completely agree! I mean- that's not what I-" Sayaka's grin was widening and widening as Madoka was trying to explain, "Oh, so you've got a crush on transfer student Akemi-san now, do you?" "Stop teasing me Sayaka-chan!" All three girls were acting normal as usual, always teasing and laughing. This was the everyday school life of Kaname Madoka, she admitted it was pretty plain, but she loved it.

"I'm sorry; I seem to feel nervous after all." Rising from her seat, Homura squeezed through the asphyxiating crowd. "I think I'll be heading to the nurse's office for the remaining of the break." She was making her way towards the exit when suddenly a bluenette shouted, "Do you want Madoka to take you there, Akemi-san?!" Sayaka was practically making it seem as an order rather than a request. Homura turned to face all three girls.

"I'm pretty sure that would be bothersome to her." "No! Uh- I mean, I'm the health representative, so I have to!" Madoka couldn't get her words right for some strange reason. Homura only raised an eyebrow, but pushed the conversation no further, "If you insist."

Both girls were making their way to the infirmary, and silence was enfolding the atmosphere. Madoka was desperately searching for a topic, any topic. She couldn't bare the awkward silence any longer.

"So, um, Akemi-san," Madoka merely piped out. "What is it," was all Homura could mutter out. "That uh, that's such an interesting name." Homura had finally made eye contact with Madoka, "Is it? I don't think it's that great. But thank you for the compliment or insult." "I-it was a compliment Homura-chan!"

This made Homura stop dead on her tracks. Madoka clasped her mouth; a faint blush could be seen. "I- I'm sorry, that was too intimate. Please forgive me!" For the first time, Homura was right in front of Madoka, inches away. "Did you really just say that, Kaname-san?"

Madoka's body was heating up, and losing heat at the same time. "I'm so sorry," her voice was so quiet it was barely heard. "Don't get me wrong, I'm not offended or anything. It's just weird for someone to call me by my first name, that's all."

Either her mind was playing tricks on her, or Madoka could've sworn she had just seen a faint smile.

'Why is my heart beating so fast right now? Is this Homura-chan's doing?' Two fingers snapped in front of her face, "Kaname-san, are you alright?" Ripped away from her train of thought, Madoka shook her head. "Heh heh, sorry. I just spaced out."

A deep sigh escaped the pinkette's lips. "Well, we're here." The taller girl bowed, "Thank you. I'll be leaving you alone now." She slid the door shut behind her; silence has once again engulfed the place.

'Why am I feeling like this all of a sudden? What does this mean exactly?' Madoka couldn't quite put her finger on this; this situation was all new to her. One thing for sure though, she knew it had something to do with Akemi Homura.