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Chapter 1: Holiday

16th of July

The sun was burning on their skin and the small gust of wind did nothing to cool them off. Only the slippers they wore, prevented their feet from getting burned on the hot sand.

"What do you think of this spot?" Sirius asked and shifted the basket with refreshments and food from one arm to the other. His eyes were already trained on the sea, his face displaying his eagerness to take a good dive in the refreshing water. His blue T-shirt was already sticking to his back and he couldn't wait to get rid of the sweaty shirt.

"What does it matter? This entire beach side belongs to you now," a dark voice replied snidely.

"Aw, is little Snivellus jealous?" Sirius taunted smirking.

"Padfoot, behave. They are our guests," Remus ordered with a stern gaze. "Now put that basket down, place the sunscreen and lay down the towels on the sand."

"Looks like the dog is collared," Snape smirked when Sirius did what he was told to.

Sirius rose up with narrowed eyes and opened his mouth to deliver a sharp retort, but was interrupted by Lucius.

"Severus, we are here as their guests," he reminded his scowling lover. "Do try to keep your comments to a minimum."

"Yes, this is a holiday after all," Narcissa chimed in, adjusting her hat to protect her eyes against the sun.

Even though she and Lucius were no longer together, she didn't seem to mind living together with her ex and his lover. As a matter of fact, she seemed to take delight in teasing them whenever the opportunity arose.

"What do you think, cub? Is this place good?" Remus asked smiling.

The dark haired boy, who had been staring at the sea with a contemplative face, startled and shrugged. "Yeah, sure, this is good," Harry replied, his green eyes shifting to look at the sea again.

Remus and Sirius shared a concerned look.

Ever since the school year ended, Harry had a closed off look on his face. It wasn't hard to find the cause of his stress: Dumbledore and the Weasley clan.

Getting rid of the biggest threat to wizard kind had gained Harry an, if possible, bigger enemy. Even knowing he couldn't trust Dumbledore hadn't prepared the young man for the shock of almost getting killed by the same man his parents had trusted.

Aurors over the whole world were informed to search for the ex Headmaster, but so far they had nothing. Wherever Dumbledore was hiding now, it was somewhere inconspicuous.

At first, the Minister had appointed four Aurors to stay by Harry's side twenty-four/seven, but Harry had quickly made clear that the Minister wouldn't like the outcome of what would happen if the Aurors stayed. They had compromised: the Aurors would only be called in when Harry visited busy places to avoid him getting kidnapped and the rest of the time his family, friends and pets had to watch over him. It made Harry feel as if he was a small child, incapable of defending himself, but he had no other option.

For the time being, Harry tried to ignore the threat of Dumbledore and enjoy his Voldemort free life – which proved to be far more difficult than expected.

Molly and Ron Weasley had never forgiven him for Percy's death. Deaf to the truth of Percy aiding the Death Eaters, they made it their job to slander Harry's name in the press, together with the rest of his family and the Malfoys. Weeks ago, they had tried to put Harry on trial for murder (ignoring the fact that it had been Sirius who had killed Percy to defend his godson) but the Minister had quickly intervened, providing evidence that Percy had helped Voldemort and that his murder had happened out of defence.

Molly and Ron hadn't taken the news lightly and had turned more vicious in their attacks to indiscriminate Harry in the press.

They had tried to get him in Azkaban for using Dark magic, but because almost everybody had to use Dark magic to survive the war, their protest was filed and afterwards disappeared in the large basement of the building.

If Ron's behaviour during the school year hadn't been enough of a clue to let Harry know their friendship was dead, these attacks finally convinced him. It was depressing and heart breaking to realize that their friendship of five years wasn't enough for the ginger haired boy to stay by his side.

Thankfully not all Weasleys had joined the attack. Arthur had divorced his wife after her first public attack and the twins and the two eldest sons had sent a letter and paid a visit to Harry, giving their support.

Ginny had sent a letter too, but unfortunately for her, Draco had intercepted the letter and had destroyed it before Harry had had the chance to read it. This action had annoyed Harry greatly, but Draco had managed to distract him quite effectively.

Hermione had apologized after the funerals and had quickly scurried away before Harry was able to utter a word. That had probably been a good idea, because he still had no clue as to what to do with her. He wondered if there would ever come a time where he would be able to talk to her, without remembering how she had abandoned him.

After the first two weeks of owls bombarding Grimmauld Place asking for more interviews with Harry and people on the street eyeing him warily, some even fearfully, Sirius had shipped his family, the Malfoys and a very reluctant Snape off to the vacation home James had left him to make sure they would have a calm summer without any interruptions.

Well, as calm as it could get with Sirius and Snape in constant near vicinity.

"Why again did you drag me to this god forsaken hellhole?" Snape glared when Lucius beckoned him to sit down on the blanket beneath the sunscreen.

"Because you need to relax once in a while. Oh, and I so do enjoy seeing you suffer by sharing a house with Gryffindors," Lucius deadpanned.

Snape's glare intensified tenfold when Narcissa chuckled softly and if Lucius hadn't been used to receiving that glare on a daily basis, he would have cowered in fear. As it was, he merely handed a cold Butterbeer to his lover and Narcissa before leaning back in his beach chair.

"What do you think of swimming?" Draco suggested to Harry and folded his T-shirt, leaving him in dark green swimming trunks.

A blond eyebrow rose up when he received no reply from his boyfriend and he looked questionably at Sirius and Remus, who shrugged helplessly.

Draco huffed and quickly grabbed his wand and spelled Harry's blue T-shirt away.

"What the …?!" Harry exclaimed when he was suddenly lifted and put over a shoulder. "Let me down, you git!" he protested and smacked Draco's back, reddening the skin in the progress.

"Not before we're in the water," Draco told him calmly and proceeded to the water with a heavily protesting Harry over his shoulder. His yelling was abruptly cut off when Draco threw him in the cool water, making him splutter instead.

Ruby and Garin briefly looked up when they heard the splash, but laid back down on the sand that was especially cooled for them. Sapphire blinked sleepily, before curling up in a furry ball and falling asleep again.

Sirius cocked his head to the right and watched amused how his godson had taken to dunk the young Malfoy, making the blond splutter this time.

"If I had known that only a good dunking was needed to break through Harry's shell, I would have done it weeks ago," he commented dryly.

Remus snorted. "You can't blame him for feeling down after everything that happened to him," he replied, frowning.

"Is he still pining for that idiotic redhead and that know-it-all?" Snape sneered, his disgust for those particular Gryffindors clearly visible on his face.

"I suspect he's just mourning the definite ending of their friendship," Remus muttered and pushed back a piece of his grey brown hair behind his ear. "You can't blame him for doing that."

"I thought he had given up on them during the school year?" Lucius questioned.

"He probably was subconsciously wishing for those two to come around and accept him as a Slytherin and as friend of Draco," Remus sighed.

Sirius snorted and took a swig of his Butterbeer. "That would only happen when it snows in hell."

"About that," Narcissa suddenly spoke up. "Was the ritual successful?"

Snape shook his head. "No, if anything, it seems the ritual only made matters worse. The animosity between the Houses escalated when Potter was dropped in Slytherin. I doubt things will change for the better when the school year starts again."

"Do you think the students will try to attack Harry?" she asked worriedly.

Only two minutes after Draco had officially introduced Harry to his mother, she had hugged the young man and had enclosed him in her heart. It didn't take long for her to consider Harry as her own son. That had made Draco glowing with pride of course. He was very happy to have his boyfriend interacting with his mother as if she was his own. Narcissa was just happy that her son had found someone he was happy with and that she had someone else to dote on.

"If Weasley succeeds in her attacks, then you can count on the students trying to attack Potter. It isn't as if they are smart enough to think on their own," Snape answered curtly.

"Not all students are idiots, Severus," Remus frowned.

Surprisingly enough, it was Sirius who came to Snape's defence. "Sadly enough I have to agree with Snivellus," he muttered, grimacing. "They already tried to attack Harry last year and the Weasleys hadn't started their attacks then. Harry will have anything but a calm year."

"What about Dumbledore?" Narcissa asked, wrinkling her nose delicately. "Will Harry be safe in Hogwarts?"

"Minerva and Flitwick created a new mass of spells that enclose both the school and the surrounding areas up to fifty miles," Remus explained. "If Dumbledore is in range of the net, Minerva will be notified immediately."

"Will that be enough?" she asked sceptically. "I'm loathe to admit it but that man isn't weak. The Dark Lord had a reason to fear him and he wasn't weak either. Who is to say he won't be able to destroy the net?"

"I doubt he'll be able to destroy it completely," Snape replied. "That cat received help from Slytherin and the castle. They used ancient magic. Even if the old man manages to create a gap in the shield, we would know it immediately."

When Narcissa still looked unconvinced, Lucius said, "I spoke with the Headmistress at the end of June and she and I agreed that the dorms won't be a safe place for Harry. We do not know how many people will be influenced by that Weasley woman, so young Harry will get a room of his own, close to Severus' quarters. Only the ones he trusts will be able to find the room."

"Well, that does sound like a good solution," she admitted. "Does Harry know of his new living arrangements?"

"No, I haven't had the opportunity to talk to him yet," Lucius replied and casted a Cooling charm around them when the air grew too hot.

Sirius stopped caressing Ruby's back which caused the full grown lion to look up and growl in protest. He grimaced and resumed the stroking. "I take it Blondie hasn't been informed yet either then?" he asked lightly.

Lucius raised an eyebrow. "If you're talking about my son, then no, he doesn't know it yet."

"Oh, Blondie is going to be pissed off," Sirius grinned widely, already imagining Draco in a fit of rage. It would serve him right; that obnoxious possessive brat.

"Dog, did you know Draco has unpacked his suitcases in Potter's bedroom this morning?" Snape smirked. "I believe he's planning to stay with Potter during the night," he continued, enjoying the rapidly increasing red face of Sirius.


Both boys looked at the beach when they heard the shriek.

"I think Sirius discovered you sneaked into my room," Harry winced.

Draco cursed. "How angry do you think he is?"

"Considering the fact that he already glares at you when you just hold my hand, I think it's safe to say you're screwed," Harry replied dryly.

"Well, it's not like he can keep us apart. You're almost seventeen," Draco answered petulantly.

"You think that will stop Sirius?" Harry shook his head. "I thought you knew better than that."

"I really don't understand what he has against me. It's not like I ever hurt you," Draco pursed his lips.

"It's more the fact that you're my boyfriend. Remus said Sirius regrets the fact he couldn't raise me for the first fourteen years so now he wants to catch up and make up for the lost time," Harry shrugged. "Apparently he feels threatened by you because he thinks you're going to take me away from him."

Draco stared at him incredulously. "Your godfather is crazy," he stated flatly.

"At least he has an excuse," the dark haired boy snorted. "Can't say the same for your godfather."

"Merlin, let it go already," Draco groaned. "How many times do I have to say he likes you?"

"He tolerates me; there's a difference," Harry retorted, swimming a bit to the shore so that he could stand in the water.

The high rock he leant into curved up above him, so that it provided a sort of roof and it shielded him from the sight of his family on the beach.

"That's more than I get from your godfather," Draco complained and slid his arms around Harry's slim waist.

Green eyes rolled in annoyance. "Sirius accepts you. He just likes to screw people over."

Draco huffed and let his head drop on Harry's shoulder. "Either way, I'm sleeping with you during the nights," he muttered stubbornly.

"Yeah, I figured you would," Harry smiled and brought his hands up to play with the wet strands of blond hair.

Draco hummed at the touch and raised his head, smirking in a way that made the other boy wary.

"What?" Harry asked, sounding almost defensively.

"How far do you reckon we are from the beach?" Draco asked nonchalantly.

Harry cocked his head to the left. "Not sure. At least thirty feet or so. Why?"

"That's enough for me," Draco murmured and before Harry could question what he meant, Draco dipped his head and caught his lips with his own. Surprised, Harry almost automatically opened his mouth when an insistent tongue licked and prodded against his lips.

Not fully aware of the blond's scheme, Harry turned his head a bit so he could kiss back more easily and on instinct opened his legs when a strong leg forced them to part. He felt arms cradling his bottom and hoisting him higher against the smooth, cold rock, making him clasp his legs around Draco's waist in return.

Harry moaned encouragingly when a hot mouth focused on a particular sensitive spot right above his collarbone while a hand was pinching and rubbing one of his nipples.

It was only when two hands had disappeared beneath the water surface and were slipping off his trunks that Harry finally realized what Draco was planning to do. And he was not happy about it.

Grey eyes looked at him surprised when he grabbed the sneaky hands.

"Are you insane? We're not doing it here!" Harry hissed. "We'll get caught and then Sirius will maim you for life!"

Draco rolled his eyes and dropped a soft kiss on Harry's red lips. "We won't be caught as long as we stay quiet," he assured his growling lover. "Come on, it'll be fun," he grinned and managed to free one of his hands which was enough to yank Harry's trunks down. He unhooked one of Harry's tanned legs from around his waist and slid the trunks off it, leaving Harry with one leg still in the trunks.

"Draco, I'm serious! Sirius will go ballistic if he finds out what we're doing," Harry protested.

"Then you have to keep quiet. Besides," Draco smirked, "you can't tell me this isn't turning you on. Just admit that you like the idea of me screwing you against this rock," he breathed hot air in Harry's ear, making the young man shiver in response. "I've always wanted to do it in the water. Don't worry, I'll make sure you'll enjoy it."

Logic and reasoning left Harry's mind when a slim finger entered him and started preparing him. He forced himself to relax his inner muscles, letting out a hiss as he did so.

After his first time, they had done it three times during those weeks following Draco's birthday. A second time in the Room of Requirement, one time in Malfoy Manor when the adults had been discussing Dumbledore and even one time in Grimmauld Place when Sirius and Remus had gone out shopping. Still, Harry hadn't gotten used to the stretching part which every time made him tense up, making it hurt a bit.

"Relax, it will feel good soon," Draco murmured against his cheek.

Harry sought out Draco's mouth when he felt a second finger entering him next. He wriggled a bit and felt water sloshing gently against his skin.

Draco grinned when Harry moaned his name. After a few more pushes, Harry moaned again, burying his face in Draco's neck while his body jerked in response and his legs tightened around Draco's waist.

"Hmm, more…" Harry breathed and Draco shivered violently when a small tongue touched his collarbone and licked a path up to his ear where his earlobe was grabbed between two plump lips and suckled on.

One hand grabbing Harry's chin, he pressed his mouth hungrily against Harry's, thrusting his tongue in immediately and curling his own tongue around the other one, while his other hand impatiently pushed down his own swimming trunks.

Harry whimpered when the fingers were yanked out of him, only to be replaced with something hot, big and blunt.

"Ready?" Draco whispered and after receiving a nod, he started to push.

Panting, Harry threw his head back, his eyes screwed shut. This was always the most difficult part: getting Draco to fit in him. He felt Draco pushing further and further until he came to a stop.

"Ah, ah, ah," Harry bit his lip and tried to concentrate on relaxing his muscles fully. He wiggled again and felt hands grabbing his hips, angling him so that Draco was pushing against his sweet spot, electing a mewl out of him.

A groan escaped Harry's throat and he stared at Draco with half lidded eyes, watching how the young man was forcing himself to keep still for his sake.

Harry slid his arms around Draco's neck and bent his head to whisper, "You can move."

Grey eyes flashed ferally and that was that only warning Harry got before Draco started to move in earnest.

"You're so fucking tight," Draco groaned and one of his hands released his bruising grip on Harry's hips and began stroking him.

"Oh god," Harry whimpered when he felt the added stimulation and he grabbed Draco's head and kissed him harshly, demanding entrance which was granted immediately. Their tongues met in a furious battle and they only stopped to breathe before diving into a kiss again.

"I-I'm cl-close," Harry panted and bucked his hips.

Draco buried his face in the sweaty neck of his lover and softly bit down, making the other boy keen in response.

He was so close … Harry closed his eyes and his nails left red trails on Draco's back, which made the blond move even harder, making Harry choke on a scream that desperately wanted to get out.

So close … Just a bit …

"Harry, Blondie, where are you?" Sirius suddenly yelled and he sounded awfully close. Too close.

Emerald green eyes flew open in shock and he stared horrified at Draco who was startled and had stopped moving, though he hadn't pulled back.

"Shit! What now?" Harry whispered panicking. If Sirius saw them now, there was no saying what he would do.

"This is problematic," Draco murmured and pressed his body a bit harder to Harry's.

"You think?" Harry hissed sarcastically. "Get out of me before he sees us!"

Draco shook his head with an impish grin on his face. "Just tell him we'll be right there," he murmured and circled his hips, ignoring the harsh glare that was losing his intensity with each circle of his hips.

"Harry?' Sirius sounded worried now-and closer.

"We're, ah, just swimming. We'll be, oh…, right back," Harry forced himself to say, trying to hold back any sound that could betray them.

"You feel so good…" Draco groaned throatily and it took everything in Harry to keep his attention to Sirius and not to the stream of soft curses and filthy words Draco was producing and which made him blush harshly and had him bucking his hips in response.

"Are you all right? Are you hurt?" Sirius asked and the sound of splashing water sounded much too close for Harry's comfort.

Draco just grinned and doubled his speed, the water splashing violently now.

"Ye-yeah, I'm o-okay," Harry squeaked and without any warning, he let out a loud moan. Horrified, Harry slapped a hand on his mouth, but the damage had already been done.

"What the fuck are you two doing?" Sirius demanded to know and right at the moment Sirius' arm appeared around the rock and Harry's heart was on the verge of collapsing, another voice made his godfather stop.

"Padfoot, you idiot, you forgot to put on sun block! Do you want to get burnt?" Remus scolded and Sirius disappeared behind the rock again. "Harry, Draco, lunch is ready."

"O-okay," Harry called out weakly, still shocked that Sirius hadn't found them in this awkward position.

"Well, this was interesting," Draco smirked and before Harry could protest, Draco pressed harshly against him and at the same time, he softly squeezed with his hand.

Stars erupted behind his closed eyes and Harry was only vaguely aware of him yelling in the mouth covering his own while he finally climaxed, his whole body trembling and his legs tightening around Draco's waist, toes curled up in pleasure.

Seeing Harry flushed red and trembling in his arms and his body clenching down around him was too much for Draco and he reached his climax as well with a low moan.

Harry leant against him bonelessly when they came down from their high. Only the sound of their panting and the distant murmur of their family could be heard now.

Harry's heartbeat, that had been working overtime, finally calmed down and he felt his feet hitting the sandy ground when Draco set him down again. Thankfully for him, his swimming trunks hadn't drifted away and he pulled them up, wincing when they slid over his sore arse.

Draco kissed his softly on his lips. "Are you okay?"

At that, Harry smacked his shoulder, making the blond wince in pain. "Okay? You asshole! Sirius almost caught us and you ask me if I'm okay?" Harry hissed and smacked him again. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Draco rolled his eyes and embraced the dark haired boy tightly to his chest, trapping his arms to prevent more smacking. "We didn't get caught, so relax. We both know you enjoyed yourself, so stop pretending you didn't." He dropped a quick kiss on Harry's nose. "Now why don't we go eat our lunch, hm?"

Harry grumbled, but turned around and left the shelter of the rock, trying not to wince when the pain in his back flared up. Damn it, how was he supposed to sit down when his arse felt like it was on fire?

"Hm, maybe I should have been a bit more gently," Draco mused when he saw Harry wincing with every move he made.

Harry whipped his head around to face the blond boy, ignoring the droplets of water dripping from his bangs plastered against his forehead. "You think? Why couldn't you have waited until tonight?" he snapped, narrowing his eyes.

Draco grinned cheekily. "How was I supposed to control myself when you looked like one of my fantasies became reality?" he purred, brushing his hand over Harry's back.

A blush burned on Harry's cheeks and he looked away. "Pervert," he muttered and hurried to the shore, feeling a bit relieved that the water had made all evidence of their tryst disappear.

Draco smirked and followed Harry, knowing that he was already forgiving.

But, he thought amused, the least I can do, is cast a Soothing Charm.

It wouldn't do if Black got alarmed when he saw his godson wince. He liked his balls where they were, after all.

"Draco, come on! If we don't hurry, Sirius will eat all the good sandwiches!" Harry protested and grabbed Draco's hand, dragging him with him.

"Coming," Draco chuckled and managed to cast the Soothing Charm on Harry without anyone being the wiser.

Just when he had taken the first bite of his sandwich (turkey with tomato and a delicious sauce), he wondered how long a Soothing Charm worked.

Maybe he should try it out tonight. After all, the best way to learn something is through practice, right?

At Privet Drive 4

A quick Alohomora spell made sure the front door opened without any problems. Dust particles danced in the air when they were disturbed and the silence was deafening.

Robes swished softly over the carpeted floor and shoes made a soft thudding sound on the floor.

A look around the house showed that nobody had been living here for quite a while. Closets were emptied from clothes and the bathroom missed some toiletries.
The refrigerator was full with rotten food, creating a very strong sickening smell. The walls, once decorated with photos, showed white, empty spots.
The garden, once the pride of the house and the envy of others, was now unrecognizable. The grass was almost fifteen feet tall and the beautiful flowers had been swallowed up by weed.

Entering the house again, the dust-collected on every surface-rose up and clung to the man, making him sneeze.

A spell, designed to call up the most prominent emotions trapped in a house, showed nothing but pain, loneliness, despair and fear. The walls were breathing with all kinds of negative emotions, not allowing space for any positive ones. It was as if the house acted like some sort of Dementor, sucking out all the positive feelings once someone stepped into the house.

A second spell detected a small string of magic, strongest in the living room on certain spots, but the string had wrapped itself around the house, trapping the former inhabitants in it and sinking into their skin, soaking them with its poisonous energy.

They had probably thought they could lift the curses if they moved away, he mused and stood up. He shook his head and snorted. Those Muggles were fools. Nobody could escape from those curses.

He sighed and left the building. Tracking down those Muggles would be time consuming; time he could spend on better things.

A crack signalled his departure and after that the neighbourhood turned quiet again.

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