Blaine tapped his feet softly and he looked around the Emergency Room waiting room of New York Presbyterian Hospital. He hated this place and it seemed so much worse when it wasn't him in pain waiting for help. Running his fingers gently through his son's chocolate coloured curls gently, Blaine watched the ten year old sniff softly cradling his left wrist.

"Nathaniel Anderson?" a young nurse called out through the waiting room. Standing, Blaine pulled his son into his arms and carried him through to the empty exam room. He set him down on the bed as they waited for the doctor.

"It hurts..."

"I know, buddy" Blaine sighed softly and peered down at his watch. He hated seeing his little boy in so much pain and for so long. Waiting only a few more minutes, they both sighed with relief as the door opened and a young doctor walked in.

'You make me feel like I'm livin' a Teenage Dream, the way you turn me on'

"Why are you singing?" Nate immediately turned to his father and asked as Blaine's first single started echoing through the room. Looking around, he couldn't figure out where the music was coming from.

"I'm not singing..."

"I'm sorry" the doctor apologised and pulled his cell from his lab coat pocket and turned it off. The doctor who looked no older than Blaine himself had flawless porcelain skin and perfectly coiffed chestnut hair that would have melted Blaine's heart if he didn't have his son crying softly beside him. "I apologise once again... Oh my god"

"Problem?" Blaine chuckled figuring that the doctor had recognised him.

Blaine Anderson was used to the blank stare reaction but it usually came from female fans when they realised who he was. Unshaven with his curls a mess he'd managed to slip past the few nurses in the ER but got a lot of the double take 'Is that who I think it is' looks from a lot of people.

A recording artist with Rock Records, Blaine had just finished a National and International tour with his second album. He was picked up by a talent scout whilst performing at a bar in Columbus during college and as they say 'the rest is history'. He had been incredibly lucky in his rise to fame. He had an amazing manager who adored Nate like he was her own and had no major incidents with the media.

Blaine had always been open about having a son, being a young father and hoped he could be an ambassador for kids in tough situations. He'd always been well behaved (because what kind of role model would that make him for his son) so the media tended to leave him be. Of course there would always be rumours with the longest running being Blaine's sexuality. He was gay but was that really the whole world's business?

"No problem, Mr Anderson" the doctor smiled as the blush grew up his neck "I... uh... I'm Doctor Kurt Hummel. What seems to be the problem here... uh... Nathaniel?"

"Nate" the ten year old corrected.


"My name is Nate. I only get Nathaniel when I'm in trouble"

Kurt laughed softly "I know what you mean I only every got my full name from my Dad when I'd done something bad. He dared not speak it otherwise"

"Is it as bad as Nathaniel Archer Anderson?"

"Kurt Eugene Hummel"

"Oh that's bad" Nate giggled as he forgot for a moment how much his wrist was hurting.

"I know, right?" the young doctor chuckled "I still wonder how I managed such a middle name"

Nate turned to his father with his classic 'please explain' expression "Don't look at me" the elder Anderson laughed "Your Mom picked the name months before you were even born. You can't change it now"

Kurt didn't hear the last of what Blaine said to his son because he was dwelling on the mention of the boy's mother. Of course he had a mother but it made the doctor believe that the rumours of the singer's homosexuality were false. Kurt knew he had no chance with Blaine Anderson of all people but it was nice to think he might have been gay "Now how about we have a look at this wrist you've been cradling, what happened?"

"Skateboarding accident" Blaine piped up as Nate went quiet. It was the ten year old's first attempt at the new hobby and he wasn't quite as graceful as he'd hoped he'd be. Nate had been so excited when the skateboard and all the gear was waiting at the end of his bed after school one day. Still in London, Blaine had heard of his son's good marks at school and wanted to surprise him. Now that his Dad was home, Nate couldn't wait to try it out with him.

"Tricky things those skateboards" Kurt smiled and assessed the damage "It looks like a clean break but I'll have to get an X-Ray to confirm. Give it 8 weeks Nate and you'll be back on that board"

Nate nodded silently and held his wrist in his lap gently. Rubbing his back, Blaine pressed a soft kiss to his son's forehead.

Dr Hummel left the room for a moment to order the scans before coming back in with a wheelchair. Nate was hesitant to go with him but after a few encouraging words and the challenge to pick a colour for his cast from Kurt, the ten year old agreed. Blaine made a few calls while he was gone organising his schedule. He cancelled a couple small shows he had planned for the next week and alerted Nate's school that he'd be off for a few days. He wanted to make sure he had time with Nate while he recovered. Knowing what a broken wrist felt like, Blaine knew a few days chilling out watching movies and eating junk was just what the doctor (Well maybe not Dr Hummel) ordered.


"Can my friends still sign it if it's orange?" Nate asked as Dr Hummel led the young boy back out to the waiting room where his father was sitting. With his left wrist in plaster and a bright orange cover, the ten year old was feeling better now that he'd had medication for the pain.

"Of course they can still sign it" Kurt smiled

"Will you sign it?"

The young doctor chuckled softly "It'd be worth more if your Dad signed it"

"Nah, Grandma has his first autograph framed at her house. I'll sell that one day"

"Will you now?" Blaine laughed as he stood up and pulled a Sharpie from his shirt pocket. Handing it to Dr Hummel with a smile and a slight shrug he insisted he signed the young boy's cast "I'm not cool enough to sign it"

"You carry around a Sharpie?"

"Force of habit..."

Kurt chuckled softly as he took the sharpie and signed his name on across the ten year old's cast. Blaine couldn't help but notice how beautiful the doctor's handwriting was. A script that looked like it belonged in Jane Austen's diary; it matched the young doctor's ocean blue eyes and stunning smile. Shaking his head slightly, he didn't need to be thinking like that about his son's doctor no matter how beautiful he was.

"You're all set then buddy" Kurt smiled and pulled a business card from his lab coat pocket. Scribbling something on the back with the Sharpie, the doctor then handed them both to Blaine "Call me if he has any pain, otherwise I'll see you Nate in 4 weeks for a check up"

"Thank you" the young father insisted and took a look at the number before slipping both into his pocket. "For everything"

"No problem"

"Yeah thanks Dr K" Nate smiled. Bidding the pair farewell, Kurt watched them round the corner before making his way to the nurse's station. The young doctor collapsed against the counter with a heavy sigh.

"Tough patient?" Kurt's best friend and favourite nurse Mercedes laughed at the doctor's performance. "I thought you had the kid with the broken wrist?"

"I did and he is a great kid"


"His father is Blaine Anderson"

"Who?" Mercedes tried to ask seriously. Of course she knew who he was and how in love Kurt was with this man and his music. Kurt shot her his best ice glare before the nurse burst into a fit of giggles "How are you still standing? I would have expected you to have dropped on the floor in a blubbering mess"

"I'm quite proud that I am still in one piece but my heart is still pounding" he sighed softly "He's even better looking in person and so... ugh you should have seen him with his son"

"Smitten much?"

Kurt shook his head and opened Nate's chart to check if he'd missed anything "He's straight"


"And he's a rock star, I gave him my number but I'm never going to see him again"

"YOU DID WHAT?" Mercedes gasped and stood in surprise. Shocking a couple passing nurses, the African American girl made sure they were back to work before repeating herself in a hushed tone.

"I put my cell number on the back of my card and told him to call if Nate felt any pain. It wasn't to ask him out or anything" Kurt shrugged knowing Blaine Anderson would never call him. "I was doing my job"

"Yeah and when was the last time you gave a patient your personal cell number?"

Three Weeks Later

Blaine strummed away at his guitar with his studio headphones sitting over one ear. Recording for his next album, the young singer wasn't sure he liked this arrangement. He worked it through knowing it would be easier to argue with his producer later after he too had heard the song. Just as he was about to play the bridge, his manager cut the backing track and knocked on the glass of the studio.

"Sorry to cut that off but Impatient McFidgetty Pants over here needs to talk to you" Wes chuckled and gestured to Blaine's PA, Katie. A long time friend of Blaine's, Wes had been working with the singer since high school. Blaine had always attributed his success to the great team that he and Wes made. "Something about a phone call"

"It's a Mr March" the young girl spoke into the microphone.

"Dating calendar men now are we, B?" Wes laughed

"This one's not my type" Blaine sighed lightly and placed his guitar down before making his way out of the studio "He's a 60-something balding man and the Principal of my son's school"

Blaine took the call and almost knew what it was about before he'd answered. He'd feared this call was coming but a little part of him had held hope that it wouldn't. Pocketing his cell phone after he'd hung up, the singer picked up his jacket and keys from beside the sound board.

"What's wrong? What happened?"

"Something's happened at school, I have to go"

"But Blaine..."

"It's Nate, I have to go"

"Jenkins isn't going to like the set back" Wes warned. Theo Jenkins was the Rock Records producer they had worked with for the last album and he wasn't the nicest of men. He was strict and had a strong dislike for children so when Blaine prioritised Nate over his work, Jenkins didn't approve.

"Tell Jenkins to suck it up or I'll find another record company. Nate comes first, he always will" Blaine insisted as he left the studio. Wes knew better than anyone how important Nate was to Blaine but he had to warn him of Jenkins all the same.

Blaine drove straight to his son's school and his heart broke at the sight of Nate's tear stained cheeks as he clutched his casted wrist gently. Speaking to Mr march who couldn't give him much detail on what happened, Blaine pulled Nate into his arms and carried him out of the school.


The ten year old shook his head at the mention of his name. He knew his father was asking what happened but he wasn't ready to tell him. Blaine remembered their visit to the hospital the first time and the doctor who had been so great with Nate. Pulling the business card from his wallet, Blaine dialled Kurt's number on the hands free and as drove toward the hospital.

"Kurt Hummel speaking"

"Uh hi Dr Hummel, this is Blaine Anderson. I don't know if you remember but you treated my son Nate a couple weeks ago"

"Broken arm, I remember" Kurt spoke calmly even though his heart was beating at a million miles per hour. He never expected Blaine Anderson to actually call him "Is everything ok?"

"If you're at the hospital, could I bring Nate to see you? He's fallen on his wrist at school"

"Of course, just head up to the Paeds Ward when you get here and I'll meet you there"

"Thank you Dr Hummel, really"

"Please call me Kurt and it's no problem at all"

Blaine hung up from the doctor and made his way through the busy Manhattan traffic toward the hospital. Nate continued to cry softly in the passenger seat with none of Blaine's attempts at cheering him up working. What hurt him more was not knowing what happened to his son. All Mr March could tell him was they he'd fallen, how he was unsure. As a victim of bullying all through his childhood, the young father prayed that his little boy was not facing similar pain.

Pulling into the hospital parking lot, Blaine scooped his son into his arms and took him straight up to the Paeds Ward. Rounding the corner, they found Kurt waiting for them. He ushered them into an empty exam room and asked Nate what happened. When the ten year old remained silent, Kurt turned to Blaine.

Blaine shrugged weakly before speaking up "He fell at school"

Nodding, he understood that the little boy didn't want to talk "How about we get this cast off and take some x-rays. Is that ok, Nate?"

Nate nodded with a weak smile but remained silent. Kurt ordered all the necessary tests and took Nate up to X-ray himself. He could see the little boy was shy but there had to be a better explanation than just a fall.

"We just have to wait a minute for this lady to finish before we can get your pictures" Kurt told Nate as they sat down outside the X-ray room. The young boy hadn't said a word while Kurt took the cast off his wrist and even as he bandaged it once again for the test. "Do you play any sports Nate?"

The ten year old shrugged.

"I played football in high school..."

"You did?" Nate chuckled softly unable to believe that the tall, skinny man beside him could ever have played football.

"I did" Kurt smiled happy that he'd finally got Nate talking "I was the kicker but I didn't last too long, I was more into Glee club"

"We have a Glee club at school"

"Yeah? I bet you got a lot of your Dad's singing talent" the doctor smiled warmly but the effect his comment had, had been the opposite to what he got "Do you get teased at school for being in the Glee club?"

Nate nodded

"Is that how you fell?"

Nate nodded once again "A kid at school doesn't like me very much. He calls me a girl because I like to play the piano and sing and he doesn't really like that my Dad's famous"

"You know he's jealous right?" Kurt insisted "You've got a great Dad who adores you and if you can sing anything like he can, you've got talent"

"Doesn't stop him from pushing me over"

"Have you told your Dad this?"

Nate shook his head

"I got teased a lot at school growing up and it got pretty bad" Kurt began and looked down at the little boy "I got pushed around a lot because I was different and I thought I could handle it on my own. I didn't want to tell my Dad but he always had an idea that maybe something was happening. When I finally did tell him, he helped me. To this day I still wish I'd done it sooner"

"Dr Hummel?" an older nurse called out from the X-ray room door "We're ready for you and your patient"

"Thank you Annie" he smiled and stood up waiting for Nate to do the same before ushering him into the room.