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Admiring the man lying next to him, Blaine brushed the hair from Kurt's forehead with his fingertips. Pressing a soft kiss to his boyfriend's temple, he smiled as Kurt started to stir "Good morning beautiful"

"Flattery will get you everywhere Mr Anderson" Kurt chuckled as he rested a hand over Blaine's bare bicep. Rubbing his thumb back and forth, the young doctor remembered the night the couple spent together. Neither could have imagined a better way to end such a perfect night at the Gala then to spend the night together like they did. "Last night was amazing"

"Last night was perfect"

Edging closer to Blaine, Kurt wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's very naked waist. He pressed his lips softly to Blaine's as he pulled the singer flush to his chest. Running his hands through Kurt's hair, Blaine ran his tongue along the doctor's bottom lip begging to deepen the kiss. They continued like this for a few more minutes before Kurt let his lips wander down his boyfriend's neck.

"Do you have to go to the hospital today?" Blaine asked curiously as Kurt began to suck lightly on his collar bone. He really didn't want this morning to end.

"Mhmm… No" Kurt answered as he pulled away from the reddened patch of skin on Blaine's chest "Free as a bird although I will have to go home sometime. My only outfit is last night's tux"

"Which you looked stunning in"

Kurt thanked him with a soft kiss to the lips with a shy smile. He felt bad that such an amazing suit was now strewn across Blaine's apartment along with the singer's own Calvin Klein. It was all for a good reason.

"As much as I adored that suit I know you wouldn't want to wear it again, it just wouldn't work for today's schedule"

"Today's schedule?" Kurt chuckled wondering what his boyfriend was going on about "I'm not doing the walk of shame back to my place in last night's fabulous tux?" he joked

"Ok one, you would never be doing any walk of shame because there was no shame about last night, two it's way too far to walk so I would drive you and three, I was hoping you wanted to maybe spend the day with Nate and I" Blaine insisted "Cooper and I have had this tradition since Nate and I moved here that every winter he takes them ice skating in Rockefeller Centre and I take them to the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. Usually Cooper has him for the whole day but Nate asked that I joined them earlier today"

"Would Nate be ok if I came along? I know what it's like when a parent starts to date again. Admittedly I set my Dad and my now Step-Mom up but if my Step-Brother was any sort of indication…"

Blaine chuckled softly "If Nate didn't like you, he would have played some practical joke on you the night you came for dinner. Chocolate sauce on the dining chair is his favourite"

"Chocolate sauce? That's a new one" the doctor laughed "Has he done that to many boyfriends?"

"You make it sound like there's a new one every month" Blaine laughed. He pushed away Kurt's apologies insisting he was just joking "I've only really had one serious relationship before you and Nate was definitely not Eli's biggest fan" he chuckled "If Nate wasn't blatantly ignoring him, he was cooking up his next prank. Eli cheated before Nate did any harm"

"I'm sorry" Kurt whispered. He knew what it was like to have someone you loved lie and cheat before breaking your heart. Planning to marry his college sweetheart, Chandler, the young doctor was devastated when he came home one day to his boyfriend and another man in bed together, in Kurt's bed together.

"My son is a good judge of character because he hated Eli from day one, he's always liked you"

"He's a pretty amazing kid, you're a lucky man Blaine"

"That I am"


"Dad!" Nate gasped with a bright smile as he spotted his father at the edge of the rink. He skated to the edge with ease, catching himself on the ledge to steady himself. "Hey Kurt!"

"Hey buddy, you're doing really well out there" Kurt smiled so excited that Nate acknowledged him with such a bright smile. All he wanted was for Nate to be happy with Kurt spending so much time with their little family. Intruding was never his plan.

"Thanks, Dad said that if I keep practising then I can play Ice Hockey when I'm a teenager" the ten year old beamed "I'll have wrist guards so no more accidents like the skateboard"

"And ankle guards and knee guards and every other possible guard" Blaine chuckled. He didn't want another incident like they had a few months ago. Blaine was thankful that he'd met Kurt at the hospital but he never wanted to see his son in pain like that again. Unsure if ice hockey was really the best sport for his son to play, Blaine knew waiting a few more years would hopefully ease his mind. Nate had been improving with every passing winter and skating like this with his cousin was the ten year old's favourite thing to do.

"Are you guys going to skate with us?" Nate asked after hearing Charlie call out for him.

Blaine shook his head "You go ahead, show us what you've been practicing" he smiled and watched as Nate skated back out onto the ice. Wrapping his arm around Kurt's waist, Blaine cuddled close as they watched the boys. Both were doing really well out on the ice definitely skating rings around Cooper until one point where they literally were skating rings around him. It wasn't long before Cooper joined his brother on the side of the rink watching their sons. He couldn't keep up quite like he used to.

"You two too chicken to get out there?" Cooper teased as he rested all his weight on the railing. His feet were in so much pain they felt like they were ready to fall off.

"Or smart" Blaine laughed "Struggling a little there Coop?"

"Shut up" the older Anderson snapped as he looked back at his brother and boyfriend. Looking at how they were standing cuddled up to each other and their infectious smiles, he knew something was up "Or are you two just too tired? Long night boys?" he smirked

Kurt stuttered as Cooper stared him down. He wasn't about to broadcast his sex life with Blaine in front of his brother. Continuing to stare his little brother's boyfriend down, Cooper was doing his best to keep himself from laughing at Kurt's discomfort.

"Yes" Blaine answered with a bright smile "We took advantage of a kid free night… All night"

"Blaine!" Kurt burst, digging his elbow into his boyfriend's ribs. The colour rose in his face from embarrassment as Cooper's expression stayed firm. It wasn't long until the older Anderson brother burst into a fit of laughter as Kurt's discomfort became more and more obvious.

"What?" Blaine chuckled "He does the same thing when I babysit Charlie"

"Oh my god"

"Keeps us sane" Cooper laughed "For a while though, we'd be looking after Nate while Mr Rockstar over here was too exhausted to function. I guess that rest time won't be happening anymore…"

Kurt groaned softly as he buried his face in Blaine's coat. He couldn't believe they were talking about this with Cooper of all people. Patting his boyfriend's back gently, Blaine couldn't help but laugh.

"Ok enough Coop" the younger Anderson chuckled. There was joking around then there was embarrassing his boyfriend to the point of breaking. Luckily enough Nate and Charlie were skating over to their fathers ready to call it a day.

"We're officially frozen" Charlie smiled as he nudged his cousin gently. The two boys didn't need brothers when they had each other.

Deciding it was time for hot chocolate, the boys changed out of their skates and into the warm embraces of their fathers and they made their way toward a local café. With Kurt by his side, Blaine could see a future for their little trio. He had never seen Nate so comfortable around someone new like Kurt, it was like he was just another member of their family. Even Cooper and Charlie treated Kurt like part of the family as they warmed up over hot chocolate and coffee. Blaine couldn't be happier as the group laughed and joked in the small café. He wanted nothing more than to have Kurt by his side for the rest of his life raising Nate together. It was going to be tough and they would face a lot of troubles along the way but the young rockstar was confident that their love would conquer all of that. As he watched Nate and Kurt interact, he knew that this was just the start of their life together as a family.

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