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"Pleeeease, we're only one guy short, Takao-san!"

Takao Kazunari let out a sigh and tried to keep himself from rolling his eyes. He was lying on his bed and had been playing on his PSP before he finally paused his game and looked up. Fujioka, his roommate, returned a look of pure pleading. The guy was certainly nice enough but… a goukon?

"Are you sure you can't find anyone else?" Takao gently asked.

Fujioka looked down, clearly having hoped to avoid that question.

"Well, it's not that I can't find anyone else…" He looked up at Takao, who was now giving him his full attention. "It's just there's this girl coming, Ayaka—er, Inoue-san. I asked her to come along as a joke but she ended up saying yes… So now instead of four girls and four guys, we have five girls and need…"

Takao sat up and said, "Yeah, I get it." He outstretched his arms, suddenly realizing how long he'd been cooped up with his game for. "I guess it's tonight, too?"

Fujioka nodded.

"And I guess I do owe you."

Fujioka blushed a little bit at that remark and said, "Eh, if that's how you feel about it."

What Takao was referring to was an incident from the first week of classes that semester. He was thoroughly embarrassed by it—he'd had maybe a little too much to drink and a hot guy with him. Somehow the two of them thought it made perfect sense to have sex in the common area as opposed to walking a few feet to Takao's bedroom… and karma bit him in the ass in the form of his new roommate walking in on him getting pounded, hard. If he'd ever felt like keeping that part of his life private, it was clearly no longer an option.

Takao smiled at him. "Don't worry, I'd be happy to help. It should be fun, right?"

Fujioka smiled back, perhaps a little too enthusiastically. "Yeah!" He reigned himself back a bit. "I mean, I know it might be boring for you but—"

Takao snickered and waved the comment off. "Come on, come on, like I said, I owe you! Plus, conversation and food is never boring!" He smiled. "Good luck with this Inoue girl."

He blushed again. "Thanks. It's at 8 so I'll tell you when it's time to go." Takao nodded and Fujioka let himself out.

Takao sighed again and fought the urge to lie back in bed and continue playing his game. He'd be leaving soon… it was probably for the best to take a shower and not just sit around until the last minute. Then again, that boss wasn't gonna defeat itself.

Then again, he didn't want to arrive less than presentable.

Then again, it was a goukon for straight people anyway.

Then again, he did owe it to Fujioka to put some effort in.

Then again, laziness.

Takao smacked both of his cheeks to snap himself out of it. He bounced out of bed and prepared to take a shower.

So… bored…

Takao thought the same thing over and over, the phrase itself repeating in his head like a mantra. The group date was even more tiring than Takao had expected—and big social events were usually his thing. He focused on his food and made sure to eat at a slower pace to make his lack of involvement seem more natural, as if he was just busy eating. He glanced over at Fujioka.

"Well, he seems to be enjoying himself," Takao huffed.

The whole set up was awkward. There wasn't one person that made sure everyone was introduced to everyone else, and to top that the seating arrangement was off. He was sure that initially it was supposed to have been boys and girls each seated on their own sides, but Fujioka had instantly sat down next to the Inoue girl. This displaced another girl into sitting next to Takao. (Fortunately for her, she was getting along very well with the guy sitting on her other side. They both seemed like the quiet, bookish type.) It all seemed like a very amateurish, rushed goukon. Furthermore, there was one of those guys at the date.

Sometimes, a group date is set up simply as an excuse to be around an incredibly good-looking person that someone has casual connections to. It's obvious that your group date is one of these when three out of the five women in the group spend all of their time talking to one guy. The boy in question was very tall, had to be at least 6 feet, Takao guessed. He had blond hair and these almost girly eyes and face, but a super fit and manly body to counteract it. He was definitely attractive and he didn't seem to have a bad personality. Of course, he was being completely bombarded by the three girls who were all trying to get his attention, so there was no way for Takao to know for sure. Apparently he was a model? The girls wouldn't shut up about it.

The guy sitting on Takao's left, however, was… imposing, to say the least. Takao looked over and up at him.

There's that angry face again. What's he so mad about? That Kise guy getting all the attention maybe?

The boy had green hair, short technically, but long enough that it covered his forehead, resting right above his eyes. His arms were crossed, making him look like he was ready to leave at any moment. He wore glasses that had no top frame and just… looked… pissed.

"You look pissed."

The green-haired boy's eyes flicked downwards, glaring at Takao.

"What did you say?"

Takao almost jumped. His voice was way deep. And it matched his face, too, it sounded angry.

"Who me?" Takao cracked a smile, having to force it a little. When the guy didn't answer him but wouldn't break eye contact, he chuckled lightly. "Ah, I just pointed out that you look like you might flip this table over."

He finally looked away. "Don't be ridiculous."

So abrasive. My god, he must leave such a shitty taste in people's mouths.

"So what is it? That's got you so mad?" Takao probed.

The boy stayed quiet.

Ignoring me, huh?

"You get dumped recently?" No response. "Are you a vegetarian?" A quick glance at his build and he instantly knew that wasn't it. Jeez, this guy was insanely fit, too. In fact, he also had to be tall—what the hell was with these two guys?

"Ah!" Takao lowered his voice and leaned in a little closer. "Is it because the three available girls are all wet for Mr. Model over there?"

"Wha—?!" The green-haired boy jerked away from him and stared at him in what was very clearly disgust. The slight red rising in his cheeks also hinted at embarrassment. He regained his composure and sat up straight again, after readjusting his glasses. "…Repulsive."

"Pft!" Takao hadn't even anticipated that snicker. And he certainly hadn't expected that reaction—what was that about? "Calm down, I'm just kidding. I hardly think he's repulsive just because he's popular with girls."

"Not him— the thing you said!" he replied instantly, actually snapping back at him.

What is this?

"Eh? What repulsive thing did I say?"

The red in his cheeks got just a little darker. "You know exactly what you said. And to say something like that when the people you're referring to are right in front of you truly is revolting."

Takao pouted and looked away. Then he looked back up at the boy.

Seriously, what is this?

"If I said sorry, would I still be repulsive?"

The giant was quiet for a moment before saying, "Why would that matter at all to me?"

Takao smirked again. "So you can show that much distaste towards something that doesn't matter at all to you?"

This guy is funny.

"You don't make any sense. And you ask too many questions."

I wanna be his friend.

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