On Silver Wings – Chapter 8 – Thanksgiving at the Laurens

The next morning Tessa whispered her late night cat chat to her brother over waffles. Their mother had a rare day off and decided to get up with her children. It was Thanksgiving morning after all and Tessa had a lot to cook so might as well take one meal off her load.

"Wait this is the second talking cat meeting?" He whispered.

Tessa shrugged. "I wasn't sure it was real the first time, even when I woke up and had the locket in my hand. Besides what would you have said to me if I told you?" Kyle smirked and said nothing. Their mother, in the middle of serving Patamon more waffles, narrowed her eyes at her whispering children. Both children smiled sweetly at her and busied themselves with their plates. After Cleaning up the table it was time for Tessa to start making dishes for Thanksgiving.

Cranking up the radio Tessa got started. She was going to bake a pumpkin pie and make a side dish, her go to fancy dish of rosemary goat cheese macaroni, for Thanksgiving dinner. Patamon fluttered around excitedly as she got out her pans, pots, and measuring cups. Impmon hung around just long enough to realize there was going to be no eating right then so he left to hang out with Kyle. Their mother was doing laundry and tiding up. Both knew not to bother Tessa while she was cooking.

"Patamon, you seem not as giggly and Patamony as you usually are," Tessa commented as she took a can opener to a can of pumpkin.

Sighing Patamon sat down on the counter amongst the piles of ingredients. "I dunno," he mumbled. "I kinda miss Sammie. It feels… different not being with her." Tessa paused and smiled softly at the little digimon. Both brothers seemed to find their match, him with Sammie and his brother with her brother. Even if he hadn't admitted it yet. Obvious things are obvious. As if on cue, the sound of a car pulling up in front of the house interrupted anymore conversation.

Peeking out the kitchen window Tessa could see Sammie spring from the car. She was sporting orange hue hair today. Before she could stop him Patamon squealed happily and dashed to the door and outside into Sammie's arms.

Tessa ran to the foot of the stairs and yelled out to her brother and Impmon. "Kyle! Problem!" Before running out to the car. Mr. and Mrs. Pray had gotten out of the car and were staring, mouths a gaped, at their daughter and Patamon. Sammie's mother was a short and stout Midwestern mother with a short dirty blonde bob was calling on her husband to do something. Mr. Pray was a tall man with long chicken legs and a beer gut. His hair was thinning on top and his mustache was graying.

"Oh snap!" Kyle skidded to a stop on the porch. "Guess you don't have to hid behind the door frame Impmon."

Drawn by the commotion their mother joined Kyle on the porch, "What's the matter, what's going- Oh!" On catching sight of Sammie's parents she stopped short. "Ok. Don't. Panic."

"What is that thing!?" Mrs. Pray shrieked pointing at Patamon.

"What is that thing, that's THAT thing?" Mr. Pray asked pointed to Impmon. "Are these the things they talk about on the news?"

"It could be dangerous pumpkin, get away from it!"

Mrs. Lauren walked down to meet them. "It's ok, they are the things they're talking about on the news but they're not like that. They've been living here with my children and your daughter for the past week or so and have not hurt them in anyway. I just learned about them yesterday and from what can tell Sammie got to least destructive one! That's right," She said looking over her shoulder at Impmon, "I heard about what you did to the kitchen!"

Although he stood tall, he's slight movement to stand behind Kyle's legs diminished any bravery the action held.

"Mama, Pa," Sammie turned to face her parents, Patamon seated on her head. "This is Patamon. Tessa and I found him and his brother Impmon in a field. They're digimon and I really think Patamon needs to be with me. He just does, right?" She addressed this question to the top of her head.

Patamon smiled and echoed her, "Right! I think so too. I want to stay with you!"

"I mean, look how cute he is." She reached up and pinched his cheeks. "He's adorable and he's polite and you'll just love him. And so with Granny. You know she would."

Her father's mustache bristled. "You want us to not only take this thing into our house but to have thanksgiving dinner with us?"

Patamon sprang from his perch and fluttered over to Sammie's father. "I would love to if you would let me, my name is Patamon and I really like your daughter. She's become a very good friend of mine!" Patamon held out a little hoof to him. He seemed taken aback but eventually reached up and shook with the fluttering pig. Patamon's smile grew and he flew over to Sammie's mother, offered a hoof, and shook with her as well.

As he flew back over to her, Sammie snatched him from the air and held him in her arms. "Please, I can't explain it but Patamon became a part of my life the moment we found him the field, like I'd been waiting for him and didn't know it. Pa, Ma…" She pouted and Patamon followed suit, his big blue eyes filling with crocodile tears. The parents exchanged glances and looked toward Mrs. Laurens.

"Kathy, you trust these little creatures with your children?" Mrs. Pray asked. They Already knew the answer but wanted more reassurance.

Mrs. Laurens nodded. "Impmon stays with Kyle in his pig sty of a room and before that I guess both of them used to sleep in Tessa's room." She took a deep breath, glanced at her children, and continued, "I trust them. If I didn't they would be in crate in a government lab."

"Your Granny would love him," Mr. Pray murmured to himself. "She's an odd duck."

"She's your mother," Mrs. Pray reminded him.

"Is that a yes?" Sammie, her face set in a wide grin, glanced from one parent to the other.

Her father gave a sigh, the sign in the Pray family that Sammie had just gotten her way and she let out a victorious yell. She grabbed Patamon by the front hooves and began spinning in circles with him laughing.

"Ok ok, pile in! We have to get going!" Mr. Pray called as he climbed back into the driver seat. Mrs. Pray followed suit and got into the car. Sammie, with Patamon following, climbed in the back.

She rolled down the window and called out, "You like my hair? It's electric tiger lily orange, in honor of pumpkin pie! See you later Tessa!" With that the family sped down the drive and out to the road.

As the dust settled in the Pray families wake there was an awkward silence where Mrs. Laurens and her children exchanged looks and filed back into the house. It was a lot less cheery without Patamon and Tessa finished her cooking with only the radio DJ as company. As Tessa slid out her pie from the oven Kyle and Impmon reentered the kitchen.

"Lunch time sis, move out the way I'm hungry." Kyle strong armed his way past his sister to get into the fridge. "After we all eat mom wants to head out to the city. Oh, that reminds me." He snapped the door shut, his arms full of meat, cheese, and other sandwich accessories and continued. "Help me convince mom to let me bring Impmon." Tessa said nothing, she busied herself with cleaning. "Oh, Impmon, you see that reaction. She hates you and doesn't want you to be happy."

"What, no!"

"She wants you to say here all alone, on a holiday, while your brother is off having fun. She wants you to suffer for ripping her stuffed animals up. Delayed revenge."

Tessa went up to her brother and started punching him in the arm, "Shut up, you are awful! I don't want that at all. I just don't know how the family would do with that. "

Kyle shrugged as he began to make two sandwiches, one for him one for Impmon. "Toss him in the back pack, slip him some meat and smash a pie slice in there, he'll be fine. Right?"

Impmon took an enormous bite from his freshly made sandwich and with a mouth full of bread replied, "Ya sure."


Tessa scowled at them, not believing that as big of a pig Impmon was he'd be able to stay contained in a bag while they were all getting turkey comas. "I suppose that you think with my support mom will go for this?"

Kyle stuffed his mouth, "Mrf's mer pan."

"Mom will support what?" Kyle nearly choked and Impmon and Tessa gave him a back slap. Their mother stood in the doorway, arms crossed, looking from one to the other.

"Well mom I think, and Tessa agrees, it's cruel to leave Impmon all alone here at the house. His brother left with Sammie it would be cruel to just leave him. You're a nurse, have a heart."

Mrs. Lauren's mouth thinned out into a line and she narrowed her eyes at her eldest. "I just found out about these two and am still coming to terms with it and you want to introduce them to the family?"

"No, no. I want to hide him in my backpack, smuggle him in and stuff in some food here and there. At least he wouldn't be alone, cramped, but he'll still be with us." Smiling serenity, Kyle whomped his sister on the arm.

"Ow! I guarantee that if you leave him here alone it will have a worse outcome than the possibility that he might jump out of the bag. Besides the family would be all about it and you know it."

Kyle started to tick off relatives on his fingers. "Mom, Cousin Bill has to buy a turkey from a humane farm, raise it for a week, then slaughter it himself to satisfy his crazy Californian wife. He said the farm they got it from sung to them every night- SUNG. Aunt M sits her dog on a pillow on a stool and it won't walk on tile flooring, and they're okay with it. Uncle Bob felt bad for the moose head that was in the cabin and gave it a Viking funeral. Literally. Pushed it out on a boat into the Lake and set it on fire! Cousin Mark has twelve horses, chickens, peacocks, and a Zebra on his farm. They'd probably be madder about us keep him bagged up then actually having them."

Mrs. Laurens looked from her son, to her daughter, to Impmon. With her shoulders sagging she sighed and shook her head. "I know I'll regret this."

Houses in the city are very street organized. The houses on the street closest to the river are grand, expensive, and impressive. As the street moves back from the river the houses get smaller and more conservative in design. Mrs. Lauren's sister lived four streets back from the river in a moderately sized two story house. Cars lined the street on both sides. As their mother slowed to a roll to try and find a spot, Tessa started to recognize familiar cars. Her Aunt's 4W SUV, her cousin's small compact, and her Great Uncle's old Buick were all lined up in a row. Toward the end of the block they finally found a spot and parked. Grudgingly Impmon allowed Kyle to bag him back up in his back pack, Mrs. Lauren and Tessa grabbed her cooking, and the three walked back to the house.

"Hello!" Mrs. Laurens called as the three entered the house. Their relations called out greetings. Kyle is handed a beer and swept away by an uncle, Mrs. Laurens had her coat checked by her sister, and Tessa stole off to the kitchen to drop off their food. The kitchen was hot and crowded around the island was her dark salt and peppered hair aunt and her cousin's wife with her son on her hip.

The family was loud and jovial with one group huddled around the TV for the Thanksgiving Day football game and another group hovering around the kitchen. With two plates of appetizers, mini pickles and deviled eggs, Tessa went and joined her brother.

Before they could stuff in an egg into the bag they were distracted by the TV. Pre-emitting the football game the local news cut in with a special report. The siblings exchanged looks. While their uncle cursed at the interruption the pair crowded closer to the TV, unzipping the bag enough so Impmon could see.

"We're sorry to interrupt you on this Thanksgiving Day, but alarming reports have reached us from the St. Paul area of west seventh reminiscent of the Mall of America incident that occurred a week ago. For more we go to Selena at the scene, Selena?"

"Tes," Kyle whispered, "That's where we are."

Tessa looked at her brother, "The cat said they are attracted to scouts."

The feed cut to a middle aged Asian woman standing in front of a tapped off area. Police cars blocked the street and curious onlookers were milling around. "Thank you John, Police and witness tell us that while a large family outside finishing the smoking of their thanksgiving turkey, a large shadowy figure emerged and began to attack family members. Where it came from is unknown, and the number of victims also is unknown. Because of the obvious dangerous nature of the incident the whole area is being evacuated and blocked off- "

Kyle stood up abruptly. He zipped and shouldered the bag containing Impmon and tugged his sister toward the door.

"Hey where you going?" their Uncle called from the couch. "Those things are around here you need to stay put."

"Ah those are on the other side of seventh, we just gotta get something from the car," Kyle called back. Quickly he rummaged through his mother's pockets and before she could question her children they were out the door. The siblings booked it to their mother's car and climbed in. While Kyle pulled away from the curb, Tessa freed Impmon from the bag.

"What direction? They didn't say what streets were blocked." Sirens cut through the air and Kyle smiled. Two police cars streamed past them.

"We follow the lights, get as close as we can. Then sneak out and find this thing; stop it before it hurts anyone else." The blockade was only four blocks away. Kyle slowed to a roll, looking for somewhere to stop. With all the cops and lookie-lous there was nothing.

"Kyle, stop and let me out. We're wasting time." Kyle was going to argue, but he knew she was right.

He stopped and put the car in park. "Okay, Impmon go with her okay. I'm gonna find somewhere to stop. Call me if you need me." Tessa nodded and she and Impmon climbed out of the car. Quickly Tessa dashed to the side of a house, Impmon on her heels. Looking around she ducked into an alleyway, clutched her locket, and transformed. As the blinding light of her transformation dimmed she looked around the area. Somehow, she knew where to go. She could feel the terror of the people and the darkness of the creature.

"Come on," she called to Impmon as she tore off. Trying to remain as hidden as possible she stayed to the alleyways. Thankfully, because of the evacuation, she met no one. She only had to duck the occasional officer. The closer she got to the scene, the colder the feelings became, the more oppressive the darkness. "This is strange…"

"Wha?" Impmon asked.

"This feels different from the mall, it feels… worse." She slowed her pace and peered around the corner of a house. There she saw seven lifeless people. Quickly she ran over to them and shook the first person, a twenty something girl. She would not wake but when Tessa lower her face to the girl's mouth, Tessa could tell she still breathed. Setting the girl down she ran to the back alley and saw a trail of victims leading the way like bread crumbs. Picking up to a run she dashed down the alleyway. Rounding on a white brick garage she saw it. At its feet was another lifeless body. Unlike the mall and the other attacks, this one was big. It was black like the others but buff, with large shoulders and arms like a gorilla that hung nearly to the ground. Burn coals of pinpoint red light shone from its eyes. Instantly it locked on to her. Its lower face opened to reveal a red snarling maw. Letting out a roar it advanced.

The tingling began in the tips of her fingers and she quickly drew an X in the air and launched it at the creature. It drew back a massive arm and swiped the X from the air like it was nothing. Tessa stepped backward as the creature grasp her around the neck and lifted her into the air. As her feet dangled in the air it opened its gaping maw again. Coldness filled her and she started to go numb.

"Bada-boom!" Letting out a snarl, the creature dropped Tessa in a heap and clawed at its still burning face. Hissing, it rounded on Impmon and nailed him in the side of the head, sending him flying across the lawn.

Gasping for breath, Tessa climbed to her feet. The creature was now advancing on Impmon, apparently enraged that the little imp would dare attack it. A pinprick of dread filled her. Her attack didn't work. "Hey!" she yelled. "It's me you really want, leave him alone!" It turned and faced Tessa again. It let out a low growl, apparently agreeing with her. Once again she clutched at her locket, her mind looking for answers. Closer it came and still she had no ideas. '

'I don't care if I get hurt but if I don't stop this thing I'll turn on Impmon and then who knows however many other people. I can't let that happen.' Determination filled her and she stood firmly. She felt a tingling at the soles of her feet that rose up through her. She felt connect to the ground she stood on, she couldn't explain it. The creature was now right in front of her again. Tessa crouched to the ground, placed her hands flat, and swung them upward. Large spikes of earth shot up under the creature's non-existent feet. Letting out a shriek, the large skewers of earth shot up and stuck out of its body.

Narrowing its eyes it reached up and snapped the earthen skewers from its body and roared at Tessa, preparing to attack. Now filled with confidence, Tessa stood up. She brought her hands out at her side and clapped them above her head. On either side of the monster large mounds shot up and snapped shut over its body. It shrieked again and struggled but could not free itself. Quickly, Tessa shot the shimmer X out at the now defenseless creature. There was no evading or blocking this time. With one final scream the creature faded away to nothing.

Tessa clutched her locket and returned to normal before running over to a groggy Impmon. "You okay?"

"Ugh," he mumbled out. "I've been better. You got 'em?"

"Ya," Tessa smiled at Impon. "Thanks by the way."

Impmon blushed and looked down, rubbing the back of his sore head. "ya, didn't seem to help much…"

Tessa pulled out her phone to call her brother. "Come on, we have to get out of here." The pair met Kyle at the end of the street and rushed back to their relatives.

As they made their way back Tessa's phone started to ring, startling her. She quickly pulled it out and saw Sammie calling. "Good timing Sammie I was just about to call! I just fought anoth-" Her friend cut her off and Tessa's mouth hung open at Sammie's response.

"What?" Kyle asked.

"Sammie got attacked by a digimon," Tessa replied. She looked at Impmon. "Patamon digivolved."

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