Frosch's Internet Adventures

Authors notes: Sorry about the lack of update last week, I did not have access to a computer.

Warning: This chapter contains things that people may find disturbing or distressing, and if you have been affected by any of the issues in this chapter tell someone if you haven't already.

Chapter 9: Stalker

"Rogue, Fro is getting weird emails."

"How weird?"

"Fro will show you."

Rogue sighed as he followed the exceed to her computer, and read the offending email. He frowned an re-read it a couple of times.

"Ok, is that all of them?"

"No, Fro keeps getting them." she said, going to the second page.

"Right, don't reply to them, just forward them to me and I'll deal with it."

"Is this person like Juvia?"

Rogue blinked in confusion.

"In what way?"

"A stalker?"

"Ok, Juvia is Grey's overly obsessive would-be girlfriend, and she generally keeps her fantasies to herself, this guy is just a sick twisted pervert who will regret this, ok."


"Anyway, you need to sleep."

"Fro isn't tired though."

"Frosch, remember what happened last time you stayed up later than this?"

"Ok, Fro will go to bed."

Once Frosch was safely tucked in, Rogue forwarded one of the emails to himself and started to work.

"Rogue it's three in the morning, haven't you slept yet?" Sting asked as he stumbled to the kitchen looking for food.

"I'm too busy."


The pencil Rogue had been holding snapped.

"Eh? Camera?" Sting was too tired to think straight.

"What's that noise Lector?" Minerva hissed.

"I found a camera in the bathroom and it was recording Miss."

"Ugh, ok, I'll let you off this time, where's Rufus?"

"What's going on, is there a fire?"

"No, a pervert who thinks putting a camera in the bathroom is a good idea."

"Argh, Rufus wake up."

"What is it?"

"Lector found a camera in the bathroom, it was recording, and I think the person who put it there is the same person who's been sending Frosch these emails."

"Eww, that's just wrong." Lector said, shuddering as he caught a glimpse of the email."

"Zzzz." Sting had fallen asleep.

"Wake up idiot." Minerva hissed.

"I'll get the coffee on." Orga said, "We're gonna need it."

"So where exactly was this camera?" Rufus asked.

"In the tap handle, it fell off and I saw the wires."

"Ok, I'll see if I can find any residual memories."

-Ten minutes later-

"Ok, I have coffee, so pass the sleeping idiot." Orga said.

After a moment of rough shaking, Sting half woke up and had a lot of strong black coffee poured down his throat.

"Ok, what' happening?"

"We have a pervert and a stalker to find and obliterate." Rogue said.

"Who are they stalking?"


"Ok, how do we find them?"

"They installed a camera in the bathroom somehow, Rufus is looking for residual memories to try and ID the freak." Orga said.

"It was simple, remember the plumber who came in last month?" Rufus said.

"I thought there was something creepy about him." Sting said.

"I've still got his details, his office is in his house, I'll get the address." Rufus said before heading to the guild office.

-A few hours later-

"Ok so how are we going to do this?" Sting asked Rogue as the two dragon slayers observed the house of their target.

"WE wait for him to leave and search for evidence, it's not that I don't trust Rufus, but if he's moved house I'd rather not have to explain your actions to the council." Minerva said.


"If it is him, you can wait in the house for him to get back." Sting added.


"There he is."

Once the target was out of sight, Sting and Minerva went inside to have a look, only to emerge moments later looking ill.

"It's him alright, but it might be best to wait here, I nearly lost my breakfast because his picture collection was in full view." Sting groaned, slumping to the ground.

Minerva nodded trying to maintain her composure.

"Any of Frosch?"


About half an hour later the target returned and the screams began.

-That evening-

"Sting-Kun why do you look so ill?"

"The things that guy had in his house, no one was meant to see, Rufus I need you to erase those memories."

"Once I've sorted The Lady out, and where is Rogue?"

"We left him with the council, luckily the guy in charge of the investigation is an Exceed, so he's probably only going to be fined."

"And the freak?" Orga asked.

"Left the area in a box."