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July 17th, 1919

Dear Gabrielle,

I was so happy to hear from you and even gladder to hear how well you are doing. When do you and Louis go to China? Have you decided what orphanage you'll be adopting from? Have you chosen names? You have to answer these questions, for they are eating at me with curiosity! Booker says that curiosity will be the thing that kills me.

Our family is doing very well, thank you for asking. Connie just loves to talk and run around with the dogs. The other day I was chasing her through the fields behind the cottage and she tripped into a pool of mud. She loved it, to say the least. The dogs, Connie and I had a long bath that day.

The look on Connie's face when her father comes home from work is a look that melts my heart. I thought that maybe I'd be jealous by the attention she gives him and he gives her, and how close they are, but when I see them together, there's a happiness that fills my heart that it almost hurts.

On her 4th birthday in April, she made a wish as she ate her dinner. She looked up at us and said, 'I wished for a little brother'. And that was it. She went back to eating and let that hang in the air like the little mastermind that she is. Booker froze and stared at me as if I was the one who had to decide or answer. He's scared about having another kid. I can see it in his eyes every time the topic comes up. And I know why he is. He already knows I want another baby, but he continues to skirt around the topic.

Booker has been busy since May when Jean retired and Booker inherited the lumber mill. That was quite the surprise, but one we were thankful for. At first he had to get used to taking care of the mill, and it took a few months until he finally relaxed. Now he's gotten the hang of it and the place has flourished.

Right now, Connie is in the sunroom with Rosalind—who, might I say is very protective over Constance. I can hear her knighting the dog, using the fairy wand she made a few weeks ago out of a stick she found and ribbon from one of her dresses. Robert has been titled Sir Robert since a few days ago. I'm still waiting to be accepted into the royal court of Queen Constance Dewitt.

I can hear an automobile driving up to the house and I already know who it is. So I think it is an appropriate sign for me to say farewell for now. I look forward to hearing more from you and I hope everything goes well with the adoption.

Your friend, Elizabeth

As Elizabeth signed her name, the door opened and in the doorway stood her husband. She set the pen on the table and stood, walking over to him and giving him a 'welcome home' kiss. She could smell the cedar on his clothes and it reminded her of nature. Without warning, he pulled her into a deep kiss after scanning the room, making sure that Connie couldn't see the lustful embrace.

Whenever Booker had a long, bad, or just hardworking day, he'd kiss her like this when he came home. She kissed him back, gently gripping onto his hair to keep his lips pressed to hers. Her skin tingled as he pressed against her, the heat from his body comforting her. The familiar burning rose inside her as he started pulling her up, hiking up her skirt so she could wrap her legs around his waist. As he was about to take one step towards the bedroom, he stopped and pulled away, looking around the house one more time.

"Where's Connie?" he asked with a breathy voice.

Elizabeth stared at his lips as he talked, and when pinched her derrière, she jumped and answered his question, "She's in the sunroom knighting Rosalind."

"Didn't she knight her yesterday?"

She shook her head, fighting the urge to kiss him again, "That was Collette, today is Rosie's turn."

"Busy daughter we have," he murmured, leaning back in and brushing his lips against hers. She whimpered when he pulled away, "Isn't it time for her nap?"

Elizabeth looked to the clock resting on the mantel of the fireplace in the lounging room, confirming it was indeed Connie's nap time. She unwrapped her legs from his waist and started walking to the sunroom, maybe a little faster than usual. She awed quietly when she walked into the room, admiring her small daughter passed out, laying on top of a sleepy Rosalind. Her pink lips were slightly parted as she drooled on the dog and her eyes moved under her lids, indicating she was dreaming.

Booker appeared behind her, chuckling softly at the sight. He rubbed Elizabeth's back as he slipped past her, picking up Connie. Rosalind looked like she let out a heavy breath when the weight of the child was lifted off her back. Connie rustled around in her father's arms, yawning and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"C'mon Rosie," Booker called for the dog as he walked to Connie's room. The dog was going to follow anyway, but when she got the permission, she walked at a leisurely pace beside her owner.

"You need to call her by her title, daddy," Connie said softly, rubbing her tired eyes. "I knighted her and now she's Lady Rosalind."

"C'mon Lady Rosie," he corrected himself. He looked down at his daughter in his arms, "Is that better?"

She nodded against his chest, "Much better." She was so small in his arms. Her dark hair was a knotted mess, but he knew that was just a necessity for being a child. She had gotten Booker's green eyes, but otherwise, she looked almost exactly like Elizabeth, just a smaller version. "Did you build a castle today?" she asked. For some cute reason, Connie assumed that working at a lumber mill meant that he built castles.

"It's in the works." He pulled the pink floral bedcovers down and laid her on the bed, "Get some sleep now, kiddo."

"Daddy?" she called as he pulled the blankets over her.

"What is it, honey?"

Connie grabbed for her dolly and snuggled up under the covers, "When am I going to get a little brother?"

Booker gulped and looked back at Elizabeth who was leaning against the doorjamb. He searched her eyes for an answer, and lucky for him, she walked to them and answered for him. "When the stork is ready, they'll bring us your little brother."

"Can't you make the stork come faster, mama?" Connie queried, looking to her mother then to her father.

Elizabeth bent down, kissing her daughters forehead and tapped her nose with her forefinger, "I'll do what I can, baby girl."

Connie smiled, satisfied. She turned on her side, facing away from her parents and was almost instantly back to sleep. Booker and Elizabeth quietly walked out, closing the door behind them. Immediately, Elizabeth started pulling him to their own bedroom, undoing the buttons on his vest. He began raising her dress up and once she raised her arms, he slipped the dress off as well as her slip. Booker made sure to close the door behind him, not wanting any dogs to interrupt or waking Connie.

In one swift move, he pulled off her stockings and garments, leaving her completely nude. Somewhere in the mix, she had managed to get his shirt off and now she was pushing down his pants. She stood to kiss his chest while she pulled the strings on his breeches. He bowed a little and brought her face up to kiss her. After stepping out of his breeches, he picked her up to lay her on the bed.

"So the stork is coming now?" he asked, positioning his hips between her legs and nibbling on her neck.

She moaned when she felt how hard he was against her, not yet entering her depths. "I suppose it is. But that's up to you."

He bit her neck when she rubbed her hips against his, gaining a pleasured hiss from her. He soothed the place where he bit, licking her skin. He almost forgot what they were talking about. "It's up to the both of us," he stated with a coarse voice. "Do you want another?"

"You already know I do, Booker," she told him, bringing him back up to her eyelevel. "Don't you?"

He rested his forehead against hers, trying to come up with words but all his blood was in his groin, making his mind run a little slower. "I'm just…"

"Scared?" she asked, finishing his sentence. He nodded sheepishly. He was scared that maybe the pregnancy would go wrong with this one. It was too good, he thought, that when she was pregnant with Constance. Nothing had gone wrong. But Booker was never one to trust luck, fate, or whatever they called it. He was afraid that karma would screw him over and something would go wrong this time around. Elizabeth, however, had faith and she just knew that everything would go fine and everyone would be healthy.

She cupped his face in her hands, "Everything will be just fine. Connie is completely healthy and so am I. I believe another time around won't hurt me or the baby. Booker, don't you want another? Are you ready for another kid?"

The longer Booker took to think about it, the more Elizabeth burned with excitement. He was still pressing against her and even though he wasn't aware, he was teasing her. The place between her legs ached for him.

"I'm ready," he said quietly, "I want another kid."

Without warning, Elizabeth pushed him over until he was lying on his back. She climbed atop him and straddled his hips, her hands on his chest. She leaned down and kissed him, slightly biting on his lower lip. "Then we better start trying."

Before he could say anything, she started to grind her heat against his length, causing a throaty moan to escape him. She sat up while dragging her nails down his chest, making his nerves scream with pleasure. She ground harder on him, teasing him.

"Eliz-Elizabeth," he stuttered, propping himself up on his elbows. He brought a hand up and cupped her breast in his hand and watched as she ground down on him.

Elizabeth could feel him twitching against her, knowing that her foreplay had strung him tight enough. She brought herself up a little, her fingertip tracing small circles down his chest until finally her hand made it down to his hardness. She held him in her hand and brought the tip to her entrance. In a quick second, she pushed him into her heat and sat further down on his lap, impaled by his length. She bit her lip to hold back the harsh scream as her nerves tingled deliciously.

Booker immediately fell back onto the bed, growling in the back of his throat as her walls tightened around him. He clutched at her hips and led her movements, encouraging her to go faster and harder. She didn't need his direction, but she followed his lead, moving her hips up and down, tightening around him as she brought herself up and coming down hard.

Letting go one of her hips, he brought his thumb to the nub of her heat, pushing her closer to the edge. His thumb circled her nub around, making her moan aloud. When she arched her back, the tip of his member hit a sensitive spot inside her and her walls clutched around him, tightening in spasmodic movements as her orgasm hit.

He sat up quickly, swallowing her screams with a kiss, making sure not to wake anyone in the house. Her hips didn't stop though, they kept up with the grinding, riding out her orgasm, and persuading him with her center to come with her. She started circling her hips around in graceful sways, moving him side to side inside her. She squeezed her walls around him every time she went from side to side. She kissed him fervently, sucking on his tongue. Her nails dug into his shoulders, clutching for dear life as her hips went faster and faster.

Booker was trying to hold in his orgasm in as long as he could, wanting this moment to go on forever. But this battle with his body was becoming the hardest he ever fought; proving to be more challenging than Wounded Knee or Columbia. He was so close when she moved her kisses to his ear and she nibbled on his earlobe. And then she did it. She made him go over the edge.

She whispered into his ear like the little nymph she was, "Come for me, Mr. Dewitt."

And he exploded. Filling every part of her center with his seed. It was almost a guarantee that she was going to become pregnant. He hid his face in her neck as his vocal cords expressed the pleasure rolling through him. He fell back onto the bed—again—pulling her down with him. All that was heard was heavy breathing as they began to regain the strength.

Elizabeth brought her hips up slowly, his now soft member leaving the comfort of her heat. She rolled to the side of him, her leg resting in his thighs as she rested her chin on his chest, gazing up at him. His eyes were closed, his chest rising up and down. After a small moment, he finally opened his eyes and looked down at her, meeting her gaze.

"Mr. Dewitt, huh?" he said with a raspy voice.

"It's my wild card," she claimed through soft giggles.

"Apparently," he murmured. He leaned up and rested on his forearm while looking down at her. Brushing his finger through her long dark hair, he admired every part of her. She looked almost exactly the same when he first met her. She hadn't aged at all, mainly because she was still so young, but she would always have those clear blue eyes that made the world seem a better place. He found the world cruel. While she looked perfect, he grew older and fine lines grew deeper around his eyes.

Elizabeth found him more attractive as the years went on, which she never thought that was possible since she thought he was the most handsome man she had ever seen when she first laid eyes on him. His eyes were still very green, brooding and strong. His body was still built and lean, not showing any age in her eyes. He was the man she had fallen in love with the first day she met him, she still craved him as much as she did that day on the gondola, and she still wanted to be with him since her search started for him after Columbia. And her happiness never faltered ever since she found him in Paris on the veranda. He was the man she was always going to love and was meant to be with. He was her everything.


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