Even though this is a fanfic dedicated to MarcoxFem!Sanjiko's oneshot, most of the chapters has the same headcanon (otherwise stated) and sometimes you can connect them with each other. Some of the chapters are also pieces of roleplay between me and Pokabu! :D

Without further ado, here is the first oneshot

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance

Pairing: MarcoxFem!Sanji

Timeline: Two years later Timeskip. AU - Whitebeard and Ace's survival after the Marineford War.

Summary: Sanjiko fell for men way too easily until one day, she finally found someone she could dedicate whole-heartedly towards. A very unexpected someone. Meanwhile, as her object of affection tried to keep distance, his curiosity gradually got the better of him.

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The first time they met, Sanjiko fell in love with him. It wasn't surprising, given that Sanjiko always fell easily for men.

However, unlike many, they didn't push her away or made use of her infatuation in them. Marco was different. He didn't outright reject her but didn't make her do anything for him. He just responded politely while silently making a good distance between them.

Marco wasn't good with women. In fact, he had a horrible experience with one which led to a permanent effect on him. He sold to a noble at a slave auction a long time before he joined the Whitebeard Pirates. She was extremely good looking and had an outer appearance of a kind-hearted, sweet lady. However, looks can indeed be deceiving. The noblewoman was cruel and merciless. Behind the sugarcoated sweet smile, there was abundance of ideas to reduce her pets into quivering mess. It was nothing like the physical treatments most slaves received from their masters. It was a whole new different world.

Even though Marco couldn't say that he has a phobia of women, he didn't have much interaction with them. Women are confusing, for starters although he knew that there are many who couldn't be as bad as his previous mistress.

Sanjiko reminded him of his previous mistress in one way. She could be sweet and loving to the men she fallen for but more abrasive to fellow women. He witnessed it firsthand when Sanjiko and Zoroko got into their fights. It was like a hundred eighty degree switch and it unnerved him. At the same time, he couldn't help but feel differently towards her. Maybe it was because he also saw how Sanjiko followed Namizou's orders like an obedient, willing puppy, no matter how unreasonable they might be. It gave him the impression that Sanjiko could easily be led on, which reminded him of himself.

While she could be rough to women, there was no doubt that she cared for them too. Sanjiko cared for her crew as much as they cared for each other despite being irritated by some of them half the time. She does most of the chores around. Zoroko was either sleeping or training, Luffy couldn't mop the floor for his life, Usopp would play with the broom, Chopper was too short to do much, Frankie was already maintaining the ship and Sanjiko wouldn't let Robizou or Namizou do anything. Brookie got banned from cleaning after she tried to use her tools to peek at Namizou and Robizou's goods.

"Marco-kyun!" Sanjiko called out.

The new nickname she given him too.

Marco had already gotten used to her dancing around him and giving off imaginary hearts. It wasn't that different from how she acted with Namizou or Robizou. She had gotten more attached towards him as well which might be because Marco didn't openly show his annoyance (he has a lot of tolerance so it'd have to take Ace's pranks to set a small tick off) like Namizou or gave her a distant reply like Robizou or always asking her to make food like Luffy.

"Hey," Marco replied nicely. "How are you?"

"Feeling a lot shitty fantastic after being close to you~ I made some desserts again," she said and gave him the plate of dessert.

"Thanks, yoi."

"Chocolate cake with sliced heart shaped bananas only for you~" She must've said that to Namizou and Robizou too. "I hope that you'll enjoy today's dessert too~"

"I'm sure I will. Your cooking is really something else, yoi."

That would be what made Sanjiko even more infatuated with him. Even though the comments he made were supposed to be out of politeness, Sanjiko always took it the wrong way and fell more for him. Robizou uses her words wisely while Namizou merely gave her a cheerful 'thank you'. And Marco seemed more concerned for her whenever she was injured. Like that one time whereby she was mercilessly hauled back to the ship by one of Luffy's crazy antics.

Sanjiko blushed and giggled happily. "I'll make food for you everyday if you wish!"

"I don't think that would be a good idea... you have your crew to take care of, yoi."

"It's alright! I'll travel between our ships for you," Sanjiko said.

Although it's clear that she could and would do it because of her ability of flight, it still lacked the logic for her to do so.

"That would be really troublesome, yoi. And I don't want to keep you away from your crew," Marco said as he gave her a wry smile. The last thing he needed to deal with is Luffy's complaints about stealing their cook.

However, Sanjiko took it the wrong way AGAIN.

"It's perfectly fine! You can keep me away for as long as you want," she declared happily and grabbed his hand in her own, making him dropping the fork back onto the plate at the same time. "If it's Marco-kyun, I'll glad to be as of service at any time possible!"

"That's... not what I meant, yoi." Talking to her tends to get difficult too if you're not a master of words.

"Taking care of Marco-kyun is my passion, after all! I'll devote my life to serving you as long as I live!"

"Hey, don't say that," Marco said softly and placed his hand on top of her head. "You have your dreams too. You can't give it up just for an old man like me, yoi."

Sanjiko blushed again and placed both of her hands on her cheeks in happiness. "I don't care. As long as I'm with Marco-kyun, this will be my All Blue! That's it. I found my All Blue! I'll stay with you for the rest of my life, Marco-kyun!"

"Hey! That's not fair," Luffy protested from the deck of the Thousand Sunny. "Sanjiko is our cook!"

Ignoring him, Sanjiko took Marco's hand from her head and started to rub it against her cheek lovingly. "I'm in happiness~"

This is going to be a long teatime.