Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Humor

Pairing: Fem!MarcoxFem!Sanji

Timeline: Semi-AU

Summary: Marko and Sanjiko has their time together after some encounter with the two sisters' stupidity.

"Marko! Save us!" Anne cried as she came into Marko's line of sight.

However, her next course of action was making it difficult for the first commander to comply with her request. She had to resist the urge to throw her into the sea once again when the freckled teen nuzzled his face happily against the side of her chest. It didn't make things better when her little sister, who happened to have a thing for mimicking whatever silly little things that other people does, also rubbed her cheek fondly against the other side of her chest. Were they not running to her to asked to be saved? Marko could never understand Anne's obsession with breasts other than the fact that she hardly had any.

Remain calm, Marko thought as it wouldn't be a good idea to throw them down into the seas for the fourth time of today. Sanjiko was getting pissed with having to save them all the time when Zoroko was asleep. The last thing she wanted to do is to rile her lover up even more. Sanjiko can be terrifying when she wanted to.

"Luffyko! Get you and your sister's asses up here right now!" Sanjiko screamed from the deck of the Moby Dick.

It looked like the two idiots managed to pissed her off now.

"What did you do this time?" Marko inquired as she tried to push them away.

"Food... kitchen... fire," was all Marko could get out from Anne as her face was buried in her chest.

It wasn't anything different from the usual, it seemed. Marko knew Sanjiko hated it whenever someone messed with her food or anything that was related to the preparation of her fine dishes. Aside from Luffyko's irritating ways of driving her crew members mad (they had to be if they were still following after her despite that), Anne didn't seemed to help with her gluttonous ways too. Sanjiko had serious anger management problems and couldn't keep her cool like Marko usually did to save her life but the two sisters didn't seemed to take it to their minds as they successfully set her off as many days possible.

And in the end, Marko was the one who had to pacify her.

While they were similar in many ways, there were differences that also pulled them together. The both of them developed motherly instincts towards their respective crew members and often got the end of their antics. As Sanjiko joined in their moments sometimes, she often ended up having to beat Luffyko and Usoko up during battles to get them to be serious. Namizou does it too at times but it was mostly when they failed to get him the treasure that he desired.

But it went far deeper than that which made their development possible. After all, it'd be pretty weird if Sanjiko fell for Marko right off the bat when she was constantly swayed by the many handsome men around her. Even though Marko didn't like Sanjiko's weakness, she found it adorable at times when she swooned affectionately over the object of her attention. The first commander didn't have anything to worry about after all since Sanjiko swore her feelings for her and made it clear that she could never take up a relationship with a single guy. It made sense, in certain ways.

But right now, she was too concentrated on killing off two certain morons, who made their crimes worse when Sanjiko found them snuggling up against Marko's chest again.

"What are you doing?!" Sanjiko shouted angrily.

"S-S-S-Sanjiko! I-I was, uh..." Anne stuttered as she tried to find an acceptable reason for this scene. When she couldn't, she finally let go of Marko and pushed her best friend towards the fuming girl. "Run!" she exclaimed as she grabbed Luffyko's hand and dashed for the nearest exit.

"Wait! Don't you dare run away from me after making that mess in my kitchen!"

Until, Marko decided that it was enough and tried to calm her down by pulling Sanjiko against her. Realizing that she rather preferred to enjoy this moment than chasing the two idiots down all over the two ships, she hugged her lover back and sulked instead. It was pointless to keep her anger up when Marko was trying to pacify her, after all. The woman always had ways to make Sanjiko forget about the incident for the moment while she was with Marko and it would be a lie if Sanjiko said that she didn't like whatever methods she used. She was as mysterious as Robizou sometimes.

As perspective as always, Marko guessed Anne must have blown the kitchen up somehow. Sanjiko's hair was messed up in many directions and the black soot on her face spoke volumes. Marko prayed for the heaven to accept the two annoying sisters in their spot after Sanjiko was done with them.

Without a word, Marko used her hand to brush through Sanjiko's hair in an attempt to tame it back to the way it was while with her other free arm, she used her sleeve to wipe the dirty soot off her face. In that moment, Sanjiko's normal expression returned and Marko could savor the innocent looking sight that shone through her features. It was what made enemies let their guard down and gave Sanjiko the opportunity to whip their asses into sky high.

"I'm not going to forgive them this time," Sanjiko mumbled while sounding a lot more soft spoken than before.

"I'm not going to stop you, yoi," Marko chipped in helpfully. "But it'd be nice if you could avoid taking down the walls while you're at it. It wouldn't be good to make your shipwright too busy each day.

"How did you manage to deal with Anne?"

"Practice," Marko offered with an amused smile after finished with Sanjiko's hair. "But it's not something healthy that one should get used to, yoi. There, you look beautiful again."

Sanjiko huffed and looked at her with a playful scowl. "So I was ugly just now?"

"You looked great but I made you looked prettier," Marko replied simply. "Although, I could hardly remember one time whereby you actually looked bad, yoi."

"You're pretty good at flattery, aren't you?"

"I don't bother to flatter other people, if you realize," Marko pointed out.

Sanjiko couldn't resist a smile at that. "That's true. So I'm the only one?"

"Perhaps not the only but one of the very few. But the biggest flattery you would've gotten is when I laid my sights on you, yoi. Still wondering how you managed it."

"I'm wondering how too," Sanjiko agreed, giggling with a small blush on her face at her words.

"You just reminded me how," Marko said, smiling at Sanjiko's slightly confused look and pressed her lips against her forehead.

Marko had a soft spot for Sanjiko's innocent smiles, she figured. Aside from Luffyko, there wasn't many whom retained their childish features and personality after setting for the seas for this long. Sometimes, she could understand why Anne fell for Luffyko. Both the strawhat captain and the cook had something similar. Because of their lesser threatening looks, enemies tended to decide to weed them out first (if Usoko weren't hiding somewhere). At the same time, they often got into trouble with their horrible luck which caused Anne and Marko to be on alert for them constantly.

It only solidify her claim when Namizou told her that Sanjiko was the only one who was struck twice in Sky Island. It wasn't that Luffyko and Sanjiko was attracted trouble, it was that they tended to throw themselves into it. Except, Sanjiko does it to shield the objects of her affections in a more than willing way.

Gently, Marko dipped her head down and captured Sanjiko's lips in a loving kiss. She pressed Sanjiko's bottom lip in between her lips and slowly pull away by a mere half inch before pushing against fully. Sanjiko wasn't taken by surprise this time after encountering random moments whereby Marko would suddenly display her affections towards her. In return, she tilted her head to fit their lips together more nicely and moaned when Marko slipped her tongue in between her lips without hesitation. Sanjiko always felt the sensation to be amazing, only to be disappointed when her lungs started to ache for air.

When Marko pulled back, she had the nerve to lick her lips and chuckled at Sanjiko's flustered state. "You made it difficult for me to resist, yoi."

"Isn't that your reason every time?" Sanjiko retorted playfully.

"I don't need to lie," Marko said smoothly and caressed Sanjiko's cheek with her fingers.

The both of them were locked in a loving staring contest, unable to put off the smile that appeared on their lips at the sight of each other. It was obvious that they had fallen hard for one another and neither had any doubts about their relationship at the moment. It was a strange, weird occurrence as they never expected for them to be together. Out of everyone they met, it had to be the other that caught one's attention and soon developed their desire to be together. As soon as their relationship was established, there were many murmurs throughout the world at Whitebeard's First Commander's first love with the Strawhat's Cook. While Sanjiko was well-known, Marko was legendary to the many people who lived in the New World.

As they were about to initiate their second kiss, Marko suddenly jolted in shock when she felt hands fondling her chest right underneath her bra.

"Damn it, Anne. Weren't you running awa-" Marko was cut short when she turned her head around to find that the one who groped her wasn't Anne. However, it was one that would make her face darken even more than Anne could pull off. "Fucking red-haired pirate! Get out of our ship, yoi!"

And Sanjiko had to prevent her phoenix from scratching Shankie's face with her talons that day.