It Was Pretty Obvious

The cul-de-sac harbored no unordinary events early that morning, though each young member of the Peach Creek neighborhood were all well aware that every day of their lengthy childhoods would inevitably have some sort of memorable occasion. It was a Tuesday, mid-summer, and Edd, left to his own devices, was examining his arachnid collection. Regularly, he would have been helping Ed with Sarah's excessive list of chores, or assisting Eddy in his endeavor to dodge his mother (whom was occupied with dragging her younger son to a clothes store). But Double D found it necessary to tend to his spiders, as scamming had been taking so much time as of late that he felt almost as though he'd neglected the poor things. They would have fed themselves in a more natural setting, but it was Edd's duty as their care-taker to provide for them... Considering each cage was carefully sealed to avoid any unwanted escapes. In order to do this, it meant sacrificing one of his own insects, forcing them into their own death; tragic, yet beautiful, as it was the way of life. At least, that was what Eddward believed. His friends were less enthusiastic about his process in learning about the circle of life and it's workings.

"Why, hello!" Double D cooed to a wolf spider that curiously examined him from the confines of his glass cage. "You look absolutely charming this morning." He stated politely, a giddy chuckle following.

This was the type of atmosphere Edd most sincerely adored. Peace and harmony just came hand in hand with each session, and he so loved the quiet, innocent setting that fell when he was alone with his pets. Jotting down some succinct notes about his wolf spider's actions, he found that this was his own true habitat. For as much as he loved his friends, Edd felt the pinnacle of his happiness when he was alone with those that could not speak. Taking the spider out of his cage, Edd admired the small creature on the tip of his index finger. They were so cute; how could anyone fear them?

Double D smiled lightly, the little spider crawling over his hands. So serene. There were times when he himself wished to have been born like one of them; only care in the world being to eat and survive. No worries of constant chores, parents, friends, or even love-


Plunged out of his solemn thoughts, Double D jumped, simultaneously startling his little friend.

"Good lord! My condolences," he promptly apologized to the spider, whom seemed generally unaffected. Looking up to investigate, he wondered what could have made that noise. "It sounded like... Oh dear."

Without returning the wolf spider to his cage, Eddward rose to his feet and speedily descended down the stairs. As he'd suspected, his window had been broken – though, angered, Double D assumed "obliterated" may have been a more appropriate term. The clue to who his culprit was, was a brown leathery football that laid in a seemingly harmless state on his tiled kitchen floor.

"Goodness gracious." He muttered, weakly stamping his foot. "The carelessness of this cul-de-sac! Why, I never-"

Edd's spout of anger was momentarily interrupted by a swift knock at the door. Impressed that it followed the damage almost immediately but still bothered that his window had broken in the first place, Eddward went to answer it. He wasn't particularly alarmed to see none other than Kevin standing outside, eyes drawn to the floor in either submission or defiance... Edd couldn't tell.

Without so much as a greeting, the other boy started off. "Look, I'm sorry about your window. Can I have my ball back?"

Double D was taken aback, and he ripped his eyes off of Kevin's full lips in his surprise. Defiance it was, then. He'd have to crack down hard. "I apologize Kevin, but saying 'sorry' simply won't do. I believe some sort of payment in return for the window is in order." He responded sternly.

This time, Kevin was in surprise. "What?" he asked rhetorically, before a glare settled over his delicate, well structured visage that Edd was all too focused on. "Yeah, well, you dorks broke my window once, so consider us even."

"I paid for that!" Double D reminded him in exasperation, attempting not to stumble over his words... Of course, Kevin made it so hard for him, with those burning, searing, ever watching eyes of his...


Taking a step forward, Kevin countered with malice. "Yeah? Then why don't you and your loser friends scam me outta my money?" Before Edd could respond, he laughed bitterly, causing Double D's chest contents to stir. "Oh, that's right! Your dumb scams are always aced out in ten minutes tops." He sneered for a moment longer, ignoring the offended expression Edd had, before attempting to push past him in hopes of retrieving his ball.

Not about to let the attractive jock go unpunished, Eddward blocked the entrance to his house. "I- desist! Kevin, please! Be civil!"

"No way hombre – gimme my ball!"

"I will have to refrain until you pay for my window!"

"No chance, dork!"

"Then no football!"

In the struggle of attempting to guard his home, Edd had forgotten about his little wolf spider. Said arachnid, using Double D's hand – the one that was almost taking advantage of the situation to clutch Kevin's muscled shoulder – as a bridge. It crawled onto the other boy, which Eddward caught sight of, and instantly froze.

"Oh dear- Kevin, don't move."

"Hey! Wh-" He began, before he felt the spider crawling on his neck. "Dude-!"

His hand went up to slap the creature, but Double D quickly grabbed him by the wrist.


"Get it off me, man!" He exclaimed, taking Edd by surprise.

Kevin began to tremble, a panicked expression flashing over his face before transitioning back to anger – perhaps it was only a feigned emotion out of fear, though... Edd was momentarily distracted by the way his perfect teeth caught his plump lip for just a fraction of a second, but soon gently positioned his hand over the side of Kevin's face in hopes that the spider would crawl onto him instead. It was too delicate to simply grab. The other boy twitched but said nothing. When the spider did not come, Double D slid his hand down and noted how Kevin's face grew slightly red... Edd could feel his pulse.

"Oh man!" He groaned, obviously restraining from freaking out. "I think it's in my shirt, double dork."

Ignoring the derogatory title, Edd frowned as Kevin began to squirm, and removed his hand. "Please... Be careful! You may crush the poor innocent soul!"

"Good!" Kevin growled. "It's just a dumb bug!" He arched his back, face contorting in such a manner that reminded Edd of something none too appropriate.

"It is not just a dumb bug! He is a spider, as well as my friend." Eddward stated indignantly. "Now, please, remove your shirt."

Surprised at the small outburst, Kevin's eyes fell to the ground and he looked peeved, but obeyed regardless... Doing so gently. Double D was relieved at the compliance and carefully took the shirt, examining it for a trace of his little buddy. However, he caught a glimpse of the wolf spider still on Kevin's lean, tan, muscled body, that was still moist with a light sheen of sweat from the humid weather...

Stop it. Now.

Edd shook his head to disperse his unclean thoughts, reminding himself that it could have only been some... Bizarre... Phase...

Goodness, but his skin looks so soft...

"Hey, stop staring and get this thing off me before it bites!" Kevin gestured to his back, where he couldn't reach.

"Oh, yes, right!" The sock headed boy immediately responded, biting his lip with a guilty smile and walking to the other side of his neighbor, before placing his hand over his back.

Good lord... He whimpered within the confines of his own mind. Kevin's skin was so sweet to the touch, that even after his little spider had returned to his hand, he lingered, lost in the senses.

"Uh... Double dweeb?" Kevin muttered, body twitching.

Double D jumped, retracting his hand right away. "M-my apologies, Kevin!"

"Yeah... It's whatever, dude." He turned around, stretching (and drawing Edd's eyes to his pale, smooth inner arms). "Can I have my shirt back? And... My ball?"

Ignoring the urge to simply give in, Double D went back to his firm and authoritative state. "Of course, it is not at all my right to keep your possessions from you, but in exchange..."

"Look." Kevin interrupted, sensing an apparent rant. Index finger jabbing Eddward's chest, voice lowered, he began his own tangent. "If I had the money to cough up for your dumb window, I would. But I don't, got it? My family ain't as bloated as you dorks seem to think. Really, Double D... I just can't pay you back. We can barely pay for food, man! How can I pay for a window?" He pressed the palm of his hand against his head in pent up stress that was only just hardly released, but concealed the action by wiping his brow with an unsteady breath.

"Oh dear, Kevin..." Double D mumbled in a tone that expressed deep caution. "Why didn't you tell anyone?" He wondered, trying to say whatever he could, simultaneously mulling over the fact that Kevin trusted him enough with this information... Perhaps it wasn't out of trust, but rather necessity, though Edd much preferred the idea that it'd been trust.

"And do what?" He scoffed. "Sound like a whiny baby?"

Consciously placing the hand that was devoid of a spider on Kevin's slumped shoulder, Double D smiled in a way that suggested he could be confided in without judgment. Also, any non-violent physical contact with Kevin was well appreciated by Edd, though he kept that in the back of his mind. "I understand, then... Is there a way my family could assist your own?"

A brow rose over the other boy's face, drawing Eddy's eyes once again, if only for a moment. "Yeah, and how would you do that?"

He took only a few seconds to ponder. "Well... We could start a fund raiser, perhaps!"

"As if, dude.. I don't want all that publicity." He sighed.

"Well, we don't have to say it's for you!" Double D tried.

"You sound like Eddy." Kevin's lips twitched upwards before drooping once more. "Look man, I appreciate it, but it's a lost cause."


"Drop it. It's not your issue." He glowered, before his handsome features softened. "Really, man. Don't worry about it. You got your own deal, right? You don't gotta have me troublin' your mind too."

"But, you already-" he began, before abruptly cutting off at the realization of what he'd almost confessed. His face turned hot. This was Kevin... A slightly more open, less hostile and supercilious Kevin, but Kevin nonetheless, and he easily retained gossip.

The boy shot him a curious, suspecting look at the awkwardness that ensued.

"I'll... Go get your football." He covered it up quickly, beginning to sweat as he watched Kevin shift the weight of his hips to one side.

"Hey, I'll..." Kev swallowed thickly, before rolling his eyes. "I'll help you clean up. It's the least I could do."

A smile embraced Double D's face. "That'd be lovely."

With that, they disappeared into the house, Kevin walking just a little too closely to his new friend with a hopeful, knowing grin on his lips.

This is a pretty old, silly fic that I found in my notebook. I hope you enjoyed! I suggest you listen to It Was Pretty Obvious by Alan the Box while reading, btw.

I may or may not continue this if I get inspiration, though I'm not entirely sure where I'd take it from here.