It Was Pretty Obvious

The night hadn't gone anywhere close to the way Edd had expected, what with earlier events, but he knew that it was his own fault. Kevin had offered him a towel and smirked, removing his shirt and throwing all of Edd's coherent thought out the window. As soon as he left the room, presumably to get a fresh change of clothes, Double D fled. He was terrified, as he bolted across the street; fear seeped dangerously into his system, dozens of warning bells ringing with such intensity that it almost caused him pain.

He was petrified, to say the least. Of embarrassing himself. Of it having been some twisted prank, even though that was more Eddy's forte than Kevin's. But he couldn't shake the thought: what if, what if, what if?

And it sent him running, on the brink of tears.

Once Eddward had sealed himself inside his home, an uneasiness crept over his skin. He wanted Kevin, oh God how he wanted him, whether it was some phase or not. It almost translated to need, like a feeling that had disguised itself as friendly appreciation for countless childhood years. But this was something that he almost couldn't control, and that in itself was enough to leave Edd shaken with insecurity. And he couldn't even judge if Kevin felt for him in a congruent manner.

So of course I'm scared; I have every reason to be, and it's completely natural. He attempted to inwardly justify, secretly aware that he'd messed up the potential chance he'd had to strip himself of such pervading fear.

A shudder ran through his system and he realized that he was knee deep in infatuation with Kevin. His mouth salivated as he recalled the other boy's handsome features, his piercing gaze that cut through him like a knife on hot butter, that soft, taut skin, those warm inviting features that were begging Eddward to simply reach out and kinesthetically admire.

Knee deep? He mentally scoffed. Saying that I'm 'in over my head' would be more appropriate terminology.

Feeling it was necessary to distract himself, Double D decided to check on his little friends. After such a stressful day, he thought it would only lighten his spirit. Bounding up the stairs with newfound excitement (and clean, dry clothes), he checked over his ant farm, assessing the little creatures with a giddy laugh that bordered on false. He was immensely pleased with each and every one of his pets, as he was once again reminded that he found himself happiest with those whom never spoiled the silence.

...Much like Kevin, who was such an untalkative fellow...

But Edd shook his head, trying to disperse any Kevin related thoughts from his cranium. Of course, his turmoil was only cleared for seconds, when his eyes landed on his arachnid collection and he instantly recalled the events involving his wolf spider just mere days ago, the way Kevin's skin had felt, the way his voice pressed against Edd's every nerve...

That was when the tears came.

"Oh, Eddward," he choked out, gasping as salt water dripped messily from his tear ducts. "What has become of you?"

His shoulders shook with overwhelming displeasure, and he pressed his face to the wooden desk as he sobbed. He liked Kevin oh-so very much, and regret filled him as all he could think about was how he wasted what may have been the only chance he could've gotten to breach the surface of an unfulfilled love.

Someday, just not today. Ed's words shone through his mind like a light in the darkness.

A hesitant, unsure smile inched over Edd's face. His friend was right – why give up all hope? Sure, he'd potentially squandered his fate, but that wasn't to say it would be impossible from then on...

"Oh goodness, who am I kidding?" He muttered with a bitter sigh. Kevin was a one-go kind of person. He didn't try for something twice and Edd knew it. It would be a blow to his pride. "But really... Me, date Kevin?" The words themselves caused a lump to form in his rapidly drying throat, and he trembled mildly.

Date. Relationship.


The idea itself was preposterous... And yet he wanted it with a burning passion that altered his entire behavior pattern. His finger weakly trailed over the glass cage that contained his wolf spider, and Double D couldn't help but allow a smile to find it's way onto his face. Maybe he couldn't date Kevin, but that didn't change the fact that it was nice to imagine...

He gasped as a rapping at his window loudly interrupted his distant, unrealistic thoughts. Someone was knocking...? At his window? That was just about as insane as him actually dating Kevin!

Grabbing onto Jim, his beloved cactus, for moral support, Edd cautiously made his way tot he window. With a shaking hand, he peeled his curtain tot he side, all the while wondering if Ed had come over for a night time snack as he so often did. But, Ed never knocked.

Double D's curtain revealed none other than the occupant and owner of his mind, the one who troubled him in so many ways for almost an entire year prior to that moment... And he looked as though he was hanging onto the window pane in a very precarious manner. Emotions flooding his system, Edd gaped and opened his window.

"Goodness gracious, what do you think you're doing?!" He exclaimed in horror. "That's two stories off the ground!"

His immense terror only increased as Kevin clambered inside, a grin plastered to his handsome visage.

Oh my, Edd realized as Kevin gently shut his window for him. He wanted to see me. That's so... Romantic. And ridiculous. Why not the front door?

As though Edd had said the last part verbally, Kevin wrung his hands (which probably stung from climbing up such a flat surface) and spoke up. "As if you'd let me in if I wasn't in danger."

Weren't. He mentally corrected as a habit as he watched the other boy's eyes trail over his neatly labeled room, and then back to him with that same seductive, smoky stare that had torn Eddward a part in the forest earlier that day. Then he smiled in what appeared to be a genuine manner and Double D thought his heart might melt. Or, at the very least, that he'd faint. But he didn't; he simply continued to stare, mouth hanging agape, as Kevin began to step closer.

"Ya left me hangin' earlier, double dork." His voice slit through the silence, almost inaudible in itself.

"My condolences..." Was all Edd could think to say, forcing the words out in a rushed stutter.

His body tensed and he registered that Kevin was leaning in, just mere fragments of air separating their lips.

"Oh yeah?" Was Kevin's breathy response.

Double D could say nothing more, not having the chance, as Kevin's mouth closed over his in a chaste joining of lips. Without warning, sparks of sweet and romantic emotion flowed through Edd's body, side by side with fleeting doubt. Kevin's smooth, soft and thick lips were more than the young genius could have ever dreamt of or fantasized over, and that detail surface as sounds of urging need vibrated through his throat. Suddenly, like a caged wild animal having been freed, Eddward's brain ran amok and he lost all sense of control. His nimble fingers grasped Kevin's warm shoulders, and he pressed him against the wall, every ounce of pent up carnal energy escaping from the depths of his soul and pushing out into the open. His mouth molded against Kevin's as whines left his throat and he ground his flustered self against the other boy, who was quite clearly taken off guard, as shown by the small indication of shock that left his lips when he felt Edd's tongue press against his own.

Vivid lust was expressed through that deep, sensual kiss, electricity riding the waves of lust that flooded them, and Double D's mouth began to ache from working so hard long before he needed oxygen. He pulled away, in a slight daze from his own actions, but Kevin yanked him back with glassy eyes and ran his tongue over Edd's lips, nipping playfully at them. Eddward was dizzy with pleasure and dove back in for another heartfelt kiss, wrapping his arms around Kevin's warm neck as though he'd plummet if he didn't.

When they reluctantly released each others' mouths, both of them were breathing with difficulty. Kevin had a sloppy smile on his face that showed sheer joy, and Edd had a feeling that he mirrored it, with how much his cheeks ached. A jittery giggle left his lips as he licked them, Kevin's phenomenal taste lingering.

Oh my, did that really just happen? I... I believe it did! Warmth washed over him at the realization.

"You're so radical..." Kevin's voice breathlessly drew out, a pink haze coating his cheeks. A low laugh of his own punctuated his declaration as he pressed his forehead against Edd's. "...Choice little dorky."

Double D could only reply to such compliments by bringing Kevin in for another kiss.

If it were a phase, then he didn't want it to end anytime soon.


Well there you guys have it! I don't think I could go for much more from here unless I added conflict alongside Edd's self doubt and unsureness, but I don't really want to do that because I don't have any good ideas. Not to worry, though, because I have some other fics I'm going to upload soon! Thanks for patiently reading through my unrefined writing, and also thank you for all the kind and encouraging reviews you've left me! I appreciate each and every one of them endlessly!