I don't fucking believe this. I am no ordinary citizen. How can they expect me, Christian Grey, to have to waste a day here?! This is absolutely ridiculous!

"I.D. please."



"I.D. please."



"I.D. please."



"Sir, where's your I.D?"

I turn quickly, "He doesn't need one, he's with me." I walk over to the official and quietly say, "He's part of my team, my security detail."

The official smirks and says, "No I.D., no entry."

Asshole! Put a uniform on any prick and they think they have ultimate power.


"Taylor, wait out here."

Taylor nods. I enter the room and take a seat among the commoners. I check my blackberry for e-mails in a feeble attempt to run my company from my fucking phone.

"Sir, during the orientation you were given specific instructions to turn off any electrical devices that you may have on your person."

"What the fuck?!" I shout.

"Sir, I need your phone. You were also told, should you fail to heed these instructions, your device would be confiscated and returned to you at the end of the day."

"Shit!" I shout as the commoners look my way.

Yes, you know who I am and I know you are enjoying the show! I can't wait to get this shit started. I'll put this fucker in his place!

What the fuck is taking so long? This place is a joke. Do they not know that time is money?!

"All rise, the honorable Judge Carrick Grey presiding. This court will now come to order."

About fucking time!

"Thank you everyone, I will be the Judge in these proceedings and before we begin, I would like to give you a little bit of information about what we require from you. I would first like to thank you for being here as this is part of your civic duty and..."

Come on dad, scan the room! I'm right here! Get me out of this mess!

Bingo! He sees me.

"Uh Bailiff?"

The Bailiff approaches, my dad covers the mic while they whisper quietly to one another. The bailiff smirks and looks towards me.

That's right asshole, bend over and take it

"Will Juror number 69 please approach?" The bailiff asks as I immediately approach knowing full well that they are referring to me.

"Hi dad." I say as my father smiles.

"Son, I heard you gave my bailiff a rather difficult time."

"No more than he deserved." I say sarcastically.

"I beg to differ son, step back please."

I take a step back and my father continues.

"Juror number 69 is officially released from my courtroom."

Thank fuck!

"Daa..., er Judge Carrick? My phone was abruptly taken and..."

The bailiff quickly returns it to me before I can complete my sentence.

Ha! Not so powerful now are you?! Yeah, it helps to have family connections. I revel in this momentary victory.

"Thank you bailiff and thank you your Honor." I say as I take my leave.

"Just one moment, Juror 69. Your civic duty has not been completed. You are to serve an entire day. If you are not chosen to serve on a panel, you will then be dismissed. Bailiff, please escort Mr...What's your name Sir?"

"Grey." I say in my ice-cold tone. "Christian Grey, Your Honor."

My father smirks, knowing full well that he's got me and for a moment, I smile back.

Checkmate dad!

"Bailiff, please escort Mr. Grey to courtroom 14 next door."

The bailiff is enjoying this is as well. I don't mind taking it from my father, but from this dumb shit? Fuck no!

He knows he's won...damn prick.

"Juror 69, please follow me."

"It's Grey. Mr. Grey."

"Whatever." I hear him mumble under his breath.

He leads me to another courtroom that appears to already be in session but I don't see the Judge.

As I walk in, I feel all eyes upon me. And so it begins. Christ almighty, it's just a face people! Get the fuck over it!

I take a seat and the gentleman next to me whispers, "You came in during the middle of this procedure. The Judge excused herself briefly as she had to make a call. She is asking about hardships or reasons why feel we cannot serve on a panel."

"Thanks for the heads-up." I whisper back as I quickly put my phone in silent mode. No need to have another phone fiasco!

"No problem, I don't see many men making excuses with this judge. She's down right hot!"

"All rise, the honorable Judge Anastasia Rose Steele presiding. This court will now come to order."

I stand and look at beauty before me. Holy mother fuck!

Do my eyes deceive me?!

She's dressed in a black robe that is two sizes too large for her petite frame. Her brunette colored locks are restrained in a bun.

Her beautiful baby blues cannot hide behind the black framed wanna be looking like "Clark Kent" but failing miserably glasses and is looking more like the sexy I wanna fuck you in more ways than you mere humans know is possible librarian.

I immediately feel my cock twitch and realize that I am currently fucked!

"Judge Steele, we have one more addition to the panel. Judge Grey sent him over, apparently there was a conflict of interest Your Honor."

The Judge raises her eyes to scan the panel and says, "I see." She looks over her notes and she does not see me...yet.

Perhaps I can use this face to my advantage after all. Let's have some fun with the Honorable Judge Steele.

"Juror number..."

"69." I say as I immediately stand allowing her the opportunity to take me in.

I am dressed to kill as I had originally planned to meet with The Ryan Company and issue a hostile takeover.

I will instead, "take over" Judge Steele.

Her eyes rake me up and down.

That's right baby, this can be yours if you let me go.

Look at her trying to present a professional business appearance when she is obviously oozing sex!

Fuck me!

I'd take her right here if we didn't have an audience. I can see her beautiful long neck and her beautiful pale skin thanks to her hair being up in a bun. There are stray tendrils of hair the caress her neck softly, teasing me, coaxing me, begging me to run my fingers down her neck to her soft breasts.

What does she have on under the black robe? A business suit maybe? Oh fuck! How hot would it be knowing she wore nothing but the sexiest lingerie underneath that drab robe.

Fuck! My cock is twitching again!

Is it hot in here or is it just me? I think I'll remove my suit jacket and give the Judge a better look. Normally I don't do this sort of thing but I'm desperate to get the fuck out of here and yet I'm desperate to see how Judge Steele will react to me...

I remove my jacket and I hear a very small gasp from the potential panel of female jurors. Good God, this show isn't for you, it's for Judge Steele! I get so distracted by their shameless display that my phone falls from my jacket pocket.

I bend over to pick it up and as I have it in my hand I see Judge Steele glaring at me.

Oh shit!

"Juror number 69, what is that you have in your hand?" Judge Steele asks as she lowers the rim of her fuck me hard librarian glasses.

Fuck! I want her now!

"It's my blackberry Your Honor, I was just removing my..."

"Enough. Bailiff, please take Juror number 69's..."

"Grey!" I shout unexpectedly.

I hear a gasp from the panel.

Oh shit.

"Excuse me?" The delectable Judge Steele queries.

"I said Grey, Your Honor. My name is Mr. Grey."

The Judge glares at me and says, "I see. Well Mr. Grey, for today's proceedings and in my courtroom, until you are sworn in as an official Juror, you are known as Juror number 69."

Oh shit! I pissed off of the Judge.

She continues to speak as she extends her arm and gestures to the other potential jurors, "Just like all your peers are known as their Juror numbers as well. Now, if it's ok with you Juror number 69, I would like to continue with the proceedings, otherwise we will be here until Christmas."

Fuck! She's done a great job of dressing me down in front of all these fuckers. How I would love to "dress her down" and see what's underneath the black robe.

"I apologize Your Honor." I say as I quietly take my seat.

"Boy, she told you." The fucker sitting next to says as he gloats.

***Thirty Minutes Later***

"Juror number 69."

I stand.

"Jury service is estimated to be three to five weeks. Is there any reason that you are not able to serve on this panel."

"Yes, I am the owner of my own company and I need to be present in order for my company to run. Decisions need to be made that can affect my company and I am the only one capable of making these decisions."

"I see, will serving on the panel cause you any type of financial hardship Juror 69?"

"Yes, I just stated that my company..."

"I'm not inquiring about the status of your company Juror 69, I am asking if you personally would suffer a financial hardship should you chosen to serve on this panel?"


"Well I won't go broke if that's what you're asking...Your Honor."

"Well, it's nice to see that you are able to understand my query Juror 69."

Judge Steele looks to both lawyers and says, "Pass for cause?"

They both say, "Pass for cause."

"Shit!" I shout again.

"Mr. Grrr...Juror 69, is there a problem?"

"Yes Your Honor there is, I shouldn't be here! I need to be running my company and this is really a waste of time for me."

"Enough! Jury, you are excused and scheduled to return in ninety minutes. There is a cafeteria and lounge specifically for jurors only, I'm sure you were informed of its location during orientation. Bailiff? Please hold Juror number 69 in contempt of court and send him to my chambers at once!"

Oh shit! What the hell have I done? I hope dad can get me out of this. Judge Steele is pissed.

"This way Sir." Bailiff asshole says as he guides me into Judge Steele's private office. "Wait here, she'll arrive momentarily."

"Fine!" I snap.

A few moments later I hear the clicking of stiletto heels near.

"No Bailiff, I said wait out here and I will call you if I need anything! I can handle Juror 69 on my own, are we clear?" She shouts.

"Yes Your Honor." He says with a sigh of defeat!

Ha! She's got him by the balls!

Judge Steele enters the room and locks to door...Oh fuck! I'm in deep shit!

"Just what the fuck did you think you were doing in my courtroom?" Judge Steele shouts.

"You know they can hear you Your Honor."

"You didn't answer my question Juror 69! What the fuck did you think you were doing in my courtroom?" I can see her chest moving up and down as she panting.

Fuck! She is so hot! What the hell is she wearing under that black robe?

I take a few steps forward and I'm right in front of her. My chest to her face, I look down, she looks up, our lips almost touching. Her beautiful blue eyes pierce mine.

"Your Honor, you are so hot when you're angry." I purr.

"Excuse me?! I'm beyond angry Juror 69 and you have just crossed a very dangerous line! You attempted to make a fool out of me in my courtroom and this sort of behavior cannot and will not be tolerated!" She shouts again and I know she is turned on.

"Tell me kitten, are you wearing anything under that black robe or are you naked, ready and waiting for me?"

Her eyes widen as I slowly unzip her black robe. She's frozen and she cannot move. That's right baby, just look at me, my eyes to yours. It's times like these that I am grateful for this fucking face, it gives me power, power to do things no other person would dare do and I fucking love it!

I hear Judge Steele panting as I remove her robe.

Holy fuck!

Judge Steele stands before wearing a matching set of sheer black panties and a bra embroidered both with floral stripes! She looks fucking amazing and my dick is rock hard!

"Judge Steele, I never would have known about this," I say as I stroke her breast over her bra, "had I not 'misbehaved' in your courtroom. Suddenly, it seems worth my missing a day from running my company."

No answer, Judge Steele is in shock and doesn't know how to react. That's a good thing I suppose. Meaning that no one else has ever tried anything with her! No one better even think about it!

"Judge Steele, are you alright? Hello? Anastasia?"

She returns from where she was and immediately goes for the money by grabbing my crotch.

What the fuck?!

"I see you have returned from your thoughts Judge Steele, where were you if you don't mind my asking?" I purr as I caress her cheek and she squeezes my cock and strokes me over my pants.

Fuck! She's so good.

"I was wondering how long it would take for you to fuck me hard before I have to return to my courtroom." She whispers in a husky voice.

I slow smile spreads across my face as I say, "We can do this fast or slow kitten, it's really your choice so which would you like?"

"Both!" She shouts as she refuses to release my crotch and takes me into her sound proof office with a couch that is perfect for fucking!

"Oh God Ana! You looked so fucking hot! It took all my self-control not to climb over to you kiss you hard in front of the other jurors." I pant as she gets on her knees and unzips my pants.

"No self-control needed now Juror 69." Ana says as she frees my cock and takes me in her mouth.

"Fuck yeah baby, oh that feels so good." I moan. "Juror 69? I wonder how I, of all people was assigned that number?"

"It's random Christian but I did have to hold in my laugh when I saw you and then saw your assigned number." She says.

"Ana, quit talking and keep sucking." I plead. "Nessi needs you!"

***One Hour Laters Baby****

"Jesus Ana, that had to have been the best fucking ever." I moan as she lies on top of me, kissing my chest.

Ana looks up at me with those beautiful baby blues, she smiles and says, "I'll be the Judge of that."


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