Voldemort wailed. "How can they be out of french fries at McDonalds? This is absurd, an outrage!" Tears leaked from his face as he slammed his fists down as the Death Eaters exchanged worried and amused glances at each other. Voldy noticed.

"You think this is funny? We drove up to McDonalds, ordered a large fries and they were OUT! I'll show you what I think is FUNNY!" He drew his wand and yelled out the killing curse, randomly striking down death eaters. Others yelped and ducked for cover.

One Death Eater, however, was sitting in the corner with his nose to the wall. Munching sounds could be heard as he hunched over, occasionally glancing behind him. Tom also noticed this. "What are you eating?" The masked terrorist turned and looked around, as if it was someone besides him.

Voldemort shouted. "Accio his food!"

Sure enough a large french fries flew. The no-nose mans eye's went bloodshot. "You were hiding these from me? TRAITOR! CRUCIO!"

The man writhed in pain, less from the torture than from the lack of potato based food.

Voldemort eagerly devoured the fast food, and then licked his lips.

Someone had the nerve to laugh.

Thankfully, it was Voldemort himself.

But anyone who laughs at Voldy, even Voldy, has to die. Voldemort pointed his wand at himself and cast the killing curse, now only a corpse. The Death Eaters cheered and listened to Ke$ha like any normal murdered terrorist would do in their spare time.