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In space, no one can hear you dream. That was good, because my dream was not the kinda dream I'd want to share with other people.

"Jaden... Jaden, wake up." Said a voice. It was a girl's voice, but I couldn't wake up though, since I was asleep... Who wasn't smart enough to realize that and be talking to me?

Couldn't even open my eyes, so everything was dark. I was just kinda stuck in my mind with my thoughts, but I didn't have much of those. Only thing was... Who was in my bed with me and why was she trying to wake me up? I tried to toss and turn, but there was nothing! I could only just barely made my head turn. What was going on? Was I a prisoner? Where was I? I- That's right, I was on my ship. I'm a smuggler. I smuggled in the Corellian Run, near the hottest star. And a bunch of other stars too, I guess.

"Come on, Jaden, I've got you. Hang on a minute, I'll just buy you a drink."

I noticed I was sweating - A lot. And my blankets were all wet. If whoever was in my bed had invaded, and pissed in my bed, there'd be hell to pay

"Jaden, wake up. It's past oh-two-hundred hours and we are under attack."


I slammed bolt-upright so hard that I cracked into the ceiling and stared out into the window. Ships were shooting at it, so that wasn't good. "MAN THE BATTLE STATIONS!" I screamed and I was shaking my fist. "NAAOOOOWWWW- - -"

The first thing I noticed when I'd finished deciding to wake up was that my bed wasn't wet, it'd had caught completely on fire, and the voice of the woman was a sexy intercom computer voice that was actually my alarm clock. Nobody could sleep through this bullshit, but somebody definitely was gonna pay.

The door into my room blasted in like a grenade, and a guy ran backwards thru it shooting out into the hallway with a blaster pistol. Must have been one hell of a party.

Then I realized the bed was on fire.

"AAAAAAAAAAAA!" I said. "Fuck, fuck, FFFUUCK!" And screaming I rolled off of the bed and put out the fires on me. Who knew how long I'd had been cooking?

The guy with the gun was wearing a Red "REPUBLIC" Shirt, and ran over to me. He was younger than I did but had white hair in a crew's cut, like everyone else on the ship except me since I'm a rebel.

"YOU!" He shouted. "You, are you all right!"

"I'M ON FIRE," I shouted back and put out the flames by rolling around but the floor kept shaking and swooning around from explosions or something. I gasped and looked down. "Who are you? I said.

"What do you mean, who am I?" Trask shouted angrily. "I'm Trask Ulgo, your bunkmate here on the ship! What's wrong with you?"

I looked down. Neither my crotch nor any particular part of me was exposed, because I always slept in my red smuggler's-jacket and other clothes unless I wasn't alone which technically apparently I hadn't been if I had a bunkmate but I didn't remember but I had to suppose I was dressed to be ready okay.

"I was just on fire, you cock!" I yelled, looking at the bed. "I-"

But the bed wasn't on fire anymore. In fact, its sheets had turned into a lump of ice and frost.

Trask glanced at it. "Bed on fire? Must have been hit by a Sith bomber. Listen, the Endar Spire is under attack! We gotta get out of here!" He shouted.

He helped me stand up to my feet. "What's the Endar Spire, and who's Bastila?"

"Did you hit your head out of the bunk, or what? Bastila's the captain of the ship! This ship! The Endar Spire! Now hurry up, we're under Sith attack! We gotta get outta here. Bastila's a Jedi and she's on the bridge because she's the captain so we gotta go get there and make sure she gets off of here alive and we can escape then too!"

"Jaden, please wake up." The alarm clock said.

"Shhuuuuut THE FUCK UP!" I yelled and threw the alarm clock against the window. It exploded into a useless cloud of metal and plastic and battery pieces until the exact instant where a Sith helicopter flew nearby and shot a missile into it. Oh boy.

"RUNNN" Trask runned and we ran out into the hall and smashed the door shut behind us before the air could suck us out. We stumbled around into the hallway and got out our guns just as some Sith troopers came into view and aimed at us.

"These Sith must be the advanced boarding party!" Trask shouted. "Unlucky for them we're just about to crash that party! You took and oath to protect Bastila and our ship when you got signed onto the Endar Spire, now it's time to make good on that and get the the bridge! FOR THE REPUBLIC!"

I didn't remember signing any bullshit oath and i wouldn't have anyway since i didn't believe in the Republic but I did believe in killing people who crossed me, and if the ship really was about to explode I might as well have done what Trask said in order to get out of here all right. So we shot those Sith troopers and I let him lead the way through some more corridors. There was hardly anyone around except dead Republic dudes and there was an atmosphere of danger.

"How come I'm leading the way?" Trask shouted as we waded through the smoke of a collapsed air vent. "Don't you know the layout of this ship too?!"

I thought about that as we waved our arms windmill-like to sweep away the steam. "Look, get off my back man," i yelled back so he could hear me. "I'm not a soldier like ya guys, I'm a smuggler. I used to smuggle up the Corellian Run and stuff so the Republic hired me to be like a scout or something since I was too smart for them to actually arrest me. I'm not used to sharing a ship so there!"

"Well okay, I guess that makes sense then."

We came to a door. It was locked. Trask ran up to it and tried to open it at the computer. "Damn it!" He shouted. "It's not recognizing my outer lock! The Sith must have hacked into the network security grid!"

"Let me try." I said and took his place. Next to us was a T3 utility droid trying to pick up some trash because there was a trash can near by. I was able to slice the door open with my security knife because I know some backdoors into Republic systems.

"Nice job! How'd you know all that?"

"Well, I-" But too late because the T3 droid exploded and showed us with SPARKS! "AAARRRGH!" I yelled. "FUCK!"

My red smuggler's jacket had caught on fire again and this time it wouldn't go out.

"HANG ON THERE, PARTNER!" Trask shouted, and he ran to the wall. He punched his fist into the bulkhead and used it to rip out a water pipe, and it doused me with it.

I glubbered and spat it all out – it was salt water. "Thanks, I croaked, and we had to move on.

Republic battlecruisers apparently have twenty-five sub-decks. Luckily we found a staircase that would allow us to bypass them and get up to the level with the bridge, but it was a long way up and the stairs were slippery. We kept hearing people dying and shooting up the place through the walls, so every time we passed a door leading into one of the sub-decks, I locked it to be sure.

At some point i looked out the window. A triangle-shaped Sith Cruiser loomed outside, blasting the crap outta the Endar Spire, and behind it we saw a huge gray planet spiraling behind it. "Trask, what planet is that!" I said.

Trask was so shocked that he face-planted into the stairs at my feet. "Did you smack your head or something! That is the planet Taris. THAT planet!" We were ambushed here because we're trying to ambush Darth Malak." He shouted.

He was just about to get up from the stairs when suddenly there was a huge burst of static in my ear and I slipped, and knocked him with me down two levels and we slammed into the durasteel floor. As I leaned against the wall and tried to get up I heard a voice in my ear – it was a headset microphone thing! Forgot that I was wearing it. "Who the fuck-"

"This is Carth Onassi, Acting Captain and Ensign of the Republic Cruiser Endar Spire. This is not a Endar Spire is under attack by the Sith. We are under attack. All hands to the escape pods! This is not a drill. I repeat: This is NOT a DRILL!"

"No, damnit!" Trask shouted as he hauled himself up past me. "That was Carth Onasi! If he says things are bad then they're BAD! We gotta get to the bridge before its too late! It might even BE too late for all we know now! Now let's go!"

Twenty-seven levels later we were at the top of the stairwell, but the door was locked again and ray-shielded. "Oh, come on," I muttered. "Hang on here Trask, let me see what I can do here." And he stood behind me and pointed his blaster down the stairs in case as I pulled out the control panel.

I had only one security knife left – it ought to do the trick, but the computer was off. "Need to get this thing powered up again," I said, and I opened the fuse box and A DUDE JUMPED OUT OF IT AND AMBUSHED US!

It was a Sith trooper in full combat armor, and he leaped out onto my shoulders and started punching me in the head from above. I tried to scream but he was armoring me in the face so I only grunted and fell back, and we smashed into Trask and rolled down one level of the stairs.

When we came to the rest the Sith was still punching me, and I'd dropped my blaster pistol. Trask was still trying to climb up the ladder to get to his own gun. The blows were getting heavier and harder and it was hurting. I would've seen spots if I could see anything other than this Sith fucker's crotch.

I tried to reach up and block his attacks, but he was too high for me to reach. I would've been screwed if I hadn't remembered the security knife in my pocket – I grabbed it and slashed it upward, and felt hot blood splurting onto my face. He slowed down a but and grunted, tried to thrust me back onto the ground, but I braced myself against the wall and a safety rail and shoved myself up to my feet again. Then I pitched myself froward, crushing my stomach against another rail, this time the once around the center gap of the stairs because they went up kinda circular like that. The Sith trooper lost his balance and fell screaming down twenty-four floors to his dead.

I retched and coughed down after him, then helped Trask join me again, and handed him his blaster.

"Thanks for saving me."

"Yeah, whatever."

Back up at the top of the stairs I did some screwing around with the fuse box, and this time Trask covered the door because we could hear more fighting behind it. I flipped the fuse and power came back on, but the console kept ignoring my button presses.

Then I got an idea and stabbed my security knife into the fuse box itself. It was my last one so it had better work, I thought, but it did and the whole thing unlocked the door with a ding-dung sound.

Trask ran up to the door and kept his blaster up. "Hold on!" He shouted quietly. "There's something behind here!"

"Yeah, like the next fucking room maybe," I said and kicked the thing down with my foot.

Behind the door was the most beautiful and elegant girl I had ever seen in my life. She had brown hair. She was fighting a guy wearing black, but... There were no guns, they both had swords with blades made out of lasers! His was red and hers was blue. They were slashing and blocking and chopping at each other oblivious to us.

"WIPERS its a Dark Jedi!" Trask shouted. "Stand back: we'd only get in the way!"

"What- I can just shoot him, he's standing right-"

The floor beneath them then exploded like a firecracker the size of a bantha. Smoke infiltrated my lungs and Trask's lungs and we gagged for about a minute and a half. "Come on! We gotta get through here!" Trask said pulled me along. We puffed and fumed, managing to blowing some of the smoke away from our nostrils.

I looked back. There were two red person-shaped stains onto the walls – blood. "Dumbasses," I growled coughing a lot. "Should've known better than to bring swords to a gunfight."

And we moved on. There was a hazing mess of steam and melted vapor all around us and I slammed the door shut behind us out into the next hallway. "Hope the escape pods are close" I said, lighting a cigarette. There were some more Sith troopers, and Republican dudes fighting throughout the corridors, but the Republic troops kept dying before we could help them, and Trask and I had to shoot them ourselves.

"Not bad!" Trask shouted. " I think we make a good team! And hang tight, we're almost to the bridge... From there we'll be able to get Bastila to the escape pods."

We went into another room and there was two doors. "Hang on, there's something behind here!"

"Wait Trask stop! That's the wrong way!"

,Whoosh, went the door. I gasped and almost swallowed my cigarette but had to spit it out anyway because on the other side was another man, bald with black, and he had a laser sword like the people before, but it was like two of them at once! It was an evil smile that he held the energy sword-thing with, and he shot an evil laugh at Trask and me that ricocheted across the walls and made the lights go all dim and spooky like it was all inside my brain or something.

"DAMN ANOTHER DARK JEDI! Get thru the other door to escape pods, I'll hold him off GO GO GOGOGO!" Trask shouted and ran through the door, slamming it shut behind him and it exploded in a shower of confetti sparks.

I didn't need to be told twice. I kicked the other door and it opened, and I shot down the hallway behind it.

There was a huge ship sewer system that I had to get through, first, though. I was wading in through knee-deep ship-sewer water except when there were metal grills above them that I could walk across, when they weren't on obviously. I kept hearing explosions, and occasionally that Carth guy would shout reports to me about the ship status through my earpiece, telling more and more about the crew getting killed and the ship taken over. I got sick of his voice interrupting my jumping so I threw the earpiece into the water and watched it sizzle and break.

"Idiot. What was wrong with that guy?" I said about Trask as I kept going on, wary of any space-crocodiles. I'd never seen one myself but I had heard stories of unruly crewmembers getting fed to them in the ship sewer. "Why didn't he listen to me? Why did he go to the door that was obviously the wrong one?"

Something stirred and bubbled inside the waters. I thought maybe it had been a dianoga like before but instead it was a dead guy, floating.

"Hrm." I kicked the corpse out of my way and it sunk to the bottom. Then I was able to move on. I followed a certain collection of wall pipes so I didn't lose my way. "And why didn't he listen to me and was going to jump to his death at that 'Dark Jedi' guy? Was he just an idiot?"

I followed the pipes for a while more, and thought about all the kinds of people I had been seeing around in these past six weeks of being assigned to this ship. "I guess he was," I muttered.

The door onto the other end of the sewers didn't work. I banged the thing and emptied my entire clip of shots into it, but that did nothing because it was a ray-shielded door. "All right, fine, asshole,"I said and started to backtrack. About a hundred feet back I saw a maintenance vent and after blasting it open crawled up. It opened into the bathtub in an empty officer's crew quarters, and I climbed out into his bathroom, and walked into his quarters.

It was ransacked and full of scars from blaster-fire, plus papers and random items scattered around in destruction, so there was no time to look around for stuff to steal. I ran out into the corridor and again down the hallway, and this time I knew it was to the bridge.

"ATTENTION, JADEN AMNESIA!" Echoed a voice over the intercom. "HUH!?" I shouted.

"It's me, Carth Onasi," Maybe you've heard of me," It repeated. "I'm following you on the security cameras. Bastila's escape pod has escaped! You and me are the last ones alive on this ship besides the Sith! I need you to get here to the bridge and help me get outta here. The Sith have barricaded the place and you need to get through here so we can get the last escape pod!"

"Okay, whatever," I said back and came up to the second-last door. I could hear people talking on the other end of it.

"We almost have the bridge door open, Sir."

"Good!" Said another voice. "I sure hope we don't get ambushed from behind this time. Soon we'll have the bridge captured for good!"

"Jaden," whispered Carth over the intercom this time so the Sith couldn't hear him. "That's the Sith squad trying to take over the bridge. They're about to blast the door! There's a whole squad, you don't stand a chance alone. But in the same room as you there's a computer console, you could use it to access the security systems and-"

My ears turned off at that point. Who the fuck did this guy think he was, saying I couldn't handle this? I reached into the pocket and grabbed the three frag grenades I'd had, pulled out the tabs with my teeth, and threw them into the next room. Then I heard the mayhem of exploding body parts and the two doors were blown off, and I walked through their incinerated remains into the next room, where there was Carth Onasi himself.

"Oh, hi" He said sheepishly. He was a man with a considerable beard, and he wore an absolutely hideous orange jacket. "Look, there's no time to explain. We gotta get into the bridge because the Sith are about to take it over." And he took out his own blaster pistol, which was heavier than mine. "You ready?"

"Whatever," I said and kicked the door to the bridge, and it opened.

We ran in screaming like mad ready to shoot but then the door slammed and double-locked behind us with electricity, and we looked forward to the men confronting us... And gasped.

Behind them was the forward windows of the ship, and the consoles sparking. Out the window we could see again the spinning planet of Taris... And in front of it, in the bridge standing there... Was six Sith troopers and...

"TRASK!" I barked. "The hell you doing here?! I thought you were dead!"

"Yes!" Trask shouted. His voice was deeper than before and around him instead of the military uniform of the Republicans he was clad in black robing and some silver armor and he was taller now, too. "There have been a lot of things going on since you left me to die! As you can see I survived, and now we find ourselves on different sides!"

Carth looked at us. "You two know each other!?"

"We shared a room," I said straightly.

"That Dark Jedi who 'killed' me, his name is Darth Bandon. Now I have become his APPRENTICE IN THE SITH ORDER!" Trask shouted for the bridge to hear. "You don't understand, do you?"

"Uh, no. What's a Sith?"

"Enough talk!" Trask said. "Your awareness has weakened you! Now defend yourself!"

And he drew a sword and charged us, but before that his squad of Sith opened fire. Carth and I ran in opposite directions, diving and jumping and spinning behind control consoles as they exploded from being shot at. We returned fire and the bridge lit up like smoke and fireworks on Republican Day, and Carth shouted "WE MAKE A GOOD TEAM, HUH!?" over the noise.

I rolled my eyes behind cover. "YEAH!" I shouted back even though I was going better than Carth, all of my shots were headshots and he only shot for center of mass. Soon enough all seven of the Sith troopers were dead and it was just down to us and Trask, who stood at the front console now with his sword out.

I laughed. "Are you kidding me, traitor, bringing your pussy sword to a gunfight?"

"I haven't yet earned the right to a lightsaber, but once I chop you two up into Republican hamburgers and serve you to my master on a plate of silver hadrium I will have done so!" Trask shouted and he pulled a blaster pistol on me.

I ducked real quick for cover to reload, then popped up again from cover. Trask pulled his blaster on Carth and fired, winging him in the shoulder, and Carth dropped his gun and dived behind a glass screen. "Puny Republic men," Trask said, spitting on Carth.

Then I jumped up and started shooting back at him. I hit him twice in the armor as I ran toward him, then vaulted over a few consoles for a point-blank headshot but he swung at me with the sword. Almost cut out my throat but he didn't, but I dropped me blaster pistol and went flailing.

He aimed at me with then the blaster and fired twice, but I found a wrench on the floor and threw it at his head, and it crushed the blaster. We fought a lot more after that and it was very tense, we were beating the shit out of each other and alarms kept blaring and I heard voices like the alarm clock saying stuff like "Severe damage sustaining, gravity well danger!"

Trask was about to shoot me again when Carth got up from where he was hiding. "DIE YOU TRAITOR!" He screamed and dived at Trask, but missed and slammed his head into a control console. It made the whole ship lurch so that Trask's blaster shot missed, and he dropped the pistol with a clunk onto his other foot. Then I noticed that the doors were now all triple-locked and force-fielded.

"Hah!" Trask shouted, and he smacked me in the face so I fell down amongst the rubble. "Now you fools are trapped in here with me and no weapons! You have not got a chance!"

"Yeah, just keep telling yourself that, buddy," I said grabbing my blaster pistol and shooting him in the face. It blasted a nice black hole through his head and he fell backward onto the main control panel, crushing through it and smashing the entire thing into a sparkling, useless pile of wreckage.

I got back up and shook my head. Trask had double-crossed me and gotten what he deserved – if only from being stupid enough to bring a sword to a fight with guns against me.

I went over to Carth and pulled him up. He was half-dazed and bleeding from the forehead but he would live. "What's going on?" He grumbled, drooling on himself and his beard was covered in spit.

"I accidentally saved your life I guess," I said. "But we need a way to those escape pods..."

Then I noticed the rumbling that had been getting louder ever since Carth had smacked his head. He was hobbling over to a sink on the other end of the room and started washing his face. "Carth, what did you-" I looked down at the console and saw a big lever that was smeared with his blood. Under it was a label that said "COLLISION COURSE ACTIVATED."


He ran back and looked at it and gasped. "We gotta get outta here!" He shrilled and started trying to elbow-slam The Doors back open but it was no good, they were force-fielded and there was no way to override them.

Outside Taris got bigger and bigger. I dragged one of the Republican corpses off of the captain's chair, then sat down in it and lit a cigarette.

Carth looked at the floor and slumped down into it. "Better strap ourselves in, I guess." He said. Well you already know that I'm Carth Onasi. So whats your name?

I grimaced at Carth. Somehow I could tell from him that we were not yet going to get along, assuming we didn't die a horrible flaming death in crashing, of course. "Call me Jaden." I said, blowing smoke like the computers. "Jaden Amnesia." Carth laughed and I felt like punching his face in. "Hah! What kinda name is that!" He guffawed.

Then we got caught into Taris' super-gravity field, and as the planet-city started to zoom up toward us we were plastered into the back of the pod by cosmic forces. We couldn't hear anything, we were just suspended there like super-glued.

Not my best moment, getting magnetized by super-G forces to the captain's chair of a ship about to explode-land next to a weird guy I'd never met before. I looked out through the big windshield-thing at the front of the bridge and saw the planet of Taris zooming up towards us, still spinning. Saw a few escape pods out there too but they weren't going anywhere near where we were.

The ship started to glow red-hot outside from the space friction as we broke in through the cloud covers. "Carth, right?" I said. "How am I supposed to know I can trust you? I dunno you at all."

Carth looked over at me. " I'm a soldier of the Republican Army like you. We're all in this together because we all took an oath. Don't worry! Republic warships are the safest things to crash in, and if we survive the crash-landing we'll find a way out of this. I'm sure you've had worse."

"Actually I'm a smuggler," I said, and I have to admit I didn't know how much worse it'd get.

I actually was asleep the next thing I knew, with my head's ears ringing. I was having one tripped-out dream. Again. In my dream there were two people fighting with laser swords kinda like the people we had seen on the Endar Spire but not quite because it was on a starship bridge instead of the corridors. The woman wasn't the same as the one I had seen blow up earlier, she looked better and was Coruscanti and her laser sword was yellow. She cut the guy's head off and it all disappeared.

There was also a dream of a guy made out of shadows standing in a room with me, and he was smiling but I couldn't see his face at all because he was standing in the darkness of nowhere and had a cloak with a hood on over his face anyway. He smiled at me.

Then I actually did wake up. I was on a bed, no blanket though, and in a room where the lights were dim. Most nothing else in the room except of a door, violet rug on the floor, and a dirty window out onto a dingy planet-sized city, And Carth leaning against the wall.

I leaned up to the looking at him, then let myself fall down again. "Ugh. Please tell me I'm not dead yet." I asked.

"No, you're not dead," said Carth rushing over to me. I looked down, and fortunately I at least still had my clothes on. "We're in an abandoned apartment on Taris. We got smashed up pretty bad when the apartment crashed, but I was able to haul us over here before the Sith troops could show up. You've been asleep for about four days now. Yelling in your sleep too, must have been some crazy nightmares."

"Yeah, and my nightmare has only begun," I growled. "Who are these Sith everyone keeps blabbing about?"

Carth turned his head at me. "What do you mean who are the Sith? Do you somehow have amnesia now? Like your last name, Jaden Amnesia?"

I glared back at him. ""Of course not! I can remember everything of my life, except for maybe the last six months and my head hurts really bad whenever I try to remember before that! Now shut up and answer my damn questions! Why does nobody on the fucking ship want to answer a question?"

"Well anyway, the Sith are like these evil Jedi who are trying to take over the galaxy. They have an empire called the Sith Empire and it used to be led by an evil Sith named Darth Revan but now it's led by his apprentice: Darth Malak because Revan is dead. "

"That's really interesting." I got up and started checking my red leather jacket's pockets. "Now where are we?"

"We're on Taris right now. It's a planet-sized city, that is also shaped like unto a planet, and it's powered by a miniature artificial star at the center, and it's under Sith quarantine, with nobody allowed to leave it except for the Sith. They know some escape pods have crashed here from the Endar Spire, so they're looking for us. There's no way the Republic can rescue us so we can only get outta here by ourselves. But first we need to find Bastila."

"Urg, and who is Bastila again?"

"What do you mean whose Bastila? She's only, like, the Jedi who killed Darth Revan, and she has this special power called Battle Meditation that can be used to change the course of war-battles, and we have to make sure she gets off-planet with us because we know she's gotta be somewhere since her escape pod must have crashed safely like ours did. How do you not know all this stuff?"

I stood up, and shoved Carth backward a few steps and he stumbled, for good measure. "Look, get off my back, man. I'm a smuggler who lives on the edge, I wasn't on this ship for your bull-shit revolution or for Jedi crusading. I was hired for money like normal people to get on with my life, and I don't know every damn detail about your Jedi fairy-tale shit. I have useful things to think about."

Carth stood up again with his fists. 'Don't you talk to me like that, you outlawed schumuck, or-"

"Or what, you'll shake yer puny widdle fists at me?"

Carth scrunched up his face.

"We have no time for this. I'm not in the mood for fighting you, since it seems for now that we're partners. If you say we need to find this Jedi lady to get outta here, I'm game. So where are we?"

Carth kept talking (because he loved to talk as I'd soon learn) but still glared at me a lot, the bastard. "I told you we're on the planet-"

"WHERE on Taris," I said checking out my blaster-pistol. Only had a couple of clips left. I started to smoke a cigarette.

"We're in an abandoned apartment of the Upper-City. This is where the rich upper-classmen live, and middle-class citizens too, almost all of them humans. The Sith rule the planet of Taris from here. Fortunately for us as long as we keep our heads down the Sith won't likely notice a couple of grunts like you and me."

I decided to let Carth comparing himself to me, who used to smuggle spice across the Corellian Gun-Run, slide.

"So anyway while I scouted around a bit as you sleeped I heard that some escape-pods crashed in the Under-City – all of them except ours in fact. We gotta get down there and look around, in all likely Bastila is still there somewhere."

My head still hurt but I wasn't in the mood to bitch about it to a stranger. "Well then let's get on with it," I said. "Before I start regretting this all more and more."