Just A Kiss
by Ezzie

It was hot. It was always hot in front of a cauldron, no matter how cold the dungeons were. A bead of sweat dripped down from Severus Snape's forehead and slid sensually down his cheek, around the soft bend of his jawbone and into the heavily starched white shirt that he wore under his black robes. To an ordinary person this might have been distracting, it might have tickled, or it might have annoyed. But Severus had spent too many years in front of the cauldron to allow moisture on his skin bother him. He threw the last of the Boomslang Skin into the sky blue potion before him and lifted a ladle from the workbench. Stir once left, stir once right, and fold. He set the ladle down and walked to his desk.

It was two days before the start of the term, which meant he had little time to prepare for the onslaught of dunderheads and mischievous children. There were papers to be filed, assignments to be thought up and, he noted with unusual apprehension, books to be returned to the library.

"Might as well get it over with," he thought to himself. He gently cradled a pile of books in his arms and headed towards his sanctuary.

Two days before the start of the term. Which means SHE would be here by now. She had been here on and off for two years, studying at the University but taking time to work with Professor McGonagall on research topics. Thank god Albus hadn't asked her to stay on full time. Her incessant meddling hadn't stopped when she graduated and her mere presence in the castle reminded him of those seven years when she was around. And if he thought about that, he thought about Harry Potter. Thoughts about Harry Potter led to thoughts about Sirius Black, then James Potter, then Remus Lupin, Wormtail and eventually Voldemort. If she would only go away! If she would only leave them - no HIM - in peace! If she would only get on her with her life like an ordinary person!

But no, here she was, two years after graduation, after the defeat of Voldemort, after watching her two friends get married and start families. And now, he needed to go to the library and she would be there. She was always there, invading his territory.

He pushed the door open, straining to make as little noise as possible. Perhaps she wouldn't notice his presence and he could avoid seeing her. Maybe he could allow himself to pretend he had these books to himself for once. This might be the last time he could be alone in the library for another nine months. He looked down at the first book he needed to reshelf. Overcoming The Dragon by Ameritus Finn. That belonged in the Animalia section. He timidly turned towards the tall shelves to his left. He glanced quickly down the row in question. Good she wasn't there. Severus quickly spotted the characteristic hole left by the absent book. He lifted it into place.

In Search of Citocybe gibba by Lineus Malkin.. Severus slowly advanced from the Animalia section across to Herbology. She would be sure to steer clear of that topic, he determined and he was correct. She was missing and he was able to return the dusty leather bound volume on mushrooms to its home without interuption.

Two more books left and both belonged in the restricted section. He took a deep sigh. Spitting Vipers and Arithmancy by Gerard Nuit. An outrageous topic that few gave credit to, hopefully she felt the same way. He pushed open the small door that separated the main library from the restricted section. It creaked loudly and Severus's face tightened up in hopes that she didn't hear it. He cautiously stepped inside the confined area. Quickly, he decided. If he had to confront her, he'd do it quickly. He found the resting home of the snake book and did what he came to do. One left. He knew precisely where it belonged. The Rise of Vultures by Sam Dreng - a book by an American Muggle that talked about his discovery of Wizards. He turned the corner and there she was. Standing exactly where this book belonged.

Hermione was perched on a stool, one foot high. She turned her deep cinnamon colored eyes towards him. Her brown hair was tied back and she was reaching up to get a book. She looked startled so maybe she hadn't heard him. A blessing gone wrong, considering he needed to be where she was at this moment, and would loved to have done this without seeing her. Quickly, he thought again. Get it over with. He took three long steps towards her and lifted the book up from the cradle of his left arm. He motioned towards the empty space on the shelf with his eyes so she would know what he was doing. Quickly, his hand swept up towards the bookshelf near her waist.

She cringed. She pulled away. She began to fall backwards, trying to avoid his hand and in the process overcorrected her balance. Repulsion gave way to instinct and soon he was helping her stay upright. Her feet were still on the stool but now her arms were on his shoulders and he was using both hands to hold her up.

Awkward was the only word that could describe this situation. No, he thought, disaster was another. He quickly dropped his hands and his brain fired the commands for his muscles to move away, but when he realized she hadn't removed her arms he froze.

He had to say something. He had to leave. He had to encourage her to stop touching him. The very sight of her, at most times, made him want to scream, and now she was standing inches from him at eye level. What was worse was how she was staring at him. Staring deep into his eyes as if she was searching for something. But what was she searching for? Was she ill? Did she need help?

And then she was moving. Good, he thought. She was moving away and he could get out of this blasted library. Wait, she wasn't moving away, she was moving closer. He stared back at her, attempting to read her face. Her eyes were looking down. Did he have something on his chin?

And then she was a mere inch from his face and he could feel her breath. It was rapid and short. He realized she was looking at his lips.

Severus felt the warmth of her, before he felt skin. Then the softness of her mouth touched his, as she seemed to be testing what he felt like. With some sort of relieved pleasure she exhaled through her nose and the tiny hairs on her face trembled. He could feel them as she tried to move her face closer to his. Her lips were pressed firmly against his now and it was clear she had no intention of pulling back just yet. He could see her eyes were closed and in this state he couldn't help but admire the length of her eyelashes or the softness of the skin below her eyebrows.

In fact her eyes were beautiful when they were closed.

Her hair had just a slight covering of dust. He could see it sparkle in the dim light the library provided. Her hair was disheveled from working. And that smell, what could that be? Was it floral? Perhaps she washed her hair with some sort of lavender concoction.

Oh God. She was moving again. And for a brief moment, Severus's mind panicked. He didn't want her to stop. But then he realized, she was simply adjusting so she could open her mouth. Her lips began to part slowly, as if waiting for him to comply and follow suit. What to do? Play along.

He parted his lips along with hers and for several seconds they slowly opened their mouths together, daring each one to go further. And then hers closed again. He closed too, thinking it was over. But then they parted once more and so began the rhythmic motion of closing and opening. She tilted her head more to the left to get a better angle on the situation. Her lips were smooth, soft, and large. They slid gracefully across his, lubricated by their combined saliva. It was almost erotic, in an innocent sort of way.

He could taste her now. Was that mint? Apple? She must have had dessert tonight - a piece of Hogwart's Apple Mint Surprise cake.

Would she dare to put her tongue in his mouth? He found himself wondering.

Severus's hands were still at his side and Hermione's were glued to his shoulders. Any casual spectator might comment that Severus didn't seem all that interested in the kiss.

And then she let out an animalistic moan that set his balls on fire. He could feel it erupt from deep within her throat and spread into his. Up until this point he told himself he had been playing along. But now his hormones were involved.

Her left hand moved from his shoulder to his back. She was testing the waters. Was she afraid he would push her away now? He felt her fingers dig into his robes - and gods, now they were moving up to the nape of his neck and into his hair. The touch sent shivers down his spine, and some biological instinct inside of him kicked in. He wrapped his own around her waist.

Her curves were subtle, but easily found by running a hand over her robes. He could tell she was a fully developed woman. Her hips were enticing. Her ass, which he'd never noticed before, seemed to be beckoning him.

"Keep them on her back," he told himself.

"Does she want me to pull her close?" He consciously looked at her face to gauge what her reaction to that might be. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were shut tight.

Hermione's other hand left his shoulder and wrapped around Severus's head. Their faces couldn't get any closer and she was practically falling off the stool. He closed the distance between them with a step towards her. His arms latched tight around her tiny waist and his large robes enclosed her lower body in black. Severus lost all bodily control below the belt and in one unconscious move ground himself into her.

He heard and felt her gasp and her eyes shot open in shock. Her lips stopped moving, spread open against his as if time had suddenly stood still. She was breathing heavily, her chest rising beneath him quickly. He could feel more of her curves now.

He panicked again. Was she embarrassed? Offended? Why had she stopped but not moved away.

But his uncontrolled sex drive was rewarded with her tongue shooting into his mouth, seeking out his own. Her eyes were closed again and she was deftly maneuvering her lips to give her tongue the ideal reach into his mouth. He felt the sharp tip run along the roof of his oral cavity and along the back of his teeth. But he didn't give her the satisfaction of meeting his own tongue. That is until she took hold of a handful of his black hair and used it to force him even closer to her. Her hips began to grind into his, and no amount of self-denial or intent to deny her what she wanted could prevent his tongue the chance to touch her.

When their tongues met she groaned again and he became lost in her and in this kiss. Their breathing became synchronized. He could feel his lips becoming numb from the rubbing.


The sound echoed heavily through the library and like two guilty children that had been caught necking, they both jumped instantly away from one another. Hermione had fallen back off the stool and barely caught herself. Snape had retreated partway down the corridor again with his back towards a bookcase and his eyes looking for evidence of the sound.

He was still breathing heavy. He turned to look at her, at his nemesis. At Hermione Granger, the girl that had plagued his classroom for seven years and made him dread his job. The girl - no woman - that was now a goddess in his mind.

Wait, this wasn't heavy breathing. Severus realized he couldn't breath at all. This couldn't be normal. The pressure in his pants was unbearable and he suddenly felt nauseous. He needed to sit down.

He stumbled down the corridor and found the closest chair. He plopped down without his usual grace or calculated demeanor. Screw all of that. He just needed his mind and his body back. For several minutes he sat this way, even allowing himself to place an elbow on the table in front of him and rest his head on an open palm.

After several minutes of calm breathing and pushing the lingering effects of her taste, her smell and her touch out of his mind he looked up. Her saliva was dried on his lips and he felt it when he moved the muscles in his face.

She was standing timidly at the end of the corridor. One hand was crossed around her waist and the other was covering her mouth. She looked like she wanted to cry. Did she regret it? Did she hate him for playing along?

He should apologize, he knew. He stood, but decided not to walk towards her. The last time he had done that it ended in... well... one of the most memorable kisses he had ever shared with anyone. He opened his mouth to speak. He would ask for her forgiveness, tell her he understood that it was a spur of the moment accident and that he knew it was done without thought. He would bear her no ill will for the inconvenience.

But she beat him to it.

"Should we find somewhere more private then?" she asked.

Severus was floored.


A/N: This was all in good fun :)