Love Interupted
by Ezzie

Warning: This is definitely R -> NC-17. It's not squicky. Just explicit. This final installment has a very intimate scene between Severus and Hermione. If you are at all offended by such an idea, then please do not read this tory.

Plot Warning: You will want to read the first three installments, for greater effect.

Snape had known it was Sirius Black the moment he heard the man shout 'Snape!' It had taken only moments for him to lose his erection and shortly afterwards his hormones had leveled out. In a state of angered, but habitual, cautiousness he had whispered the words to the invisibility spell and ensured Hermione was completely covered with his cloak. He knew he would have no time to explain his actions to her and hoped she was as smart and intuitive when pressed against his body as she was in her normal life. The last thing he wanted to do at this moment was duel with Sirius Black over this matter, although some part of his subconscious told him he might have to anyway someday.

When Sirius Black opened the door, Snape glanced down at the creature wrapped up in his arms. She had taken a moment to identify the intruder and then hid her face in his cloak. A moment of pain shot through him at the realization she was embarrassed to be here with him. No matter what her intentions were, it was clear she didn't want them shared with the rest of the world. In some way that answered many things for Snape - she definitely wouldn't want a relationship outside of this room. He wasn't sure how he felt about that.

"Snape, I know you're in here!" Sirius shouted as he strode in the room and looked around. Hermione lifted her head and Snape saw the look of realization cross her face.

- - -

He can't see us, she thought to herself. Hermione looked up at Snape as he watched Sirius walk around his sitting room. She still had both legs wrapped around his waist and her arms were tightly clinging to his body. It was as if she was hanging onto him for dear life. In reality, Hermione knew the levitation spell allowed her to hang deftly in the air without any effort. Snape's body was a mere prop for her to cling to.

"Damn it Snape, we don't have much time!" Sirius shouted.

Hermione was filled with joy at the fact that Sirius couldn't see her and she couldn't help but enjoy Snape's reaction to seeing Harry's godfather. He looked angry and worried and Hermione couldn't help but hope it was because he wanted to protect her. More importantly, protect her honor, her modesty and her relationship with her friends. But somehow, even with her idealized vision of Severus Snape, she couldn't imagine that.

Neither of them dared move now as Sirius came closer. The thumb that had been caressing Hermione's back had ceased for fear it would cause the fabric of the cloak to make a sound. The rising of Snape's chest had also stopped. She assumed he wasn't breathing at all. When Sirius was completely inside Snape's bedroom, Hermione looked up and caught Snape's eye. For a moment she was able to peer into the calm but cautious soul whose company she had been craving for many years. She wanted to read what he was thinking at that moment. Was he afraid of Sirius finding them together? He had issued the invisibility spell so quickly. It was clear he didn't want anyone knowing about them being here together. Hermione wasn't sure how she felt about that.

Soon Sirius was walking back into Snape's sitting room and started inspecting various objects. He seemed to be looking for something in particular on Snape's desk, bookshelves and tables. Hermione saw the hatred grow on his face as Sirius intruded upon their privacy. But at this moment there was nothing Snape could do despite any tendencies he might be having. Hermione could just imagine the curses he was thinking up and the cold words he would use to insult Sirius later.

And then Sirius stopped moving completely and just stared at the ground. Hermione followed his eyes to several objects lying on the floor - her clothes and her satchel lying nearby.

"Hermione?" Sirius said in a small voice that displayed his disbelief. He must have recognized her satchel. Sirius reached over and picked it up.

"Snape what have you done?" he whispered as he looked at her clothes. He then turned and ran out the door.

When Snape was sure Sirius Black was far away, Hermione felt one of his hands clutch onto her more tightly as he walked towards the door, closed and locked it.

"What is he doing here?" Hermione heard herself ask in a whispered voice. It was a rhetorical question, really, and she hadn't expected an explanation.

"It is nearly the full moon. He and Lupin will have come for the Wolfsbane Potion," Snape replied in a husky voice that did nothing to hide his annoyed demeanor.

- - -

Snape wasn't sure what it was - the presence of Sirius Black - or just the presence of anyone except Hermione in his quarters, but the encounter had shaken him out of his lustful reverie. He stood there with the creature in his arms and it was while he looked down at her that he realized the insanity of his situation. For what seemed like hours she just met his gaze with one of her own. The deep brown eyes that he had considered lustful and sexy just minutes ago, now held no magic for him.

"I see," Hermione replied. "You should see to it then. I'm sure Sirius will come back here soon and it would be best if we were not here together."

Snape felt himself nod back at her as he eased the levitation spell and set the Hermione back on her feet. The cloak that had surrounded her now fell back to cling against his body and she stood in the candlelight, naked, and unembarrassed. She then turned to fetch her clothes from the floor.

"No doubt he has found Lupin by now and the both of them will be rushing back to save the day," he replied. He couldn't disguise the rush of confusion that swept over him. Confusion over his sudden loss of interest in Hermione and at the same time he couldn't help the hormones that were threatening to peek in his blood again with the sight of her naked body.

Hermione hooked her bra in the back and then slipped the tee shirt back over her shapely form.

"Remus already knows of my feel..." Hermione's voice dropped off and her head dipped while she pretended to pay attention to dressing.

"I mean to say that he knows of my disposition towards..." But again she was unable to finish the sentence. "That is. If Remus were to find us together he would not be surprised."

Snape couldn't help but notice the rush of blood to her cheeks, and he could feel his own flooding his brain. He nearly collapsed. She had told people she wanted this... him.

Hermione slipped on her panties quickly. He had to go now or he might never have the mental strength to open the door and walk into the cold dark dungeons to face the consequences - Sirius's wrath and Remus's foreknowledge.

"Severus?" He heard from behind him as his hand reached for the doorknob. The utterance of his name from those sweet lips stopped him in his tracks and some unknown force turned him completely around. She took ten steps towards him - he counted them in his mind - one, two, three... and when she was finally in front of him he went into shock as her tiny hands tucked his genitals inside his pants, buttoned them and carefully arranged the front of his robes. Both hands then reached up and straightened the stiff black collar that hugged his neck and then smoothed his cloak. Hermione took such care with these ministrations that he was lost in her movements and only half registered what she was doing. With a final smile she backed away and continued to dress.

Now he was unable to move and it was only when she had slid her robes back on did he realize he was staring.

"You don't have to wait for me. I know my way back," Hermione offered casually.

He wanted to say something, anything, to let her know just how confused he was. He simply didn't want to leave now, despite any reservations he had. It didn't matter that she knew the way back, it didn't matter that in a short period of time Remus Lupin would be destined to spend an evening as a full blown werewolf if he didn't have the potion, it hardly mattered that the world existed. Snape simply wanted to understand what was going on in his mind.

- - -

In the few moments after Snape left, Hermione began to understand where she stood with him. Sirius's presence had revived in him some sort of awareness as to the role he truly played in her life. He was the adult and the professor, not the erotic partner he had become for the past few hours. She assumed that this would be the last intimate moment they would have together. There would be no future kisses in the library, touching talks by the lake and naked romps in his bedroom. Which, Hermione noted with unusual bitterness, she hadn't seen yet.

Desperation coupled with a sick level of curiosity forced her legs to take her to Snape's bedroom. It was desolate and quite the opposite of how she imagined it might be. In the center of the room there was a large four-poster bed setup like the one she had slept in for her seven years at Hogwarts. The difference was there were no luxurious velvet curtains hanging from the rails, there were no warm blankets, and the pillows looked lumpy and hard. No wonder Snape looked as though he never slept.

Beside the bed there was a small table on which he had piled several books. After mentally warning herself against touching anything, Hermione walked across the room to examine the titles of the books. Two of them were Ministrations of a Ghoul and Satire of the Warlocks. Hermione recognized them immediately as books covering modern wizarding politics.

The only other furniture in Snape's bedroom was a large wardrobe. After deciding it was best not to invade so deeply into his personal life, Hermione turned from the bedroom and made her way towards his front door. As she reached for the doorknob, a loud knock echoed through his sitting room. Hermione froze. Who could it be? More importantly, had Snape locked the door and would the person dare enter? As soon as the thought entered her mind, the doorknob turned and the heavy wood attached to it swung open. Hermione raised her eyes quickly and saw Albus Dumbledore standing before her.

- - -

As fast as he could, Snape made his way towards his office, where he imagined Lupin would be ferreting around looking for the potion. Never once had Snape failed to deliver it as promised and the werewolf would no doubt wonder if he had hidden it somewhere to keep safe. Visions of a frantic, semi-hairy man destroying his lab entered his mind and he sped his walking pace up a bit. He reached his office out of breath and pulled his wand out ready to immobilize the half-man half-beast. However, when he got there he simply found a very smug Lupin sitting boyishly on top of a lab table.

"Good evening Severus," Lupin said with an impish smile. What on earth, Snape wondered, was he smiling about?

"Lupin," Snape spoke as he nodded his head in acknowledgement of the other man's presence. "I left the potion in the lab. I will fetch it." Snape then turned hastily attempting to retreat.

"No need. I found it already. Thank you."

"Fine. Then I will ask you to leave so that I may continue on with my work this evening," Snape snapped back in as calm a voice as he could muster.


Snape turned quickly around to see that Sirius Black had just slammed the door of his office closed and was now moving in closely to corner him.

"Where is she?" Sirius snarled.

"Where is who?"

"You know precisely who I am referring to. What did you do to her?"

"I assure you I have not done anything to anyone. Now remove yourself from my office and this castle before I'm forced to do so myself."

"I was in your rooms, Snape. I saw her clothes and her satchel on your floor. Did you drug her? So desperate that you must force yourself upon helpless young women?" Sirius spat as he moved in towards Snape.

Snape was halfway in between taunting Sirius in some fashion and just hexing him straight out. He felt no need to explain his actions to anyone, yet at the same time it occurred to him it might feel comforting to gloat about this. It would be no surprise to Lupin, of course. He already knew of Hermione's feelings. No. Intentions. Snape quickly reminded himself that Hermione had no feelings towards him.

"I wasn't aware you were in the habit of breaking the law, Black. I seem to remember a long diatribe or two about how you are always innocent and would never do anything like illegally enter someone else's private rooms," he decided to throw back at Sirius.

"Don't change the subject Snape. You know perfectly well why I went looking for you in your rooms. It was for Remus," Black retorted as he pointed towards Lupin. Snape looked back at the werewolf to find he had a large smile on his face and was attempting not to break out into laughter.

"You find this funny?" Snape asked him.

Lupin held up his hands in acquiescence and shook his head insistently.

"Wait, why are you laughing? Did I miss something?" Black asked quickly as he turned towards his friend.

"Me? No reason," Remus replied innocently.

"I'll have you know, Snape, that I have alerted the headmaster. He will be coming by to see about this," Sirius said as he focused back on the situation.

And right on cue, there was a knock at the door followed by a loud creaking sound as it opened. In walked Albus Dumbledore and Hermione.

- - -

Albus Dumbledore was the last person in the castle that Hermione had expected to show up at Snape's door. He had a most concerned expression on his old face; one that Hermione could recognize quite clearly despite the massive amounts of white hair that framed his face.

"Ms. Granger. I am quite relieved to have found you."

"Professor Dumbledore, sir, I was just... I was... um. Well Professor Snape and I were..." Hermione attempted to say. Dumbledore simply held up a hand to stop her.

"There is no need to explain Ms. Granger. I am only happy to find you alive and unharmed, for I have had reports to the contrary. May I come in?"

"Oh. Of course. I mean. I guess. Would he mind? Professor Snape I mean?"

"I don't imagine he would mind much, no."

Dumbledore walked into Snape's rooms and closed the door behind him. He took a moment to look around as if he had never been there before.

"I see Severus has picked up a new copy of Trailing the Tiger. That always was a favorite if I remember correctly," he said as he ran a hand over the new leather bound book sitting on Snape's desk. Hermione hadn't even noticed it when she came in. He then shot her a small smile.

She couldn't breathe. The thought of Dumbledore imagining her and Snape entangled was embarrassing. What on earth could she say to him now? Dumbledore was still smiling at her, almost as if he were reading her mind.

"I was alerted by Sirius that Severus had done some sort of harm to you and that I should seek you out immediately to determine if you were alright. I must assume that you are fine and free to leave of your own will?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yes, Headmaster, I am quite alright."

"I see. And what precisely did he think that Severus had done?"

Oh god, Hermione thought in a moment of panic. How could she possibly explain this to Dumbledore? Surely Sirius had said something to indicate what he had done. She couldn't say that he had suspected Snape of undressing her. Her embarrassment was turning quickly into mortification. Perhaps if she only alluded to what might have happening.

"Oh. I uh... I presume he must have thought Professor Snape poisoned me. Well drugged might be a more appropriate description."

"Ah," Dumbledore said as a look of true realization crossed his face. "I presume then that is not what happened here?"

"No sir, not at all."

"Very well then, I suggest we go find Sirius and demonstrate that you are quite unharmed. When I left him he seemed intent on defending your honor." Dumbledore then smiled at her and wrapped a fatherly arm around her to coax her out of Snape's rooms. They walked towards the dungeons swiftly as Dumbledore made small talk about his days as an alchemist.

Normally, Hermione could think of a hundred questions to ask on the topic, but right now all she could think of was the humiliation of having to discuss this with Sirius. When Dumbledore paused outside of Snape's office to knock on the door, Hermione thought she might faint.

"Ah Sirius. We were just looking for you," Dumbledore said as he pushed Hermione gently inside Snape's office and closed the door behind them.

"Hermione! Are you all right? Tell me what happened," Sirius said as he rushed forward and noticeably began inspecting her for signs of torture.

"Sirius, I am fine. Nothing happened."

"Hermione. I was there. I know something happened. What did he give you? A forgetfulness potion? Did he use the Imperius curse?"

"There is nothing to worry about Sirius, I am fine."

"Then why were your clothes on the floor of his sitting room?" Sirius asked, baffled.

Hermione felt her body flinch and the muscles in her face scrunch up as he asked the question. It was clear that Sirius had been discreet with Dumbledore before, but now everything was out in the open. She peered around the room to find the headmaster staring at her intently, Sirius on edge, Snape looking slightly horrified and Lupin on the brink of laughter. And in reality she had no answer for Sirius. She wasn't about to explain this to him. It was her life.

"Sirius, no offense, but it really is none of your business. I am quite alright and you need not worry," Hermione stated calmly in an attempt to comfort Sirius. What she received in return was a grateful look from Snape.

"Professor, he has done something to her," Sirius pleaded.

"I have spoken with Ms. Granger and all seems well. She assures me she has not been drugged or poisoned. Now come along Sirius. I was hoping you could give me news of how Harry is doing," Dumbledore said as he ushered Sirius towards the door. "Remus?"

"I'll be along in a moment. I just need to ask Severus about something." Dumbledore nodded and left with Sirius.

"I apologize for that," Lupin stated in the most contrite voice he could muster. "I couldn't hold him here long enough to take the potion and he would have never forgiven me for hexing him."

"Thanks Remus," Hermione replied, giving him a small smile. Lupin hopped down from the lab table, gave her a small kiss on the cheek and walked towards the door.

"See you next month, Severus," he added as he gave the dark professor a meaningful look. He closed the door behind him as he left.


When Hermione turned around, Snape had retreated to the fireplace and was staring at the smoldering ashes of what must have been a roaring fire. There were no words waiting to pour from her mouth. It was clear to her that this was to be the uncomfortable 'after sex' talk despite the fact they hadn't fully gone through with it. What pained her more than anything was that she had nothing to say. She knew that the years of obsessive behavior that speckled her past wasn't something she should bring up now. To burst out and proclaim her love of him would be immature, presumptuous and embarrassing. On the other hand, the silence was killing her.

"I hate it when there is so much to say, and yet no way to begin." The words shot out of her mouth and she immediately regretted the way they sounded in her voice. Her mind went numb and began contemplating the hundreds of ways she could attempt to take them back.

Snape responded with merely a grunt and he didn't turn around to look at her. A rush of stupidity came over Hermione; if there were a way to restart this conversation, she would have. Perhaps if she knew what he was thinking at this moment? Perhaps he was embarrassed or ashamed now that other people had an idea of what went on. Hermione was certain he was imagining how he could Obliviate Remus, Sirius and the headmaster. She wanted desperately to talk him out of something like that and to make it clear that if he were uncomfortable with the situation that she would not pursue him any further. Just when she was about to bring it up, he finally spoke.

"Why did you tell Lupin?" he asked softly without turning to face her.

"I didn't. Harry did."

These words jolted Snape and he quickly spun around to glare at her.

"You told Potter?" He spoke the words disbelievingly.

"Yes. Well sort of. He figured it out on his own."

Hermione watched as the fury grew on Snape's face. She had never seen him quite so enraged before, not even in the Shrieking Shack so many years before. Hermione was more than familiar with Snape's dislike of Harry, although none of them knew why really. After all, Snape and Harry had fought side by side together in the struggle against Voldemort.

"I am curious why that bothers you," she dared to ask.

"I have my reasons," he snarled as he turned back towards the fire and relit it.

"Well I am sorry," she said after he had settled into a large chair in front of the fire. "I never intended for anyone to know, including you."

Hermione saw Snape freeze at these words. The look of shock had passed over him once again.

"Sit," he said softly as he gestured towards the chair across from him. Hermione did so as gracefully as she could. Her heart was pounding in her chest quickly at the prospect of sharing another intimate moment with him. Only this time she envisioned the intimacy happening in conversation and not in lust.

"You really want to know about Potter?"

"Yes," she said calmly while nodding her head.

"If you repeat this to anyone, you and I will never speak again. Do you understand?"

Hermione nodded in confusion.

"There was a time when the Snape family was the most affluent in all of England," he began calmly. There was a look of sadness in his eyes that Hermione hadn't seen since his friend's memorial service.

"We put even the Malfoy's to shame in terms of our wealth. Many years before Voldemort came to power, my Father worked in the Ministry of Magic as an Unspeakable. He was easily one of the most brilliant wizards of his time, certainly in the area of Dark Arts. James Potter - Harry's Grandfather - worked in the same department. When Voldemort began gathering supporters and conducting raids on Muggles, the Ministry went into an uproar. They began suspecting everyone, especially if they had any sort of Dark Arts background and had an insight into Ministry affairs. To make a long story short, Potter accused my father of orchestrating the attacks - this was before anyone knew the name Voldemort. My father was stripped of his position, thrown in Azkaban and all of our familial assets were seized. This was when I was still quite young." Snape paused to take a deep breath.

"As a result, my mother was forced to move us to a shack the size of Hagrid's hut, and that is where I grew up. I was practically an orphan as she was forced to work constantly to feed us. My father died in Azkaban a year later. In short, Potter ruined my life."

Hermione sat staring at Snape as he finished the story. She could feel the sadness and anger radiating off of him. His eyes were directed at the fire and his body was still except for his fingers that clutched at the chair he was sitting in.

"I'm quite sure Harry has no idea any of that happened," she said finally, attempting to reassure him.

"I have no need for his sympathies," Snape looked up at her and Hermione felt her heart jump. "Or yours."

"Well you're getting it anyway. Involuntarily" she retorted instantly and was rewarded with a small flicker of gratification in his face.

They sat for several more minutes as Hermione contemplated what all this meant. For all those years, Harry had run about the castle attempting to save the day much in the way his Grandfather had. The consequences of his Grandfather's Potteresque and well-intended heroic action had produced the cold and callous man that sat in front of her. Somehow, all of Snape's hatred towards Harry Potter seemed real, accounted for, and almost justified. Hermione felt an overwhelming desire to comfort Snape, to take him in her arms and just hold him. She was quite sure he wouldn't be compliant, however.

"Do you want me to go?" she asked finally. He lifted his head and looked at her curiously.

"I want to know what prompted you to behave the way you did this evening."

The request threw her off guard and Hermione found herself unable to speak for several moments.

"I don't know that I could even say. It's something that has been... well... haunting me for quite some time now. Thoughts of you, that is."

"How long is 'quite some time?'" he asked.

"A few years," she replied. The infamous look of shock crossed his face again. Hermione smiled slightly.

"While you were still a student here?"

"Yes," came the reluctant reply. Hermione could feel her cheeks flushing and the horror of having to confess that she had dreamed of a relationship with her teacher overwhelmed her sensibilities. It was wrong, even in the Wizarding world where age had different a different meaning. She was convinced he thought horrible of her for it.

Snape took a deep breath and looked back at the fire.

"I saw your face as Black walked into the room. You were embarrassed to be there."

"I was embarrassed to be... um... naked in front of Sirius, sure. I wasn't embarrassed to be there with you, if that's what you're thinking."

He gave her a searching look. Hermione felt as though he was pressing her for more information. Suddenly, the sound of bat screeching erupted in the room and Snape rose quickly as a result. Hermione followed his form as it made its way across the room and flipped over a large hourglass. When he did so, the sound stopped.

The office was quiet as Hermione watched Snape's casual, yet graceful, movements. He picked up a ladle from the workbench and dipped it into the cauldron. Those deep black eyes glanced once at a book sitting to the left of the cauldron and then quickly in her direction, almost as if to see if she was paying attention.

- - -

Snape stirred the bubbling red potion in front of him, making designs in it that weren't necessary. He simply wanted to end the previous conversation. It was clear Hermione was uncomfortable and so was he. What he couldn't tell, however, was whether she was being truthful. Was she really not embarrassed to be there with him? He wasn't sure he could believe her answer.

He glanced down at the potions book to his left. Stir in 6 ounces of armadillo bile. He then looked up to where Hermione was sitting and saw her staring intently at him, as she had so many times before. With one graceful movement he reached for the vial of armadillo bile.

"What are you studying in school?" he asked curtly. Academic discussions always were a good conversation detractor.

"Transfiguration," came her reply. With a dreaded sense of foreboding Snape noted that she had chosen his worst subject in school. She rose from the chair and began walking towards him. Snape nearly dropped the vial of bile into the cauldron as thoughts of her naked body under those robes and the taste of her skin beneath his lips entered his mind.

"Transfiguration," he repeated. It was half question, half statement and he was sure the inflection in his voice was showing his disapproval. "I would have thought that with your extracurricular brewing activities at Hogwarts, that you would have considered Potions instead."

His words raised in her the reaction Snape desired. She blushed furiously and fiddled with an empty vial sitting on his desk. He poured the armadillo bile into the cauldron and began stirring.

"I wasn't aware you knew about that," she spoke demurely in a way that began to bring his mind back to wanting her.

"It seems that you never considered the fact that I might place tracing charms on some of the more dangerous items in my collection," he said in a soothing voice.

"No. I suppose we didn't. I am sorry about that." She sounded contrite, Snape noted to himself.

"No matter. You received a better punishment than I would have been able to give you."

She smiled at these words and Snape felt his heart jump into his throat.

"I considered Potions," she said spontaneously after a few minutes. "But it would have required a letter of recommendation from my Potions Master and I didn't... well... I assumed you wouldn't have written one for me." Snape knew she was searching for a complement, or some sort of apology, but even in his lust for her he wasn't going to give her one.

"You assumed correctly. I always refuse to write letters of recommendation on the grounds that no one who has asked me has earned it. However, had I refused you, Albus would have written it for me and forced me to sign it. You aren't aware of this, but we had already discussed the matter."

"I wouldn't have been able to ask anyway, considering..." she fumbled over her words and Snape knew why. If her initial feelings had begun in her last year, it would have been too embarrassing for her to approach him alone and ask for something he would refuse to give her. But he wanted to hear her say it.

"Considering what?"

"Considering that I doubt I could have... well..."

"Been alone with me long enough to ask?"

"Yes." Her response was almost guilty-sounding.

"I am more than twenty years your senior." He set the ladle back down on the table and turned to look directly at her.

"I am aware."

"It doesn't make you uncomfortable?"

"Not at all. Does it make you uncomfortable?"

"I believe you'd find few men my age that would be uncomfortable with such thoughts. I must admit that I have had less time than you to become acquainted with the idea, however."

"So then you're not..." and she gave him an encouraging look, expecting him to finish the sentence for her.

"So then I'm not what?"

"I mean... you feel... the idea... isn't..." she stammered.

Snape took three steps closer towards her and peered down at the woman in front of him.

"I would not be bothered by such arrangements, no." he half-whispered as he leaned down to kiss her. He stopped just before their lips met and waited for her to close the rest of the gap, thus ensuring that it was what she wanted. He felt her thrust herself forward slightly and their lips met.

Snape's hands found his way to Hermione's backside again, cupping each cheek with a hand and pulling them slightly apart. She thrust her hips forward and ground into him slightly. Snape was convinced she was doing that on purpose to arouse him. It was working. His pants suddenly took on a tight feeling and he instinctively ground back into Hermione's pelvis. A small moan escaped her lips.

- - -

Hermione's mind was racing. The idea of them having had some semblance of a non-sexual conversation followed by what was most likely going to be the culmination of many fantasies was almost too good to be true. When she had left Snape's rooms, she was convinced this would never happen. Her mind was reeling now and clumsily she reached up and began undressing him.

For the second time that night she fumbled with the heavy buttons on his robes then his outer jacket. She didn't remember taking of his cloak, but there it was on the floor wrapped around their feet. His featherweight white shirt, pants and underwear joined it minutes later. Hermione broke the kiss and stood back to look at him and a smile of utter joy crossed her face.

"You're freezing. We shouldn't do this here," he said.


And then Hermione realized she too was naked - and freezing. Her mind hadn't registered the fact that the shaking of her body was from the frigid temperature. It was drunk on hormones and not paying attention to her surroundings. Reality then hit her and she came to the realization that Snape had undressed her without her noticing. He had left only her socks on, to protect her feet against the stone floor.

She looked down at herself, unembarrassed in absolute awe.

"How did you...? I don't remember you doing that." But Snape didn't give her time to ponder the answer; he had closed the short distance between them, shot her a wicked smile and wrapped her in his arms. Moments later they were standing in a room full of warm lighting and a roaring fire.

Hermione stood there in shock. She had assumed when they Apparated into the castle before, that Snape had his wand in his pocket. It was quite clear now that he had no wand. How had he done that?

"How did you Apparate without a wand?" She asked. But again, he gave her no answer, just a wicked smile. He then wasted no time in laying her down on a bed she hadn't noticed was there and began running his lips down her neck, starting at the tiny alcove just behind her ear.

All thoughts of magical theory left her mind and all she could concentrate on were the soft lips parading down her body. He made his way towards her collarbone and placed small kisses down her sternum. She laid back, feeling the heavy warmth of his body above her and waited in anticipation of when she would feel those lips again on her nipples. When the warmth moved towards her left breast, she opened her eyes and looked at him. He took a nipple in his mouth and she instantly felt her body respond. It was a slow tingling between her legs and it shot straight up her back. She moaned in response and saw a small gleam of satisfaction in his eyes.

She wrapped a hand around the back of his head and pulled him up to kiss her again. He nestled himself between her legs and Hermione noted the strong arms were now propping him up so that he wouldn't crush her.

"No more foreplay," she said in a lusty voice she'd never heard herself use before. Her words were met with the raising of an eyebrow. Snape moved his hands so they cradled the back of her skull, but made no move to enter her like she wanted. He merely manipulated her head left and right to kiss her ears, cheeks and chin.

"Severus, please," she said again, half panting this time.

"So impatient," he whispered back into her ear and then she felt his hips position themselves properly between her legs.

- - -

She was so beautiful like this, Snape noted. And she was so anxious as well, almost as if she had waited a lifetime for this and could wait no longer. He loved the feel of her soft skin beneath his lips, the way her head cradled so perfectly in his hands and the way her lips opened just slightly when aroused. He wanted her, sure, but he wanted to take his time to enjoy her beauty, her warmth and her company. He was still half unsure this was really happening. Joy like this never came in his life and it wouldn't be inconceivable that this was some sort of sick joke being played on him by one of his enemies. But none of that mattered. He was too aroused to turn back even if this were Voldemort in disguise.

When she said his name he couldn't restrain himself any longer. He positioned himself so that he was touching just the outer portion of her opening. He could feel the heat and wetness coming from it. It was the first sign that she wasn't feigning her level of arousal. He entered her in one slow, yet continued motion while watching her face. Hermione had her eyes closed shut and she looked as if she were concentrating. A brief moment of horror crossed his mind when he realized she could be thinking of someone else.

When he was completely inside of her he stopped. He wanted to never forget the first time he entered her, not to mention the fact that he needed to slow so that this didn't end too soon. He memorized the feeling of warmth that surrounded him and the way her face shone in the light.

"Open your eyes," he said softly. When she saw his face, she smiled sweetly up at him and he felt so whole and complete at that moment. It was almost a look of love, although Snape wouldn't allow himself to believe it was anything more than coital bliss. He couldn't help it, but his own lips betrayed him and he smiled slightly back at her. When he did this, he felt her tighten around his cock. Despite the fact that her cheeks were flushed due to arousal, Snape noticed the signs in her face that she was blushing as a result of her bodily response to him.

He began to pull out of her slowly and she moaned in response. Snape placed a hand behind her back and arched it as he levitated her off of the bed slightly. He then began moving in and out of her while watching her face. She had closed her eyes again and her head was tilted slightly back.

- - - Amazing. His movements were so gentle, controlled and nothing like what she had experienced with her previous lovers. He had arched her back for some reason, but she wasn't about to complain. Her body was responding quite well to what should have been an uncomfortable position. She closed her eyes to further concentrate on the rush of blood through her body and the feeling of him inside of her. She could still feel the heat of his chest and his breathing above her. Just moments later she began to feel it; the subtle tingling deep inside of her. She moaned in response to it, knowing it was a subtle hint to Snape that he was doing something right.

He wasn't even moving all the way in and out of her, she noted with some subconscious part of her brain. The movements continued in a rhythmic and persistent manner and then he placed his lips over her right nipple and a shot of electricity went through her body. It sped up her breathing and an overwhelming sense of pleasure rushed from the area between her legs down to her toes. The muscles deep inside her belly began to contract and she heard a small cry erupt from her lips. Twenty seconds later it was over: her first orgasm.

She opened her eyes and saw Snape staring down at her. Left shaking from the experience, Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in close to cling on to him. He had stopped the gentle movement of his hips, but had not left her. She laid there for what must have been a minute, just hugging the warm body above her and breathing heavily in his ear.

"Again?" he asked gently.

Again. She couldn't even comprehend 'again'. She thought back to the pleasure rising up in her and the moment of release. It was quickly becoming a fading memory. Yes, again. She had to get it back.

"Please," and he began thrusting his hips gently in the way he had before bringing her to climax four times before she felt his movements becoming more exaggerated. She suspected this was his chance to release and he buried his head beside hers. A minute later she heard him grunt several times and then collapse on top of her.

- - -

Snape opened his eyes. He was fully dressed and laying on a carpet in front of a fire. His head felt slightly dizzy and only the smell of cedar wood was preventing him from becoming disoriented and nauseous.

A minor panic erupted in him in realization that it had all been a dream, but then he saw her laying just feet from him. In between them was a red and black bowl encrusted with silver writing:


Hermione opened her eyes and smiled lovingly at him.

"Happy Anniversary, Severus."

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