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Chapter One: Our Meadow.

(Bella's POV)

"I love you so much,"

"Yeah, I know," He chuckles. "But I love you more..."

"Oh Edward... I doubt that," I sigh.

It's one of our usual lazy Sunday's where we just in the cold September sun in our meadow. But I have a feeling this Sunday is going to be... Different...

"Kiss me," I grin, and like a good boy, he obeys. Our lips and tongues move together, in perfect harmony. This is how we are meant to be, together. I then move my body closer to his and I stroke his hair, neck, chest, stomach and legs. I then start pulling down his shirt, well until he backs away. "No, no. No Bella, you know I won't. I won't put you at risk,"

I look him deep into his golden eyes, it's a never-ending tunnel in there. "Please, I want you too. Please, please for me..." He just shakes his head, until I start sobbing. "Please Edward, let me be with you... I'll do anything... For me, please,"

Edward then pauses and grins my favourite, crooked grin. "You really want to so badly?" I nod. He huffs. Then he reaches for my dark khaki checked shirt, and starts unbuttoning it. "You see... I want this too,"

I start laughing from nervousness, happiness and well being utterly terrified that a vampire in about to fuck me.