Epilogue: Through The Years.

(Bella's POV)

"My Bella... Even though you've been back for 2 years, it still feels like yesterday..." He mumbles as he sucks my neck softly.

"Hmmhmhmmmhmmm that's nice... Ah I like that... Yeah me too. Where are EJ and Renesmee?"

"I don't know. I think Ness went out shopping with Ali, and I think EJ is learning more self defence from Jasper and Emmett," He replies smoothly.

"Oh great. So... We have some alone time now?"

"Yes," He smirks as he starts peeling off my shirt, here in the meadow.

Life is great now. 2 years since I came back. 4 years since the kids birth. 5 years since I met Edward. His reaction to the kids was... Different. He was happy, completely confused and angry at himself for leaving us. But from the first second that he held them in his arms, he was happy and overwhelmed. Rose actually started to like me, and especially the littlers. Which is highly surprising!

EJ and Renesmee have grown up well. They look roughly 11 now and they're beautiful. I'm not just saying that because I'm their mother, I'm saying that because its true. Renesmee is one of them children where you know that they could easily be a super model even when they're a toddler and Edward Jacob is one of them guys who won't find it a hard job finding a girlfriend.

As for Zen, Hayden, Adam and Zainab... Well. Firstly Hayden has found her mate. He's a vampire around 20 years old and they now live together happily in Madrid. As for Zen, she moved back to the amazon, and now lives solitary, but happy. Adam and Zainab still live with us Cullens. They're part of our coven now.

So, life is honestly perfect. I never expected any of this to happen in my life, but guess what, life is... Unexpected.

Author's Note: So ok! It's ended... :'( But I wanna thank all my followers and favourite-era on this story, you guys who reviewed, everyone who read this story, and most of all... Zainab xxx (A.K.A. bluepenguin218)

P.S. Oh yeah, sorry if this epilogue is shit...