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Chapter Nine: Half Immortals.

(Bella's POV)

"You ready?"

"Yeah," I breath. Then with me holding Ness and EJ against my stomach, we head off. I have no idea how long this journey will take, but I'm scared to know. All the bloody way to bloody South America! We are leaving now, and it's early dawn.

In time, forests turn to rainforests and that's when I know we are in South America. I then catch the scent of a leopard, which I've never had before, and kill it and drain it. So good...

"Ha, see Zainab. She is a newborn, can't help herself when it comes to food," Chuckles Adam.

"Yeah and she definitely can't keep herself clean..." Mutters Zainab, pointing to my blood soaked tattered clothes. "That'll look nice for Hayden and Zen..."

"Yeah sorry," I mumble.

"Never mind..." She grumbles. "Anyway we're almost here,"

"Really?! Wait we're in the forest,"

"Yep," Starts Adam. "Zen and Hayden live around here in the forest,"

"Really?!" I ask surprised.


I then look at my little babies I'm holding on my chest and I whisper to them. "Hey you two. We're gonna meet some nice girls like you,"

They then giggle and grin at me and then Ness puts her hand of my face and shows me her and EJ giggling in the river a day ago. "Yeah EJ and Nessie," But then she places her hand on me again. She shows me myself and a tall dark shadow. "Who's that?" I ask her. Then I realise who it is. Her Daddy. She can't show me him because she's never seen him. But she's asking me where is he. "Don't worry, Hun, we'll see your daddy soon," I whisper softly.

Adam then does this really weird but awesome bird call. Then about 10 seconds later, we hear another similar call off in the distance.

"Ha, they've heard us," Zainab trills. "Bell, they're coming and don't worry. They'll be really shocked to see you. Now, I want you to keep Ness and EJ in your shield, remember project it around you and them like I taught you," She whispers and u just give her a faint nod. I then project to protect myself and the twins.

Then two figures burst though the bushes. One skinny and extremely pale girl about 18 with honey grown hair and green eyes, then another beefier girl about 18 with dark skin and fuzzy short black hair cropped above her neck. They jump back at the sight of me and the pale one hisses. "Zainab, Adam. Who is that and what are they?!"

"It's ok. Hayden, Zen, this is Bella Swan and her twins called EJ and Nessie. She is a newborn and they are half immortals," Replies Zainab.

"What? Who's the father?" Asks the black haired one.

"Edward Cullen, you don't know him. He's in the Olympic Coven. Bella and the kids are now with me and Adam for a while," Zainab says politely.

"So. Is she gonna fucking take her shield off, or are we just gonna stand here like dicks," Groans the dark skinned.

"Hang on. Bella, take the shield off. They're fine, they just wanna meet the kids. Also Hayden Swift is the blonde and the other is Zen Carichi,"

"Hi, I'm Bella," I say, removing my shield. Then suddenly the 2 half-immortals have stolen my babies.

I look alarmed and about to scream so that's probably why they reassure me. "Oh sorry Bella, we just wanted to hold them! We've never met babies of our kind..." Trills Zen.

"Oh, that's fine. So what's your stories?"

"Well," Starts Hayden. "Where do we start,"