Just to make clear before you start reading, Dareon Stark is Robb's twin brother he fought for Robb at Whispering Wood and during the relief effort at RiverRun. When word reached the King in the North of the Ironborn attacks further north, Robb sent his brother Dareon up north with 2000 men to relieve them. This Dareon managed to do by absolutely destroying the ironborn at Moat Catilin thanks to the Cranongmen's help also. They then marched on Deepwood Motte and destroyed the Ironborn there as well with Dareon defeating and killing Victarion Greyjoy. Dareon received a grievous injury during the battle and was unable to march to Torrhen's Square, and so it was at Deepwood Motte that he received news of the Red Wedding and the death of his brother and mother. As he was Robb's twin brother he was named his heir and successor by the remaining banner men. Of course Dareon soon recovered enough to reconquer Torrhen's Square from the Ironborn, then defeated a host led by Black Walder that was sent to capture it for the Boltons with Dareon killing Black Walder in the process. They then marched on Winterfell, where a frenetic battle ensured ending with both Ramsay Snow and Roose Bolton's deaths by Dareon Stark's hand. Stannis died during the first battle for Winterfell. And it is the days following the second battle that we join our characters. All of this belongs to George Martin I own nothing apart from Dareon and few other future characters. Enjoy :)

Prologue: Dareon


Still so much work to be done, those bastard Boltons burnt everything. I don't even know if we have enough stores for winter, for it is truly coming this time.

"Your Grace?" Dareon was taken from his thoughts by a tug on his sleeve by one of Lord Manderly's squires,

"Yes, what is it?" Dareon replied

"A letter arrived this morning; Lord Manderly said you'd want to see it." The boy replied rather timidly.

Dareon was still surprised by the effect being King had had on everyone, was this how it was for you Robb? But Dareon immediately shook himself away from those thoughts, and turned his attention back to the squire who was looking at him with something like fear in his eyes. "Well give it here then, and give Lord Manderly my thanks." Dareon replied curtly, before giving the squire a small smile.

As Dareon saw the squire run back to wherever Lord Manderly resided within the walls of Winterfell, Dareon turned his attention back to the note, wondering what on earth it could be about and who it could be from. He read it and read again, but it still seemed very cryptic, the message couldn't have been more confusing:

As High as Honour, does the Eagle fly but the pack is broken and so now the second son is chosen.

The only decipherable part of the note was the words As High as Honour and Eagle, but that was only because they were the words and sigil oh House Arryn, but what did that have to do with him, and what was this whole business about a second son being chosen? With a shake of his head, Dareon put the confusing message back in his pocket and began walking round the grounds speaking to men and observing the reconstruction of Winterfell his home.