The Lion Road, outside Kings Landing

Jon Connington surveyed his surroundings and felt reassured. They had marched from the Saltpans three weeks ago and had arrived outside Kings Landing two days ago, camping outside the "Lion Gate." The combined Targaryen forces numbered 150,000 reports from their scouts said that the capital was defended by only 2000 men, but the Mad Queen Cersei Lannister refused to surrender.

Connington snorted at the thought of Cersei Lannister proving any threat, from what Varys's letter had said all of her actions since her father's death had managed to push the rest of Westeros away from their "King" and into the arms of whoever promised a better alternative. First had been the mess that had come with the Westerlings execution from allowing their daughter the Young Wolf's wife to escape from Riverrun, their execution had caused uproar and discontent within the Westerlands. Then after her monster champing Robert Strong had slain her cousin Lancel Lannister who had been acting as the faith's champion during her trial to prove her innocence, the Lannisters of Lannisport had been added to the list of discontented nobles in the Westerlands. Then had come the juiciest bit of news that Jon had heard since he learnt of Robert Baratheon's death, the Kingslayer Jamie Lannister had been killed fighting someone called Brienne of Tarth, according to Varys's letter this news along with the deliverance of her twin's body had caused the mad queen to have the men who had delivered the news and the body executed, and to order a small contingent of men off to Tarth to "destroy" the rest of the family. The High Septon, who Jon learnt had been in Varys's pocked from the beginning had ordered another trial, and this time the Hound Sandor Clegane had been presented as the Faith's champion and even he had been unable to stand against the "might" of Robert Strong, and had been slain, but not before taking Robert Strong's Left arm and leg.

The presence of this Robert Strong worried Jon, but that was a thought for another time, as he heard the sound of a horn being blown from their side of the camp, and the answering sound of a horn from the city said battle was beginning. Jon looked around for Aegon and found him already mounted on his horse Danaerys riding her Silver next to him, they had agreed after much persuasion on Aegon's part to leave the dragons away from battle unless absolutely necessary, Danaerys had already managed to lose one of her dragons, who had flown north with the Stark boy, Jon had no idea how truly stable Danaerys might prove to be.

But such thoughts were shaken from his mind when he found himself moving and already mounted on his horse, they were galloping down the road to answer the treacherous Lannister curs once and for all.

The first crash of Jon's sword on another man's sword saw said man who Jon noted was dressed in Lannister colours fall down dead at his feet, he saw another man fall down dead at Aegon's hand.

The battle went like this for another three hours, with men in Lannister red and gold of the city watch fell down dead at their feet. Jon noted how easily Aegon managed to cut down men who stood in his path, ably protected by Ser Rolly and Ser Loras.

Jon had to divert his attention back to the man in front of him when he felt a sword just narrowly miss his head, looking up he saw himself face to face with the dangerous and ominous Ser Robert Strong, the man had culled atleast twenty men to get to Jon it seemed, and Jon knew that the man would not rest till he had killed Aegon and so Jon decided to engage him in battle.

His first thrust met with the edge of Robert's armour and Robert's return saw Jon's horse killed, and an injury to Jon's shoulder. Jon however, managed to swipe at Robert's right leg connecting with it and seeing the foot disconnect from the leg, but no cry of pain from the owner.

Jon managed to hall himself up and he and Robert continued to parry blows for what seemed an age, both made sizeable cuts to one another's bodies and arms, but whereas Jon knew he was beginning to lose his strength and could already feel his grip in conscience loosening Robert didn't seem to be losing any strength whatsoever and seemed like he could continue forever, after ducking another one of Robert's swipes, Jon looked round and was relieved to see Aegon far away from Robert and Jon, killing yet another Lannister man.

Jon just managed to block Robert's downward strike with his sword, before feeling his head begin to feel lighter and lighter, and knew that he wouldn't be able to last much longer, and so when Robert moved his sword upward to strike again, Jon seized his opportunity and stabbed his sword right into the middle of Robert's huge chest, where his heart should be. Jon felt Robert stiffen in front of him before feeling his huge gloved and spiked hand connect with Jon's head loosening Jon's grip on his sword and forcing him to fall backward. Jon knew then that either he would die know or Aegon would be finished, as the world began to grown dark around him Jon felt a sudden heat and managed just to look up and see Robert on fire, and felt he must have seen wrong for they had agreed not to use the dragons unless everything was going wrong, and Jon knew Danaerys didn't value his life that badly to put her dragons at risk.

But then the world went black, and Jon Connington's head hit the ground.