This is the final chapter of the story, set in May 302 AL, final battle. Let me know what you think :)

Castle Black

Cold, biting cold that's all Dareon could feel, had been able to feel for the past three moons ever since that blasted "Great Other" had launched its assault on the wall. It was the only other left now, the wights that had escaped past the wall had been cut off before they reached Last Hearth by the Greatjon and his men. But this cold was horrible, and Dareon could tell that they needed to find a solution to the problem the Great Other posed before they were all completely way laid into the dust.

Stannis Baratheon's red witch had been completely destroyed when she had foolhardily cast her "shadow child" at the Great Other, the thing had simply swatted the shadow away and then by force somehow managed to have the witch in its hands as it crushed her to a pulp. All that was left of her at the end was bone.

It was slightly worrying that the only dragon that seemed to have damaging effect on this Great Other was Jon's dragon Rhaegal, of course Aegon and Danaerys were still concerned and puzzled about how the dragon had managed to bend to Jon's will. Both Jon and Dareon had agreed to keep this secret between themselves, Lord Howland had unfortunately passed into the ether a few months after he had revealed the truth of Jon's parentage.

Dareon's thoughts were stopped by the sight of an approaching wight, which he managed to cut down with his sword Oathkeeper. Now that he thought about it the Great Other only seemed to be truly concerned with dealing with Jon, any attempts by anyone else to fight it were met with a swipe of its wrist which either led to the unfortunate person's death or them being left severly wounded, as had happened to King Aegon.

Again Dareon's thoughts were interrupted by a score of wights that seemed to be making their way towards him. He met their challenge, with a deft swipe of Oathkeeper which took out three of them. They continued to approach him however, and as he walked backwards all the while swiping his sword and seeing wights fall only to be replaced by more wights, Dareon began to think that perhaps this could be the day he died.

However, it appeared that this thought was misplaced as after he managed to fell the next wight that came his way no more did. But a harsh and high pitched cry to his left, found him face to face with the legendary twins who were responsible for the continued existence of the others. Dareon thought they looked rather less frightening than the legends had portrayed them to be, one looked no older than Bran had, with a protruding jaw line and long auburn hair, the other was much taller and much more muscular. Both drew their weapons once they realised who Dareon was and silent as a wolf stalking its prey, they pounced.

Dareon was just about able to raise his blade in time to prevent the smaller twin's sword striking his armour, but just as he managed to push that twin's sword away, the other's sword came whirling down and struck him on his back, sending him stumbling forward. This relentless two pronged attack continued for what seemed ages, Dareon would block one of their swords only to feel the other knocking the wind out of him.

They're trying to tire me out Dareon thought.

Their ploy seemed to be working for Dareon felt his strength weakening, he felt the blood coming out of his back, felt the pure agony that was lifting his sword and shield up to parry yet another blow from one of the twins' swords.

And then suddenly Dareon found a gap, a slight breach in their defences, one of the twins had a limp right hand, its shield hand. Using this to give him hope Dareon picked up the pace of his attack, ignoring the pain he felt in his right arm, he relentlessly attacked the smaller weaker twin, until finally the twin's right arm snapped off. Finding his chance, Dareon went straight for the twin's throat and dug his sword in just about deep enough to see the blood trickling out of a wound big enough to cause death. The smaller twin fell to its knees and collapsed dead.

Leaving the bigger, more muscular and certainly much more skilled twin left to deal with. This twin let loose a stream of sword jabs at Dareon's chest and stomach, some of which Dareon managed to block, some of which he didn't. Dareon was certain he was going to die now, he could feel the blood leaving his body, could see it collecting in a pile on the snow in the ground. And yet somehow, he still managed to find the strength to raise his shield arm to block the big twin's sword strike, and managed to push its sword back with enough force that the twin began to stumble. In that moment Dareon found his opening and thrust, (but it felt more like a throw because of the sheer pain in his right arm) his sword straight into the Twin's exposed chest and felt his sword breach armour, felt it rip a whole into the creature's chest, and when he pulled his sword out and saw blood on it, he knew that the twins were both dead.

But then the world started spinning, and Dareon felt his knees give way, and before he could so much as call out for help his head hit the snow and black was all he saw.

Blood on the snow, the screams of men and fire, fire was the most dominating aspect of all. Aegon saw the fire and knew something was deeply wrong. For that was no man made fire, that was Dragon's fire.

He urged Viserion toward the scene of the fire, and found much to his horror his aunt Danaerys mounted on Drogon's back as he breathed fire onto their troops, not the wights.

"Danaerys, what in the gods name are you doing! Those are our men!" he shouted.

His aunt didn't deign to reply instead she simply turned to face him, and Aegon noted with much shock that her eyes were no longer violet like his, instead they were red, red as the blood that stained the snow around them.

Oh shit, she's become that thing, worse than the Great Other, she's the thing that that legend spoke of.

Aegon knew know what his aunt had become, born in the salt and smoke and tears of Dragonstone during the rebellion her death and resurrection had come at the time after her failed attempt to roast the Great Other alive and Ser Jorah's death in an act of retribution.

She was now the Other of Fire, and unless he could stop her they were all doomed.

It seemed she was aware of their current predicament thought for when she spoke, her voice still sounded soft and not as if she were a dead thing. "Dear Nephew, leave this battlefield behind and return to your wife in the south. For if you do I will spare you, my true enemy lies ahead and I mean to claim my prize. You are not it, leave and you shall live."

"I can't do that, you'd just continue burning people. These are our people Dany, they put their trust in us, we can't let that great huge giant of ice defeat us!"

"Ah dear nephew, if you will not leave at least dance with me."

"Dance with you?" Now Aegon was confused "What do you mean dance with you?"

At this his Aunt Dany simply smiled and said "Why the Dance of Dragons of course."

At that she flew towards him, with Drogon issuing a great torrent of fire towards him as he flew. Aegon and Viserion only just about managed to avoid the torrent of fire. Viserion issued his own torrent in response. But Drogon managed to avoid it. This dance continued for a long time, with both Drogon and Viserion issuing torrents of fire at each other only for them to just graze past the other dragon. But of course whoever got caught in the cross fire burn, and was reduced to ash.

Now the two dragons were grappling with each other, both trying to get a superior hold on the other, though Drogon did seem to be winning although his greater size and weight seemed to tip the balance unfairly to his side. Aegon was shocked to see Danaerys draw Dark Sister from its scabbard, he knew she had very little experience or skill wielding a sword, but he supposed whatever it was that had control over her was now going to aid her. Not wanting her to catch him unawares he drew Blackfyre from his scabbard, and as Drogon and Viserion broke apart only to come together side by side, Danaerys swung her sword toward Aegon's arm, a strike Aegon was able to repel with a block, the swords pulled apart only to be met again this time from a strike from Aegon. They pulled apart again only to be stuck together again. It seemed neither party would be able to cause much harm to the other person whilst on dragon back, but Aegon knew he had to end this and end it now. So he took a huge risk and jumped onto Drogon's back causing Dany to start, but soon they were duelling back and forth standing on a dragon who seemed to want to shake the both of them of his back, but some force was allowing them to stand upright and fight.

Aegon managed to strike first blood, getting a sharp cut onto his aunt's shoulder, but she returned the favour by striking a cut onto his arm. Whilst Danaerys was quick and managed to get a few more cuts onto Aegon's body, he was of a bigger build and managed to quickly overpower her, before he found himself on top of her looking into the eyes of the same girl he had married all those years ago in the Sept at Storm's End. Her eyes were beseeching him to do the deed and to use the blade to lop her head off, but Aegon found himself struggling to do it. But then the cries of the people all around him plus Dany's hand guiding his sword hand up and then down, sealed the deal and as Aegon watched as his Aunt's head was removed from her body a fell to the ground, and as he felt Drogon quickly falling to the sky, he knew the Other of Fire was dead, but he felt empty inside.

Jon stood face to face with the Great Other with Longclaw drawn, this was it this was the final battle, if he won this battle dawn would come and the Long Night would be over. If he lost, well he wouldn't be alive to suffer the consequences, but Val, Dareon and everyone else he cared about who lived would, and that was something Jon couldn't let happen, this had to end now.

The Great Other had already killed Rhaegal, had killed him with a simple sweep of its hands, but somehow Jon had survived. It mattered not now, for as Jon saw the Great Other advance forward, he saw that it wielded a very large greatsword that had runes of the First Men, the letters of the Andals and the songs of the Children written on it.

All other thoughts were wiped from Jon's mind when the creature took its first swing and the force of blow on Longclaw, caused Jon to wince with pain. He returned the favour but instead of striking sword, struck skin, and saw the creature grimace in pain.

He quickly felt pain of his own as the creature soon began opening gashes and cuts all across Jon's skin, though Jon managed to return the favour he could tell that he was beginning to weaken. Yet still felt the strength to carry on, parrying blow after the blow with the creature until they both seemed out of breath, and then Jon found a chink in the creature's armour between its arm and chest where a slim hole was visible, making his decision, Jon thrust his sword toward that gap catching the creature unawares, and when he felt Longclaw connect with that gap of skin, he felt the Great Other give a cry of pain, that soon turned into one of complete anguish, as Jon saw with his own eyes as the creature began to dissolve and white blood began to fall to the ground. He pulled his sword out of the creature and found it covered with white and blue blood and when he had finished looking at the sword and looked to where the Great Other had been, found nothing except a crown of bones.

The Great Other was dead for good this time, it was over they had won.