Summary: Unstable peace. Vampire clans, which hate each other guts. Monster hunters, seeking revenge. Dark and disgusting pages of history, neverending feuds... Tsukune - teenager, who believe in coexistence. Moka - vampire girl, who is too proud to accept her true feelings... Parents, who deliberately hide the truth. Unpleasant relatives... The great game begins as the dark shadow of past slowly engulfs the world.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All characters belonged to Ikeda Akihisa


It was already dark enough in the street so a middle-aged woman hurried to get home. She was visiting her old friend's house and spent there more time than she expected. So now Aono Kasumi had to reach her house. Even if her only son attended high school she still had a husband who might already return.

'Poor Koji must be really hungry and tired,' thought Kasumi. 'And I haven't left even a note where I went. He must be really worried'.

At last she reached her house. To her utter surprise the lights were off. The front door was also locked. Kasumi looked at her watch. Strange. Her husband usually was at home by that hour. Had something happened?

Kasumi found the key and opened the door. The first thing she noted was her husband's pair of shoes. So Koji was really at home. But why he hadn't turned on the light and had locked the door still remained mystery to his wife.

Kasumi entered the living-room turning on the light. Koji was there sitting on the sofa and staring blankly on the wall. His wife followed his stare but saw nothing.

"Dear, what's happened?" she asked him with alarm. He never answered. Instead he murmured

"I wonder, what force made you marry me?"

"What?" Kasumi could not believe her ears. Did he really say that?

"I'm total loser, a poor excuse of man," continued Koji. "I failed as husband, as son, as father and as friend. Because of me everybody suffers and I still can do nothing always looking for some poor excuses".

Kasumi suddenly noticed an empty bottle on the floor. Next moment she smelled faint scent of alcohol in the air. Her husband was definitely drunk. His strange behavior now had a reason.

But why was Koji drunk at first place? Kasumi was sure he wasn't such a guy. At least, wasn't after their marriage. More importantly the woman couldn't understand, why her husband was so depressed. It was so unlike him. He had incredibly easy-going, light, often careless personality. It was extremely difficult to upset Koji. For example, when he suddenly lost work some years ago he simply went to find another. It was only one time, when Kasumi saw her husband depressed like now but it was so many years ago that she nearly forgot about it.

The woman sat down near Koji and embraced him, trying to comfort.

"I've never thought you're a loser," she said calmly. "Do you remember our first meeting?"

He stayed silent, so she continued:

"It was my first year in high school. We had a festival then. You had already graduated some years before but still came to visit your alma mater. I was molested by some thugs and nobody tried to help me. Everybody simply looked away. You were only one to interfere and protect me".

"And then I was beaten to pulp," said Koji grimly. "After all I couldn't be of real help".

"It didn't matter for me that day," Kasumi gave him a smile. "Maybe other thought you was some weak idiot but I saw the greatest person in all universe who would never leave anyone in trouble alone. I had never met a man as kind as you, a man who would help a girl without any dirty thoughts. And you raised Tsukune to be such a person. How can you ever think about being bad father and husband after that?"

The woman was sure she convinced her husband to cheer up but instead he covered his face with his hands. She heard his nearly inaudible muttering.


"What have you said?" asked Kasumi with unconscious alarm.

Koji raised his head still avoiding her eyes and repeated louder:

"He was here".

The woman suddenly paled. Now she understood everything. It was no joke. There was only one person whose name her husband avoided, no, even hated to mention. And that person visited their house?

Kasumi grabbed Koji's shoulders and began to shake him violently without realization of her own actions.

"What did he want from you?" she nearly screamed. "What did you talk about?"

"He asked me how I felt about my current life," the man frowned. "If I liked my job or our house. And then he was curious about you and Tsukune," Koji kicked the empty bottle, rose and walked to the window.

"But I thought he left us in peace many years ago," now Kasumi was really scared.

"It's impossible," her husband looked through the window. "Damn! I've always known he would never let me go. Neither he, nor fate".

He crossed the room and added:

"I must leave. Immediately".

"Were will you go?" his wife nearly panicked and grabbed his arm. "It's madness! It's too late besides you're drunk! It'd be better if you go tomorrow. Now it`s impossible for you to consider situation with a reason!" she was really hoping her husband would regain his sanity tomorrow.

"Kasumi, my love, now I'm more sane than ever," he looked into her eyes with great sadness as if he could read her thoughts. "But I must go there".

"No!" she held on his arm more tightly. "You're not obligated to go there. That person considers the entire world his chessboard. But you're not his pawn, you have your own will!"

"Dear, it is my own decision to come there. I'm really a weakling but I'm definitely nobody's pawn. But you know it yourself: I'm also not a man to endanger somebody, especially my own family only for my own safety. I'd already made my mind when you came. Your presence only gave me courage. It is a great shame you've seen my miserable condition. I wish you've never know about that visit…"

Suddenly Koji hugged his wife with great passion giving her parting kiss. Kasumi couldn't hold her tears as he left the room. For a moment her husband stopped in the doorway reflecting about something and then told the woman firmly:

"If I don't return you'd better tell Tsukune that I run away with a whore. He'd better hate his father for being perverted bastard than look for the truth or even seek revenge".

So that was prologue. Next chapter will be about students of Youkai Gakuen