The downward slash of the Skenka sword severed the Grineer Trooper in two across the abdominals, and as the upper half of the body flew past the Tenno warrior's face, the warrior drew two pistols and shot the remaining two Grineer between their eyes. They fell forwards, their last thoughts damning the Tenno to the darkest depths of hell. Blood splattered and with no face, the Excalibur warframe struck a very primal fear into the brains of the rest of the assault squad; Get away. But it was too late for them, and the Tenno's pistols struck with fatal accuracy, hitting the remaining Grineer in the back of their heads as they tried to escape the horrifying scene behind them.

There was no one visible, yet all of the signs were here. Someone had been through here, no doubt about it, and they had left a big mess behind them. I inspected the recently dead corpse of one of my comrades. A fatal shot, between the eyes, straight into the skull, through the brain and out of the other end. The wound was not overly big, around the size commonly made by a Lato pistol at medium range. I whistled. This one had some good accuracy. I returned to the group behind me.
'What was it?' a fairly new member of the squad asked me.
'A Tenno. I owe you 10 credits,' I said.

Seeker ran, jumping onto the wall and flipping off. He was always good at that sort of thing, so much so that most of the other Tenno were envious of his abilities. He took up a position beside the door.
'Three seconds' he whispered into the mike on the inside of his helmet.
'Ok, go,' came Lotus' reply. He counted down in his head, then dived sideways. In his mind's eye, it seemed to go in slow motion. The door's sensor picked him up and opened, revealing the squad of Grineer inside. They were trading weapons, and as the door opened, they heard the swoosh, turning towards the door. Seeker aimed his weapons, shooting two and…
Click Click.
Both of his pistols were out, and he landed heavily on the floor. One of the Grineer stumbled backwards, heading for the alarm behind him, while the other fired up his saw blade. Seeker cursed, got up and swung his sword, severing the Sawman's forearm. The Grineer screamed and clutched at his arm, blood soaking his hand and slipping between his fingers as he fell. Seeker looked round and saw the Grineer at the alarm, trying to complete the cipher in time, but failing as his hands shook from what he'd just witnessed. Seeker plunged his sword into the Grineer's back, killing him instantly and smashing the control panel at the same time. Seeker released the breath he'd been holding. That was close. He moved towards the door. Lotus' voice sounded in his ear.
'Heads up. That one managed to sound a silent alarm; they know you're here.'
'Shit!' Seeker cursed.

More carnage awaited my eyes ahead. The Tenno had shot one of them in the heart and clipped a large chunk in the side of another's head. The other two Grineer had been killed with a sword, one of them with no arm and another with a stab straight through his back and chest, and into a wall panel in front of him. He must've been sounding the alarm when he'd died. I stepped back from the corpse, calling to the squad behind me.
'Hey Sam?'
'Isn't this your brother?'