Seven Days of Love ~ Gruvia Week

By: BonneyQ

Gruvia weeeeek! *_* Yay! For those who had no idea what this is, it's a week that will be dedicated to Gray x Juvia and it'll take place from April 1st until the 7th! And I am glad to tell you that my work is done up until 'half' of day five. I will finish them in time, I hope.

The week is being 'held' by Gruvia-week dot tumblr dot com, no spaces. You know the drill!

It's gonna be especially hard for me because I have no idea of how to use my tumblr; but I'll learn for this! *_*

In a few hours the first chapter will arrive! :) Get ready to (hopefully) be bomber with Gruvianess!

The Prompts!

Day 01 – Ice and Water ~ His ice felt different when it came from her water.

Day 02 – Unspoken ~ They didn't have to share words to know that they were together.

Day 03 – AU ~ Gray and Juvia are members of Fairy Tail Gymnasium and one night, things get heated between them.

Day 04 – Teamwork ~ Juvia is great at adapting and being someone else's partner. It doesn't mean that Gray can adapt to it, though.

Day 05 – Touch ~ At a Carnival, Gray let Juvia lead him into a woman who claims that can show their past life. It's just not what they expected.

Day 06 – Pain ~ After the encounter with the Mirror, Gray and Juvia need to fight destiny. Continuation of 'Touch'.

Day 07 – Blushing ~ Sometimes just making someone blush makes you feel good.

I can tell you this: these stories will not be what you expect them to be.

The summaries are as vague as I could make them so you can be surprised. :D

I am particularly excited about days 3 through 6. LOL