AN: Continuation of Day 05 'Touch' and still somewhat a crossover with Rave Master.

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Seven Days of Love ~ Gruvia Week

By: BonneyQ

Day 06 – Pain

Gray and Juvia were running between the streets of Magnolia as fast as they could, trying to get to the address on a paper that was handed by Mirajane; there was a psycho Guild that wanted to blow up the city unless the Mages from Fairy Tail found all the bombs they set all over the town and then disarm them. According to the information they received, there were about ten bombs around the city and with enough power to take down a block's worth of it.

And because of all the civilians in town because of the carnival, finding and fighting the culprits would be very difficult, but firstly they had to find the bombs and disarm them.

Warren had found the instructions of how to disarm the bombs inside the mind of one of the Dark Panther's mages, the only one they managed to capture so far. As the others went to find the bombs, Warren stayed behind so he could find more about the man's comrades and how to beat them.

Master had assigned a couple of Fairy Tail Mages for each of the bombs and they would stay in contact with Warren the whole time.

"I think that this is the place, Juvia." Gray said, breathing hard and stopping in front of a small building. Of course the bastards had to put a bloody bomb across a daycare. He double checked the address and entered the building with the Water Mage right after him.

It was a residential building that it wasn't being used, as it seemed: all the furniture was covered in white blankets. They didn't find a thing on the first floor, but in the second, they saw it right on the first room they searched. No one was messing around when they said that the bomb could take out a block.

Both stepped closer to it and tried to find the compartment with the wires and after a minute's worth of search, they did. It was on the back side. Gray removed the cover and they could see the wires. And a counter that started to count backwards from a minute.

It was the time they had to disarm the bomb.

The Ice Mage was about to start to do what Warren said when Juvia stopped him kindly.

"Juvia's hands are smaller." She said, calmly. "It's best if we don't take chances, Gray-sama." The man hesitated for a moment, before nodding and watched as Juvia started the process. According to Warren, they had to cut a yellow wire, then in the next five seconds cut the black and after, unplug (not cut) the red wire from the bomb.

The count was in twenty seconds when Juvia finally reached the red wire, but it wasn't coming out from the bomb. "Juvia…" Gray had said and she shushed him. She could do it. If only her hand wasn't so slippery because of the sweat.

When she finally did it, the counter was in seven.

Gray and Juvia looked at each other then, and laughed. They had done it! "Let's take this thing away from here…" He stopped talking when he felt pain in his chest and could barely register the pain on his back when his body hit the big window that was behind him. And if Gray wasn't a mage used on landing on his feet, he would've broken a few boned with the fall; but instinct kicked in and he had stopped his fall with his ice.

He didn't see the panic on Juvia's face when she heard the counter start to go again. He didn't see that she had to react fast. He didn't see that she had to keep him away as far away from the bomb as she could.

What Gray did see right before he fell, was a small smile she offered him as if she was sorry and before he could use his magic again, before he could really think of what was going on, there was an explosion from the floor where he just had fall from. And Juvia was still there.



That was the only thing Gray felt when he made stairs with his ice and went up to search for Juvia. Everything was destroyed, there were no more walls and the whole floor had been devastated. Gray didn't even stop to think how the bomb hadn't blown off the block, as it should. He had only one objective:

Find Juvia.

He yelled her name and started to move junk around and he didn't mind that the damn things were hot and a few on fire.

Find Juvia.

She would be fine. She was made of water, wasn't she? And water beat fire. She had changed herself before the explosion and was fine.

Find Juvia.

Gray was becoming more desperate as he couldn't find her and the minutes passed. He couldn't lose her. Not when he was finally opening his heart to her.

Find. Juvia.

The Ice mage finally saw a hand coming out from under a pile of burnt things. 'She does have a small hand', Gray thought between fear and relief that he had found her.

"Juvia!" Gray started to take everything that was on top of her as fast as he could and when he finally saw her, he paled. She had burns on the inside of her arms and they were nasty. Almost scared of touching her, he put her close to his chest. Half of her usual outfit gone; now it was barely covering her breasts and hips. "Juvia, wake up." He touched her face and when she didn't answer him, the panic inside him doubled its size. She couldn't be…

Musica felt a cold hand on his face trying to make him to turn and he compelled, not sure of what was happening. Before he could fully understand what was happening, Reina had her lips pressed against his.

He was so surprised that he didn't even have time to reciprocate it. As fast as it happened, it stopped. With her lips only a few inches away from his, Musica could hear Reina speaking.

"Thank you. For teaching me what's important in the end." She said. "I'm glad I was able to love a person once more before I die." Musica barely registered what she was saying, more focused on her face. He thought that he had seen the real Reina before, but it wasn't true; he was seen her then. He could see the goodness she always had inside, he could see that she regretted many of her choices, but not this one. And of course, he could see love. And somehow, the love was directed to him.

Her small hands found his chest and she pushed him.

"H…Hey! Reina!" He yelled as he fell from the Silver Ray, while she yelled back at him.

"Musica, live on! Live in my place too!"

"Reina!" He yelled again: what was that woman thinking?

A small moan of pain from the woman on his arms made him snap out of his thoughts. This wasn't the time to think about what may have happened between them; it was the now that it mattered.

"Juvia…" He said with a sigh of relief. "You're going to be alright." Gray tried to not think of the burns on her arms and he certainly didn't want to think how it was probably going to hurt for her to get better. "I'll take you to Polyuska and you're going to be just fine." He grabbed her with tenderness and they got up and Gray was fast on his feet to take her to the stair of ice he created.

She wasn't conscious, but Gray kept telling her over and over again that she was going to be alright and he would make sure that she would. Gray didn't even see the people gathering to know what happened and what the explosion was all about. He had to make sure Juvia was going to be alright.

He ran.


He fell into the cold water and thought of how much of an idiot. Reina was. As if he was going to let her just die on him like that…

"Can you hear me? This is the 'Silver of the Heart.' When we're connected, I can talk to you like this." It was her voice echoing inside his mind.

"Reina…" He thought right back at her, worried and scared of what was going to happen.

"Don't worry." The voice returned as he tried to return to the water's surface. "As long as we're connected, we can still use the Silver Bond. There's no time… let's combine our powers. I'll definitely destroy the core!"

"Th… there's no way you can do it!" Musica yelled as soon as he was on the surface again.

"Hurry!" Her voice on his head was so desperate.

"No way! You can't do it!" Musica finally saw the silver from his wrist going up above him until the Silver Ray, where he knew that Reina was connecting them.

"I'm a woman who gave her soul to Demon Card." She said and her voice was gentle as if she was explaining something to a child. "You're light… There's no need for you to remember my evil tarnished soul." There was a pause. "There's no time! Hurry and lend me your strength for the Silver Bond!" Another pause. "This is my time to change all my regrets. Please… Let me die beside my father." Her voice creaked by the end and Musica could only look up in disbelief.

No, he didn't want Reina to die. "Reina!" He yelled. "I can't do it! I don't want you to be the sacrifice!" And he truly didn't. Not when he finally found the Silver Ray. Not when the lives of his friends were on the line. Not when he finally found someone that could be by his side. "Wait for me! I'll come up!" He said. "When we die, it'll be together! Don't think about being alone!" Musica had to go stay with her. It was his duty as much as it was hers. And to die alone would be a horrible way to go and Reina had had too much of the bad side of things so far.

"Why…?" She asked in a tiny voice and he stopped his yelling to hear her out. "Why would you want to throw away your life? Don't you get it? The world needs you. It's not your time to die here." He was about to tell her that he would willingly give his life and stay by her side. "The true bond is not between us," She said, already sensing his response. "but the one between you and your friends, the warriors who had their bonds separated do not die here. Go back to the battlefield where your life burns and return to your destiny to fight as a warrior in order to be a guide for the world's weapon." Musica could only look up to the Silver Ray, with nothing more than a surprised look. He couldn't. He couldn't let her die. He wouldn't survive again without someone that mattered to him.

He could feel her waiting for his power, for his decision. "Hurry…" She whispered. "Help me with the Silver Bond here… or else your precious friends are going to die."

The old man! He had said that he was going to make a choice that would be the biggest decision of his life and he had to choose with his heart. He thought of his friends, then. The world needed them. Oh, the world needed all of them so much. He thought of his master and his last wish: That Musica would destroy Silver Ray.

But Reina… He didn't want to lose someone he just found, that he just realized that he would be very fond of in the future. Musica clenched his teeth as he finally decided. Reina had her mind set on destroying the Silver Ray and he couldn't change it. But he could help her.

So he sent her his power. He shared it with her again; but this time, there was not only trust between them, but something else. Something they shared for a brief moment.

"Thank you, Musica." She said. "Seems you still have the strength in your heart." He couldn't disagree more. He was weak. If he was strong, he wouldn't have to choose. He could've saved his friends and Reina. Now, he was going to live without one of his precious people, because it didn't matter that they met three times: once as enemies, the second time also as enemies, but learning more about each other; and this time… when she really touched his heart (he dared to say). "Let's do it!" She said and Musica let a few tears fall as he saw a few images from Reina's mind.

Both of them walking side by side and holding hands while just enjoying each other's company.

The image changed for one where a girl looked way too long at Musica and even though he looked like he was trying to calm her down, Reina was still jealous.

Their wedding day.

Reina with a very big stomach while Musica kissed it lovingly.

Their children, a girl and a little boy playing around a kitchen while he had the paper on his hand, smoking a cigarette and she was doing the dishes, like a housewife.

Musica felt like he was being stabbed right into the heart as he saw all of that. She was capable of such powerful love. She was giving her life so he couldn't give his. She was giving her life to stay by her father's side once again. She was giving her life so his friends could have a future.

"Oh, geez… Why am I being so plain about this?" Musica, through their bond, heard her inside his head once again. "Father… I'm coming now."

Then it happened. The attack, Musica could feel when their combined attack collided with the core of Silver Ray. And right before the connection between them vanished, he heard her last words.

"Musica… Good bye."

A great explosion.

Silver Ray was gone.

And so was Reina.

He couldn't take his eyes off it until it started to fade away. He yelled in despair, pain and between his tears. The world had just lost an amazing woman. He had just lost an amazing woman. Someone that he could've been happy with for all he knew.

As the few memories of her came to him, he cried harder and the pain was almost unbearable when he remembered the way she smiled at him just a few minutes before.

Why was the world so unfair?

Why was the world so painful?


Gray decided to go to Polyuska, as he tried to contact Warren and let Master know that Juvia was hurt.

"I don't have time to find Wendy and she'll be needed to fight." Gray had explained with this mind while still running towards the house of the old woman and at the same time trying to keep Juvia as cold as he could even though it wouldn't make much of a difference to her burns. He just had to do something. "Be careful with the bombs, we disarmed ours and it still exploded."

"Go, Gray." Master's voice echoed on his mind. "We can deal with everything else here."

The Ice Mage said nothing else.

He arrived at the old woman's house breathless and he wasn't a little bit surprised that she was already on the doorstep waiting for him. She muttered something like: "These human Fairies just can't stay out of trouble." And let him get inside, pointing to a bed where he laid Juvia as gently as he could.

Polyuska started to inspect her arms. "These burns… I can make it better and if Wendy uses her magic, she'll have no visible marks; maybe a small scar or so…"

"Forget about scars!" Gray snapped. "Is she going to be okay?"

She eyed him with a little anger but didn't lash out on him, seeing the fear on his eyes. The boy cared deeply for the girl and he was afraid of losing her. Polyuska started to exam the blue haired girl. After a few minutes of carefully looking at her, the old woman sighed.

"Yes, I believe so." She could see the boy take two steps back and rest his body on the wall. "Her magic is almost at zero, though. She'll stay unconscious while her body recovers it. It's actually better this way; burns are an awful thing to treat."

Gray nodded and as he felt relief flood through him, he fell into the ground, a hand over his eyes. He breathed hard to keep his cool.

For a moment back in the building, he thought she was dead. That she died protecting him against the explosion. Didn't she know that he wouldn't like to live if she sacrificed her own? He already lost Ur that way, he would not lose Juvia.

He formed a fist with his other hand and punched the ground. Gray never felt so useless in his whole life, so weak. One time he had thought of giving his life to seal Deliora again but Natsu kept him from doing it. It just didn't pass his mind that Juvia could try to do the same thing.

Polyuska started to put some kind of cream on her arms, but as soon as it touched her, Juvia would move and moan in pain. "Boy, keep her still."

Gray got up and went to stay by Juvia's side, trying his best to hold her still with as much softness as he could. He was just glad she wasn't awake for it.


When Dark Panther was defeated a few hours later, Gray was still by Juvia's bedside waiting for Wendy to come to see them as soon as she could; he was certain that she was patching the others up back in Fairy Tail.

Surprisingly, Polyuska didn't try to expel him away from her house; she kept her distance, but let him stay by the side of the young girl. She had told him to cool her arms every thirty minutes so the medicine would have more effect and he did just that.

The truth was that even knowing that she was going to be just fine, he was still terrified. The sight of the explosion –both explosions– kept running on his mind over and over again. During the two scenarios, he was helpless and she had done a stupid thing to save him.

This time he got lucky. He had been lucky for some time now, seeing how reckless she was during her battles. Cana had told him how she sacrificed herself in order to not fight the other girl. He heard from Meredy when they returned from Tenrou Island that Juvia didn't want to die of course (so much that she actually changed Meredy's mind), but even the younger girl knew that was ready to if it was to save him. And during the Dragons' attack... right before they arrived, she had pulled him on the side and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"Juvia will try her very best, but this was just in case she doesn't make it." She said, with a small smile and a red face; the implications of the kiss as clear as they could get. If Gray didn't know that she had feelings for him, she would know then. But before he could even answer her properly, the other mages started to point at the sky. When they returned to the side of their fellow Fairy Tail Mages, he saw her eyes sparkle.

Once again she was willing to die and Gray couldn't have that anymore. He had to make her understand that he was done with losing people. And he sure as hell couldn't lose her.

Wendy arrived and even though she looked tired, she started to heal Juvia as soon as she saw the burns. While she did it, she filled Gray in what happened. "One of the bombs exploded, but Natsu-san was able to eat the fire, so neither he nor Lucy-san were injured. Elfman-san and Evergreen-san's bomb also exploded after they disabled it, but he had enough time to change his skin and protect her; he has a few burns, but is fine. The bomb did destroy that big warehouse by the docks, do you know it? And the two small ones by its sides. Thankfully they were all empty. If you hadn't told about the bomb going berserk, it would be much worse." Wendy said. "I have no idea how your bomb didn't destroy the building it was in, though."

Gray understood Juvia's injuries then. And why the explosion was somewhat small: she had managed it with her water magic. She literally shielded the bomb and of course her magic would be almost gone from her; she had to summon an incredible amount of water to pull it off.

He stared at the blue haired girl lying on the bed and shook his head. She was amazing. Crazy, but amazing.


When Juvia started to stir, almost a day later, Gray was by her side in a blink of an eye. He hadn't left her side since they had brought her to Fairy Tail to heal, it was general knowledge that Polyuska didn't like humans and to have one spending the night was too much, but two? No way. Besides, Juvia just needed rest; she was in no danger of dying.

"Juvia?" Gray asked as soon as she opened her eyes. They were unfocused for a moment, but after a few blinks, he could see that she was coming from her sleep. He couldn't help but to smile when she looked at his face. "Hi." Gray felt silly saying that, it was so corny. "You gave me a scare."

"The rest of the bombs?" She asked and her voice was rough.

"All taken care of." He answered, taking the glass full with water from the bedside and helping her to take a sip. "Dark Panther will not be hurting anyone any time soon."

"That's good." She said with a smile and tried to get up. Her arms were all bandaged up and she frowned with the stinging sensation; she really thought that she was worse. The girl noted that her clothes consisted then of only a masculine shirt and some loose pants. "How long was Juvia out?"

"About a day." Gray answered. "Don't worry. Mira and Cana changed you. Your clothes were barely covering the essential after the explosion. Since I happen to lose my clothes often, I always have some here at the Guild and you didn't have anything to put on…"

Juvia blushed. She was wearing Gray-sama's clothes! Oh, it had his smell, the wonderful smell!

"Th… thank you, Gray-sama." She managed to say, without making a big fuss about it, even though inside she was celebrating.

There was an awkward silence for a moment, before Gray broke it. "Juvia… about the bomb…"

"Oh, god!" She panicked, patting Gray over his chest, searching for an injury and since he was actually wearing a shirt, it was hard to see. "Did Juvia hurt you, Gray-sama? She is so sorry…"

"What? No." He frowned. "I'm fine. You really took me by surprise, though."

"Sorry." She clasped her hands together. "Juvia had to take you out of the building or you would get hurt. Did Juvia contain the explosion? As far as she can remember, it was so strong that for a moment, Juvia felt really afraid."

"You contained the explosion." He told her, eyeing the girl with curiosity. "You had a quick thinking."

She sighed. "The counter started again and Juvia couldn't let the bomb go off; there were people right outside the building." Juvia bit her lower lip. "She needed to act quickly; there was no time to explain her plan."

"Your plan?"

"Yes, of course." She tilted her head to the side, in confusion. Couldn't he see it? "Juvia could do a better job containing the explosion than you, Gray-sama. Even if your ice did stop the blast to be as big as it should, it would break and fall down on the streets and someone could get hurt. Juvia's water would just wet them if it was the case."

"How did you do it, anyway?" Gray asked. "You would have to use so much water to…"

"An old spell to summon water." She shrugged. "Juvia was lucky to remember it otherwise the bomb would've gotten us. She doesn't like to do it, though; Juvia gets too weak after."

Gray couldn't believe his ears. "So, your plan was to survive it?"

"Of course." The Water Mage frowned. "Dying was a slim possibility, but giving the time Juvia had to prepare herself, I guess it was more than possible. Why you ask, Gray-sama?"

"I thought…" Gray was confused. He sat on the bed, right in front of her. "I thought you… were going to sacrifice yourself for me. Like the vision at the carnival."

Juvia needed to take a moment to understand what he was talking about. He had seen it too.

"You saw it, then." She said softly and he nodded, looking down. He was so confused, then. He was so sure that Juvia did what she did to… "You got it all wrong, Gray-sama." He looked up to her, confused. "Juvia is not her." She put a hand on his cheek, softly. "And you are not him, even though according to The Mirror, we were. Juvia would happily die if it would save you or her friends, but this would be the last resource she would go to. Juvia is so happy here in Fairy Tail that she is selfish and wants to have all of you for as much time as she can." Her thumb was caressing his skin in a soothing way. "Juvia lives for her friends and she lives for you."

Gray put a hand over hers and closed his eyes, savoring the moment. She was right, of course. He was being silly; but what he felt when the déja-vu of the scene hit him was something so overwhelming, so strong that he knew that he felt it once.

"Promise me." Gray whispered, opening his eyes and leaning towards her so their foreheads were touching. Their hands still together on his cheek. "Promise that you won't sacrifice yourself for me. For us." He referred to Fairy Tail. "I felt his pain, Juvia. When he realized… It mixed with my own… It was a nightmare."

Juvia was the one to close her eyes this time. "I can't." She whispered. "Even though it might hurt you, Juvia cannot promise that because your life, the lives of all of you are too important for her. It would be her last option, but Fairy Tail is needed in the world, Gray-sama. And if it takes Juvia's life to save it, she would give it." She opened her eyes at the same moment he opened his eyes to retort her, but she silenced him with her thumb over his mouth. "Let's not fight over this, Gray-sama." She said. "Juvia has her reasons and Gray-sama has his. Let's agree to disagree on this one." The Water Mage offered him a small smile and removed her thumb from his lips.

"Agree to disagree." He snorted and let go of her hand, which she took away from his cheek, but they still had their foreheads touching each other's. "This argument is not over." She giggled and Gray never heard a more amazing sound in his life.

He acted without really thinking through when he pressed his lips on hers I a tender kiss; a kiss to make her know that he also felt something. He felt her taking a sharp breath, before closing her eyes. When he separated their lips, he felt that it wasn't enough. He kissed her once again, but this time he put a hand on the back of her neck and coaxed her into opening her mouth and it was bliss.

Gray couldn't tell for how long they made out, it felt like they couldn't get enough of each other and he was sure that he wasn't going to get enough of her for very long time.

"I'm really glad you are okay." He said when they needed to take more than one breath to survive.

"Juvia is glad too. It would be difficult to do this if she was dead." She said and chuckled when he made a face.

"Shut up, will you?" Gray rolled his eyes when he saw her laugh.

"Yes, Gray-sama." Juvia gave him a peck on the lips (as if she did it all the time) like the one she gave him back when the Dragons hadn't appeared yet.

He couldn't deny that he had no feelings, no strong feelings, towards her. Juvia was now a very big part of his life. A part that he couldn't see himself without anymore. He would take a hint from both the vision –from what Musica felt, if he was his past life or not– and his present. Gray wasn't going to let her slip away from his fingers this time.


Later that day when Juvia had fallen asleep, Gray returned to the carnival. Most of the people from Magnolia had no idea of what happened and that the Fairy Tail Mages had saved many lives the day before; all they knew was that the Guild had made a simple event something to remember forever.

He found the tent of Miss Bourney easily; besides, at the moment he arrived, she had called him in. It was kind of creepy.

"You knew I would come." Gray stated as soon as he stepped inside the tent.

"The Mirror did say that to me, yes." Miss Bourney said, quickly analyzing him. "I take that you have questions about what you saw."

"Yes." Gray answered and she made a quick movement with her hand that clearly said 'ask away' and he did. "Are we them?"

"Yes and no." She answered and when he frowned, she started to explain. "Your souls are the same, but you are not Musica, Gray. You had a different life from his, even though both of you lost your parents young and then suffered the loss of a Master. You met different people, you have different personalities." Gray had noticed that: Musica was a ladies man, while Gray took almost a year and a half to even recognize that Juvia had feelings for him. "And even though Reina and Juvia had bad childhoods, joined the wrong side and then saw the light, they are different, aren't they?

"The Mirror only shows the past when something is going to happen again and can be prevented. It won't be the same thing as the last time, but it will be similar. I know you two shared a few moments that resembled a lot what Musica and Reina been through. Not in the same way, but similar. This time you know, this time you can prepare yourself." Miss Bourney said.

"Are you telling me that yesterday wasn't it?" He felt a little bit of despair bubble inside him.

"I am afraid not." The gypsy answered. "It was just a wake-up call."

"But… it was…" Gray started to walk from one side of the tent to another. "She did almost the exact same thing that that Reina woman did!"

"And now you know that it can happen. You won't take what you have for granted." Miss Bourney said happily. "Don't you see, Gray? Your souls fought to be together in this life, but destiny is no fool. It will try to break you apart once again. Last time, you had no proper time together, but now? You two finally have each other in an arm's length, don't you? Don't waste it.

"I know you saw what lied in Reina's heart right before she destroyed the core; she wanted a life with Musica, which is exactly what Juvia wants with you." Miss Bourney turned to The Mirror. "You know that he almost died? Musica, that is. A few months after Reina died, he almost did as well. He was giving up and wanted to search for her in the afterlife. She appeared to him and stopped him before it was too late; she gave him reason to return to his friends and to continue to live on for her sake.

"You see, your souls were so desperate to be together that he almost went to the afterlife before his time. The Mirror is a big sucker for love stories and I guess that it wants you two to overcome any obstacle that may rise. That's why it showed the past to you." She found a blanket and put it over the old Mirror. "I think that answers your main questions?"

"Yes, but…" Gray said, but Miss Bourney didn't let him finish.

"That's all you need to know, boy." She turned around to face him, wearing a smile. "Go, be with your soul mate and when the time comes, protect her and yourself. I hope this time her last wishes come true, it was really sweet." The gypsy woman started to shoo him away from her tent.

"But…" Gray was thrown out of the tent.

"Take care, boy." He heard her whisper and when he turned around to finish talking to her, the tent was gone and had no trace of it whatsoever. Gray took a few steps back, surprised with what just happened.

He shook his head to clean his thoughts. So, he had touched a magic mirror that showed his past life with Juvia, then a Dark Guild threatened Magnolia with bombs, he had been pushed from a window and then witnessed an explosion while Juvia was close to it and then bombarded with emotions from both this life and his past one. He had thought that Juvia was dead for a few minutes, had found her then taken her to Polyuska where he had to hold the Water Mage down while the old woman treated the burns on her white skin. A day later, Juvia had woken up and told him that she had no plans of dying any time soon, only if necessary –they still needed to revisit the subject–, and then they made out. A lot. Of course, he had come to see the mysterious gypsy with The Mirror only to know that he had found his soul mate, only to be thrown out of the tent, just to find it gone, like it was never there.

A normal couple of days for a Fairy Tail mage, he guessed.

After staring at where the tent of Miss Bourney was, he decided to return to Fairy Tail to go see Juvia. He had a feeling that they wouldn't be far away from each other that much. An arm's length would be enough.


AN: Based on Chapters 128 and 129 from Rave Master and an episode of Justice League (Yes, the cartoon. I am addicted to the show and I hated that it ended.), where the Green Lantern does the exactly same thing with Hawkgirl, also the bombs idea was taken from it.

Physically Musica and Reina look like Alzack and Biska, but it was their 'hearts' that made me look towards the Gray and Juvia side of it. They had many scenes that looked remarkably like the ones our most loved couple had. :)

Anyways, sorry if you didn't get it, but if you are still confused, read the chapters from Rave Master Volume 16. It's pretty much all about Musica and Reina. They are adorable.

FYI, if Mashima does what he did to Reina with Juvia… Aw man… I'm sorry for what I'll be doing to him as soon as I go to Japan to whip his sorry ass. Juvia cannot die. Everyt ime I read Rave Master and see Reina dying, I think of Juvia and I cry like a baby. Tsc.

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