The problem I have with Percy Jackson fanfics

A/N: So I created this so I can tell the fanfic community to step up there game and don't be afraid to do something different. All we do is right about the same stuff, it gets boring.

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Chapter one: Annabeth goes to Goode high school

Now this one really irritates me. It is always the same Annabeth comes to Goode to be closer to Percy and camp or sometimes Olympus. Ok nothing wrong with that, good start for a story like this. Then she always walks in the school and everybody is staring at here and whispering, ok normal kid reaction. Then she meets this one nice girl who she befriends and that friend starts telling her about the so hot and dreamy swim captain. Annabeth always thinks that guy has nothing on Percy. Now let me stop right there, really people Annabeth is not that dumb actually she isn't dumb at all. Why wouldn't she think just a little and say to herself "Hmmm, maybe she is talking about Percy." Then the nice girl says he supposedly has a girlfriend though, (hint) that doesn't live in New York. Now let's bring in the mean girls, sluts, and popular mean sluts. Those girls always walk in and either A)notice Annabeth, B) ignore her and walk to the other end of the hallway, or C) Talk about the oh so hot swim captain, and on the rare occasion all the above. So after that here comes the swim captain and his buddies, Annabeth turns around and gasp in surprise because she figures out is Percy (no duh!). So Annabeth sneaks up behind him and says something while receiving glares from the other girls and Percy whirls around and yells "Annabeth" , he picks her up spins her around then they kiss passionately(gag). Then Percy introduces her to his friends, who are nice. Now introducing mean bitch number 1, she comes in taps Annabeth, she turns around. Now here are some different scenarios that happens,

"Why are you on my man?"

"Who are you?!"

"Hey Percy (insert flirtatious line here, while she completely ignores Annabeth)."

So that right there is how chapter one basically starts off. Next chapter we meet Percy's best friend that is a girl, and guess what….. She likes Percy! (Shocker). So once she meets Annabeth she thinks: A) Man I see why Percy likes her, B) I will never compare to her (that's right hoe. Step away from percabeth), C) I need to get to know Annabeth so I can find her weakness and break her and Percy up, and D) I hate her guts. I have known Percy longer and I know more about him (she later finds out that Annabeth has known him longer and that they are meant for each other). And since Annabeth can read people she sees that the best friend has a crush on Percy. Now the bell rings and surprise, surprise Annabeth got all class with percy.

Now I can go on and describe the whole story but I don't feel like it. My thing is that we have all read these stories before, one that I have to say is different is called "Annabeth transferred" by curvymomo. That story right there is the best cause it focuses not just on Annabeth and Percy's relationship but on stronger topics, which is why I love it. Here is a suggestion have Percy move out to protect Annabeth from these guy's that are always bothering her or something like that. That would be fantastic or just be original and do something completely different. It can still take place at Goode but have so there are there are different problems.

So there you go. I will be back sometime this week to talk about how people always right about what they think is going to happen in the next installment of the Percy Jackson series. If there is a specific thing you want me to talk about PM me or review. Just know I respond to negative reviews.

Don't forget love, live, review favorite and laugh. Until next time I update. P.S you can call me Roman ( I always said if I become famous I want my stage name to be roman so I can call my fans my roman army )