"At times we question the paths life has laid out for us. Without knowing, we are heading for our inevitable destiny. Be it to become successful, or to ultimately fail. Either way, everything happens for a reason. It's like how you find the love you so desperately seek. Some people find it while others don't. But they just may find their significant other. If not in this life…then perhaps the life beyond it…"

-Owen Fabian, author of the upcoming original short story, "Faith in the Morrow".

Miki Hiiragi sighed as she stared at the empty cupboard in front of her. The last of their canned goods have been used up, and she had thought of taking a break from cooking tonight and serve some corned beef with potato cuts to the family.

Things have been pretty bad lately. For about half a year her husband, Tadao, had been working overtime in his job at the company he's employed at after getting promoted last June, and he's rarely ever home. He would stay at a hotel near his workplace and head to work in the morning. And he even has to bring work back with him when he needs to rest at the night.

Which meant that he wouldn't even be able to call home as often. In fact, it's been about three weeks since he's called, which greatly saddens Miki. With the lack of presence of her husband, it's been especially hard on her to not even be able to at the very least hear his voice.

Things weren't always like this though. Before he even got promoted he would always come home to his loving family. They would be waiting for him to arrive, with a hot meal made by Miki just sitting on the dinner table.

Their family was large, and the meals were barely enough for everyone. But the times when they would be together eating dinner was what really mattered. While Matsuri and Inori, the eldest among the siblings, would be at university, Kagami and Tsukasa would be at school studying. And of course, Tadao would be at work, earning a decent amount of money to support his family.

Everyone was out. Everyone except Miki. She was a housewife, unemployed and tasked with the daily chores of keeping the house clean and in order.

And after all the work is done she is left with barely anything else to do. At times she would just turn on the TV and absentmindedly flip through the channels all day, not even caring what was on at the moment. There were also times when she would pick up a book and start to read, even the ones she had already read.

But when her family comes home…she would greet them with a smile on her face. A smile that showed great love and appreciation. Because in the time of day when they would return, she would no longer bear the loneliness she had felt the whole day.

Their company meant a lot to her. She didn't care how long it took. So long as she got to see them everyday.

Miki was a calm and patient woman. She was raised to be that way, believing that it would make her a great wife when she would find the man of her life and have a family with. And up until this point, it had proven to be the case.

But now, she rarely sees Tadao. And her eldest daughters have both gotten part time jobs with their shifts right after class, so they would come back home by the time Miki had turned herself in for the day. The youngest of the siblings have entrance exams coming up, so they've been extra busy studying for them.

In other words, everyone has no time to be together anymore.

With another sigh, she closed the cupboard and went up to her room to fetch her purse. It was time to go to the grocery. She wanted to take a break from cooking, and dammit she'll get that break.

All she had to do was go to the store and buy enough canned goods to last them a week, and that would give her enough time to relax without cooking. Tadao would be coming home next week, so she should at least save her energy before cooking up a nice big hearty meal for the family to eat. It's like a small celebration of their rare times to be together.

She smiled at this. "I guess, in a way, it makes the times we spend together extra special."

That's a very positive way of thinking it. And she always tries her best to be optimistic. For her family…and herself.

To dwell in sadness could actually shorten one's lifespan by half. And that was a scary thought. And who knows just how long they will live?

She had to brave through everyday of her life with a smile on her face. She owes that much to God who had brought her into this world. A new day brings out more challenges and opportunities.

And right now, it's making sure that her family is fed.

Upon retrieving her purse, she put on a scarf and headed downstairs. It was a bit chilly out today, the season of spring being quite fresh. She took out her keys and made her way to the door, stopping abruptly as the phone began to ring.

She picked it up and pressed it against her ear. "Hiiragi Residence, Miki speaking."

"Miki?" her husband's voice said through the receiver. "It's Tadao."

She giggled. "I figured."

"Heh, yeah. Uh…listen…about next week…"

That tone…those words… Miki dreaded what comes after. She prayed to her God that her assumptions were wrong.

"…It turns out I can't come home just yet."

She felt like slamming the phone down and throwing it against the wall. They haven't spoken to each other in three weeks, let alone see each other, and this is the first they've ever talked.

And it was to tell her that he wasn't coming home next week.

She was frustrated, infuriated even. But she didn't let it all seep into her voice. She needed to assure her husband that she would love him by waiting patiently for his return.

No matter how long it takes…

"Oh, that's fine dear. I'm sure it's been pretty busy there at the company. Please, don't worry. I'll keep the house in order while you're still away."

"Thanks, Miki. I am so sorry. I know how lonely it must be for you…"

"Like I said, it's fine. You're working hard for our sake. And it's not like I can't see our girls every now and then."

Bullshit. Utter bullshit.

"Well, I'm still sorry. I'll try to call again tonight. It's been a while since we've talked after all."

Now that lightened her mood a bit. "Yes it has. Thank you, Tadao. I'll be waiting patiently tonight for your call."

"Hope we can talk tonight. I love you, Miki."

"I love you too, dear. Stay safe."

"Will do."

After hearing the dial tone, she placed the phone back down. She had a small smile on her face, apparently feeling a little happier than earlier. The thought of having to hear his voice again tonight was enough to rid her of her loneliness.

"Yes…tonight… I'll be waiting, Tadao."

With a nod of satisfaction, she opened the door and stepped out. Upon locking the door, she set out to go to the store. The weight on her shoulders lessened, and she nearly skipped along the road.

Yes, she could have her childish moments. Though she made sure to put a lid on it for the sake of her image and status as an adult. She'll save the skipping for when she comes back home.

For now, she settled with humming a soft tune. It was from a song she and Tadao had danced to on the night of their first wedding anniversary. It was called, "Eternity in Your Eyes".

Soon, her humming turned into soft singing. "As I look at you…nothing else matters…and when you hold me…I feel like I'm soaring…"

She stopped in front of a pedestrian lane, spotting the lit red light. She bobbed her head lightly as she continued to quietly sing the song.

As a soft breeze blew by she shivered. It was unusually this cold for spring. But then again, the world seems to be a bit odd lately.

She looked up, watching ivory clouds slowly move across the blue sky. How she loved to appreciate the little things. She had a great fondness of life.

Life is so unexpected. To each living being made into existence, there is a path laid down for them. That is unless they make the effort to change it.

It's surprising how people can manipulate how things flow. If one tries hard enough, they can carve their own path in life. But that isn't to say it works everytime.

Miki then remembered a story written by Owen Fabian, a fresh author who made his debut last April. He had published his first piece, a short story, titled "Faith in the Morrow".

It was the story of this young lad who had gone through many heartbreaks in his love life. He had been cheated on twice with two different girls, and the third girl had gotten his hopes up when he confessed to her and she said she felt the same way. But she had only said it to avoid hurting him, yet she broke it off with him anyway the next evening.

The woman frowned at remembering that. She felt utter sympathy for the character. No matter how good the intentions are one does not just pretend to reciprocate the feelings of one who is seriously in love with them. And if she recalls, it had led to a misunderstanding with their friends, and they have all turned their back on him believing he was the one at fault.

But he knew what had happened that night. He knew the truth. Miki knew the truth.

Which is why she can't help but feel angry at the girl.

After that incident, the boy had fallen into depression. He had gone on days without socializing with others that much. Just a "hello" or a nod and he immediately distances himself from everyone.

He had thought to himself that if he were to continue to get close to people he's associated with, he would get hurt again along the way. It is understandable, for many times in the past not only had he been hurt by girls he liked, but people he considered good friends as well.

But as time went on he had learned to let go of the ordeal. He came to realize that he had no fault in it, which was true. And if those friends were to hate him for what they believe in then so be it.

He never gave a damn. Not anymore. He moved on.

He believed that with everything that's happened, something was bound to go right at some point. Hell, he became very thankful that things went badly with those girls. Those girls acting like the way they did just proves that they're obviously not good people.

Maybe the third one had the best interests in mind, but she still hurt him. And besides, with how they were, he wouldn't have been happy with them. And so, he moved forward.

He had faith that one day, even if it took him years, he would find the happiness he longs for. The love that he wanted. The significant other that he so needed.

The story ended with one paragraph that brought a conclusion to the lad's decision. A paragraph that had become a favorite of Miki's.

"At times we question the paths life has laid out for us. Without knowing, we are heading for our inevitable destiny. Be it to become successful, or to ultimately fail. Either way, everything happens for a reason. It's like how you find the love you so desperately seek. Some people find it while others don't. But they just may find their significant other. If not in this life…then perhaps the life beyond it…"

Miki felt moved by these words. Not only is it admirable for the character to think this way, these words also rings true. He had faith would one day find someone who would love him back.

Be it in this life or the afterlife.

"Hmmm," she mumbled. "It had felt that the lad was the author himself. I mean, it was pretty descriptive and detailed. Like he had actually experienced it. Could it be that…he had written about himself…?"

If so, then she felt an even greater respect for him. He had experienced so much pain, and yet he wrote this story not only to make himself feel better but to also give everyone hope. Hope that the things that happen to them have a reason. A purpose.

And he has so much confidence that if he cannot find love in the world of the living, then he could try searching on where people have passed on. That alone earns him more than just a pat in the back.

She was snapped out of her thoughts as her eye caught the green light turning on. She had wondered how long she was lost in thought. And how many times had the light turned red and green.

Deciding not to dwell on it further, she walked over to the pedestrian strip. She felt better, remembering that story. It gave her more purpose to treasure the life she had.

She was so blessed to have been able to have such a wonderful family.

She was halfway across the street when the sudden sound of tires screeching had sounded off in the air. Startled, she turned to her right to see a car swerving around towards her. Her eyes widened as the car was closing in on her fast.

She was frozen in place, fear rendering her paralyzed. At that moment, time had stopped and a flash of images ran through her eyes. Those images were very familiar…

From the day she first opened her eyes to the day she stood at the altar with Tadao. They were filled with fond memories of her life. Memories she had forever treasured.

Her life…

At this she realized what this meant. They had said that your life passes before your eyes before you die. Is she going to die?

Time seemed to have picked up its pace, and soon Miki found herself flying backwards. She had hit the ground hard, rolling across the pavement for several feet before stopping. A dull pain enveloped her body, and she couldn't move her limbs.

Her eyes were half open, and she could barely make anything out from her blurry sight. And the last thing she saw was the car heading for her once more.

After that…darkness…

When Miki came to, she found herself surrounded by bright light. Soon that light had spread, filling her vision. She blinked a few times, thinking it was just her vision being hazy.

Her nose then picked up a sweet aroma. She looked down at the source of the smell and saw lilies. Beautiful white lilies. She touched them before seeing herself lying down on more lilies.

She looked around and saw that she was in a wide field filled with the flowers. She was captivated at the surreal sight. It seemed like it was all that there was in this place.

She then heard a faint rustling coming from her left. She quickly turned her head.

Soon she was met with kind green eyes looking down at her. "Hello, Miki Hiiragi."

Miki felt shocked beyond definition. The one before her was a familiar face. A face she had not seen for a very long time.

"Kanata Izumi…"

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