Do you even realize what you have done?!

Everything that was sacrificed... all those lives lost... and you would just throw it away like that? Don't you remember last time? The petty feuds that consumed hundreds of lives? The wars that razed cities?

And, just like that, you woke them. You actually brought them back.

So you send them, against the usurpers, the cultists, the monsters. And what next? Have you even considered, what will you do when those are gone? Who will you unleash your little amnesiac pets against?

For clan, and honor, and victory... remember that? Do you realize what's not on that list? You aren't. Not you, not any bystanders, not any who'd dare get in their way. Were you planning on just letting them be, and hoping they don't remember? Oh, but they will. They're already banding together.

So, pray tell. What will you do, when their enemies run out? What will you do, when they remember more than how to fight?

And when they realize what you did to them… where will you run?