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Arthur POV- (2 months later)

Merlin's back.

Merlin's back.

Merlin's back.

It's been two months since he returned, and yet, every night, I still find myself sitting before my desk and thinking about it. Thinking how it shouldn't be possible.

Merlin had told us that he didn't just have magic; He was magic. He'd said that you can't kill magic itself. It's impossible. His whole being is magic. Merlin is immortal, and the only thing that could kill him is a blade forged by a dragon's breath- like the only used to kill Morgana. What had 'killed' Merlin, was a serket's stinger. Yes, it had been very painful for him, but it couldn't kill him.

After he'd died, he said that the fates would eventually let him return, after his body and soul had fully healed. And that would take a while. They had to heal from the devastation and thought that he had died. And that he had left me. That he had left me without fulfilling his destiny.

After two years, Merlin had been allowed to return to the mortal world, but had to lay low for one more year before returning to Camelot, because his body had still been physically week.

He'd been in Albion for about a month before he showed himself, avoiding any and all contact with people. The Dragon had known he'd come back, but had kept it a secret on Merlin's behalf.

When Merlin had come back, the kingdom had rejoiced. He may have been just a servant in the eyes of many, but to the people living and working within the castle walls, he was more than that. Much more.

Merlin was a friend, a protector, a helper, an acquaintance, and a brother.

He was loyal, brave, helpful, sincere, caring, selfless, and definitely annoying.

But Camelot had never been the same without him.

Now that Merlin was back, Camelot was brighter and happier than it had been in years. Things were finally beginning to turn up.

When Merlin had found out that Guinevere and I had gotten married, he'd been so happy and gleeful. Once he found out that we'd named our first born son after him... he'd cried. Cried with happiness, and joy. He'd been so thankful, saying it was the greatest honour.

The Prince of Camelot had been named after a servant.

Now, what would my father think of that?

Once I became King, I'd decided not to be like my father in many ways.

I invited commoners to feasts, gave fair trials, cared for all the servants in the kingdom.

And I'd allowed magic into Camelot.

After I'd learned from Merlin that the only evil magic comes from the hearts of men, I realized that many, many innocent people had died at the hands of my father, or myself. Just because of something that wasn't their fault, or something they had, but had always used for good.

My father had banned magic, because he was scared. He was scared of something that he couldn't control. And he afraid of it. So he'd banned it. He'd banned it and killed anyone found with it. Whether they were using it for good, or abusing it and using it for evil. He'd killed anyone found beholding such a gift.

I won't be like him.

I won't.

I have allowed magic to roam free in the walls of Camelot.

Merlin has been named the young Prince's honourary uncle, and his Godfather. And he couldn't be more happy about it.

All of the knights are much, much happier to have him back. Especially Gwaine and Lancelot. Gwaine used to go to the Tavern a lot in Merlin's absence, but now goes less and less.

Even though he is back, I have refused to let him become my servant again.

Instead, he has become Court Sorcerer.

He has his own chambers now, but still goes to Gaius' for his meals, and is still his apprentice. He goes around with Gaius to help the sick and wounded when ever necessary.

He also attends any meeting that has to do with magic. He no longer has to stand by the door, or in a corner; He gets to sit at the table. In Morgana's old chair.

He comes with me on every outing and hunting trip, and whenever something is off or wrong, Merlin is the one to act first.

Merlin is Camelot's protector once again.

He is Camelot's Court Sorcerer and Physician's apprentice.

He is the honourary uncle and Godfather to the Prince.

Merlin is alive.

Merlin is back.

And Camelot had never been better.


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