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Arthur POV-

As we rode back to Camelot, I couldn't help but feel that a piece of my heart was now missing. Merlin had always been there, opening my curtains in the morning with his routinely "Rise and shine!", tagging along on my outings, cleaning up for me, even saving my life a couple times here and there. Yes, I have noticed once or twice, but I decided it was best to keep quiet. I never thought of Merlin as a Sorcerer, especially not the Great 'Emrys', but then again, I never thought of Merlin as any sort of talented man. He was just too much of an idiot.

As we reached Camelot, I jumped off my horse, and gave his reigns to a servant who took him away. The knights were giving my worried and depressed looks, and I saw Gwen rushing down the stairs towards myself.

She noticed our glum faces,looked around, and finally noticed... no Merlin.

I could see her holding back her tears and trying to stay strong. She questioned, "What happened?"

I just walked passed her, and into the castle.

Gwen POV-

"What happened?" I asked Arthur, noticing Merlin's absence. Arthur just ignored me and walked up the castle steps. I quickly looked towards Sir Leon and gave him a questioning look.

He put on the best straight face he could muster, stood straight and said, "Merlin is dead."

I stumbled backwards, and started to sob. Running back to the castle, I tripped on a step, picked myself up, and continued on.

I threw the doors open to Arthur's chambers and noticed him quietly crying and staring out his window, the way he always does when he is upset or worried, or both. Arthur looked at me and I ran into his arms, buried my head in his chest, and soaked his shirt with my tears. Arthur stroked my hair with his fingers, and I felt a couple tears hit the top of my head.

After a couple minutes, Arthur's back stiffened and he said, "We're going to find Morgause and avenge Merlin."

"I'm coming with you," I stated with full confidence.

"No, it's too dangerous, and I don't want you to get hurt." Arthur replied instantly.

"But-" I started to protest.

"No. I've lost Merlin. I can't lose you too." Arthur said once again.

Arthur POV-

A couple hours later, the knights and myself set out on our embark to find Morgause and claim revenge. We were told by another knight, that she was spotted in Cenred's lands.

Gwen hurried down the steps, and rushed towards me. She still wasn't happy that she could not come with us, but she would not oblige. "Be careful Arthur," she told me, as I was about to climb on to my horse.

"I will," I stated, giving her hand a reassuring squeeze.

I mounted my horse, motioned the knights to go, and headed off.

After a few hours of riding, we settled down for the night, and set up camp.

"Sir Leon, take Sir Gordon and go find twigs for the fire," I ordered.

They nodded and walked off.

While the wrest of the knights were getting the food ready to cook over the fire, and setting up the bedding, I adventured around for a while. I did not stray too far, but just enough that I was not in sight.

Suddenly I stopped, finding a pair of footprints on the ground leading away. I followed them, and found a cave. Just as I was about to enter, two men came from the sides, and one man jumped from the cave top.

I pulled out my sword, and head butted one, then kicked the others out from underneath their feet, but another man had appeared unnoticed and hit my head from behind. I fell to the ground, and saw a man, but behind him was someone with long blonde hair. Then everything was swallowed in blackness.

Uh oh! Who was the blonde one? What will the knights do when they find their master missing? Hmm...

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