Author's note: And here's part 2 of the story. Here Draco decides to go after what he wants in his own way ... So it will be dark at some points.

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Part 2

Grey eyes narrowed when the door leading to the staircases opened and revealed a ruffled looking Harry Potter, being followed by an equally ruffled looking brown haired guy, who looked to be around his mid-thirties.

The music danced around them and prevented the blond from hearing what exactly the brunette was saying to Harry. It must have been a question, because the Saviour shook his head and turned away from the man, obviously dismissing him. The brunette looked disappointed for a few seconds, before he seemed to shrug the rejection off and soon he had immersed himself in the mass of dancing bodies.

"So not good enough for a repeat performance?" Draco asked, once Harry had taken his usual seat at the bar. He tried to keep his tone as light as possible, but he couldn't prevent a light sneer from appearing on his face.

Since a couple of months he had found he disliked – no, detested was more like it – the way Harry just casually picked up guys and took them upstairs to shag them, dismissing Draco's presence as if he wasn't worth his time. Draco knew what he had gotten himself into the evening he started flirting with Harry – the man had specifically warned him he didn't do relationships. He didn't do fidelity. And why should he? They weren't together; they weren't a couple. They were friends with benefits he supposed.

And while he would have liked the thought of no strings attached half a year ago, for some reason, he discovered he now hated that thought.

"One Firewhiskey." Harry ordered and immediately received one. The bartender knew them both well enough now to know when either of them wanted a drink.

After he had taken a sip from his beverage, he turned towards Draco with a raised eyebrow. "He wasn't bad, but he wasn't spectacular either, so no, no repeat performance for him." Harry chuckled and closed his eyes to savour the burning taste of the alcohol in his mouth.

"You wouldn't have had a sloppy time if you just had waited for me to arrive." Draco snorted and avoided the heavy glance by sipping of his own wine.

"What's the matter, Draco? Are we jealous?" Harry asked teasingly and laughed when the blond threw him a glare.

"Why would I be jealous?" Draco sneered. "I know I'm way better than all those guys you take upstairs. So there's no need for me to be jealous."

Harry pursed his lips and looked at him annoyed. "'All those guys'? You make me sound like a slut." He murmured and his fingers clenched around the cold glass.

"Well, you're not exactly a saint when it comes to that part of your life." Draco shrugged and hissed when a Stinging hex was shot at his leg. "What the fuck, Potter?"

He was taken aback by the dark look Harry gave him. The bright emerald green had dimmed to a dark forest colour – the colour they got when the owner of them was pissed off. Draco had been at the end of that particular colour quite a few times already.

"Listen, Malfoy, I'll say it again: I don't do relationships. I don't know what you're thinking, but whatever it is, stop it." Harry hissed. "You know from the beginning what this would be. If you can't handle it, then feel free to fuck off. We're not together; I'm free to do whoever I want, whenever I want. If you want someone to play house with, go seek someone else. Don't think for one second you're irreplaceable."

"So you're fine with letting people use your body? Fine with never getting a family of your own, because you're too much of a coward to try and take a risk?" Draco spat, his cheeks flushing red in anger. "You're pathetic, Potter."

"Go to hell, Malfoy!" Harry snapped and then stormed off, disappearing quickly between the large amount of people.

Draco sighed and rubbed his forehead. He could feel a headache coming up. He was pissed off at Harry and angry at himself for feeling all these new feelings.

He should have stopped going after Harry after the first time they had shagged. He should never have let himself be dragged in further into Harry's life. He should have stopped hanging out with the man when it turned out that his feelings had started to change.

He left a few Galleons behind to pay for his wine and then left the club, ignoring the few people who tried to attract his attention. He Apparated in front of the gate to Malfoy manor and made his way to the building.

He had been given a wing of his own the moment he had reached adulthood and it even had its own private entrance, so he could enter the comfort of his rooms without meeting his parents.

He switched his clothes for a pair of pyjama pants, leaving his chest bare and laid down on his bed, staring broodily at the ceiling.

He hated the way Harry made him feel. The man had always been able to get underneath his skin, to annoy him the most out of everyone he knew. He had thought it would be interesting to bed the man he had mercilessly taunted in Hogwarts; thinking that just one time would be enough for them. Instead, he found himself more interested in Harry, found himself wondering after a while what the man was doing at that moment and when he would be able to see him again.

Found himself growing jealous of all the other men who received Harry's attention, even if he was present at the club. Found himself getting annoyed at himself for even being jealous of other men. What Harry did with other guys was his business, not his.

Even Blaise had started to question what was wrong with him, when he had caught him gazing out of the window instead of handling the paperwork of a new case he had accepted.

This was getting pathetic. Why had he thought it would be a good idea to start meeting up with Harry during the day? Fuck being friends – it was clear they never could be just friends. There was no middle ground with them; there was no way they could just stay in this particular stage of friendship without one of them getting fed up with it after a while.

He clenched his eyes shut and his hands formed into fists next to his hips, when it finally dawned on him that he wanted Harry. Not just for shagging only. No, he wanted all of Harry. He wanted to have him; wanted to be the one who Harry came home to; whom he told his worries to; whom he confided him; whom he had fun with. He wanted to care for Harry and be cared for. Wanted to let Harry know he would always be there for him.

When had this happened? When had shagging without strings attached became this, this need to have Harry for him alone? When had it changed from just lust to desire?

The moment he had landed into Harry's bed the second time? The month after? The moment he had proposed they should meet up during the day as well? The moment they had started to use each other's first names and became more comfortable with each other? The moment he had met Teddy and had seen with his own eyes how good Harry was with children?

He didn't know. All he knew was that he had to have Harry. It made him furious to see the man disappearing with random men upstairs, knowing what they were doing, hating it and yet he couldn't do anything to prevent it, because they weren't together.

Something had to change. Their whole relationship had to change. But how? It had become clear as day to him that Harry was too afraid of potential hurt to ever consider another relationship again.

It made him wonder what exactly had happened between Harry and the few guys he had had a relationship with. What had they done to make the man so bitter towards the concept of love?

He exhaled noisily. At this point it was no use to wonder why Harry had become so bitter. He would need to find something to convince Harry to give him a real chance. They could be good together, he was certain of it. They had enough differences to keep their relationship interesting and passionate, and they had enough things they liked to make sure they still had peaceful moments.

He knew they would be perfect. Now he only needed to find a way to convince Harry of the same fact. The man just needed to release some of the control he had; he needed to understand that opening his heart to someone didn't automatically mean that he would be hurt. He needed to learn to trust again and Draco thought he would be able to teach him that.

He just needed to find something …

It wasn't until he woke up from a very peculiar dream in the middle of that night, that he finally got an idea on how to convince Harry to give him a chance. It was incredibly risky and it could backfire, but coupled with the knowledge he had of Harry and the dream that seemed to show him a possible reality, he was certain that in the end he would succeed.

He only needed to carefully plan everything and see to it that nothing could go wrong.

There was one book in the Malfoy library that had been hidden away in the last bookcase, hidden between various old tomes that nobody had opened in more than a century. It was a book that no Malfoy would ever want to be caught reading it, because it would mean that they weren't completely normal.

It was that book that would help Draco gain the one he wanted, the one he would love if only that person gave him a chance.

Calmly, he stepped out of his bed and pulled on his robe. He had work to do.

Two and a half weeks later, Draco was able to set his plan into motion when Harry finally deemed him forgiven for the things he had said the last time they had spoken to each other.

Now he only needed to wait.


"I know you hate hospitals, Harry, but surely you realize that you really need to see a Healer?" Hermione murmured and placed a hand on his shoulder. "You've been throwing up a lot for the past two weeks – we need to figure out what's wrong with you."

Harry groaned miserably and leant forwards in his chair, feeling her hand rubbing his back soothingly. They were in Saint Mungos, waiting for a Healer to call them. Lately Harry had been feeling nauseous a lot and the bathroom had quickly become a place where he spent most of his time now.

His illness prevented him from going to work and his students had been disappointed upon reading the announcement that for an undeterminable period of time, there would be no lessons.

Hermione had found him puking when she had Flood to his house and had immediately ordered him to go to the hospital once he admitted that he had been throwing up for the past few weeks.

Harry didn't like it one bit – he hated hospitals – but there was no refusing Hermione, unless he wanted to meet her temper.

So now they were waiting for the assistant to announce they could go into the office of Healer Longbreek.

"Mister Potter? Healer Longbreek is ready to see you." The brown haired girl announced with flushed cheeks and Harry nodded, standing up.

He and Hermione made their way through the hallway, coming to a stop for a closed white door with a golden plaque on it, the name Alexander Longbreek engraved in the gold.

Hermione knocked firmly on the door and a soft voice called out, "Yes, come in."

Longbreek was a lean, tall man with half long dark blond hair tied back in a low ponytail. His light blue eyes with specks of green in them regarded the two calmly when they entered the office.

He stood up and offered his hand. "Good afternoon, Mister Potter, Mrs Weasley-Granger." He greeted them and both shook his hand. "Please take a seat."

Conveniently Hermione took the seat closest to the door, as if she wanted to prevent Harry that way from bolting out of the office – which he probably would have tried.

"So, what seems to be the problem?" Longbreek asked and looked expectantly at Harry, who shifted nervously on his seat.

"Lately I've been feeling tired a lot and nauseous as well." He answered, already wishing the visit was over.

"Do you have to throw up as well, or is it only restricted to feeling nauseous?"

"I've been throwing up every day lately, sometimes multiple times."

"How long has this been going on?"

"Around two weeks I think?"

Longbreek stood up. "Alright, please follow me; I'll examine you."

Harry followed him to the next room and was instructed to sit down on the hospital bed. The paper creaked underneath him when he sat down and Hermione came to stand behind him, offering her silent support.

"Alright, I'll start with a general scan to determine where the problem is situated." Longbreek explained and muttered a spell, which made the tip of his wand glow up light blue. He slowly moved his way over Harry's body, starting with his head, and going downwards. When he reached his stomach, Longbreek blinked when the blue light changed to red. "Mister Potter, please raise your sweater – it seems I need to examine your stomach closely."

With an inaudible sigh, Harry lifted his sweater until his stomach was uncovered. He hissed softly when the wand was pushed against his stomach, followed by three fingers.

Longbreek frowned. "Please lay down, Mister Potter." He muttered.

Harry shared a confused look with Hermione, who had started to look warily, but obeyed the Healer's command, wondering what the hell was wrong with him.

Longbreek muttered another spell, which now called up a parchment floating in the air. A quill appeared next to it and then started to rapidly write things down.

When the quill was done and had disappeared again, the Healer plucked the parchment out of the air and read it, his frown deepening and his mouth tightening.

"Do you know what's wrong with Harry, Healer Longbreek?" Hermione broke the tense silence, her own brown eyes narrowed in suspicion.

Longbreek looked up and lowered the parchment. His blue eyes had turned serious and he looked troubled.

"Mister Potter, are you in a committed relationship?" He suddenly asked.

Harry pushed his sweater back down and blinked surprised. "What? No, I'm not. Why?"

"This is strange." Longbreek murmured and glanced down at the list again.

"What is strange?" Hermione asked impatiently. She didn't like the way Longbreek regarded Harry.

"This would have been easier to explain if you were in a relationship, Mister Potter." Longbreek started slowly. "As it is, I have no idea how this happened."

"What do you mean?" Harry started to get anxious. What did him not having a relationship to do with him puking his guts out every day?

"I have no idea how to break this news, so I'll just be blunt. Please forgive me for that." Longbreek took a deep breath. "It seems that you somehow got hit by the Pregnantes spell. You're almost two months pregnant, Mister Potter."

The noise outside the room seemed to cease and Harry stared dumbly at the Healer. He was pregnant? As in expecting a child?

Vaguely he felt Hermione sitting down next to him and pulling him in her arms, rubbing his back soothingly.

This couldn't be true, right? He couldn't be pregnant. He would have noticed it if one of his flings had casted a spell. He always took care to locate their wands and see to it that they used the proper spells – he didn't want to catch any diseases after all. So how the hell had somebody been able to cast that particular spell? And why? Why the fuck would anyone do that to him?

Panic started to stretch its tendrils around him and seemed to squeeze his lungs together.

"I take it that you weren't aware someone casted that spell?" Longbreek asked, his eyes studying him intently.

Numbly Harry shook his head.

"Do you know who the father could be?"

"No." Harry whispered and felt his face burn in humiliation. Merlin, what must the Healer be thinking now, hearing that the famous Harry Potter, an example used for children everywhere, didn't even know who the father was of his child?

Fuck, how could his life had reached this point? He didn't even know who the father was of his own child.

Shit, what the hell was he supposed to do now? He hadn't expected to hear he was carrying a child from Merlin knows who when he entered the office today. He had thought it was just a bug. Just a harmless bug that would disappear once he took the right potions.

He could feel hysterical laughter bubbling up, wanting to be released from his throat, but he pressed his lips shut and instead felt his eyes water. He wasn't ready for a child. Hell, he wasn't even ready for a relationship, let alone a child. How was he supposed to care for it?

But maybe he didn't have to. He felt his breath hitch for a moment and heard Hermione asking him whether he was feeling alright.

Of course, he didn't have to keep the child, right? He could get rid of it. He was still in the stage where it could be removed. He didn't have to keep it – nobody aside from the Healer and Hermione would know he was pregnant and if he let it be removed now, nobody else would have to know about it. He wouldn't have to endure the mocking glances from other people, the whispers about how he couldn't keep his legs closed and didn't even know who had shagged him. The papers wouldn't be able to report about his pregnancy, wouldn't be able to give him a new title, something along the lines of "Harry Potter, Saviour turned Slut" or something else like that. He wouldn't be publically humiliated.

He wouldn't be able to screw up an innocent life because he couldn't even deliver the child a loving family. The child didn't deserve a father who was afraid of commitment, who was afraid to open his heart again to anyone else.

"Harry, please talk to me." Hermione sounded urgent and anxious and he pulled back from her hug, realizing he had been ignoring the other two occupants in the room for a while now.

He turned towards the Healer and looked him steadily in the eyes, ignoring how quickly his breathing had become. "Can you remove it?" He ignored the shocked gasp of the woman holding him in her arms and continued, "I know I'm still in the stage when you can remove it. How do you do that? A spell or a potion?"

"Mister Potter," Longbreek said slowly, "I'm afraid I can't carry out your request."

"What? Why the hell not?" Harry asked frustrated and clenched his hands into fists.

No, no, the Healer had to help him. He couldn't keep this child, he was too screwed up.

"Because unlike with women's pregnancies, which can be broken off in the early stage, a man's pregnancy can't be broken off. Magic had to be used to create a womb in your body and this same magic enables the child to grow." Longbreek explained patiently. "The child is not only sharing your nutrition, but also your magic. If I were to remove the baby, your magic would get out of control and will mostly likely try to attack your body, resulting in your death. I'm sorry, Mister Potter, but you have to go through with the pregnancy. Unless your life is at risk, the pregnancy can't be terminated. And at this moment, aside from the nausea and the fatigue which is normal, you're in perfect health."

Harry just dropped his head in his hands, desperately trying to keep his tears at bay. This couldn't be happening to him. It just couldn't. It wasn't fair at all.

"In case you decide to give up your child for adoption, I have some pamphlets here that will explain the progress." Longbreek crossed the room and opened a drawer in one of the five cabinets, rummaging through it. "I also will give you the pamphlets regarding male pregnancy and the things you must be aware of." He came back and handed over a small stack of pamphlets which Hermione took because Harry was still hiding his face.

"May I also suggest you talk to the men you have been with two months ago? You're going to need the other father's help. His magic is needed for the baby to grow well." Longbreek continued in a neutral voice.

Harry just nodded, wanting to get out of the hospital as soon as possible, so that he could break down in his own house.

Fortunately Hermione seemed to understand that and quickly ushered him out of the office, thanking and paying the Healer on her way out.

Somehow they managed to go through the Floo without attracting too much attention of the rest of the people in the hospital and landed in Harry's living room.

"Alright, you go sit down while I'll make some tea for you." Hermione pushed him down softly on the dark blue couch and hurried to the kitchen, where she grabbed the kettle, filled it with water, started heating it up and searched for some tea in the cabinets.

When she came back five minutes later with two steaming mugs in which the teabags were steeping, Harry had leant back and was staring at the ceiling, his eyes red rimmed.

"I know you probably don't want to talk about it now, but Harry, we need to discuss some things." Hermione said softly and handed over the steaming mug.

"I can't believe this is happening." Harry whispered and stared at the wall. "Who the hell thought it was such a brilliant idea to cast that fucking spell? Now I'm knocked up and I don't even know the father!"

"Try to stay calm, Harry. Getting worked up is not good now." Hermione admonished him gently.

He looked at her miserably. "What the hell am I going to do now, Hermione?"

She grabbed his hand and squeezed it. "Alright, first of, we need to determine who the father is. After that, we can think of what you'll do then." Her warm brown eyes looked at him worried. "I know you probably don't want to tell me this, but with how many men have you slept two months ago? And can you remember their names?"

His cheeks burning in shame, Harry tried to remember with whom he had shared the bed two months ago. There had been Draco multiple times after he had forgiven him for the things he had said; there had been a guy named Lawrence with whom he had hooked up for only one night; another guy named Louis, a Frenchman who had been on vacation in England – Merlin, he hoped he wasn't expecting his child; how was he supposed to track him down? – and lastly a red haired guy named Adrian.

"Four guys." He muttered, looking down at his lap. "A Frenchman named Louis, who was here on vacation for a week; someone named Lawrence; a guy named Adrian and," he took a deep breath, "Draco."

Hermione only made a small sound of surprise, obviously not expecting Harry to be still hooking up with Draco, after she had caught them together five months ago.

"Alright, so one of those four men is the father of your baby." She nodded thoughtfully and then grabbed her wand. "Listen, I know a spell that can tell us who the father is. It's been used for centuries and hundred per cent reliable. Would you like me to cast the spell?"

Even though he wanted nothing more than to ignore his pregnancy – which obviously would be difficult once he started showing – he realized he needed to know who the father was. Especially if the Healer was right and the baby needed the other man's magic to develop properly. The baby may be unwanted, but he didn't want to hurt it on purpose. If he didn't have a choice and had to carry the baby to term, he at least wanted to make sure the baby would be healthy. No need to screw up another life.

So he nodded and took a deep breath, trying to calm down his erratically beating heart. He couldn't decipher the spell Hermione uttered next, but he did see the result.

In bright blue words, floating above his stomach, the letters spelled out: "Father: Draco Lucius Malfoy".

He was in deep shit now.


I have something to tell you. I'll be coming to your manor tonight if you don't mind.


Draco placed the letter down at his desk and looked thoughtfully out of the window, which overlooked a part of their large garden. He had received the letter five minutes ago and thus had two hours before Harry would arrive.

He had a feeling what kind of news Harry wanted to talk about with him and butterflies started to flutter in his stomach. If his calculations were correct, then Harry would be almost two months far now.

A smile broke through on his face. He would finally get what he wanted.

Once he had been allowed back into Harry's life, he had waited until the man had fallen in a deep sleep (which wasn't that difficult after the vigorous shagging they had done) and had casted the spell that would develop a womb in Harry's body. But that alone hadn't been enough.

He knew that Harry still sought out other men on nights he wasn't there and his plan would be destroyed if his future partner ended up pregnant with another man's child. So after the Pregnantes spell, he had casted another spell. This spell was another one he had found in a book in the Malfoy library and had been invented by a man who wanted to be sure that his wife would only bear his children and not someone else's. It essentially made the person subjected to the spell infertile for anyone else, except in the rare cases that the caster decided to remove the spell.

So even if Harry slept with other men, he wouldn't get pregnant from them. He would only carry Draco's child.

He felt guilty that he had gotten Harry knocked up, without the latter knowing of it, but he knew that it would work out in the end. Harry might think he wasn't ready for a relationship or a child, but Draco had seen him with Teddy and Harry was perfect with children. He would be an amazing dad; Draco was certain of that.

And he would prove Harry that he could be trusted with his heart, that he wouldn't hurt him like those other men had done.

It would probably take a while before Harry could accept the fact that they were good together, but they had time.

Still smiling, Draco stood up and went downstairs to eat dinner with his parents when a house elf popped up in his room to announce dinner was ready.

Soon he would tell his parents that he had found someone to spend his life with and that they would be getting a grandchild in the near future. But for now he would keep quiet, until he was certain Harry felt secure in their relationship.

"Harry, come take a seat. Would you like some tea?" Draco offered two hours later when Harry had shown up, his cheeks flushed and an anxious look on his face.

"Yes please." The dark haired man muttered and took a seat near the fire, fiddling with his sleeve.

"Lippy, please bring us some orange flavoured tea." Draco ordered the house elf, who was waiting for orders near the door.

Lippy nodded and disappeared immediately; only to reappear half a minute later with two steaming cups which he placed on the small coffee table.

"Thank you, Lippy, that will be all." Draco said firmly and Lippy nodded, disappearing again.

He took a seat opposite of Harry and took the mug, sipping carefully of it, savouring the orange flavour. "Now, you said you had something to tell me?"

Harry nodded jerkily and his hands clenched around the hot mug, seemingly not feeling the heat. Grey eyes narrowed and he silently casted a Cooling charm, so that Harry's hands wouldn't be burned.

"I have something to tell you and I'm not sure how." Harry bit his lip. "To be honest, I still don't know how it has happened, except that apparently somebody thought it fun to screw me over." He let out a bitter laugh.

Draco furrowed his eyebrows and lowered his mug. "What's wrong, Harry?"

"I really don't know how to say this, so I – I'm just going to say it." The distraught man took a deep breath and continued, "It seems I was hit at some point with a spell and now I'm pregnant. With your child."

Slowly Draco placed his mug back on the coffee table and studied the man in front of him. "How far along are you?"

"Almost two months." Harry's voice wavered and he noticed it sounded a bit rough, as if Harry had been crying a lot before he came here.

He ignored the guilty feeling that rose up after coming to that realization. Soon enough he would be able to make Harry happy.

He breathed out slowly, formulating his response. He knew he couldn't act too excited because Harry would get suspicious then. "Well, this is certainly a surprise." He finally muttered.

"I'm sorry." Harry suddenly mumbled and he looked down, his hands turning white from the amount of clenching he was doing. "If it was possible, I wouldn't have bothered you with it, but it turns out that removing the baby would cause my magic to go wild."

Draco stared at him sharply, not daring to believe what he had just heard. "You were thinking of removing our baby?" He asked incredulously and sat up straight, his back tense.

Harry stared at him confused. "I – well yeah; it's not like we're together and we planned for it. I didn't want to screw up your life with a baby you don't want either, but well, it seems that I have to carry it full term and …"

"Don't presume to think for one second you know how I feel about children." Draco interrupted him coldly. He couldn't believe Harry had been thinking of aborting their child. Sure, he had expected the man to be shocked and in denial for a while, but to want to get their child aborted?

Harry gaped at him, his eyes wide. Clearly he hadn't expected that particular response. "But, we're not together." He replied helplessly. "Why would you want to have a child with me?"

"For the same reason I want to be with you: I like you. A lot." Draco answered and stood up, coming to sit down next to Harry, who stared at him speechlessly. Calmly the blond removed the mug from Harry's hands and put it down next to his on the table. Then he grabbed Harry's slender hands between his own. "I want to be together, Harry. I understand you had some relationships that ended badly in the past, but that's no reason to shut yourself off for others. I'm not saying we'll be together forever – nobody knows that – but I'd like to try either way. We could be good together and I think you know this."

"Why do you think I would want you as my partner?" Harry suddenly bristled and tried to pull back his hands, glaring at the blond when the latter refused to lose his grip on them. "It's not because I'm expecting your child, that that suddenly means I want to be together with you."

"If you don't feel at least something for me, then why the hell are we still fucking after a year?" Draco sneered and Harry blinked. "Don't think I haven't heard of your reputation after all this time. I know that you usually don't fuck a guy more than three times, yet you still haven't rejected me after a year. If you really didn't feel anything for me, you would have rejected me after a couple of times, whether the sex was great or not." He bent his head towards Harry and heard him holding his breath. He slowly smirked and pushed Harry down, being mindful of his stomach when he slid between two tensed legs. "Just admit it, Potter, that you started to like me. You're just too afraid to admit it because you're still not over your last relationship."

"I am over it!" Harry hissed in his face and his hands shot out to clench down on his shoulders, making him grimace a bit in pain. "Don't fucking think I'm still pining after that cheating asshole! And don't think you're so fucking special, just because I haven't rejected you! You're delusional if you think that we …"

Whatever Harry wanted to say, was cut off when a pair of hungry lips descended on his own and started to kiss him harshly, a tongue prying his mouth open and forcing him to response.

Draco inwardly smirked when he heard Harry moan lowly and he gripped him tighter, letting the man underneath him feel just how much he wanted him.

When breathing became a necessity, Draco pulled back and they both gasped for air, both their lips tingling as if something electric had touched them.

Harry's pupils were large, the green in his eyes nearly hidden by the black. He let his head fall back on the couch's arm and sighed. "Why?"

Draco carefully lowered himself until he was laying down on the couch, though he kept most of his weight off of Harry's stomach, bracing himself with his arms on each side of Harry's chest. "Because I want you. I've wanted you for a long time now, but I didn't want to push you."

Harry laughed breathlessly. "And what are you doing now then?"

"Finally getting what I want." Draco replied calmly. "I know you want me too, Harry, I can see it in your eyes."

Harry's arms came around him and the blond thought that was a good sign. "I'm fucked up."

"Who isn't these days?" Draco piped up and placed a kiss on Harry's collarbone. "I'd be concerned if you were completely normal."

Harry ignored him and went on, "I don't want to get hurt again." For the first time since they had met again, Harry sounded vulnerable, scared. "Every time I thought I had found a great guy, he made sure to let me know at the end how worthless I was as a partner. I don't want to disappoint you."

"Those guys were idiots." Draco said softly and stretched out his hand to caress Harry's cheek; he felt him tremble underneath his touch and wondered how many people had touched Harry there in that manner. "They wouldn't know what's great if it bit them in the arse. I'm not saying we won't ever have fights – hell, we had quite a few already – but having fights is part of a relationship. It's inevitable that we will disagree on some points." He gave him a soft kiss on his nose. "It would be boring if we agreed on everything all the time. Having differences is what makes it so fun in a relationship. As long as we talk out our differences, there's nothing wrong with arguing now and then. And hey, afterwards it makes for pretty good make up sex." He smirked.

Harry snorted and smiled weakly.

"I'm willing to try, Harry. Will you give us a chance?"

It was silent for a while.

"Are you only saying this because I'm pregnant?" Emerald green eyes stared right into his, ready to catch his lie should he utter one.

"No. I admit that it makes it a bit easier to tell you, but I would have asked you to try eventually. The baby just gave me the extra push to do it now, instead of later." Draco answered softly and his grey eyes softened in response.

Harry took a deep breath and let it out slowly, his green eyes shifting until he looked at the ceiling, his forehead marked with a frown.

Draco let him think, content to just lay there and enjoy having Harry with him – no matter how long it would last. He told himself he would accept Harry's decision, even if it turned out not favourable for him. He wanted to make Harry happy, not miserable.

"I – I think I'm willing to try." Harry muttered eventually and a light blush appeared on his face.

Draco smiled. "Thank you."

This time Harry met him in a kiss that conveyed their promise for a future together.

Eight months later

Light grey eyes met emerald green in wonder.

Harry was holding his one month old son Scorpius against his chest, giving him the bottle with milk.

He still couldn't believe he and Draco had created this beautiful creature. It hadn't been an easy pregnancy. It hadn't been until Harry had heard the baby's heart beating and saw him sucking his little thumb in his stomach when he was five months far that the man had realized he loved the small human being growing in his stomach. He couldn't imagine giving his child away after the birth and at arriving home, he had immediately thrown out the pamphlets about adoption.

Sure it was still scary and he was still afraid he would screw things up, but everyone had assured him he would be fine. He had done (and was still doing) a wonderful job with Teddy, so he would be a wonderful dad to his own biological child as well.

Scorpius had been born through a C-section because even though he had a womb, he wasn't able to give birth the natural way. The contractions had been incredibly painful and more than once he had cursed out Draco for landing him in such a situation until he had been sedated so they could cut his stomach open to retrieve his baby. Draco had been there the whole time, supporting Harry and not minding the verbal abuse he was subjected to.

The moment Scorpius had been laid on his chest, cleaned up and put into a blue crawler, Harry had started crying, not believing he and Draco had managed to create such a beautiful baby. The pain he had gone through to deliver Scorpius had been just a distant memory already then, it being worth it to see his son healthy.

Teddy had been excited to meet his little brother and he was eager to help Harry and Draco with caring for Scorpius, accepting the baby readily as his little brother. Just like he had accepted Draco when the man had moved in to be with Harry and help him with the pregnancy.

Harry's relationship with Draco had been rocky at first, with him not being sure whether he could trust Draco or not. It was one thing to have sex with the guy without strings attached, and a whole other thing to really be in a relationship together. But slowly Harry had started to trust him, and had slowly started to open his heart for the blond man.

There was still some fear lingering that Draco would hurt him like the other men had done, but he was now able to push back that fear, until it was forgotten for most of the time.

He looked up, startled out of his musings, when the door to the nursery opened and Draco entered the room.

"Teddy has gone to sleep." Draco murmured and crossed the room, sinking down on his knees in front of the rocking chair in which Harry was seated. "Seems like he has quite an appetite."

Harry smiled and looked down at the baby, who was almost done with his bottle. "Yeah, I'm glad he's a good sleeper as well." He chuckled softly.

Once Scorpius was done drinking, Harry handed over the empty bottle to Draco, who put it in a small box next to the nightstand, where it would be picked up by Lippy (having followed Draco to his new home) to be cleaned for the next time.

Harry made sure to make Scorpius burp and then carefully laid him down in his crib. "Sweet dreams, sweetheart." He whispered and Scorpius smacked his lips softly, his eyelids fluttering until he closed them, falling into a deep slumber.

Draco bent down and carefully placed a kiss on his son's forehead, following Harry out the room afterwards. A charm was permanent enabled in the room, letting them know whenever Scorpius woke up or needed them.

After brushing their teeth, they both climbed into the bed and settled down. Draco opened his arms and Harry slid into them without hesitation.

"I love you, Harry." Draco whispered in his ear.

Harry smiled. "I love you too."

They shared a sweet kiss and then closed their eyes.

Their relationship was not perfect, no. They still had arguments, but they had learnt to talk them out instead of running away from them.

Harry didn't know what the future would bring for him, but whatever it was, he was certain he could handle it. As long as he had his family at his side, he could do anything. Even opening his heart for Draco wasn't that scary anymore. Yes, in the end love was worth it to risk his heart and he was thankful for Draco to have shown that to him.

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