SasuHina. Konoha High

Summary: He is a football player. Or more precisely, the popular heart-throb quarterback. She is a skater girl who has a crush on the class's clown since elementary school, but he's too dense to even realize it. Nothing is even right. Hinata likes Naruto who likes Sakura who likes Sasuke who likes Hinata. Will she succeed in making the dobe fall for her? Or will the damn Uchiha come between them? Why is he even mean to her? Ohhh...That's right. Sasuke Uchiha isn't nice with anyone...RIGHT ?

CAUTION: This fanfiction contains strong language and some hate towards Sakura. Also has OCC with action, drama and romance.

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Hinata Hyuuga was a skater girl. More like she IS since she, and all the other characters are alive. She was seventeen, but still was kind of baby-faced; which made her even cuter than she already was. Had waste-length midnight black hair that was soo black it looked blue. Pale silver eyes with a tint of lavender, smooth soft pale skin and delicate hands. She would look like an angel on earth; which made people wonder...How could such a person be a skater ? O-okay maybe being that kind of girl suited her. She, surprisingly being a Hyuuga, had bad language. She, of all the girls, was the only one you didn't want to mess with. Especially when she isn't in the mood.

Today wasn't a lucky day. It was the end of classes, when the pink bitch of Sakura Haruno was molesting her BFF (Hinata's BFF, not Sakura's) Ino Yamanaka.

"- Well, well...Isn't that ugly little friend slutty Hinata? Or you just don't have any friends since I kicked you out of the populars Ino pig? spoke Pinky Stinky

The raven haired girl frowned and tried to restrain herself from beating the shit out of the REAL slut. Instead, she just let out a forced laugh.

- Listen SUCKura. I wonder how you get good grades, when you aren't even smart enough to realize that the pig here is you since you are the one with pink hair, pink clothes and a big fat forehead. Oh, and the slutty too. Just to let you know, stop wearing provocative clothing. Guys don't date pigs, no matter what it wears. replied the Hyuuga walking away. As she did, Sakura punched her from behind, causing her to fall and hit her face with the ground. THAT, That got the Hyuuga damn pissed. She quickly got up to her feet and swept away the blood that was dripping from the corner of her mouth with the back of her sleeve.

- What a little coward you are Haruno. Attacking me off-guard from behind huh? Wanna play dirty ? Well, lets play dirty then you piece of shit. (ps: sorry this fight will probably stink and will be short)

Sakura charges towards the petite form that is standing few feet away.

-BYAKUGAN ! shouted Hinata in a fighting position

Sakura throws a punch to almost meet the other girl's face, but the attack is blocked.

- What the he- she got cut off by a quick hit in the stomach. Everything went fast, she couldn't even have the time think or blink once. Her vision got a bit blur, when she got striked by Hinata's Jyuuken.

- Slow, aren't we Haruno? Already tired?

The pinkette groaned in pain, while she tried to recover her sight. She watched Hinata who was waiting for her to get up. Yup, she was losing by much. Hinata was intact, while she had a short amount of chakra left.

- Damn it... she thought. I haven't even touched her once. NOt once !

With one option only remaining, she put on her gloves, concentrating and chaneling chakra to her hands. She hit the ground with her fists, making the ground crack, trees fall, and forming a whole that looked like a crater.

*blink* - Where did she go?

- Juuho Soushiken !

As the pinkette turned around, she found the raven haired girl in an offensive position. Sakura's eyes widened as she saw two twin lions made of chakra form in the other girl's fists. Oh god, that was going to hurt. Hinata charged graciously and fast towards her opponent. Sakura felt some of her ribs break, her stomach and ribcage hurt badly. Her legs couldn't even hold her anymore, and she fell into the oblivion. Everything went dark. She, Sakura Haruno, the most popular and prettiest had lost to a pathetic little brat.

A minute later, Ino, Sasuke and Naruto ( who had insisted in coming ) came running. Ino was desperate for her friend's health, Naruto for Sakura's and Sasuke...had an impassive face. Deep inside, he was dead worried, begging for Hinata to be okay. Don't get him wrong, he knew that Hinata's strong and could kick ass (even thought he would never admit it).The three of them found Sakura laying on the floor covered with bruises, scratches and blood. Few feet away from her was Hinata staring at the still body. Before she hit the ground, strong warm arms caught her.

- HINATA! You okay?

Thinking that it was Naruto, Hinata jumped up and kissed the person who caught her before. She opened her eyes to find none other than...Sasuke Uchiha who had a confused, yet amused face. She blushed of embarrassment.


Sasuke gave a heart-melting smile of Victory. YEEAH ! His crush just kissed him. Kind of stupid of her of kind of stealing her first kiss from herself to someone who she didn't even love, nor like but Hate. Whatever, he just shrugged, went back to his stoic face and acted like nothing happen to Hinata's relief.

Remembering that Hinata had made him dead worried for nothing, Sasuke pushed the Hyuuga, making her fall on her butt.

- Ouch you bitch! WHat was that for?- whined the raven haired girl

- Hn. he shrugged

Both walked towards Naruto who was sitting next to where his crush's body was laying. His head was hanging and his hair was covering his eyes, making it impossible to guess his facial expression.

- Oi dobe ! Where did Ino go?- asked Sasuke in a bored tone

-She left to call Tsunade. the blonde guy answered harshly

- N-Naruto - kun...What's wrong ? spoke the skater girl ( Yeah, just so you know, she's just shy around him in this fanfic )

- What's wrong ? What's wrong with YOU Hinata !? You fucking beat up Sakura and you dare to ask me what's wrong ? spat Naruto

It angered Sasuke. The baka just made his blood boil of anger and hate. He felt like beating the shit out of the blonde for talking to HIS girl in that way. But for the sake of HIS hime, he remained still. Starting a second deadly fight wasn't a good solution after all.


Did she...just slap her first crush ?

Hinata looked up at Naruto who had a red cheek marked by her hand.

Sasuke was dumbfolded by her action, just like Naruto was.

She opened her mouth to say something, but no sound came out, closed it, took a deep breath and spoke - Naruto... I've always been the only one standing out for you and been there for you when you needed me. And this is how you pay me back ? I never asked anything in return. I just wanted you to understand my feelings towards you, but don't worry about it. Because I don't love you anymore.-

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