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When the team had woken up that morning, they hadn't expected much. Sure, it was Easter and the dinner menu reflected that but honestly the most they were expecting was a bowl of candy in one of the rec rooms or something similar.

What they hadn't expected was for someone to actually take the time and effort to hide brightly colored plastic eggs throughout their base. While everyone had been cautious at first, once the eggs checked out to be safe, many relaxed and proceeded to have fun finding the eggs.

It was such a scene that Scarlett came upon as she entered one of the smaller break rooms to get a cup of coffee. Tunnel Rat and Heavy Duty were sitting at the room's only small table, opening the eggs they'd found and occasionally trading candy.

She shook her head but had a smile on her face as she did so. Seeing that the coffee pot was empty, she began to make a fresh pot. Opening one of the upper cabinets to get the grounds and a filter, Scarlett was surprised when a bright green egg rolled out and caught it before it could fall.

Suspicious, she glanced at her teammates but neither of them were looking at her. Shrugging one of her shoulders, she opened the egg to see what was inside. A small Cadbury egg was her prize.

Smiling, Scarlett unwrapped it and popped the treat into her mouth to eat while she finished making a pot of coffee. She made a mental note to thank Snake Eyes later for doing the impromptu egg hunt.