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"And they all lived happily ever after, the end." Mary closed the book of fairy tales and looked down at her son who was snuggled as close as he could be to his mother as she read him his bed time story.

The book of children's fairy tales had been a Christmas gift for George from Matthew and her the year before, and at three years old George wanted a story read to him each night. Being a mother was something Mary actually enjoyed, for the longest time she wasn't sure motherhood was for her, and then she met Matthew and couldn't imagine not having two or three children with him. George was a perfect blend of his parents: blonde hair a shade darker than his father and his temperament combined with Mary's complexion and chocolate brown eyes; all in all he was a handsome little boy.

The sound of the front door closing pulled Mary from her thoughts, and brought a smile to her face; Matthew was finally home from work. Having just been made partner at his law firm had kept Matthew at work later than usual which meant Mary had the baby to herself most evenings. Easing a sleeping George down in to his bed and giving him his favorite teddy bear to cuddle with, Mary kissed his head, turned off the light, and quietly crept out of the room. Walking down the stairs Mary could hear Matthew shuffling papers in his study and his sigh of relief as he was able to put all of the stress of the day behind him.

"Hello darling, long day?" Mary asked as she walked into the study and over to Matthew who was sitting behind his desk organizing everything for the next morning.

Matthew looked up at hearing Mary's soft voice, "Mmmmm very long, I am so glad to be home." He took one of her hands, placing it in his hair; a sure sign he wanted her to run her fingers through it as that one little gesture always helped him remember he could relax and just enjoy being a husband and father.

"Poor darling, anything I can do to help?" Mary asked.

Mathew contemplated that question for a few moments; there were so many answers he could give her, and not all of them proper."

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