Heres one shot I was thinking of and I thought I would make it :D

Rose potter was walking down the charms corridor when a hand grabbed her arm and pulled her in an unused class room.

"What the…" she cried and when she turned to the person who was standing behind her she smiled. "Draco"

"Hey, do you want to meet again tonight or do you think it's too risky?"

"Not at all half ten outside the kitchens fine?" she asked sweetly

"Perfect" he kissed her forehead and left.

Rose had a happy smile on her face as she walked to the Gryffindor common room. She remembered the first time they had met in secret. Draco didn't want to join Voldermort and so he met with Rose to formulate a plan. That was the beginning of fifth year. The played there parts well though they met and discussed every night and in the day they would stage fights and duels just keep up their appearances. By the end of the year they had fallen for each other. He was there to comfort her while her friends were in the hospital wing and after Sirius had died she had cried into her shoulder for hours but he never once let her go. That summer they had spent writing letters and meeting in secret once a week in the park.

She made her way through the portrait door with her beaming smile on her face.

"What's got you so happy "said Hermione?

"Another lesson from Dumbledore?" asked Ron

"What? Oh no I was just thinking about…. The night we saved Hermione from the troll and how great it is to have friends like you guys." She smiled

"yeah yeah we love you too just dot start crying on me. I had enough of that with lavender"

"Of course Won won" Rose and Hermione burst into laughter.

She did mean it though. She wouldn't be anywhere without her friends and Draco of course.

She crept out of the common room and through the portrait hole just as Ginny and Dean walked through. Oh no looks like they had been fighting again she thought.

She made her way down to the kitchens and smiled when she saw him. She jumped on him from behind and laughed when he almost pissed himself. He smiled when he saw her and then began kissing her neck.

She grabbed his hands and pulled him into the nearest classroom.

Draco through her onto the desk and began undoing her buttons as he kissed and sucked her neck. She dragged her hands through his hair and kissed him on the mouth while her hands roamed around his trousers teasing him. He moaned into her mouth and she smirked.

Pulling her shirt off and bra he smiled and whispered "Beautiful".

She undid his tied and pulled off his shirt while he was trying to undo the zip on her skirt. When she was left in her amazing snitch pants that flew around, he smiled as he bent his head lower and began tugging on them with his teeth. Two could play at that game she thought. She pulled down his boxers and watched as his quite sizable cock sprang up so it was hitting her belly.

She began sucking a teasing him with her teeth and watched as he moaned her name. When he couldn't take it anymore he picked her up of the desk and rammed her into the wall. His cock going into her and she almost screamed. He took her hand and fast up against the wall as they kissed each other. He bit down on her lip and that was enough to make her lose control.

As they moved back to the desk he slid out of her and she bent over sliding her very sext glasses up her nose. She gave a wink and bent over the desk and looked back at him with her innocent green eyes. He slapped his hand against her ass. She cried out in pain and so he did it again.

Taking the Slytherin tie off the desk where had been dumped he tied it around her mouth. He slipped his cock into her again but this time from behind. He began slowly to tease her but when even he couldn't take anymore he moved faster and harder.

She felt him cum inside her and he moaned her name. He slipped out of her and she turned her head.

"I do love you Draco." She looked up at him

"As I love you." He smiled.

They had spent the next hour making love and when they had finally put all their clothes back on kissed each other in sweet kisses which turned into more hard and rough ones. Draco was unbuttoning her shirt for the third time that evening when the door banged open.

There stood Snape of all people in the door way with his mouth hanging open. I suppose when you see it from his point of view it must have been a site. Rose potter and Draco Malfoy enemies since the first day at Hogwarts where there with rose on the desk with her legs rapped around Draco's and his hand undoing her buttons while both of them had bruised lips. The smelled heavily of sex.

"I'm going mad." Said the professor as he shut the door as he left muttering madly as he went.

Every time the saw Snape he was eyeing them and not glaring at Rose as normal. That went on for a week and it was back to glares. Then next month however he would turn red every time he would see them and so would McGonagall. It's not every day you see a Gryffindor and Slytherin fucking on the 7th floor corridor.

There might be a few mistakes I dont have a beta and I did this at midnight soooo yeah. I might do another one with Harry and hermione or femHArry and tom riddle? I dont no tell me what you think ? thank you x