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I clean up the mess quickly and notice the small smears of blood on a bunch of the broken shards. I'd have to check Buffy's hand when I went down to make sure she hadn't hurt herself. Taking the shards downstairs I hear Bit talking to Buffy about school.

After dumping the broken glass I stand in the doorway to the living room and watch my two favourite girls talking about school. Buffy's telling Bit some of the things she had to go through in school when her and her mum didn't know about Buffy being the Slayer.

She's telling Dawn about the time I crashed the parent teacher thing back when me and Buffy had only just met. Both girls turn to look at me. "I was the Big Bad," I say shrugging and smirking, "plus I heard school was where all the drama happened, and you know me, never one to miss an opportunity to cause mayhem." Buffy just shakes her head and turns away from me with a smile on her face.

But then I think back to that night. I can't help imagine what things would have been like if Joyce had turn up just a few seconds later. Buffy had stupidly thrown away her weapon and I was going in for the kill. An involuntary shudder ran through my entire body when I thought of something. If I had killed the Slayer that night, Nibblet wouldn't have been sent here, and then Joyce would have died alone in this house. There would have been no Summer's women left in the world. I felt sick at the thought of it.

I went over to check on Buffy's hand as Dawn went to start on her homework. It was just a small break in her small tender hands. Nothing that about an hour of Slayer healing couldn't fix.

Buffy was quiet for the rest of the day. She hadn't eaten a single thing at dinner and Dawn had noticed it too. After dinner was finished Buffy floated off to the living room while me and Bit got to tidying. Dawn nodded her head towards the Slayer's general direction and then did a shoo'ing motion at me.

She wanted me to make things better for her sister. "I can only do so much Nibblet, you understand that." She nods in a defeated kind of way. "This is goin' to take time Bit, the worst of Buffy's wounds are psychological and I can't always help her with that. Spent about a hundred years tryin' ta help Dru and nothin' ever really came of it."

Dawn gave me a horrified look. Oh god, that was definitely the wrong thing to say. "Not that Buffy is going to need a hundred years or anything like that" I stammered out quickly. "Umm, what I meant was that people go at their own pace Dawnie. The Slayer has so many ties that hold her here and she couldn't live without any of you, so we just gotta wait for 'er to come back to us, that's all."

When I did finally go seek out the Slayer - after Dawn had finished throwing daggers at me with her eyes – I found her sitting on the stairs staring at the phone. "Someone you wanna call pet?" She looked up me startled, like I had just appeared out of nowhere. "I don't know, maybe" she whispers shaking her head.

Buffy puts her face in her hands and sighs, then mumbles through her hands, "I need to talk to someone who understands me, who knows me." I sit myself down next to her on the step she's occupying and my hand to her chin, tilting it to look at me. "I know you Summers, like the back of my own bloody hand." She smiles at me gently, but then it turns sad.

"I know you do, I honestly don't know where I would be if you didn't. But you don't understand me, do you?" she whispers. I shake my head. "I thought so."
"I don't understand half the soddin' things you do or say Slayer," I say with a tight smile. "But I suppose it's all just part of the mystery that surrounds you and your kind, luv. There isn't anyone that will ever truly understand you Buffy, and I'm sorry for that."

Buffy stands and she looks nervous. "There is so much darkness in me now, I can feel it. I'm drowning it. It whispers to me in the dark" she says shaking her head back and forward. "Terrible things no one should ever think and I think it's winning now." Her shoulders sag and Buffy bows her head.

"But there is someone Spike. Who knows exactly what I'm talking about. We're one and the same, just two sides to the same coin. She's the reflection of everything that I am, be it a much more grunge-y reflection that makes wrong decisions sometimes but a reflection none the less. I hear she's doing better now though, hopefully she'll be able to talk me back into sanity and staying on the side of good." Buffy gives a kind of crazy laugh and it's making me nervous. I still haven't a clue who she's talking about though.

"Never in my life would I think I would ever be doing this, especially in my newly resurrected life at that. Shows how much things have changed I guess. Pass me the phone please Spike" she says so politely and proper. Buffy takes the receiver and dials quickly, still standing in front of me.

"Hi, it's me." I can't hear the exact words but I can tell who it is. Peaches. I scowl at her for a second before she notices and holds a finger up to me. "No, everything is ok, I'm fine." I snort and she gives me her own scowl in return. "I was calling because I need a number that I know you have. And before you even try to talk me out of it, I just need to talk to her, I need her help Angel. Do you think she'll talk to me?" Buffy pauses for a second listening, and throws in the occasional 'okay' and 'yes'.

Buffy thanks him and then hangs. She turns away from me but I can see she's nervous. Her eyes are darting about and her heartbeat has picked up significantly. The Slayer was hardly ever nervous so it was interesting to watch her this way. I committed everything to memory. The way she rang her hands back and forward and started pacing in the hallway.

I heard her take in a huge breath and she suddenly stopped pacing. "Here goes nothing. Man up Summers, you can do this." It was cute, the most feared creature in the world was giving herself a pep talk just to make a phone call.

Buffy moves past me on the stairs and walks into her bedroom. Clearly showing I wasn't invited to eavesdrop of the conversations. I guess it was on of things a Slayer had to do on her own. So while Buffy was upstairs talking to a mystery girl, he Bit moved into the living room to watch Passions, telling Dawnie the current plotlines for each character that she pointed to when they came on screen.

I'm going to post two chapters next time because I'm going to put the telephone conversation with Faith up next, from Faith's pov. If you're not that bothered about it or you just don't like Faith then you have the option to ignore it completely.