The Pulverizer

Miwa sighed, staring up at the ceiling as she lay on her back on the concrete. She glanced over at Leo, sitting right beside her, with one leg dangling over the edge. She looked over at Raph and Mikey, currently standing next to the old subway tracks. Raph leaned against the concrete platform and Mikey crouched on the ground. The four of them were bored and getting impatient, waiting for Donnie and his "big surprise" he had for them.

If he doesn't get here soon, I'll have my own surprise for him. Miwa inwardly groaned. A knuckle sandwich.

Mikey sighed. "What's taking so long? Donnie knows I have a short atten—" He looked down and his eyes brightened. "Ooh, gum!" He reached down and grabbed it, but Raph smacked the old gum from his little brother's hand.

"Don't even think about it, Mikey." Miwa warned as she sat up. "You don't know where that's been." She readjusted her green mask and made sure her hair was all gathered up in a bun on her head. She blew her bangs from her face and straightened out her ninja garb, unsheathing and sheathing her gauntlet blades a few times. Come on, Donnie. We're all going to have short attention spans by the time you get here.

"Man, this better be worth it." Raph growled.

Then, the sound of squeaking metal echoed down the tunnel, and lights shown from around the corner. The three terrapins and their human sister stood and watched as a graffiti-covered subway car (at least it used to be) traveled down the tracks and grinded to a halt right in front of them. They stared in shock, their mouths hanging open, obviously awestruck by the strange yet amazing machine. Mikey gasped out loud, his eyes wide with wonder.

"Worth it." Raph announced.

"Absolutely!" Miwa agreed.

The car ding-donged and the doors opened, revealing a proud-looking Donatello. "So?" He asked expectantly, leaning against the door.

"You turned Leatherhead's old subway car into this?" Leo clarified.

"Donnie, have I ever told you how awesome you are?" Raph asked.

"No you haven't." Donnie replied with a smile.

"Well I am seriously considering it." Raph said.

"Nice handiwork, Don." Miwa complimented. "You really outdid yourself."

"What do you call this thing?" Leo asked. Mikey hurried to the side of the car, looking it over.

"Well," Donnie started. "It's a trans-axel, multi-armored, electromagnetic—"

"Shellraiser!" Mikey announced, looking about as sane as a madman.

His brothers and Miwa blinked. "What?" Donnie asked.

"The Shellraiser!" Mikey repeated. "It's the perfect name!"

The boys and Miwa exchanged looks. "That is the perfect name." Leo realized.

"Of course it is bro!" Mikey almost laughed. "You guys always underestimate me!" He looked down. "Ooh! Gum!" He dived down to grab it.

"No comment." Miwa droned. "Hey, let me in!" She jumped into the Shellraiser, followed by her brothers. Donnie led them through the rather large car and sat down in one of the seats. He pressed a button in front of him and everything inside the car lit up: extra seats, monitors almost everywhere, steering wheels, computer-like machines, buttons and levers, and some strange contraptions none of them (except Donnie) could name.

"Now," Donnie explained. "I've assigned everyone a station based on your individual skill sets. I can't drive because my station's in the back. So—"

"Driver!" Leo, Mikey, and Raph called. The three of them darted for the driver's seat, leaving Donnie and Miwa in the dust. The terrapin and human shared a look as Donnie approached the quarreling trio. He slammed his staff against the seat to silence his brothers.

"Leo drives." Donnie declared.

"Why?" Mikey and Raph demanded.

"He's least likely to hit something just for fun." Donnie noted as Leo sat down. "Except Miwa, of course."

"True." Mikey, Raph, and Miwa nodded. Mikey and Raph took their spots: Raph at what Donnie called the "shooter's deck" and Mikey in front of the navigation.

"Sorry I don't really have a spot for you, Miwa." Donnie said sincerely. "I kinda made this thing before you came around."

"No problem, Donnie." Miwa shrugged. "I'll hang out with Mikey in navigation." She sat down on a box beside Mikey, much to the young turtle's delight.

Leo sighed readily. "So, how do we get this baby going?"

Donnie turned on the communications monitor. "Okay, just ease the throttle forward ever so slight—" Leo didn't "ease the throttle" so much as he just punched it, sending everyone jerking backwards a little. Miwa fell to the floor.

"Leo!" Miwa snapped. "Watch the throttle!"

"Whoo!" Raph whooped. "What is powering this thing?"

"The Kraang power cell we got from Leatherhead!" Donnie announced. Miwa looked to her side and noticed some shard of rock, encased in a glass case but giving off pink surges of sparks. She could feel much power beneath that shield, and it made her uneasy.

"I thought you said that was dangerous." Leo asked. "Like the Kraang could track it."

"That's why I put it under a lead glass shield." Donnie explained. "Now I can regulate the output and prevent the Kraang from detecting its signal." Donnie crossed his arms, obviously proud.

"Looks like you've covered all the bases." Miwa noted.

"I hate to interrupt, but….." Mikey pointed to his own monitor. "Dead end!"

"Uh, D-Donnie!" Leo called. "How do I stop this thing?"

"Don't!" Donnie ordered.

"What?" Leo cried.

"Trust me!" Donnie insisted.

Miwa looked into the monitors at the very solid-looking wall they were approaching very fast. "Donnie, we're gonna crash!"

"Just trust me!" Donnie repeated. Miwa whimpered and clutched Mikey's seat. Leo and Raph clutched their wheels as tight as they could. Mikey pulled a hairdresser's dryer over his head. The four of them shouted in terror, but Donnie simply smiled and pressed another button. In seconds, the dead end gave way to a ramp that spit the Shellraiser out onto the streets of New York, the large wheels on the side shifting down so the car could drive properly. The five of them grunted as they hit the ground hard, but the car kept driving.

"Donnie!" Raph smiled broadly. "You're awesome!"

"And a madman!" Miwa huffed. Leo simply sped down the road, making sharp turns and forcing Miwa to the ground again. This is gonna get real old real fast.

Mikey started humming a tune as he stared at his screen. "This thing have a stereo?" He asked Donnie.

"What good would this thing be without some tunes?" Donnie pressed a button, and some classical piano music began to play.

"Ooh, I love this song!" Miwa gushed.

Raph, however, gave Donnie a deadpan look. "Are you serious?"

"Check out the second movement." Donnie pressed another button, and rock music blared from the speakers.

"Aw man." Miwa groaned, covering her ears. But her protests were drowned out by the music and by the boys' cheering as Leo sped through the streets, somehow not scaring the people on the sidewalks. Mikey jumped onto a box and held his arms out like he was surfing, leaving his seat open for Miwa to steal. She held onto the seat for dear life, frustrated and annoyed by her rowdy brothers. Brothers will be brothers, I guess. She sighed. Donnie pressed yet another button, and the Shellraiser began to bounce rear up a few feet like a horse. The boys continued to whoop and laugh as Donnie, Raph, and Mikey grabbed the straps from the ceiling, hanging on tight while Leo swerved back and forth across the street, swinging the Shellraiser's weight side to side. He switched the throttle again and again until he started spinning, leaving marks on the street like donuts. His brothers only laughed as the momentum lifted them off their feet while Miwa clung to her chair. Finally, Leo straightened out the car and resumed his speedy travel down the road.

"Who taught you maniacs how to drive?!" Miwa shouted.

"Nobody!" Leo laughed. Miwa only groaned.

Raph lifted the manhole cover-like skylight and stood on the ladder, letting the wind from the ride blow into his face and make his mask tails whip around. He smiled, but his smile soon disappeared when he noticed something. His eyes widened.

Leo heard a knocking and Raph's voice call, "Leo, pull over!" He obeyed, pulling the Shellraiser up alongside the street.

"Oh, finally!" Miwa sighed, releasing her death grip on her seat. "Remind me to never get in a car with you guys again." She joined her brothers as they gathered around Leo's chair, staring at one of the monitors. They noticed three men on the screen, one of them carrying a large metal bin full of who-knows-what. Each man shared a familiar tattoo that the Turtles and Miwa recognized at once.

"Purple Dragons!" Leo laughed. "This night keeps getting better and better!"

"Oh yeah!" Raph agreed, rubbing his knuckles. "It's like candy for my knuckles! And tonight's Halloween!"

"Let's go kick some shell!" Miwa urged.

"Oh, wait a minute!" Donnie pointed to the screen. "Who's that?" They looked to see a shadowy figure drop in front of the Purple Dragons, halting their escape.

"Excuse me, boys." The figure, obviously a male, said in a strong voice. "I think you forgot to pay for that." He stood up, tall and proud, to reveal a teenager in a green suit, similar to the design of a turtle: green skin, black shell designs with a "P" on the back, and a yellow plastron design on the front. He also wore red knee and elbow pads and black boots and gloves. A red mask was tied around his eyes and some of his black hair (probably his bangs) escaped his green hood. The belt around his waist had a belt buckle with "P" on it. He continued his speech in his strong voice, glaring at the Purple Dragons. "But don't worry. I accept cash, check, or teeth."

"Huh." Leo mused. "That was a pretty good line."

"What are you gonna do?" Fong demanded, dropping the metal bin. "There's one of you and three of us."

"You wanna call a couple friends and make it even?" the teenager taunted. He jumped down from the dumpster he stood on, ready to face the three men.

"This guy's got guts!" Raph said with a smile.

"Impressive." Miwa nodded.

"It's time to face the wrath of: The Pulverizer!" the teenager announced, holding his fists ready.

Mikey laughed with anticipation. "This is gonna be great!"

"You go, kid!" Miwa cheered, her eyes glued to the screen.

"Hi-yah!" the Pulverizer shouted. "Judo! Hi-yah! Punch punch! Ha!"

The boys and Miwa were soon met with disappointment, as the Pulverizer didn't even touch the Purple Dragons as he displayed his "wrath" with a myriad of weak punches and kicks.

"Or…..not…" Leo groaned.

"I take back my excitement." Miwa huffed, crossing her arms. The five of them suddenly winced and groaned in sympathy as the Purple Dragons began mercilessly beating the Pulverizer, who could only yelp and cry out in pain.

"Aw, the Pulverizer's gettin' just…" Mikey paused. "Well, I don't know the word, but we gotta help him!"

"Why?" Miwa asked. "He got himself into this mess, he can get himself out. Besides, this is quite entertaining to watch." The boys stared at her with deadpan looks. "What?" Miwa shrugged. Then, she noticed the Pulverizer take an exceptionally hard punch to the face. "Ooh, that's got to hurt." She sighed. "Fine, let's go help him." They hurried from the car, sneaking up behind the Purple Dragons as they prepared to beat the Pulverizer even further.

"How do you like the odds now, Fong?" Leo demanded as he and his comrades prepared to fight, surrounding the Purple Dragons.

"Whoa!" the Pulverizer smiled. "The Turtles!"

Donnie raised an eyebrow (A/N: do they have eyebrows?) "How does he know who we—" Fong suddenly punched him aside, interrupting his thought.

Miwa jumped up and kicked Fong to the ground. "Less talking, more fighting!" She ducked as another Dragon came her way. Donnie landed hard on the ground, narrowly avoiding a second Purple Dragon's fist as he came down. Donnie kicked the man's stomach, sending him rolling aside to the Pulverizer, who chopped his stomach for good measure.

"Ha ha, oh nice combo!" The Pulverizer laughed. "High five!" He held up his hand, only for the Purple Dragon at his feet to grab it and twist it, tossing the teenager into Donnie. Mikey quickly kicked the Dragon to the ground. Leo managed to kick Fong aside, only for the third Purple Dragon to grab him from behind. Fong, noticing the metal bin and realizing he had a chance to escape, grabbed the bin and ran for it.

"Fong's getting away!" Leo cried, but the man on his back prevented him from moving. Raph helped; he grabbed the man and threw him aside. Fong paused when he noticed he was running straight for Donnie, Miwa and Mikey and turned to run the other way.

"Oh no he don't!" Mikey called, letting loose the long chain of his kusarigama and swinging it towards Fong.

"I got him!" the Pulverizer reached for Fong, but only ended up getting tangled in Mikey's chain. Fong ran off and disappeared around the corner. "Oh, dang! Almost had him!" He noticed Miwa dart past him and suddenly grabbed her foot. "Hey, I got one!"

Miwa yelped as she crashed to the ground. "Let go, you moron! I was going after him!"

"Yeah, to help him!" the Pulverizer laughed triumphantly.

"She's with us, dude." Mikey droned.

The Pulverizer's eyes widened and he suddenly looked sheepish. "Oh, sorry." He released Miwa's foot and let her rise.

"Not cool, man." Mikey yanked on his kusarigama chain, forcing the Pulverizer to flip a few times before crashing to the ground. Suddenly, sirens sounded down the street, forcing everyone to pause. Fong's two Dragon comrades ran off after their leader while the Turtles and Miwa darted off to the Shellraiser.

"Cops!" Leo announced. "We gotta go!"

"Uh, hey!" The Pulverizer called as he followed the team. "Great teamwork guys!"

"Look," Raph growled as his brothers and sister piled into the car. "I don't know who you think you are or what you think you're doin', but don't." He was the last to get into the car, leaving the Pulverizer in the street.

The teenager wasn't ready to go, however. "Maybe sometime we can get together and—" Raph grabbed the Pulverizer's shoulder and spun him around before shutting the doors. Leo sped off down the road, back to the entrance to the subway tracks that would lead them home. Donnie turned the stereo back on, drowning out any noise from outside.

Leo looked up questioningly. "You guys hear something?"

"No. Keep driving." Miwa insisted. "I want to get home sooner rather than later." The boys only shrugged and Leo continued to drive. "Shall I be the first to say that that was the most embarrassing things that's ever happened?"

"It could be worse." Mikey shrugged. "We could've gotten hit in the face with pudding."

"Come on, guys." Leo consoled. "You win some, you lose some. It was just the Purple Dragons anyway."

"Exactly." Raph huffed. "Those guys are easy to beat, but we didn't because some idiot got in the way."

"They'll be back." Leo assured. "And we'll be ready."

Miwa looked around her, sighing to herself. "Does anyone else feel like something's weird?"

Minutes later, they arrived at the lair, grinding to a halt once more. The car's chime went off again as the doors opened and an audible CRASH rang out. Donnie poked his head out and looked down. "We got a problem!" He announced. He jumped from the car and knelt beside someone partially unconscious on the ground.

"What the….?" Leo cocked his head at the sight.

"Tell me that's not who I think it is." Miwa groaned as she and the others filed out of the Shellraiser. Sure enough, it was: the Pulverizer, who had somehow ended up right in front of their home.

"Are you okay?" Donnie asked the Pulverizer as he sat up.

"Sure." The Pulverizer assured, but he held his stomach and groaned a little. "Y-you can survive with just one kidney, right?"

"Great." Raph groaned. "First this doofus gets in the way of a good Purple Dragon stomping and now he knows where our lair is?"

"Oh, no problem." The Pulverizer assured. "I blacked out most of the way here."

"How do you even know we exist?" Donnie asked as he stood.

"Oh, I saw you months ago." The Pulverizer explained. "You were fighting some guy in a giant metal suit on the rooftops right next to my apartment!"

"Must be when we tangled with Stockman for the first time." Leo realized.

"Oh yeah!" The Pulverizer said with a wide smile. He pointed to Leo. "You were like, 'Let's finish this!'" He looked at Raph. "Oh, and you were like all, 'You're going down!'" He smiled at Mikey. "Oh, and then you were like all, 'Bees!'" He pointed to Donnie. "Oh and you were like…" He paused. "You were like the strong silent type." He finally looked at Miwa. "And you were like—" He froze, staring at Miwa. "Actually, I don't remember you. You new to the team or something?"

"None of your beeswax." Miwa snapped.

The Pulverizer chuckled a little nervously. "Well, I must say, milady, you're pretty cute."

"Ugh." Miwa rolled her eyes.

"Dudes, we have a stalker!" Mikey said excitedly. But his brothers and Miwa weren't so excited. Raph looked kinda miffed and frustrated. Leo looked a little confused. Donnie looked skeptical and bored. Miwa put her hands on her hips and stared at the teenager.

"You inspired me to become a hero!" the Pulverizer explained. "I saw you guys and I thought 'what do they got that I haven't got?'"

"Years of training under a grandmaster of ninjutsu." Donnie suggested.

"Competence coupled with intelligence." Miwa added.

"No." The Pulverizer said triumphantly. "An awesome costume! Where'd you get yours by the way?"

"Uh, we are not wearing costumes." Donnie droned. "We're mutants."

"Except me." Miwa piped up. "I'm just a regular ninja. But they're mutant turtles."

"Right." The Pulverizer nodded disbelievingly. But when he noticed their serious expressions, he curiously poked Mikey's shoulder, realizing it was flesh and not fabric. He tapped Mikey's all-too-real shell. "Cool! How do I do that?"

Raph poked the Pulverizer's chest, pushing him back a few inches. "You: stop talking." He turned to his brothers and sister. "We gotta get him out of here!"

"I couldn't agree more." Miwa nodded.

"Whoa! This place is amazing!" the Pulverizer called from inside the lair, much to the Turtles' and Miwa's shock and annoyance. "What's with all the pizza boxes?"

"Oh bloody brilliant." Miwa groaned. "We better get in there before he hurts himself." She and the boys hurried inside as the Pulverizer discovered Donnie's workshop. He was currently messing with a deactivated Metalhead, twisting the robot's head around.

"Hey, don't touch that!" Donnie snapped.

"Hey, what's this?" The Pulverizer asked, taking up a piece of a Kraang remote. Donnie resisted a groan before snatching the advanced tech from Pulverizer's hands. "That looks like that stuff those guys were stealing."

"That's impossible." Donnie scoffed. "It's Kraang tech."

"What-what's a Kraang?" Pulverizer asked.

"If we told you we'd have to kill you." Raph said. He suddenly got a mischievous grin on his face. "You see the Kraang are aliens from another dimension."

Leo elbowed his brother before he could say anything else. "Why would the Purple Dimwits want Kraang robotics? It's not like they'd know what to do with it."

"Unless they're stealing it for someone else." Raph suggested.

"Well, who do we know that would be interested in stolen, evil robot parts?" Donnie asked, a contemplating look on his face. After mere seconds, the answer became clear.

"Baxter Stockman." Donnie, Leo, and Raph said.

"Donatello." Mikey and Miwa said. Donnie, Leo, and Raph stared at them.

"Baxter Stockman." Mikey corrected.

"Baxter Stockman?" Miwa asked.

"You know him?" Leo asked.

"Colored guy? Dorky glasses and an even dorkier pink sweater?" Miwa clarified. "Slight afro? Issues on an intellectual and competent level?"

"That's him." Leo nodded.

"I think I've seen him around." Miwa nodded. "He works for Shredder now. At least, he started working for him after your little incident with his Mousers. He's been working on something for Xever since he mutated into a fish. I bet you anything the Purple Dragons were stealing that stuff for his robotics building."

"We'll check it out." Leo announced. "Donnie, fix the Shellraiser and take Captain Rubber Pants home." He, Raph, and Mikey hurried off.

"What?" Donnie realized he was being left behind. "Wait! Why do I have to—?"

"So what now?" Pulverizer asked, leaning against the table. He only succeeded in knocking some bottles of who-knows-what-kind-of liquids to the floor. He fumbled as he tried to catch them, but they all broke before he could. Donnie inwardly groaning, hanging his head.

"Don't worry, Donnie." Miwa assured. "I'll stay with you."

"Thanks Miwa." Donnie smiled.

"Oh good!" Pulverizer smiled. "Then we can finally get to know each other."

Miwa unsheathed her gauntlet claws and held them up for Pulverizer to see. "These claws are not for show. Don't make me use them." She sheathed her claws and led Donnie to the Shellraiser. "Let's get to work."

"Ooh, feisty." Pulverizer laughed giddily. "I like that."

"Will you please make sure I don't murder him before the night is over?" Miwa requested as she and Donnie grabbed the tools and climbed into the Shellraiser.

"Sure thing." Donnie nodded.

The two of them got to work. Miwa went underneath the Shellraiser and looked at the wiring and the pipes underneath, tightening some of the gears with a monkey wrench. Although, with Pulverizer constantly bugging her with his flirting, Miwa felt like her time would be better spent hitting the Pulverizer with the monkey wrench. She decided to keep her mask on for now; after all, Pulverizer had yet to remove his as well. Donnie soon called the konoichi up to the top of the Shellraiser for some torch work and Miwa hurriedly joined him. Pulverizer soon discovered something new to mess with: Donnie's bō staff.

Pulverizer spun the staff around, laughing gleefully. "Wicked staff!"

"Put that down." Donnie ordered, not even looking up from his work.

"Check out my sweet moves!" Pulverizer boasted, swinging the staff again.

"I said put that down!" Donnie repeated, still focused on his torching.

"Numbskull." Miwa groaned.

"No, let me show you this one thing." Pulverizer took the bō and started spinning it so fast that it spun right out of his hands. Donnie didn't even look up as he caught the wood skillfully. But that's when he snapped, shoving his blowtorch goggles to his forehead.

"Look, I'm busy here!" He sighed and closed his eyes, taking a meditative breath. He jumped down to the Pulverizer. "If you must play with the staff, and apparently you must, try this." He started twirling the bō in his hands, showing Pulverizer how it's done. "You see what I'm doing? Slowly. Keep your hands near your center. Switch sides. Smooth. Fluid. All right?"

Pulverizer may or may not have been listening; he was too busy bouncing in place as he watched Donnie. When the turtle handed him the staff, he started copying his movements until he was twirling the staff just like Donnie. Perhaps not as fast, but effectively.

"Okay, not bad." Donnie admitted.

"Oh, yeah!" Pulverizer grinned.

"Maybe you're not that hopeless after all." Miwa said. Hardly a second later, Pulverizer hit himself on the head with the staff. "Spoke too soon." She jumped down to the floor, watching the boys.

"Ow." Pulverizer rubbed his head, but gave Donnie a thumbs-up. "I got it!"

Donnie glared as he advanced towards the Pulverizer. "What? You think you can just put a sword under your pillow and wake up a samurai? You gotta practice. It takes more than a cheesy costume to be a hero!"

"Pretty sweet, huh?" Pulverizer grinned. "Check out the muscles!"

"What?" Donnie asked. He stared at the Pulverizer strangely when the teen unzipped some of his costume to show the fake muscles underneath.

"Foam rubber." Pulverizer said. He zipped up the costume again and advanced towards Donnie excitedly, forcing the turtle to step back. "Pretty cool, huh? Way faster than working out. I wanna be a hero now. I don't have time for the basics. Show me the good stuff!"

"The 'good stuff' all comes from the basics." Miwa said wisely.

"Not now, doll face." Pulverizer waved her off, making Miwa's face burn with anger.

Donnie only sighed. "Okay." He took his staff back. "One more." He spun his staff, narrating every perfect move he performed; every move that took him weeks to learn and months to perfect. "Jab. Block. Step. Sweep. Twirl. Back flip. Strike!" The staff vibrated from the momentum, leaving Pulverizer staring in awe.

Miwa clapped for her brother. "Well done, Donatello."

"Okay, got it." Pulverizer said firmly, taking the bō staff. Donnie and Miwa simply stood back and watched. Pulverizer jutted the staff forward. "Jab!" What he didn't realize was that his thumb hit the button that released Donnie's naginata blade. The blade came inches from Pulverizer's head, startling him to the point that he fell over and dropped the staff.

"And that's why we start with the basics." Donnie sighed. He picked up his staff and leaned it against the Shellraiser before stepping over Pulverizer and jerking his head towards the lair. "Come on."

"Where are we going?" Pulverizer asked.

"I'm going to show you the basics." Donnie said simply.

Miwa's eyes widened. "What?!"

"Sweet!" Pulverizer cheered as he followed Donnie back into the lair. Miwa darted past him to catch up to Donnie.

"Donnie, oh sweet and beautiful brother of mine," Miwa said in a faux sweet voice. "Can I speak to you alone?" She dragged Donnie away as Pulverizer began to taunt the punching dummy in a corner. "Donatello, what in the name of ninjutsu are you doing?"

"Miwa, he's going to get hurt if we just let him loose out there." Donnie protested.

"Why is that our problem?" Miwa demanded.

"Because we're the reason he decided to be a hero, even if we didn't mean to." Donnie explained. "He saw us and thought he could do the same thing we could do. I'm not going to train him much; I just want to teach him some self-defense moves so that the Pulverizer doesn't get pulverized."

Miwa hung his head. "Fine. Go ahead. But I'm not helping. I know for a fact that Pulverizer is not worthy of learning the ancient battle art of ninjutsu."

"What makes you say that?" Donnie demanded.

"Just a feeling I get." Miwa huffed, turning on her heel and walking off to the dojo to train. She fiercely went through her katas, her strikes constantly falling lethal to her invisible opponents. She unsheathed and sheathed her claws over and over again. She kicked invisible opponents into walls; punched invisible jaws; slit invisible throats. She didn't know what made her angrier: the fact that Pulverizer hit on her or the fact that Donnie actually thought he could train him. What right did that loser have to study an art he had no respect for?

Miwa paused in her katas. "What on earth….?"

"Is there something wrong, nezumi-chan?"

Miwa turned as Splinter came up behind her. She sighed. "Sensei, are there some people who can't learn ninjutsu?"

"I suppose if they possessed some disability that prevented them from doing so, yes." Splinter nodded. "However, I have yet to meet someone that could not practice ninjutsu. I once met a blind man who was a master."

"Okay." Miwa nodded. "Well, are there people who shouldn't practice ninjutsu?"

Splinter's eyebrows furrowed. "What do you mean?"

Miwa sighed. "Well, the guys and I met some idiot while we were out. He has no respect for the art of ninjutsu yet he parades around like he's the greatest master of it in the world."

"And this bothers you?" Splinter asked as he walked back into his room and sat down.

"Yes, it does!" Miwa trailed after her father and joined him on the floor. "I mean, the boys, you, and I have devoted our lives to this art. We understand it and we respect it. But this guy is pathetic and he couldn't do ninjutsu to save his life! Why on earth should he even remotely think about studying it?"

Splinter nodded, but said nothing, allowing Miwa to continue. She sighed.

"I don't know why this is making me so angry. I guess it comes from being raised by the Shredder for so long. I just don't understand how someone can be so ignorant and disrespectful. I love ninjutsu. My family has devoted their lives to it for years. I want to continue that tradition. Maybe I'm being selfish; but…"

"Miwa, I understand." Splinter assured. "I know many people who do not need to know martial arts for various reasons. Criminals do not have any reason to do so. Yet they practice anyway. Such as the Purple Dragons or the Foot Clan. However, you must also take into consideration the intentions of the fighter. If this person you and the boys met meant well, then perhaps they are not all bad."

Miwa smiled softly. "I guess. My main concern is that he's going to get himself hurt. He's that much of an idiot for taking on the Purple Dragons alone."

"What sort of boy was this?" Splinter asked.

"Kinda tall, little overweight." Miwa shrugged. "Wearing the most ridiculous—"

"You're heading for—"

"Whoa!" Miwa yelped as Pulverizer suddenly somersaulted into the room and crashed into her. The two of them then proceeded to crash into a wall. "Get off!" She shoved Pulverizer off her and looked up at her confused father. "Otōsan, meet the moron."

Splinter looked back and forth between the Pulverizer and Miwa. Then he narrowed his eyes and effortlessly picked up Pulverizer by the back of his costume. "Donatello!" Splinter called, walking from his room with Pulverizer still in his hand and Miwa right beside him. "Does this belong to you?"

"Sensei, Pulverizer." Donnie introduced tiredly. "Pulverizer, Sensei."

"Please to meet you." Pulverizer said to Splinter. He looked towards Donnie. "Hey, does he know he's a rat?"

Splinter dropped Pulverizer to the floor. "He knows." The humanoid rat assured.

"I'm sorry, Sensei." Donnie sighed. "We found him on the street trying to fight the Purple Dragons and he accidently wound up back in the lair! So…I thought I'd teach him a few basics—"

Pulverizer suddenly stood up excitedly. "Yeah! And he's doing a great job! Check this out!" He started making strange noises while performing his "moves", though they consisted only of ridiculous motions that further proved Miwa's point she was making to Splinter.

"I see what you mean now." Splinter whispered to Miwa.

"Told you so." Miwa shrugged.

"Apparently, Donatello, you have not taught him shame." Splinter said. "May I speak with you for a moment?"

"Hai, Sensei." Donnie said. "Miwa, will you watch Pulverizer?"

Miwa sighed. "Fine." She yanked the teen backwards. "Come on, we're going to spar."

While Miwa taught Pulverizer how to start out in a sparring match, Splinter and Donnie walked some feet away to talk. "Donatello, he has no business learning our art. He is…" He and Donnie looked back at Pulverizer, who waved dumbly. "…a doofus."

"Focus, nimrod!" Miwa snapped, her words bringing Pulverizer back to the fight.

"Hai, Sensei." Donnie groaned. "But he's gonna put himself at risk no matter what I do. So I just want to teach him enough so he doesn't get creamed."

Splinter thought for a brief moment. While he clearly understood where Miwa was coming from with "he shouldn't be allowed to learn", he knew Donatello's intentions were good and sincere. "You may." Splinter said reluctantly. "But, if you train him, you are responsible for whatever happens."


Donnie and Splinter turned to see Pulverizer had gotten the naginata stuck in the wall. He pulled on it hard until it flew out, sending him flying backwards and crashing into Miwa.

"Good luck." Splinter said in a tone that clearly said, 'I do not envy you.'

"Sorry about that." Pulverizer told Miwa.

"I'm fine." Miwa growled.

"Aw, come on." Pulverizer scoffed. "Let me help you."

"Get your stinkin' paws off me." Miwa snapped, trying to pry Pulverizer's hand off her wrist.

"Would you just chill?" Pulverizer huffed. "You can't say you don't find me at least a little attractive?"

Miwa stared at Pulverizer. "I can say, without a doubt, that you are the most disgusting, idiotic moron I have ever met."

Pulverizer laughed. "Aw, you're cute. I just love how serious you act when—AAHH!" He yelped when Splinter suddenly grabbed his hand and twisted it painfully.

The rat glared at Pulverizer with his red-brown eyes. "Touch the girl: I break your hand. Got it?"

Pulverizer gulped and nodded feverishly. "Yes sir."

Splinter dropped Pulverizer and walked off to his room, leaving the two humans and turtle alone in the dojo. Miwa smirked. Father, I owe you big time.

"Come on, I'll teach you how to take an opponent to the ground." Donnie offered Pulverizer.

"Sweet!" Pulverizer cheered.

Miwa rolled her eyes. "You've got to be kidding me."

Donnie just sighed. "All right, you stand here." He led Pulverizer to a spot in the dojo and stood some feet away from him. "Now, run towards me and slid towards my legs with your legs leading." Pulverizer nodded and obeyed, but ended up scooting the extra few feet to get his legs in place. "Put your left leg up here…..right leg down here…..twist your hips…and, down I go." Pulverizer tried, but Donnie didn't move. "And down I go." Again, he tried but failed. "And, down I go!" Pulverizer strained from the effort, but Donnie remained standing.

"Face it, Donnie." Miwa sighed. "No matter how many times you say 'Down I go' you're not going to go—" Donnie yelped as he finally fell face first into the ground. Miwa winced. "—down."

"Yes!" Pulverizer cheered. "I did it!" He and Donnie stood up and Pulverizer started bouncing on the balls of his feet again. "When do I get my black belt?"

Donnie gave him a deadpan look for a moment while his T-phone rang. He answered it, obviously relieved that he would get a break from his "teaching". "Donatello."

"Donnie!" Mikey's voice shouted from the other end, rattling Donnie's eardrums. "We need help! Raph's been bitten by a giant, poisonous, robotic fish!"

"That's not possible." Donnie insisted. "If he was bitten it's venom, not poison!"

"Interesting, interesting." Mikey mused, then shouted again. "GET OVER HERE!"

Miwa grabbed the phone and spoke quickly into it. "Mikey, calm down! Stay with Raph and we'll be there soon!" She looked up at Donnie. "Let's go!"

"Right." Donnie nodded as he and Miwa hurried back to the Shellraiser, Pulverizer close behind. "We'll need to mixt the antidote for Raph on the way there." He gathered some materials and packed them away into a red toolbox labeled "Donnie's Box" and "Mikey, Do Not Touch!"

"Donnie, hurry!" Miwa urged, leaping into the Shellraiser.

Donnie turned to Pulverizer. "Hey, do you know how to drive?"

"You kidding?" Pulverizer scoffed. "I've been driving an ice cream truck all summer." He hopped into the Shellraiser and into the driver's seat while Miwa and Donnie sat on the floor, organizing things for Raph's antidote. Donnie gave quick instructions to how to drive the Shellraiser, and Pulverizer wasted no time in flooring it. He slowed down, however, when they reached the streets of New York.

"Why are you slowing down?" Miwa demanded.

"Well, I…..uh….." Pulverizer looked a little uneasy.

"We gotta get to Raph!" Donnie urged. "So get moving!"

Pulverizer still looked nervous, but floored it. Miwa and Donnie were thrown to the ground as the car sped down the road.

"Watch out!" Donnie called. But Pulverizer continued unsteadily down the road, crashing into and running over various objects along the way. "I thought you said you knew how to drive!" Donnie called, holding onto a nearby seat.

"I usually don't go over eight miles an hour." Pulverizer protested.

"Just try to hold it steady, okay?" Donnie ordered. "I gotta mix this antidote for Raph."

"I'm curious as to why I'm not driving." Miwa snapped.

"Because I need your help and I trust you with these chemicals more than I trust him." Donnie replied simply, pulling out his T-phone and speed dialing Mikey.

"Touché." Miwa nodded, holding the T-phone in one hand for her and Donnie to listen to.

"What are his symptoms?" Donnie asked Mikey as he rummaged through his box.

"He keeps telling me I'm the smartest guy he knows." Mikey reported.

"Okay." Donnie nodded. "Okay, he's delusional." He mixed a few things into a flask, jerking slightly from the bumpy ride. "How's his color?"

"Green, man." Mikey said. "And I mean way more than usual!"

"Use this." Miwa said, handing Donnie a beaker of purple liquid. The two of them jumped as the car lurched again. The car jerked and swerved, tossing the two of them all around the floor. It was a wonder Donnie didn't spill the antidote all over the place. "Can't you keep this thing under control?" Miwa snapped at Pulverizer.

"Sorry!" Pulverizer said sincerely, still jerking the car from one side to another.

Miwa groaned and helped Donnie sit up. "Keep going. What else?"

Donnie suddenly lurched backwards and hit his head on the metal, but he shook it off. "Does he have any nausea?"

"Nah, he doesn't have any—" Mikey groaned on the other end. "Oh, check that! What the? I knew you ate my pizza! You liar!"

"Focus, Mikey!" Miwa called into the phone. "How's the robotic fish?"

"Leo's taking care of that." Mikey suddenly gulped. "Or not. Donnie, get here now!"

"We'll be there any second now!" Miwa promised. "Just hold on!" She turned to Donnie. "How much longer?"

"Almost there." Donnie assured, holding onto the back of the driver's seat. Miwa pushed herself to her feet to join him. But, as they stared at the monitors, they noticed construction work right in front of where they needed to go.

"The road's blocked!" Pulverizer realized. "We gotta go around!"

"No time to go around!" Donnie snapped. "You gotta jump it!"

"What?" Pulverizer asked disbelievingly.

"You want to be a hero?" Donnie challenged. "Jump it!"

"Do it!" Miwa chimed in.

"Yeah….." Pulverizer's voice wavered. "About that hero thing…."

Donnie grabbed the wheel. "Jump it!" The car zoomed past the men and soared off the makeshift ramp and into the air. It crashed through the wall to where Leo, Raph, and Mikey were fighting a large, red fish with robotic legs. But the fish in itself was familiar to Miwa.

"Xever." She growled, jumping to the weapons' controls. When Xever/Fishface roared at the car, she simply powered up one of the cannons. "Fire in the hole!" Miwa called, hitting the button. The cannon on top of the Shellraiser turned and fired a ball of various sewage items straight towards the fish, knocking him backwards and to the ground. Donnie, Miwa, and Pulverizer hurried from the Shellraiser, right to Raph's side. Miwa's eyebrows furrowed in concern at the sight of her disabled brother, his glazed over gaze indicating he was worse off than Mikey led on.

"Raph, you still with us, buddy?" Donnie asked worriedly.

"Donnie?" Raph asked, glancing up at his brother.

"Yeah, Raph?"

"Why are there fingers on my feet?"

Donnie didn't answer for a moment, obviously confused by his brother's deranged comment. "Hang in there, buddy. You'll be okay." He took out the syringe and needle and inserted it into his arm, pumping the antidote into his system.

Raph gasped alittle from the jolt of pain, but soon enough began looking like his old self. He smiled goofily at Donnie. "Thanks…magical unicorn…"

Miwa was too relieved that her brother was all right to be concerned about his delirium. She pulled the red-masked turtle into a hug. "Don't scare us like that, Raph! You almost gave us a heart attack!"

"That was awesome!" Pulverizer cheered as Donnie helped Raph to his feet. "We saved him!"

"'We' saved him?!" Donnie snapped. "You wanted to stop and sell ice cream! If I hadn't jumped and smashed through that wall—"

"Uh, Donnie?" Mikey squeaked a little. "Is the Shellraiser supposed to do that?" Everyone glanced at the car and noticed the pink-purple surges of electricity. They ran to the car and jumped inside, heading straight for the power cell. Donnie knelt down beside it, staring in fear.

"It's cracked." Donnie breathed. "This is bad. The Kraang can detect that energy signature. We gotta get back underground before they come looking for the power cell!"

"Then let's move!" Miwa urged. "Come on!" The boys jumped into their seats and Miwa shoved Pulverizer to the floor and ordered him to stay there. Leo floored it, speeding back onto the road as fast as he could without losing control. However, they hardly made it three blocks down the road before two white vans screeched around the corner and started speeding right towards them. Three more vans appeared behind them, followed by a helicopter over their heads.

"Well this night keeps getting better!" Miwa snapped sarcastically. Pulverizer jumped up and held onto the back of the driver's seat in fear, but Leo only glared and shifted the throttle, going faster down the road. The two vans in front of them were forced to turn to avoid crashing, but the Kraang inside immediately turned the cars around to follow the Shellraiser. Then, blasts were heard, and the sound of something hitting the Shellraiser rang out.

Raph glared at his monitor to see one of the Kraang leaning out their car window and shooting at the Shellraiser, obviously not aware of the car's true strength. "Hold her steady, Leo." Raph said, shifting a few gears in his section. "I'll take care of these jokers." His seat suddenly moved forward and the back of the Shellraiser opened up, revealing a strange-looking gun with graffiti designs that gave it eyes and sharp teeth. Raph looked through the targeting system and aimed for the closest van. He pressed a button, and manhole covers suddenly shot from the mouth of the gun, slamming into the vans and knocking them off course.

"We have to lose them!" Miwa urged as she stood. "I'll go out and distract them."

"How do you plan to do that?" Donnie demanded.

"I'll slice their tires." Miwa said, holding up a fist to show her gauntlets. "And I'll decapitate a few Kraang for good measure."

"That won't be necessary." Leo assured. Suddenly, two, loud thuds echoed directly above their heads. Leo checked one of his monitors and saw two Kraang droids…..on the roof! "Scratch that. Guys! The Kraang are on the roof!"

Mikey, Donnie, and Miwa immediately leaped up to the roof, brandishing their respective weapons threateningly. But their eyes widened and they gasped when they realized these two Kraang had one major difference: they had wings. And about five more just like them flew above their heads.

"Leo! They can fly!" Mikey shouted as one came flying right at him. "They can ffffffllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" He grunted in pain as the Kraang slammed into him.

"Mikey!" Miwa shouted. But she and Donnie became distracted by the Kraang on the roof shooting at them. Mikey managed to land somewhat softly and kick the Kraang droid off him, at the cost of him almost falling off the roof. He pulled himself up, jumping a little when a Kraang landed dangerously close to him. Donnie, his eyes now pure white, skillfully dodged the Kraang's shots and whacked one droid off the roof. He knocked the gun out of the second droid's hands and jabbed the robot in the chest, knocking him off as well. Miwa drew some kunai from her belt and flung them at the Kraang in the sky, hitting a few in the right places and causing them to fall and crash.

"Wow!" Pulverizer said as he smiled at the monitors. "Nobody told me they were robot aliens!"

"Why would we tell you?" Leo scoffed, flipping a few switches and turning on the metal clamps in front of the Shellraiser. He drove straight through the three Kraang shooting at them, running them over and catching some of their parts in the clamps. But more Kraang kept coming, shooting relentlessly at the Shellraiser.

"Watch out!" Miwa shouted, pointing ahead as yet another white van barreled towards them. Leo, thinking fast, had no other option but to turn sharply and send the Shellraiser straight towards a wall. Unable to turn in time, the four turtles and two humans could only brace themselves as the Shellraiser crashed hard into the cement. Mikey, Donnie, and Miwa fell to the floor, hanging onto the roof tightly. The Kraang approached the Shellraiser, but Leo suddenly leaped out and landed stabbing a Kraang with his katanas. His brothers and sister followed his lead, attacking the Kraang with all their strength and skill. Mikey slashed his kusarigama blade and whacked Kraang heads with his nunchakus. Raph stabbed droid after droid with his sai blades. Donnie slammed his staff onto the robot's heads, skillfully dodging their blasts. Leo's katanas sliced through the metal droids like a nice through butter. Miwa stabbed her gauntlet claws right through the droids and watched with a haughty smirk as the aliens scurried away from here in terror.

Leo sliced through a couple Kraang when he noticed one of the droids running off with a glowing pink shard in their arms. "He's got the cell!" He realized.

"Don't let him get away!" Miwa darted for the robot, but about three more blocked her path.

"I'll stop him!" Pulverizer announced as he ran after the droid.

Donnie struggled under the force of the Kraang pushing his gun against his staff, but he noticed Pulverizer running after the droids as they approached the helicopter. "Pulverizer! No!"

"I can do this!" Pulverizer insisted.

"You really can't!" Donnie corrected.

"Don't try and be a hero, kid!" Miwa added.

Pulverize didn't listen. He ran up behind the droids and slid across the ground, getting his legs into position to take the robot to the ground, just like Donnie showed him. He squeezed his legs and…..the droid still stood. In fact, the Kraang grabbed Pulverizer, swung him around, and threw the teenager into the doors of the apothecary nearby. Two more droids approached the Pulverizer while the Kraang with the power cell boarded the helicopter.

Donnie looked up and his eyes widened. "Hey!" He finally managed to knock his opponent aside and ran towards the helicopter. "That's my power source, Slime Bot!"

"Donnie!" Pulverizer cried out. Donnie stared back and forth between the struggling teenager and the helicopter, about to take off with the power cell still in the Kraang's grasp.

"The power cell….." Donnie groaned. He looked back at the helicopter one more time, but he knew in his gut what he had to do. "Aw, crud!" He threw his bo like a javelin, knocking the gun from one of the Kraang's hands. He leaped towards the Kraang and bounced off the first, grabbing his staff and forcefully knocking it to the ground. The second Kraang pushed Pulverizer away and advcanced towards Donnie, only to meet the same fate.

Meanwhile, Miwa noticed the helicopter about to take off and darted towards it. "Donnie! Vault!"

Donnie nodded in understanding and laced his fingers together. Miwa leaped towards him and put her foot in his cupped hands, allowing him to throw her into the air and straight for the helicopter. Miwa reached for the landing gear, but her fingers just brushed the metal. But she saved herself when she unsheathed her gauntlet claws and they stuck into the metal poles, allowing her to grab on and hold on tight. She pulled herself up as the Kraang inside opened the door and aimed his gun for her. She swung out of the way, narrowly avoiding the blasts.

Down on the ground, Leo, Raph, and Mikey finished off the remaining Kraang (the ones that didn't run away) and joined Donnie as he helped Pulverizer to his feet. "Where's Miwa?" Mikey asked hurriedly.

"Where do you think?" Donnie gestured to the helicopter, circling a little out of control above their heads. Miwa still clung to the landing gear, dodging blasts.

"Grab the power cell!" Leo shouted.

"Really?" Miwa shouted back sarcastically. "'Cause that wasn't the reason I decided to climb on this cockamamie thing!"

"Cockamamie?" Mikey cocked his head.

Miwa yelped when a blast whizzed past her ear. "Shimatta!" She growled. She flipped up and aimed her foot for the Kraang's face, knocking him backwards to the floor. The helicopter jerked and swerved as it continued to lurch around in the sky. She kicked two more Kraang in the face and noticed the power cell on the ground. She scooped it up, but another Kraang grabbed it as well. "Let go!" Miwa ordered.

"Kraang demands that you let go of the thing known as the power cell that Kraang demands you let go of!" the droid snapped.

Miwa rolled her eyes. "Idiots." She aimed a punch for the Kraang's robot face, but the helicopter lurched again and Miwa stumbled backwards. Her fingers slipped from the power cell's container and she suddenly tumbled out into the open air. She screamed, realizing that she was plummeting straight for the ground. She tried to turn and land properly, but found she didn't need to; Mikey leaped into the air, grabbed the girl, flipped, and landed softly on the ground.

"Are you okay?" Mikey asked worriedly.

Miwa sighed as Mikey set her down on her feet. "I'm fine. Thanks, Mikey."

"Well, you know…" Mikey chuckled a little nervously. "It's what I do."

Miwa smiled and quickly kissed him on the cheek before joining her brothers. Mikey looked ready to faint, almost floating as he followed Miwa. The four turtles, Miwa, and Pulverizer watched as the helicopter flew off with the power cell in it, destroying any chance of the ninjas stopping the Kraang.

"Aw man." Pulverizer groaned. "Looks like I mucked everything up, didn't I?"

"Hey, bro, it's not your fault." Mikey consoled.

"Um, actually Mikey, it is." Leo corrected.

"Oh yeah." Mikey said.

"Not completely." Donnie admitted. "I'm the one who sent the Shellraiser through the wall and that's what cracked the power cell."

"You did what you had to do." Miwa assured. "Desperate times called for desperate measures."

"Uh……" Pulverizer piped up. "Think we could pick up our training again sometime?"

Donnie walked up to the Pulverizer and put a hand on the teen's shoulder. "No."

Pulverizer looked disappointed, but he seemed to shake it off. "Fine. But I'll be practicing! And I'll be back! And wherever crime may roam, wherever help is—"

"Bye!" The Turtles and Miwa said forcefully. Pulverizer luckily took the hint and walked off, a little slumped over.

"I've got to figure out how we're getting that power cell back!" Donnie said once the Pulverizer was gone.

Leo looked back at the Shellraiser, still crashed into the wall. "Which raises the question: how are we going to get the Shellraiser home?"

"It's not like we have any gas or a giant battery." Miwa noted. "What are we supposed to do? Push it all the way home?"

"I didn't mean that literally!" Miwa groaned as she helped Leo, Mikey, and Raph push the Shellraiser across the subway tracks. But no matter how hard they struggled and groaned and pushed, the giant car only move a few feet at a time.

"Are you sure the parking break isn't on?" Raph shouted at Donnie in the driver's seat.

"For the hundredth time: yes!" Donnie's voice called from inside. "Oh wait. Sorry guys!" He poked his head out the door. "Uh…..try it now."

His brothers groaned his name, almost cursing him as they continued to push. But Donnie just slipped back inside to steer.

Leo glanced at Miwa, grunting as she continued to push against the metal. "You can go sit with Donnie if you want." He offered.

"Nope, I'm good." Miwa assured.

"Well, the offer still stands." Raph pointed out. "You can always send Donnie out here to push while you steer."

"I think I got more manpower…, turtle power, than he does." Miwa said with a smile.

"Sorry your first big adventure with us wasn't very fun." Mikey said sincerely. "This was the first time you went to bust bad guys with us and it ends like this!"

"Are you kidding?" Miwa's smiled widened. "This is the most fun I've had in years!"

"Really?" Mikey asked with a smile.

"Oh yeah." Miwa nodded. "And I know that there are only more adventures to come!"

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