Time seemed to be going ridiculously slow for Kaiko. Was this some sort of joke? Maybe she was still asleep. And the woman cornering her against the wall was just one of the many faces she saw yesterday, that for some reason stuck to her. Highly doubtful though. She certainly felt the impact of the wall against her back when the woman pushed her. And all Kaiko could do was stare, beads of sweat forming on the back of her neck; a thousand sirens screaming a nationwide disaster in her head.

"O-oi…" Kaiko finally broke the silence, a nervous chuckle dropping from her lips as the woman locked eyes with her. "C-can I help you…?"


"N-nice weather, huh?"

Still nothing.

The brunette fidgeted slightly in her position when all the woman did was stare at her. She bit down on her lip, thinking of something else to say that could get this woman off of her. She could only hope no one would come in and find her in this more than awkward position. Especially Lightning. After all, how in the world was she going to explain whatever it is that was happening? She gulped loudly, the back of her head pressed against the wall as she tried to put distance between herself and the woman, who was suspiciously coming closer. When she was merely inches away from her face she stopped, a smirk twitching up the corners of her lips. Slowly, the blonde woman's smirk grew as she let her arms fall to her side, though she didn't pull away one bit.

"Jihl Nabaat." The blonde introduced herself, lifting a hand to push her glasses up her nose. She gave Kaiko a once-over, a slight huff coming out of her lips as she finally leaned away. The woman lifted her chin high, an air of superiority around her as she let out a small chuckle. "And you must be Serah's pet…"

"R-right… Wait, what?" Kaiko let her mouth fall open, as she stared at the woman and tried not to gape. Pet? Seriously? What the hell? Who does this woman think she is? Closing her mouth once more, the brunette shook her head, biting down on her tongue to keep from insulting the blonde. "I wouldn't really call myse-"

Kaiko cut herself off as the woman turned around, completely ignoring her and walking away like nothing happened. The crossdresser couldn't do anything but stand there, staring after her with a questioning eyebrow raised. 'What the hell was that?' The photographer wondered bemusedly as she collected herself and made her way for the bathroom. She gave another glance over her shoulder before going in. A big puff of air fell from her lips once she found herself alone in the safety of the bathroom.

'It's a good thing I slept in these…' Kaiko thought to herself as she took off her clothes to take a quick shower. She certainly had been lucky. She would have gotten caught immediately if it weren't for the baggy shirt she had. But what was that woman's deal anyway?

The woman stepped into the shower, turning on the water faucet and letting the water soak her from head to toe. A content sigh escaped her lips. The warm water felt nice against her sore from sleep muscles. With a light sigh, she pushed her soaked bangs away from her eyes, only to have them stubbornly fall back again. Now would be a good time to think how to pull her act together for today, as well as think back on the events from last night. Surprisingly, everyone was really nice. Not at all what she was expecting. In all honesty, she expected them all to be Lightning clones in personality, especially the boys. In her experience, when she brought her past boyfriend to meet her parents her father and brother constantly harassed him to the point where he awkwardly excused himself to leave and not much later call the 'relationship' off. Perhaps it was just her…plus, she was the youngest, and her family's crazy. But still, yesterday wasn't really that bad. Maybe she could go and check the place out today. It would certainly be nice to take a few pictures while she's at it as well. The place's beauty was sure captivating and she wouldn't mind having it in a frame for herself. She'd have to ask Serah about it later.

Kaiko slipped out of the shower, toweling her body before beginning to slip into her undergarments. She pulled out a pair of boxers, wrinkling her nose with distaste. Were they really necessary? It's not like they were gonna go through her stuff, right? Or strip her out of her clothes. Perhaps Serah was just messing with her. The pinkette was sure getting a lot of fun out of their current situation.

Dismissing the thought, she put them on with a small pout, quickly pulling up the pants she picked. The woman stopped when she picked up the bandages for her breast, staring at it with a scowl on her features. Now, these she really hated. They were crushing what little she had… She was worried they might do permanent damage to her already tiny bosom, if hers can even be called that. With a heavy sigh the woman quickly finished up in the bathroom before getting out, drying her soaked hair with the towel.

"Took you long enough."

Son of a…lady, what is with this people and creeping up on her?! Kaiko slowly turned her head to the side, breathing out a sigh when she noticed the smaller pinkette leaning on the wall.

"Maker, Serah! Don't do that…"

The pinkette laughed, pushing away from the wall to stand before the taller woman. Serah furrowed her eyebrows, a look of concern washing over her face. "Hey, are you okay? You look a bit pale…"

Kaiko just gave her a dead stare, leaning away when her friend lifted a hand to place on her forehead. "Well, you know… A side from the fact that I almost had two heart attacks this early in the morning already…" The woman shrugged. "I'm fine!"

"Oh, good." Serah smiled, before tilting her head in confusion. "Wait…two?"

"Yeah, some lady seemed like she wanted to jump my bones in the hallway." Kaiko explained, a slight shiver running up her spine. At Serah's blank look, Kaiko only sighed, shaking her head as if dismissing the unvoiced question. "I'll go wait in the bedroom."

"Why don't you just head downstairs?"

Kaiko let out what appeared to be a sarcastic chortle as she turned on her heel and walked down the hallway. "Yeah sure, why don't I propose to you in front of your sister too?"

Serah glared at the back of her head, puffing out her cheeks as she turned and walked into the bathroom herself. Little miss sarcasm she should call her now… geez.

Kaiko placed her dirty clothes in the hamper before sitting down on the bed, drying her soaked locks with the towel. She reached for her phone to check the text message Hope sent her, making a quick reply with a small smile. Hope. He's so sweet. Kaiko feels a bit bad that they haven't been able to actually sit down to talk. Though, the thought of talking made her nervous. She wasn't sure what they would've talked about anyway. It's not like she has anything interesting to say. Oh, well. She shouldn't worry about it now either way. She won't see him in a week…or was it two? Oh, Maker… It's only been a day…

Dropping herself on the bed, Kaiko let the towel fall on her face, sulking somewhat. Maybe she could still sleep some more… How long had she slept anyways? The brunette lifted the towel from her eyes to peek at her phone, blinking at the white digits displayed on the screen; 10:38. Yeah, like the people here would actually let her sleep anyways. She could hear the chattering downstairs from here. The brunette slowly sat up, letting the towel fall on her lap. Maybe she should've gone downstairs. Now she'd have to wait for her midget of a friend to come back. Her attention was pulled back to her phone when the device began to vibrate. The sign of an incoming text lighting up the screen. The brunette unlocked the device, smiling as she read the text.

-"I'm glad you're okay. How are you liking Pulse? Where are you exactly anyways?"-

Kaiko smiled and tilted her head, thinking up a quick reply.

-"It's great. Pulse is really beautiful from what I've seen. I'm in Oerba at the moment."-

The brunette laid back down on the bed, placing her phone on her belly as she waited for a reply. She stared up at the ceiling silently, drumming her fingers on her abdomen.

"Alright, I'm done. Would you do me the honor of accompanying me for breakfast this fine morning, your highness?" Serah asked sarcastically as she entered the room. She blinked when Kaiko made a kicking motion with her legs and jumped off the bed, a light blush dusting across her cheeks. The pinkette furrowed her eyebrows, narrowing her eyes suspiciously. "What were you doing?"

"Hmm? Nothing!" Kaiko laughed, placing the phone she had tightly clutched within her fingers in her pocket and waving off the question with her free hand. Wait, it really was nothing. What was she getting so worked up about? She mentally slapped herself before lightly shaking her head. "Nothing really. Well, let's go."

Serah watched as the brunette stepped out of the room, raising an eyebrow as she followed after her.

"I don't think it was nothing." The pinkette spoke as she walked beside her friend, who was looking down at her feet as they went down the stairs.

Kaiko heaved a sigh as the chattering grew louder, turning her head to shoot Serah a look. "You just surprised me."

"Uh huh."


Said brunette snapped her head around, eyes wide and searching for the owner of the voice. Her gaze landed on a blonde she remembers seeing yesterday, but wasn't directly introduced to. She watched as the man stood up; a wide, boyish grin playing on his lips.

"Hey!" Kaiko's eyes widened a fraction more when the blonde clasped an arm around her shoulders, shaking her slightly. "I've heard great things. Is it true that you have your own studio?"

"Um, y-yeah." The brunette almost tripped over her feet as the unnamed blonde began to lead her towards the large, rectangular table, where Sazh, Dajh and Tifa were already seated.

"Cool! Oh, I'm Tidus by the way. Come on, seat with me, Kai. We have lots to talk about."

"We do? I-"

Kaiko wasn't able to let out a word of agreement or disagreement since the blonde had practically made her sit in one of the chairs by the time she was able to open her mouth. She blinked back her surprise, slowly turning her head to glance at the man, who excitedly took the chair next to hers.

"So, you take pictures, huh?" Tidus asked, filling his plate with the food set on the table.

"He's a photographer, Tidus. What do you think?" Tifa spoke up from across the table, what appeared to be an amused smile playing at her lips as she raised an eyebrow at the blonde.

"What? I was just making conversation!" The blonde defended himself, taking a forkful of whatever he served on his plate before stuffing his face with it. "Come on, Tifa. Lighte-"

"Tidus, please don't speak with your mouth full. And I thought I told you to wait for everyone else."

Kaiko turned her head towards the voice, raising an eyebrow when Tidus ducked his head in an almost embarrassed way. Vanille and Yuna walked in, each carrying a plate of food. The bubbly redhead had a small smile on her face as Yuna quickly placed the food on the table and turned to look down at Tidus.

"Umm, are they together?" Kaiko asked Serah in a low voice, watching from the corner of her eye as Yuna stood over the blonde male, her hands firmly on her hips.

"Honestly, I have no idea." The pinkette replied, resisting the urge to yawn. "I think they've liked each other since forever, but they're both too shy to admit it. I mean, I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure."

Kaiko nodded her head in understanding, watching as the blonde turned towards Yuna, starting to bicker with her slightly in his defense.

"How am I not supposed to eat anything whe-"

"Good morning!" Rikku, the hyperactive blonde girl, waltzed into the room closely followed by Lightning, Cloud, Fang and a brunette man Kaiko had yet to meet. Oh, and Jihl…

"That's her!" Kaiko whispered loudly in Serah's ear, trying to look discreet. The pinkette looked at her strangely before following her gaze.

"What are you talking about?"

"The chick that jumped me in the hallway!" Kaiko spoke, lowering her gaze towards the table. "That's her!"

Serah only raised an eyebrow in response, looking from the group that was already taking their seats, to Kaiko. "Who? Jihl?"

Kaiko nodded her head, shifting in her seat uncomfortably when the woman shot a passing glance in her direction.

"Noel? When did you get here?"

Kaiko lifted her head to look at who had spoken, noticing that Tifa was looking at the man with short brown hair and bright blue eyes.

"Just did." The man answered with a smile as he sat across from Kaiko, his gaze turning towards Fang when the woman spoke up.

"Did Tidus eat everythin' already?" Fang asked, her usual smirk coiling up her lips. She took a seat at one of the ends of the table, raising an amused eyebrow when Tidus snapped his attention towards her.

"I haven't! I just had a bite." The blonde frowned, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Yeah. Of everything!" Sazh laughed as the blonde turned to look at him with a gaping mouth.

"Did not!"

"Only a bite? That would be a first!" Noel joked, before his gaze turned towards Kaiko; a confused expression taking over his features. "Umm, who are you?"

"Oh, I'm Kaik- Ow!"

It only took a 'gentle' step of Serah's foot on top of Kaiko's for the woman to interrupt herself with a yelp. The pinkette widened her eyes in fake surprise, placing a hand on Kaiko's shoulder.

"What's wrong, Kai?"

Kaiko slowly turned to look at her, her eyes slightly narrowed. "You stepped on my foot." She said through gritted teeth, her shoulders slouching forward. Yeah, it was a nice save…but did she had to step on her foot?

"Oh. Sorry, hun." Serah chuckled sheepishly, lifting a hand to pat her friend's cheek.

"So, you're Kai, I take it?" Noel spoke after eyeing Serah and Kaiko's little interaction with suspicious blue eyes.


"He's my boyfriend." Serah cut in, a small smile coiling up her lips as she ignored the look she received from the other Farron, who had taken the seat next to Noel and right across from her.

Kaiko glanced at the younger Farron before smiling herself, though it slowly dropped as she noticed the man narrowed his eyes at her. Kaiko furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. She looked around to see if anyone else was looking at the man's actions, though they were all busy filling their plates with food and chatting with each other to notice. Was he like, challenging her or something? She blinked, slowly narrowing her eyes back at him. She hoped she wouldn't get punched or something because of this.

Noel's eyes narrowed more if possible and he leaned forward slightly. What was this? A stare down contest? What the hell? Instead of following his movements, the photographer merely tilted her chin upwards and crossed her arms across her chest in an attempt to show she wasn't afraid. She was pleasantly surprised when the man raised an eyebrow, the ghost of an amused smile had coiled up his lips as he turned away from her.


Kaiko let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding. She looked down at her empty plate, before picking it up to take her own share of food.

"How are you related to them?" Kaiko asked Serah when they were back in their room after breakfast. The brunette had been wondering that since yesterday, due to not having noticed any similarities in the looks department with the Farron sisters. She watched as Serah stopped rummaging through her bag and turned to look at her with curious, bright blue eyes.

"Hmm? Oh, you mean…?" The woman pointed her thumb behind herself, receiving a nod from the brunette lazily sprawled out on the bed. "I'm not related to them by blood, if that's what you're asking. Actually barely anyone here is related." When Kaiko gave her a questioning look, she continued. "The only ones really related here are me and Lightning, and Fang and Vanille. And well, Garnet is Yuna's cousin, but that's about it."

"Who's Garnet?"

"I just told you, Yuna's cousin." The pinkette repeated in a slow tone, earning a dead stare from Kaiko. "She's not here, I think. So, you haven't met her. But anyways… we're all just really close friends I guess. Most childhood friends. Others, we just happened to meet along the way. But we're…family, you know?"

"Huh…" Kaiko nodded slowly, turning away from the pinkette to stare up at the ceiling. "So, where are the others? I mean, there had to be like twenty people if not more here yesterday."

"Neighbors. They can't all live here, you know." The pinkette chuckled as Kaiko made a flick of her wrist to dismiss the teasing she'd probably get from the younger Farron.

Serah looked at her friend for a moment before going back to the bag. Once she made sure all her clothes had been unpacked, the woman stood up and walked towards the bed to seat on the edge, bringing Kaiko's attention back to herself. "So, feel like going to the beach?"

"No. Too full."

Serah raised an eyebrow when Kaiko lazily patted her belly and closed her eyes with a lazy yawn. She narrowed her eyes at her friend's laziness and poked her arm to get her attention.

"Come on, do you plan to stay here in bed all day?"

"No." The brunette took a peak at the younger Farron from the corner of her eye, a lazy smirk tugging at her lips. "I plan to stay in here these two weeks actually."

"It'll be just us, so you don't have to worry about..." The pinkette shot a glance towards the door over her shoulder, lowering her voice as if someone was eavesdropping on them. "You know what."

Kaiko merely turned on her side, away from the pinkette. Serah felt her eye twitch at being ignored but she was nowhere near giving up yet. She crawled up on the bed, sitting down on her legs as she began to shake Kaiko's shoulder.

"Come on!"

"I said no." Came the slightly shaky response from Kaiko as her friend violently shook her left shoulder. "Why don't you just go out with the girls? And I stay here sleeping?"

"I don't want to leave you here alone. Plus, if you don't come with me surely one of the guys will drag you out. Especially if I make such request." The look she received from Kaiko almost made her stop to laugh, but she only smirked back at her in return. "You know I would."

Kaiko stared at her, her eyes narrowed. She glared for a moment before shrugging and turning so she was laying on her belly. "Still…my answer is no."

Serah narrowed her own eyes at her. She stopped her attempts at shaking sense into her friend and stood up on the bed. "Don't make me tickle you." She warned a finger pointed upwards for emphasis.

"That won't work."

"O-kay then." The pinkette wobbled over to Kaiko, staring down at her for a few seconds before sitting down on her back.

"Uff! Ow! Maker, Serah! I just ate!" Kaiko tried to wiggle herself out from under her friend, though found the task harder than expected when the pinkette rested her back on her head and took a firm hold of her shirt. The poor crossdresser's words came out muffled as she attempted to free herself. "You're not as light as you look!"

"Are you calling me fat?"

"Yes…" Kaiko replied in a muffled childish voice, oblivious to the dangerous tone her friend's voice had taken. She soon regretted it when the pinkette mercilessly began to bounce on her back. "No! I take it back! Oh, Maker! I'm gonna puke…"

"So, the beach?" Serah asked after she stopped, looking down at her friend's visible eye with a smirk. She raised an amused eyebrow when the woman glared back at her. "Not giving up yet?"

Oh, she could take a challenge.


The next moment happened too fast. A loud squeak came out of Serah's lips as she found herself thrown off Kaiko's back and on the space next to her. Though before she could even process what had happened, the brunette was already on top of her with a wide victorious smirk on her lips.

"Wha…? How did you-"

"I have my moments." Kaiko took the time to pick at her nails as Serah tried to get her off. The brunette peeked at the struggling Farron from the corner of her eye. "I'll get off if you agree on letting me stay here."

Serah stopped her movements to simply stare at her; slowly, the glare she had been sporting intensified. Kaiko fully turned to face her, crossing her arms across her chest as her smirk grew. Litte son of a…The pinkette let out a defeated sigh, looking away with a small pout.


"Hey, Serah? I was wondering if you wan-" The two friends slowly turned towards the door, watching as a surprised Yuna covered her mouth, a small tint of pink spreading across her cheeks. Of course someone would come in right now. "Oh, I'm so sorry! Don't let me bother you! Uhh… Continue! I'll just...yeah."

"Wait, Yuna!" Serah had been the one that had spoken, poking her head around Kaiko so she could see the blue-eyed brunette. "We weren't really doing anything… What's up?"

"Umm…right. Well, we're heading to the lake in case you want to come." Yuna spoke, her gaze fixated on the floor.

"We'll be there!" The pinkette smiled widely as Kaiko turned to glare at her viciously. Typical Serah, taking advantage of the situation.

"Oh, then…we'll be waiting downstairs…or you can just…catch up later." Yuna said in a quiet voice, the pink of her cheeks spreading slightly. Kaiko closed her eyes in frustration as the short woman scrambled out of the room nervously. She got off Serah, rubbing her temples as the pinkette sat up and snickered.

"You…" Kaiko pointed a shaky finger at her friend, trying to contain the anger she was feeling.

"Me…" Serah smiled innocently, standing before the taller woman before walking past her to look for clothes. "You should've known something like this would happen when you challenged me."

"I didn't challenge you!" The brunette cried out, staring after Serah with a deep scowl. "Wait, did you plan this?"

"What? The Yuna coming in and 'catch us' thing? Pfft! No." She laughed as she turned towards Kaiko, a pair of swimming trunks in her hands. "I just happen to be really lucky. I went ahead and bought you this. Just…you know… don't take off your shirt."

"You little bi-"

Kaiko let a scowl take over her features as she stood on the shoreline of the lake. Her scowl could almost rival Lightning's, who was standing as far away from the water as possible. While she succeeded in not going to the beach, she was not able to persuade her friend into letting her stay in bed.

"Don't scowl like that…you'll get wrinkles."

The brunette let out a soft mumble, shooting a small glare at Serah as she fumbled with the camera around her neck. What? She had to get something out of this too. Plus, the location wasn't bad at all. In fact, this had to be one of the most beautiful lakes she had ever been to. She just hoped there wasn't any ugly Breshan Bass around… However, the water was clear enough to see the bottom so, she would know if there were any.

Bringing the camera up to her eye, the photographer adjusted the lens, moving the camera to zoom in on the group already swimming. The brunette snapped a shot and couldn't help but laugh silently when she caught the moment Tidus was pushed off the docks by a snickering Rikku. This people were…fun, she had to admit. She didn't dislike them. She disliked the idea that she had to pretend something she wasn't in front of them. Lie in other words. They didn't deserve such. This only made her wonder if Serah felt guilty about this at all. She lowered the camera from her face to take a peek at her friend, who watched the scene with an almost nostalgic smile. Perhaps she had the same thoughts running through her head.

With a small sigh, the photographer turned to take another picture, crouching slightly when a pale creamy white wall appeared on her line of shot. A small, surprised gasp was all that came out of Kaiko as she lowered the camera to come face to…well, belly? Bloody hell? The brunette looked up and was a bit surprised to see Vanille in front of her, her arms crossed across her chest. The redhead seemed to be forcing an angry expression into her face as she looked down at Kaiko, who slowly stood to her full height. Kaiko fought the urge to laugh. The expression was obviously out of character for her, and she didn't look intimidating at all in the green bikini she was sporting.

"Why are you guys still here? Come on!" The bubbly redhead took a hold of Kaiko's wrist, starting to drag her to the docks.

"Um, Vanille. Kai doesn't really-" Serah started as she walked after them, biting back a laugh as Kaiko desperately dug the heels of her feet in the ground.

"Oi! Red! I can't! My camera will get wet."

Kaiko smiled a little guiltily when Vanille turned to look at her, a small frown on her face. However, the smile was quickly replaced with confusion when the redhead smiled.

"Red? You already have a nickname for me?" Vanille giggled, shaking her head before extending her hand out. "Can I see the camera?"

"Um…I guess…?" The photographer slowly took the camera strap from her neck, cautiously handing it to the Pulsian.

Vanille smiled once she had the object in her hands, lifting it to her own face and zooming in at Kaiko's confused expression. She then handed it to Serah, watching as Kaiko's face slowly turned into one of horror. The redhead only giggled when Fang came up behind the photographer, a mischievous glint in both the Pulsians' eyes.

"O-oh…Hi, Fang." Kaiko stammered as the wild haired woman clasped an arm around her shoulders.

"Are you okay, kid?" Fang asked, her usual smirk on her lips. "You look a bit pale."

"N-no! Ha…I-I'm fine…just you know…spending time w-with Serah!"

"Oh?" Fang raised an eyebrow, looking from Serah to Kaiko. "Well, I'm sure you can spend time with her in the water. The heat here can be a bit bothersome. Plus, everyone is already in…Well, everyone but Sunshine."

"I don't really feel like going in myself." Serah shrugged her shoulders, the hint of a nervous glint in her eyes. If Kaiko's shirt were to get wet, her chest bandages could be noticeable. It was doubtful, hence the shirt was black, but still.

"S-see? And I-I don't want to leave her here by herself, you know?"

"I can keep her company." Kaiko jumped a little as Lightning walked up to them, her arms crossed across her chest. "I'm not planning on going in either."

Oh, great… Now they were all teaming up. Did… Did she just saw Lightning smirk?! Oh, Maker…

"Ha! Problem solved! Come on!" Fang laughed merrily as she dragged the nervous brunette with her. Vanille giggled as Kaiko kept shooting desperate glances at Serah, trying to get the taller Pulsian's grip off of her. The pinkette furrowed her eyebrows with concern, but if she were to do something to intervene, she was afraid everyone else would get suspicious.

"Stop squirming, kid! It'll be fun!"

"No, Fang! I just…" Kaiko struggled until she got the woman to let go. She stumbled back a little but was able to catch her balance with the help of a wall… Wait, a wall? In the docks? Slowly, the brunette turned her head around, blinking owlishly when she was faced with a toned chest, coated with water droplets. She lowered her gaze to where her hand had found support; a clean six pack… Kaiko raised an eyebrow, and finally looked up, eyes locking with azure blue. Her eyes took in the amused face and the brown short hair, and that was when she finally reacted. A hue of scarlet spread across her cheeks as she withdrew her hand as if she was touching fire.

"Eh?!" She could hear Vanille giggling behind her. How embarrassing… She stammered for words as the taller brunette stared down at her, her throat feeling like a desert. "S-Sorry…"

"Noel, if you please…" Fang gestured to Kaiko, and the brunette looked back at her before looking up at Noel.


Kaiko let out a short, strangled scream as Noel threw her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and continued walking with ease.

"No! I…I don't know how to swim!" Kaiko struggled against the man's hold and let out a small sigh of relief when he stopped, though, said relief was short vivid when the brunette continued walking.

"We'll teach you." Fang snickered once they were at the edge of docks.

Serah watched the scene with a grimace, turning her head slightly to shoot a small glance at Lightning. The pink haired soldier was watching with a glint of amusement in her usually cold blue orbs, a tiny smirk on her lips. Serah felt a smile tug at her own lips. It was nice to see her sister…oddly enjoying herself. The younger pinkette shook her head and turned back to the docks. She looked down at the camera in her hands before bringing it up to her face.

"Your boyfriend's weird."

She heard her sister say, just as a –not so manly- scream reached their ears followed by the holler of the already swimming.


And then the splash.

Serah smiled as she lowered the camera and watched the picture she had just taken. Kaiko was so gonna threaten to get her later. But she was sure the brunette would let it go. That was just the kind of friend she was. Or maybe she was just making a list…to get back at her later.

"I know."

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