Predictions and Prophecies

By Drizzle117

Chapter Five

"Sunil! Hey, bro! How's the magic coming along?"

"Well…it's coming, Vinnie. It's…coming."

The gecko took a seat next to his mongoose friend and watched as something that looked strangely like ketchup splattered against the bark of the faux tree. "It looks pretty good so far," he remarked, watching another splatter hit the wall."

Sunil sighed and placed his paws behind his back, wringing them anxiously. "It's not the best it could be. It smells like tomatoes and the visual affects aren't that appealing."

Vinnie snorted and rolled his eyes. "You're being too hard on yourself, man." He got up from his spot and with one scaly hand ruffled Sunil's fur playfully. "You're doing excellent, cut yourself some slack!"

The only reply that came out of the mongoose's mouth was a muffled "myeha wrisght."

The gecko sighed. "Alright. Spill the beans. What's wrong?"

Oh, Vinnie. He had always been so good at picking up Sunil's hidden emotions. The mongoose had to pride him on that now. He was the one who was always by his side when he needed comforting, or knew when he needed a hand over his shoulder, no matter how green it was. Sunil sniffled pitifully and looked away.

"Is it about those visions again?" Vinnie asked suspiciously.

At this the mongoose slumped to the ground and moaned, letting his head hang backwards as he sighed. "It is true, it is true, I am plagued of these visions constantly and it is most undesirable!"

"I wish I could help," Vinnie commented somewhat stupidly.

Sunil laughed – just a little, so that Vinnie wouldn't feel insulted – and shook his head. "You do know how to cheer me up, don't you?"

"That cheered you up?"

"Never mind."

They sat like that for a bit longer, Sunil's mind content simply sitting there and thinking about absolutely nothing. That was another comforting thing about Vinnie. You could sit with him and not say anything for a year, but he would never mind, and he would never make you feel awkward.

Finally Vinnie decided to speak. "So, hey…Pepper seemed pretty ticked at you."

Everything came crashing down.

Sunil sighed, ears drooping, and stared at the floor, trying to avoid saying anything, but Vinnie was persistent. "I mean, she wouldn't stop bugging you. She really wanted that to be your secret, didn't she?"


"That's pretty rough, man."

"I know."

Vinnie glanced over sideways at the mongoose and gasped, recoiling. "Oh my gosh, Sunil! Are you…crying?"

"No…" Sunil hurriedly pulled his arm over his cheek to soak up the wet stains and then sighed. "…yes."

"Oh geez. Did I do something wrong? I'm real sorry, buddy, real sorry," Vinnie started, with an incredibly concerned look on his face, but the mongoose shook it away.

"It is my fault that I am dwelling on it so long," Sunil replied, looking away. "I really should be concentrating on the visual effects for the most wonderful of plays but I simply cannot concentrate, you know what I mean?"

"I know that feel, bro," Vinnie agreed, nodding.

Silence reigned for at least five minutes, in which neither of the friends spoke, but instead thought. Each of them thought about different things. If you were to take a peek into Vinnie's head right then, you would see a mixed up salad of confusion, concern, and hunger for a nice bowl of dead flies. If you were to peek into Sunil's mind, you would see nothing but worry.

Oh, and Pepper.

He tried not to think of her. He really, really did. But the angry way she had looked at him, spat out her words like they were poison on her tongue and then just left.

He wanted her to forgive him.

The only way to do that was to make sure none of his predictions came true.

"I am going to sit in this corner all day," Sunil proclaimed.

Vinnie's head jerked up in confusion. "Wait, what?"

"You have heard me correctly. I will sit in this corner all day, and therefore will be unable to make any of my predictions come true." Sunil was going to say more, but just then Buttercream hopped into the scene, giggling a bit as she saw the splatters of ketchup against the wall.

"Wowzie-bowzie, Sunil! You really made those blood-in-a-rut splatters look super duper realistic!"

"I tried." The mongoose couldn't suppress a blush.

"He tried hard," Vinnie piped up, putting one scaly arm around Sunil's shoulder and winking at the bunny.

"Well, it looks great-a-late! But that's not the reason-bo-beason I came over here." Buttercream hopped up to Vinnie and slung an arm around his shoulder, making the three connected by arms and shoulders, all tangled together. "Vinnie-bo-binnie, we need you to go up with us to Blythe's roomy-loomy."

"Why are you going to Blythe's room?" the gecko asked, confusion and worry in his purple eyes. Sunil had to agree. They all knew Blythe was currently at FUN and that they weren't really supposed to go up there without her in the room.

Buttercream's green eyes were composed of pure innocence. "Well, we need a toy car for the play, and Vinnie knows where she keeps most of her stuff! Also, we don't need-a-lead him for the scene Sugary Sprinkle-de-Winkles is rehearsing right now." She tipped her head at beyond the tree; peering out, Sunil could just vaguely see the shapes of Russell and Pepper conversing, with Sugar Sprinkles watching and nodding her head.

"Would you like to come too, Sunil-bo-beel?"

The question threw the mongoose off-guard; quickly he shook his head no. "I do believe that I'll remain here and…continue to practice my special effects."

Vinnie got up with a huff and nodded at Sunil. "I'll be back in a…a…a short time," he promised, before running off with Buttercream and vanishing out of sight.

Sunil was alone.


With a small sigh he concentrated all of his energy and shot a blast of ketchup at the wall. It missed its target and instead hit the tree. Great. Now Mrs. Twombly would be worried one of the pets was bleeding. Back to the drawing board.

"The maidens are missing!"

Sunil blinked.

Leaning over and around the tree, he had a clear view of the practicing actors. Pepper's eyes were wide and nervous, and Russell was wringing his paws, breaths quick and short. They were doing an excellent job. Maybe he could watch for a little bit. That wouldn't hurt anyone, would it?

Nah, it would be fine.

"I know they're missing." Pepper got to her paws and began to stalk back and forth. "But what can we do to save them?"

"Find out where they're captured?" Russell suggested.

"Perfect." The skunk's eyes lit up…and then dimmed. "But how will we figure that one out?"

Both of them were silent for a little bit. Sunil wasn't sure if that was in their script or if they had forgotten their lines. However, Sugar Sprinkles was still smiling, so he assumed it was in the script.

Finally, Russell spoke. "Well, there's that guy who lives on the edge of town. He never talks to us except grunting or saying something rude…"

"…he can never keep his eyes off of the maidens…"

"…it has to be him!" both of them erupted at the same time, grinning at each other.

Sunil sighed. They were doing so well…and he wasn't even sure if he could make his magic effects count. What was he going to do?

What happened next was purely coincidental. No one had any power over what was going to come of it. It was meant to be, yet none of them believed it after it had happened.

There was a flashing light, a squealing noise, and then something hurtled toward Sunil. In the glaring light he could only see it was a giant shape, and it was going to crush him, bury him, destroy him. Screaming, he turned and felt magical power bubbling at his paws. It shot out before he could do anything to stop it. There was an explosion.

The room was filled with smoke.

Sunil opened his eyes wearily, not quite sure what he had just done. He couldn't see anything. Not yet. Waving his paws ever so slightly, he cleared away the smoke enough to see…

…one of Blythe's toy cars, tipped over on its side. The headlights were flickering weakly and the wheels were still spinning. A panicked moaning came from inside.

Sunil's heart ached with fear. What have I done?

The answer came sooner than later, from a panicked and enraged grey skunk.

"Oh my God! You guys! Vinnie's hurt!"

AN: Those of you who thought this fic was dead...think again. I NEVER abandon a fic. Ever.