Can't really say much about why I started writing this about a month or so ago. I guess its because I enjoy VampWillow fics, and I always have trouble finding the good ones, so I decided to try my hand at writing one. And since I'm such a major W/T fan, I couldn't help but add a VampTara to the mix.

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Chapter 1

"I'm so bored, Kitty." As she ran her fingers along the cold bars of the cell, Willow tilted her head slightly, her brain buzzing with ideas on how to relieve her boredom using one of the pets that she had. "And Puppy doesn't want to play today. His bark is gone."

Stopping, the vampire looked into the cell, almost smiling as she saw Kitty's eyes staring back at her from the darkness.

"Bored now." Sighing, the red-head pushed the key into the lock of the cell, turning it and opening the door in one swift motion. Making her way across the cold floor, the vampire finally smiled as she saw her pet pushing herself into the corner as far as the chains connecting her to the floor would allow. Unlike Puppy, Kitty seemingly never left the shadows of the cell unless she was pulled out. Kneeling down in front of the girl, Willow held out her hand. "Come here, Kitty."

"N-No." The word left the other girl's mouth as nothing more than a pure whisper, the strength that should have been behind it nowhere to be heard.

"Come. Here" Repeating the command, Willow actually enjoyed her pet's defiance. Puppy would never bite, he had been here long enough to know better. Kitty, on the other hand, tried to scratch her on occasion. It made everything more fun. "Come here, kitty, kitty, kitty."

Pushing herself even further into the wall, Tara could care less about how cold the walls of the cell were. She was already dead, and the temperature merely matched what was inside her. It had been that way ever since she had been turned, and somehow imparted with her soul again. Angel had said something along the lines that some mystical force called the Powers had chosen her as one of their champions, and as such, had given her a soul again. It was meant to help her control the bloodlust inside her, make sure that if she drained someone, she would regret it almost immediately. In the end all it had done was make her a target for the Master's minions once he had risen from his tomb underneath the same church that had trapped him there.

Some champion she was, curling into a corner in an attempt to stay away from her captor.

"Are you feeling shy, Kitty? It's just me." Pushing herself back onto her feet, Willow began to move towards the other vampire, her hips swaying back and forth as she walked. "I just want to play."

Remaining silent, Tara closed her eyes as the red-head's fingers finally reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her out of the shadows. The tug wasn't particularly rough, but it still hurt slightly from the amount of force behind it. As her legs struggled to find their footing on the ground as she was nearly hoisted into the air, the vampire saw her captor's eyes staring down at her with a certain pitying quality to them.

"Poor Kitty." Dropping the weaker vampire onto the floor, the red-head looked down at her, the look in her eyes having changed to amusement. "Have you been chasing the rats again?"

Unable to voice the words to an answer, Tara simply nodded, unsure of what her captor was going to do.

"They can't taste very good, can they?" Kneeling down again, the red-head wedged her pet between the floor and herself before completely lowering herself down in order to straddle the other vampire. "Chasing them probably makes you tired. When pets are tired, they can't play."

"Y-y-yes, I'm t-t-tir-tired"

"You sound scared. Are you scared, Kitty? Something making you feel afraid?" Receiving only another nod from her pet, Willow considered getting the box of matches that she usually reserved only for Puppy. She hadn't properly heard Kitty meow yet, and the more she thought about what that would sound like, the more curious she became. Curiosity killed the cat...

"You should be." Smiling still, the vampire's grin only grew larger as she smelled the girl's fear as it began to fully circulate through her system. "I can be a bad mommy sometimes. Puppy knows that."

"H-he does?" As images of Angel being tortured by the other vampire spread through her mind, Tara's fear only continued to grow. She had heard the shouts, screams, and moans of pain that had circulated throughout the entire cell-block almost every day, and the memories of them only served to heighten her fear. The vampire above her was only the same in the way that they were creatures of the same breed. They shared nothing other than that.

"Mhm, he does. He's a good Puppy. He lies still when I make him bark."

"What are y-you going to do t-t-to me?" Her stuttering continuing to worsen as more and more fear ran through her undead veins, the vampire had always felt somewhat relieved that the red-head had barely ever hurt her before. But now, that all appeared to be coming to an end.

"Anything I want to, Kitty. You're my pet." Titling her head slightly, Willow's smile dropped from her lips. "Isn't that right?"


"Good Kitty." Looking up at one of the Minions standing guard at the entrance, the red-head gestured towards the large box of matches that lay on the shelf. The box itself was half-open, the contents having been used the day before. Following her captor's gaze, Tara caught sight of the box and felt her heart drop, the unbeating organ seemingly wanting to erupt into pain. As she caught the box and removed the first match, Willow quickly lit the object and smiled.

"We're going to have fun, aren't we, Kitty?"

As she looked up at the vampire, Tara could already see the light from the match as her captor lit it and held it just above her chest, much like what she had been doing for the past few hours. As the match continued to burn, the vampire knew that it would be pointless to try and run, that would only make the red-head come after her even more. If she had wanted to run, she could have tried earlier, but even then, she would have known that it would have been a futile gesture. Even if she had been able to get out the door, the Minions standing guard would only capture her once more. The cell-door was locked, and there was only so much space between four walls. Closing her eyes for a single moment, the blonde prepared for the heat and pain that accompanied the lit match landing on her skin.

"You've been good, Kitty. Almost as good as Puppy." Still holding the match with her fingers, Willow looked at the numerous burn marks that lay scattered across the other vampire's skin, and smiled. "You're almost done."

"P-please, just drop it." Closing her eyes as a safeguard against the pain, the blonde continued to wait, almost wanting the match to finally just fall in order to stop the agony of waiting.

"Sounds like someone's getting anxious." Chuckling slightly, Willow slowly pushed the match in her hand towards the other girl's stomach, the flame inching closer and closer with each passing second. Feeling the heat of the flame on her skin, Tara remained entirely still. Her eyes opening against her will, she saw the match stop just mere inches from her skin. Catching the girl's eye, the red-headed vampire smiled. "I guess you really want this, don't you Kitty? You want this to finally be over with."

"Just do it." Meeting the other vampire's gaze for a moment more, the red-head finally brought the match back to her mouth and blew it out, the flame disappearing as it was extinguished and left behind nothing more than a thin trail of smoke.

"There, Kitty, all done." Setting the box of matches down beside the other girl's head, the red-head looked down at her pet, and smiled. "Feel any better?"

Leaning her head back as she closed her eyes, Tara refused to answer, her stomach on fire with the pain from numerous burns that had yet to even begin to heal properly. The rats she had been feeding on weren't providing much substance, and it was doubtful that her captor would ever bring her anything to curb the hunger. She was lucky to still be able to dull the pangs every now and then when they arose.

"Poor Kitty. I tired you out, didn't I?" Frowning, Willow reached down and ran her hand through the other vampire's hair. "You had a big day today. You probably just want to sleep, and sleep, and sleep."

As she continued to straddle the other vampire, the red-head could almost sense the intoxicating mixture of fear and pain pouring off of her pet. It made her smile once more to know the kind of effect she was having on the girl. She was almost like Puppy in the fearful respect that the pet had for her. Some part of Willow's mind wondered why she hadn't elected to play with Kitty more before this moment.

"Willow?" Looking up from her pet, the vampire saw Xander standing the doorway to the cell, an impatient look on his face. "Come on, the Sun's just set. Let's go see what we can find."

"Alrighty." Planting a kiss on Tara's forehead, the red-head smiled. "Bye, Kitty. I'll be back later, and we can play more." Returning to her feet, the vampire headed for the door, somewhat amused as she heard her pet groan slightly from the pain on her stomach.

"Say bye-bye to Kitty, Xander."

"Puppy was mad at me today, Kitty." As she moved into the cell, Willow looked down at the other girl with a frown forming along her lips. "He tried to bite me."

"W-w-why?" The nervousness running through her voice, Tara watched as her captor knelt down in front of her, a small splash of blood running along the other vampire's cheek.

"He was mad that I played with you yesterday." The frown disappeared from the red-head's lips, only to be replaced with a small smile. "He was jealous."

Running her fingers through the girl's hair, Willow looked into her pet's blue eyes, able to see every single spike of emotion that ran through the girl's mind. The vampire was afraid of her, and rightly so. It was more fun to see those emotions in Kitty's eyes than it was in Puppy's. He had been here longer, had seen all that she was capable of. With Kitty, it was like a blank piece of paper, waiting to have something written upon it.

"So I'm not playing with him today, or taking him out for a walk." Her free hand rubbing the wound on her cheek, the red-head looked down at the limb as it came back with blood-stains adorning her otherwise pale white skin. "He was bad, trying to keep me away from you and have me all for himself."


"I take Puppy out in order to make him stop pouting. He's persistent." Turning her gaze back onto the other vampire, Willow's lips morphed back into a smile that managed to send shivers down Tara's completely cold body. "So, I thought I'd take you out instead."


"Don't you want to go outside, to play with me?" Frowning slightly, Willow nevertheless reached out and started to pull the other vampire onto her feet. "It's more fun out there."

Looking at her captor, Tara knew that it was futile to say no to the other vampire, unless she wanted to see the box of matches used again. As if on cue, the burns on her stomach started to flare up again, the memory of the previous day coming back in full force.

"Ok." Her pet's answer making her smile, the red-head led the girl to the door of the cell, drawing the attention of the guard stationed only a few feet away.

"I'm taking her out for a walk. Can you go get Puppy's leash for me?" Walking away with slight hesitation, the minion returned moments later with the leather leash that resided near the other ensouled vampire's cell. Taking the offered leash without thanks, Willow turned back to the blonde vampire beside her.

"Hold still. Can't have you running away from me." Slipping the unlocked collar around her pet's neck without any further words, the red-head watched as the girl's face briefly contorted into pain as the collar tightened around her neck.

"Too tight?" She asked, her face devoid of emotion. Shaking her head, the blonde opened her eyes, somewhat thankful that she didn't need to breathe.

"Come on." Pushing the key into the lock, the vampire opened it and slipped out, her fingers wrapping around the leash's cord as she walked. Her feet falling into step, Tara felt the minion's eyes staring into her back as she and her captor headed for the stairs that led out of the dungeon. Looking back for a moment, the ensouled vampire hoped to catch sight of Angel, but the cells were already out of view.

As they continued up the steps, the vampire noticed that there were hardly any clocks displayed anywhere, as if to know the time of day wasn't required. In a way, it made sense, considering that she could always tell when night had fallen or when the day had risen. It was something that she had no way of being sure of, but was just simply something she knew, as if by sense alone. There was no doubt that any other vampire most likely felt the same way, and as such, the idea of a clock was slightly ridiculous.

"Where ya going, Wills?" Turning her head, Tara caught sight of the one that the red-head had called 'Xander' earlier.

"I'm taking Kitty outside. Puppy was bad and scratched me." Pointing to the still slightly bleeding wound on her cheek, Willow frowned. "He was bad."

"Whatever." Turning his attention back to the TV he was situated in front of, Xander was silent as the two vampires left the room and continued forward towards the door. Her hand turning the knob, the red-head stepped out into the night air, pulling her pet with her.

The night air was somewhat warm, a welcome change from the constant cold of the cell. Keeping her head low, Tara kept pace with Willow, the other vampire humming merrily as they walked along the otherwise empty sidewalk. Unable to slow down for even a moment, given the leather leash around her neck, the vampire took the time to take in what little scenery she could see with her bowed head. The town barely looked any different from that of the place she and Angel had first seen when they had arrived months ago. The only thing seemingly different was the emotion in the air. Where once there had been ignorant bliss, there was now only unrestrained fear.

"Isn't it wonderful, Kitty?" The red-head asked, as if she were able to read the girl's thoughts.

"No." Barely able to push the word past her lips, Tara prepared herself for any kind of backlash her captor may use against her. She imagined the other vampire turning around and slapping her, knocking her to the ground in order to show her dominance. But she didn't. Instead, the red-head chuckled as the two of them continued to walk.

"You're just not used to it, are you? Not enough rats for you to see." Pulling on the leash a little tighter, Willow grabbed the other girl's hand once she came close enough. Unlike with Puppy, she had left Kitty's hands free, somehow knowing that she wouldn't scratch her, not after yesterday. The blonde's fingers remained still for a few moments before they finally wrapped around her captor's, the temperature of the red-head's matching hers in every possible way.

Finally stopping after having traversed the sidewalk for a few more minutes, Willow rolled her head around and gave an exaggerated sigh.

"Bored now." She said, turning her head towards the girl she still held onto by the leash.

"We c-c-could go b-back." Looking up slightly, Tara could see how the other vampire was looking at her, her eyes absorbing every inch of her face. Unsure of what else to say, the blonde waited for the red-head's response.

"You're pretty." She finally said, her free hand reached out to touch the blonde's cheek. "Such a pretty girl."


"I think you're pretty. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty Kitty." The words left her mouth in a tone that seemingly made it sound like she was singing, the effect sending shivers down the girl's spine.

"Do you do this to Puppy?" Tara asked, saying 'Puppy' instead of 'Angel', even as her mind screamed not to.

"Sometimes. He's not as pretty as you." Tilting her head slightly, the red-head continued to move her finger over the girl's cheek, her thumb moving back and forth without end. Finally moving away slightly in order to get herself out of her captor's grip, Tara saw the change of emotion that quickly overtook Willow's eyes.

"Bad Kitty." Her hand still gripping the leash, the red-head frowned at her pet as she pulled the girl closer to her with a quick jerk. "You moved away when I was petting you."

"I'm s-s-sor….s-sorry." Continuing to stutter the words, the blonde vampire saw the emotions in her captor's eyes continuing to change, as if she were unsure as to what to feel. She had heard the whispers from the Minions about how sadistic Willow could be, had heard about the things she would do or say when angered. All of these things made more and more fear flow through her.

"Do I make you afraid?" A slight look of anger still on her face, the red-head moved her hand around the back of the other girl's neck, and gave it a small squeeze.


"Good. I like seeing you afraid, Kitty." Her body starting to shake, Tara nevertheless kept staring into the red-head's eyes, her mind afraid of what would happen if she didn't. Her fingers toying with the collar around her pet's neck, Willow could feel the girl shaking underneath her grip, the effect she was having on her becoming instantly clear.

"P-p-p….p-p-p…" Her tongue feeling as if it were going to disappear down her throat, the blonde vampire continued to shake, making her captor start to smile.

"Come on, Kitty, out with it."

"P-p-ple-ase, d-don't be m-m-mad." Finally pushing the words out of her throat, the ensouled vampire felt her captor's grip on her neck begin to loosen, although her fingers continued to toy with the collar still wrapped around her neck.

"I'm not. You just did something wrong, that's all." Turning around, Willow started to walk, the other vampire falling into step due to the taunt leash attached to her collar. "Nothing the matches won't fix."

"W-What?" A new spike of fear shooting through her, Tara continued to follow her captor, unable to stop for even a moment.

"Matches let you know when you're bad. Ask Puppy, he knows."

As the other vampire tossed her into the cell, Tara heard the sound of the matches shaking around in the box as Willow grabbed them and brought them with her as she followed the blonde vampire into the cell.

"Come on, Kitty, lay down." Grabbing the first match that her fingertips came into contact with, the red-head stood still as the Minion behind her shut the cell-door. "Let's get this over with."

"B-b-b-but…I d-d-didn't do anything w-wrong…."

"Yes, you did. You moved away when I was petting you." Her hand moved in one swift motion, and the tip of the match erupted into flame. "You were bad."

"Do you really think this is necessary, Wills?" Peering in through the cell-bars, Xander made no move to unlock the door, even though the keys were only a few feet away from him. "How bad could she have been?"

"She didn't like me calling her a pretty Kitty." Frowning, Willow tossed the burning match to the floor, her pet squirming away from it in the process. "She wouldn't let me pet her."

"And so you're going to let her play with matches?"

"Look at you being the voice of reason." Turning away from her 'brother', the red-head caught sight of the blonde vampire starting to move back into the corner of the cell, much like she had done the day before.

"Come here, Kitty." Pulling another match out of the box, the vampire again lit it without hesitation, the flame illuminating part of her face. "I wanna hear you meow."

"G-G-God…G-Goddess…." The fear circulating through her making it nearly impossible to talk, Tara already knew the incantation in her mind, the words having been memorized so long ago. All that she had to do was push the words out of her mouth. "P-Protect m-m-me…"

"She knows Magick?" Xander asked, his interest once again perked.

"She's a smart Kitty." Dropping the flickering match to the ground, Willow stamped it out with her boot before starting to move slowly towards the blonde vampire still cowering in the corner. "She knows things."

"And you neglected to let me know about this why?"

"You didn't ask." Scowling, the red-head turned fully towards the other vampire, stopping in her stride. "She's mine."

"Wills, don't you think the Big Man would want to know about this? You know how he is about keeping secrets."

"Kitty's mine, and I'm not going to share." Her hand shooting through the spaces in between the bars, the red-headed vampire wrapped her fingers around Xander's neck. "Mine."

"Easy, easy. Was only suggesting it."

"Whatever. Leave." Releasing her grip on the other vampire, Willow watched with glaring eyes as Xander walked up the stairs and eventually disappeared from sight. Shifting her gaze to the Minion standing guard, the scowl almost dropped from her face as he moved away from her.

"P-P-Protect m-me a-a-against a-all my…" As she saw her captor turn towards her, the box of matches still held in her hand, Tara felt the wall press into her back once more as she tried to sink further into the structure. "M-My….m-m-my…"

"Poor Kitty, can't seem to talk?" Tilting her head, the vampire peered down at the blonde girl with a come-hither look in her eyes. "Come on, you can tell me."

"M-My e-e-enemies…"

"Does saying that make you feel safe? I'm all that you should need." Pouting, the red-head put her index finger against her chin. "Don't you love me?"

"H-H-How am I supposed to answer t-that?"

"You could say you love me, and that you want to be a good Kitty for me." Smiling, Willow's eyes took on a sense of child-like joy, something that made the other vampire think of someone who was insane. "That would make me happy, once we're done with the matches."

"Do you h-h-have to use t-them?"

"You were bad, Kitty, have you forgotten already?" The look of joy gone from her face, the red-head returned to frowning. "Can't have you not remembering when you were bad. You can't move away when I'm petting you."

"Please?" Her hopes hardly raised, the blonde vampire watched as her captor slowly shook her head.

"Nope. Just lay still and it'll be over. I promise." Kneeling down in front of her pet, the box of matches open and waiting, Willow watched as the other vampire hesitantly lay down onto her back at her captor's feet. Her body still shaking, Tara was silent as her eyes lingered on the match, even as the red-head pulled up the shirt covering her stomach.

"Just hold still. Only two." Her fingers tracing the still visible burn marks on the other vampire's stomach, Willow held the unlit match between her fingers. Inside the cell, everything had gone completely silent, with not even the sound of a rat scampering across the floor to be heard. The blonde vampire's eyes held nothing but unrestrained fear as she saw her captor light the match in one swift motion. "Just two, I promise."

As the first match dropped onto her exposed stomach, Tara couldn't stop herself for hissing in pain as the flame landed only inches away from an already existing burn. The match burned on for a few seconds before it extinguished itself, the still hot stick remaining on the vampire's otherwise cold skin.

"One down." Placing a kiss on the girl's forehead, Willow reached into the box and withdrew another match, holding it in front of the blonde's vampire's eyes and moving it back and forth in a slow motion. "One to go."

Within seconds, the match was lit and dangling in the air, the flame glowing in the darkness of the cell. As it hovered just above her skin, the blonde vampire refused to take her eyes off of it, even as she felt the other vampire's hands moving along the side of her stomach. Her nail tracing a pattern along her pet's skin, the red-head finally dropped the match. The flame landed on her stomach, the open flame sending waves of pain shooting through her body. Hissing once more in pain, the vampire felt every second slowly pass by until the fire burned itself out.

"There we go. All done." Setting the box of matches down, Willow's fingers began to trace patterns in between the burns on the other vampire's skin. "You were good, Kitty. You didn't try to move. Puppy tries to move when he's bad."

"Mistress?" As he said her name, the Minion almost felt like cowering as the red-head turned her gaze upon him.

"What? Kinda busy here." Her fingers refusing to lift from the other vampire's stomach, Willow frowned at the minion.

"The Master wishes to speak with you."