Chapter 10

Letting the teenager's body drop to the cold ground underneath her, Willow smiled as her face changed back into its normal appearance. Licking the last remnants of blood from her lips, the vampire looked down at the dead girl with her green eyes full of amusement at the way the body itself was positioned.

"You didn't scream. That's no fun. I like it when you scream and try to run." Her lips morphing into a pout, the red-head nevertheless turned, and continued on her way through the now deserted cemetery. Her gift from the Master continued to lay dormant in her pocket, the shape of it sticking out against the leather article. Her thoughts, now that her demon had been satisfied with its meal, returned to that of the possibilities of having both a good and bad Kitten always waiting for her. It truly was a situation in which she won on either side of the argument.

From every conversation and action she had observed from the girl, the vampire knew that Tara was afraid of losing her soul. It seemed to be the sole thing preventing her from being sired. Inside, Willow mused over the thought that possibly the soul was trying to retain control of the mind that it had been instilled in, in order to keep the demon from exercising any kind of control on the body it shared with the other being.

Still, with the necklace now in her possession, the red-headed vampire knew that her pet could be satisfied with being both of those things. Whenever she wanted, Willow could simply unlock any portion of the other vampire that she wanted. That kind of power was intoxicating, and yet, she felt somewhat obligated that ask the other girl whether or not she wanted to be sired with the necklace. The thoughts of having a childe so filled with anger towards her weren't something she wanted to see in her Kitten. When the time came to see the demon inside the soul, she wanted it to come willingly, and not something that she had to force.

When the time came, she'd have both of her Kittens, and they'd both ask for it equally.

He could smell her. The scene of the human girl on his sire's body was almost completely overwhelming to his nostrils. As Xander watched the female vampire quickly making her way through the otherwise unoccupied graveyard, he smiled, knowing that he was beginning to come close to finding out where his 'sister's' pet was hidden. Only then could he finish the job he had started before at the house, before the obsession the other vampire felt for the human had forced her to react. He had been so close to being able to taste the girl's blood, and that urge to take something away from the other vampire was one of the things still urging him on.

His eyes watched her as she finally stopped at an entirely undistinguishable crypt, opened the door, and disappeared into the darkness within. Smiling, Xander turned and disappeared back into the shadows, knowing that playing the waiting game would be something that he would have to do, at least until his sire left the crypt and left the girl inside undefended.

Taking a seat on a weathered tombstone, the vampire focused on the stone structure, and waited.

"I'm back, Kitty. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty." Shutting the door to the crypt behind her, Willow smiled as she saw her pet asleep in the same place she had set the girl down onto. Crossing the floor until she stood at the bed's side, the vampire smiled as she saw the blonde girl's eyes slowly opening. "Wakey wakey, little kitty."

"Y-You're back." Saying the sentence somewhat slowly due to combination of having a portion of her blood sucked out of her body and her groggy mind, Tara managed to smile as she finished the sentence.

"Yep, Mommy came back, just like she promised." Reaching into the pocket of her leather pants, Willow's fingers brushed against the necklace that her sire had given her, causing her to smile even wider. "And I brought you a present, since you were such a good little Kitty cat."

"W-W-What?" Slowly pushing herself onto her arms, the human looked at the vampire questioningly.

"Daddy got us something that will make you bad. And you'll still be good." Her captor's smile making her blood run cold, Tara stared into the vampire's green irises, and tried to find any indication of what was causing the red-head such an enormous amount of happiness running through her.

"W-What do y-you mean?"

"Look at the pretty thing Daddy got us." Pulling the necklace out of her pocket and holding it just out of reach of the other girl, the red-headed vampire's smile grew even larger until her lips could no longer contain the happiness and anticipation she was feeling.

"W-W-What does it d-do?"

"You see, Mommy knew how you didn't want to lose that icky little soul inside you, and you wouldn't let Mommy make you big and strong again unless you could keep it, so Daddy found something for her to make sure you could do that." The piece rotating on its cord, the necklace shined somewhat in the dim lighting that shown across the room from the small lamp next to the bed. "And this is what he got us."

"That d-doesn't a-answer my question…"

"If you're wearing this when Mommy bites you, you'll keep your soul." Seeing the shock running through her pet's expression, Willow wagged her finger slightly at the girl. "But it does something even better than that."

Her thoughts overwhelmed at the thought of becoming a vampire, but still retaining her soul, Tara swallowed hard.

"W-What else d-d-does it do?"

"It'll give Mommy the chance to make you bad any time she wants. Just. Like. That." Dropping the necklace into the girl's lap, Willow watched as her pet took the piece into her fingers and began to examine the necklace in the dim lighting that she had. "And when she's done, she'll make you good again. And so on, and so on, until the end of time."

"T-T-That means y-y-you could make me l-l-lose my soul at a-anytime y-you want?"

"Mhm. That's what it means, little Kitty." Reaching out in order to play with the girl's blonde hair, Willow sat down onto the mattress beside where her pet was laying. "Doesn't that sound great, Kitten? I'll have both of you and we'll be able to play whenever we want."

"H-H-How w-will I get m-my soul back?"

"Daddy explained it all to me, along with the vengeance demon who made your heart all beaty again." Her green eyes still focusing on the girl's hair the red-headed vampire nevertheless didn't make any move to show that she would bite her pet. Until she said yes, the girl kept the demon inside of her restrained. To have anger in someone who was sired was not something that was to be ever desired by a vampire, or at least a smart one at that. Having any kind of pent up anger within a demon controlled body was something that only someone or something with a desire to be killed would seek out and make. "If I want you to be a bad, naughty Kitten, I'll let the necklace take your little soul, store it in there where it's all shiny, and then I'll have my bad Kitty. When I'm done, I'll let your soul come back out, and you can be all good again."

"A-A-And it w-w-won't h-hurt me?"

"Not one bit, pretty little thing." Her fingers brushing against the bottoms of the girl's hair, Willow chuckled. "Why would your Mommy want to hurt you? You're her little Kitten. Do you want to be big and strong again?"

For what seemed like hours to her mind, Tara remained utterly silent. Finally lifting her head so that her gaze rested directly on her captor's face, she gave a slow nod. Her expression bursting into unrestrained happiness, the red-headed vampire leaned forward and pulled the girl to her as her arms wrapped around her pet's waist in a hug.

"Yay!" Planting a kiss on the blonde girl's forehead, Willow's smile seemed as if it would explode off of her face. "My Kitten finally said yes!"

"W-W-Will y-you do it f-fast?"

"Oh course. Whatever my little Kitten wants." Easing the girl onto her back, Willow continued to smile widely. Gently brushing her pet's hair aside from her neck, the red-head vampire slowly leaned in and pressed her lips against the bared skin. Closing her eyes as he waited for the small amount of pain that accompanied being bit by a vampire, Tara's heart raced frantically inside her chest. Her face changing into her vamperic form, the vampire's fangs brushed against the warm skin underneath her lip's touch, the sound of the girl's heart beating overwhelming her ears.

"Wait…WAIT!" Saying the word twice as she realized that it had gone unheard the first time, the blonde human breathed a sigh of relief as she saw and felt the vampire's fangs and lips remove themselves from her skin.

"What's the matter, Kitten?" Looking at the human as her face sifted back into its human form, Willow frowned. "You told Mommy you wanted to be strong again."

"I…I…I'm n-n-not s-sure…"

"But you said yes." Still frowning, the red-headed vampire made no move to return to her feet. Her back still pressed into the mattress below her, Tara closed her eyes for a moment.

"C-Can w-w-we please just w-wait a little longer?"

"You don't want Mommy to change you?" Her green eyes piercing the other girl's face, the red-headed vampire's frown only continued to deepen with each passing second. "Even after Daddy got you your gift?"

"I'm…I'm j-j-just n-not ready…" Her irises watching her captor's actions and expression, Tara swallowed hard as she realized her heart was beginning to beat faster and faster within her chest with each passing moment that the red-headed vampire didn't do anything. Sitting completely still on the bed to which frame she remained shackled was not the greatest position to be in.

"Not ready. Kitty's…not ready." Para-phrasing what her pet had said to her, Willow nodded slowly, her expression beginning to lose any emotion whatsoever. Watching the result her words were having on her captor, the blonde human tried to push herself into the backboard of the bed, but felt the vampire's grip still remaining tight on her arm, although the action didn't send any pain shooting through her system. It remained loose enough to prevent her from leaving.

"Y-You're angry…" Her blue irises beginning to fill up with fear, Tara tried to remain perfectly still, as if doing so would allow her to avoid notice.

"No, I'm not, Kitten. Disappointed maybe, but Mommy isn't mad at her Kitten. She's still so young and fuzzy that she can't decide whether she wants her gift or not."

Rising from her seat on the mattress, Willow pocketed the necklace and headed for the door.

"I forgot to bring you your dinner, Kitten. I'll be back." Her feet quickly crossing the floor and opening the door, the red-headed vampire gave one last slightly sad look at her pet before disappearing out the door. Watching her captor leave, Tara's gaze fell to the ground. It had been genuine disappointment she had seen in the girl's eyes, something that she wasn't akin to seeing from the vampire. The offer with the necklace was the most tempting she had heard yet, and the more she thought about somehow being able to keep her soul intact while giving the red-head the power to control her even further, the more it seemed like a better option than simply waiting for the vampire to sire her and remove any sort of choice that she had in the matter.

Minutes passed before she rose to her feet in an effort to prevent her legs from going numb. As the sound of the door being opened greeted her ears, the human turned to the door, and felt her heart drop as the person she least expected stood in the doorway smiling at her.

"Well, well. Guess Wills didn't keep you protected enough. More fun for me."

The screams were the first thing that pierced her hearing as she continued to walk through the graveyard with the necklace still held within her pocket. Her mind instantly recognizing the voice and its owner, Willow's heart most likely would have skipped a few beats had the organ been alive and functioning properly. As she heard more of the same sounds filling the empty and cold air of the cemetery, the vampire took off back towards the crypt where she had left her pet, the single place where she was supposed to be safe from the events and people that surrounded her. Her feet moving across the grass and dirt with an un-natural amount of speed, the red-head's eyes searched the area that surrounded her in order to see if there was any sign of someone fleeing. If they so much as even tried to escape from her, the demon inside her swore to tear them to shreds until nothing was left.

Having crossed the graveyard within only seconds, she was already at the entrance to the crypt, the screams that she had heard earlier having died out. Her mind not liking the eerie silence that she was hearing, the vampire took a step back and poured every single inch of her strength into her raised foot. As she kicked the door to the crypt off of its hinges, Willow's green eyes frantically scanned the room for her pet, her nostrils still filled to their absolute brim with the scent of her 'brother'. Xander had been here, she had no doubt of that fact, considering that she had made the boy into what he was now. The phrase 'I brought you into this world, I can take you out' came to mind before something she didn't understand forced her attention back to finding her Kitten.

"W-W-W…" Hearing the unique stutter that she had heard so many times before, the vampire rushed towards the sound's origins, her senses picking apart each and every inch of the all but destroyed crypt around her. The farther she went into the once organized and neat room, the more and more the sight of a dark red liquid that stained every surface it came into contact with began to appear. Her nostrils already able to tell what the liquid was, the vampire's heart would have dropped into her chest, had it been beating at all. Finally reaching the area behind the over-turned bed, Willow stopped suddenly as she saw the still body of her pet, lying on the floor with two unmistakable bite marks on her neck.

"W-W-Willow?" Looking up from behind her exhausted blue eyes, Tara saw and felt the vampire kneel down beside her and gather her fragile body into her cold arms. Every muscle in her body was either engulfed in pain or completely numb from the loss of blood that she had suffered through.

"Xander hurt my Kitty…" Her green irises looking down at her pet as shock filled her voice. Her cold hands holding the human's bloody body close to her own chest, Willow leaned down and gave the girl a kiss on her forehead. "You're not ok, are you, Kitten?"

"E-Everything h-h-hurts…" Doing her best to shake her head despite the massive amount of pain that was intermixing with a rapidly growing numbness, Tara closed her eyes for a moment before forcing them to open once more. "H-He f-found m-me, and I c-c-couldn't move…"

"The shackle…" Lifting her eyes gaze from her blood-covered pet for a single moment to look at the over-turned bed that lay in the center of the room, Willow sought out and finally found the chain from the shackle that still lay around the girl's wrist. "Mommy helped him…"

"Y-Y-You didn't k-know…"

"Bad Xander must have followed your Mommy here. She's sorry, this is her fault. Her Kitten's all bloody because of this, and not in the good way that would make her stomach nice and warm." Unable to stop herself from babbling, Willow looked down at the human girl and frowned. "Mommy doesn't want her Kitty to die."

"I'm s-s-so c-cold…"

"Let Mommy change you, Kitty. She'll make you nice and warm again."

"Do y-y-you still h-h-have the necklace?" Her one hand stumbling along the vampire's body in an attempt to find the object, Tara felt a cold hand wrap around her wrist, forcing her to stop.

"Don't move, Kitty. It makes the blood go away faster." Noticing that her palms were covered in the warm red liquid that was no doubt her pet's blood, Willow pressed a single finger against the girl's lips. "Don't talk. Your Mommy's going to make it all better, I promise."

Reaching into her pocket as quickly as she could manage while still holding onto the other girl's body, the red-headed vampire couldn't manage to smile as her digits touched the ancient piece. Pulling the necklace out of her pocket, she held it in her palm as she wrapped her fingers around it, virtually entombing it in her hand.

"Do you want to be big and strong again, Kitty? Tell Mommy what you want, and she'll give it to you." Able to feel her pet's lips moving underneath her finger, Willow shook her head furiously. "No, just nod. No talking, talking is bad for hurt Kitty cats."

Giving a simple and slow nod, Tara closed her eyes as she let her head fall against the vampire's shoulder. Inside her chest, she could feel her heart beginning to slow, just as it had been doing for the past five minutes since her attacker had left her on the floor, bleeding and covered in her own blood. Feeling the vampire's cold lips press against her forehead, Tara pushed out a breath, still trying to keep her heart beating inside her chest so that she could see what was going to happen. Laying the girl down onto the floor below her, Willow lifted her pet's head so that she could place the necklace's chain around the girl's neck. As she saw the piece fall into place on the human's bloody skin, the vampire gently guided her head back to the floor, noticing that the piece glowed for a split second as part of Tara's blood became soaked into the material. Her blue eyes looking up at the red-head, Tara breathed out again, the action beginning to require more and more effort than it had before.

Lifting the girl's blood-stained hair away from her neck, Willow's face changed from its human guise into its true form, her yellow eyes staring down at the girl on the floor in front of her. Taking in the full scent of the girl's blood, the vampire leaned her face down until her lips were touching and moving across the human's neck. Her fangs just barely touching the delicate skin beneath their touch, Willow waited for a single second before biting down, the action causing the blonde girl's blood to flow into her mouth with relative ease. The amount of it was significantly diminished, and more than ever, she was promising herself that Xander was going to suffer for each individual drop of her pet's blood that he had dared to drink.

Lifting her head after only a moment's worth of drinking, Willow looked at the girl's face in order to make sure that she hadn't drained all the blood left in her body. Blinking once but slowly, Tara continued to fight to stay awake. Her entire body felt warm, and the idea of sleep seemed to be a welcome one. Still, in the back of her mind, something refused to let her sleep, knowing that in doing so, the world would never again come back to her line of vision. Biting down somewhat hurriedly on her palm, Willow placed her hand underneath the girl's head in order to bring it up so she could drink the offered blood.

"Drink up, Kitty. We're almost there, I promise." Placing her bleeding palm against the human's lips, Willow couldn't help but grin slightly as she felt the girl swallow, her throat undoubtedly filled with her blood. Her eye-lids closing over her bright blue eyes, Tara took in a deep breath as Willow finally pulled her palm away after numerous minutes of having her blood pour down into her throat. Using her free hands to push the other girl's blonde locks out of her hair, the red-head vampire leaned down and pressed her blood-stained lips against her pet's forehead.

"W-W-Wil…Willow?" Her hand weakly searching the area around her for the vampire, Tara managed to smile slightly as she felt something cold come into contact with her hand and hold onto it tightly.

"Go to sleep, Kitty. You're just going to sleep. When you wake up, you'll be all big and strong again, and we'll have fun, I promise." The fingers on her free hand moving gently along the dying girl's cheek, Willow's face slipped back into its human guise. "Your Mommy will keep you safe. You're going to pretty and young forever."


"Love, Kitty, love, love, love, love." Nodding as she continued to talk in a semi-babble form, the vampire laid down beside her girl, and held her close as her heart-beat continued to slow until it finally, for the second time in Tara Maclay's life, stopped dead in her chest.

As she opened her eyes, the first thing that confronted Tara's eyes was the way there was not a single stray beam of light inside the room. Murmuring slightly, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach, the feeling of it growing sharper and sharper with each passing second. The pain of the hunger causing her to whimper, the girl heard and felt something stir above her.

"My Kitten's finally awake." Looking down at the blonde girl with her green eyes, Willow smiled. "How are you feeling, Kitten?"

"Better." Trying to rise, Tara's still numb mind finally realized that the red-headed vampire was lying on top of her chest, the girl's eyes only inches away from her face. "W-What happened?"

"I made you big and strong again, remember?" Picking up the necklace from its place around the other vampire's neck, Willow's smile grew even larger than it had been before. "See, you still have that yucky soul inside you, just in case you want to be good for your Mommy."

Pawing at the necklace in her captor's hand, Tara tried fruitlessly to grab the object. Staring down at her pet, Willow tilted her head so that her red-hair was just barely brushing the other vampire's completely bared skin.

"H-How l-long have I been out?"

"A day or so. I made it nice and dark in here so that my little fuzzy Kitten could sleep." Gesturing with her free hand at the area around herself and the other girl, Willow pushed herself slightly off of the other vampire so that the girl could move around slightly. "And you slept so much. You're always so sleepy, little Kitty. I wonder why."

"D-Did y-y-you find X-Xander?"

"No, but I thought maybe the bad you would like someone to play with." Gently dropping the necklace back onto the girl's bared chest, the red-headed vampire smiled. "Ok, Kitty? I want the bad you, and I want her now."

"Can't w-w-we wait?"

"Uh-uh, Kitty. Mommy wants something, and she doesn't want to wait." Her finger tracing a small pattern over her pet's breast, Willow's gaze never once left the pair of blue eyes staring attentively at her. "She hates waiting."

"P-Please?" Shaking her head, Tara closed her eyes. "I j-j-just came back…"

"Did you think you were in Heaven, little Kitty? All good Kittys go to heaven after all." Her tone starting to become slightly sing-songy in a way, the red-headed vampire leaned down further so that her chin was resting directly on the girl's chest. "Is that why you sleep so much? You dream about it?"

"N-N-No…it w-was dark, and I c-couldn't do anything…"

"Aww, the poor Kitty couldn't find her Mommy anywhere?" Her lips changing into a pout, the vampire leaned forward and gave the girl a small kiss on her lips. "I'm sorry, Kitten. I kept you safe the entire time. You shouldn't have nightmares."

"How do I k-know that I'll c-c-come back?" Having opened her eyes after having felt the other vampire's lips on her own, Tara felt as if her entire body were on edge. The idea of momentarily losing control of her soul once more, and allowing the Demon to control her once more was a freighting thought. Would the necklace really retain her soul, and then allow it to come back, like Willow said? Vampires were capable of lying, just as everything was. And yet, as she stared into the other vampire's green eyes, Tara found herself saying the word 'ok' with her voice's volume barely even a whisper.

"Good Kitty. You might get a reward later for being so good for Mommy." Giving the girl one more kiss on the lips, Willow rose back to her full height as she leaned back on her ankles. Resting her palm against the necklace, she took hold of the other girl's hand with her free limb, the red-head closed her eyes and began to focus, just as her sire had instructed her to do when removing her pet's soul. Focusing on the singe thought of storing the girl's soul in the piece itself, the vampire felt the necklace actually beginning to contain heat, the sensation of the difference in temperature between her palm and the piece making her skin prickle somewhat. Watching her sire's every move, Tara felt the same amount of heat that the other vampire was feeling against her palm, the heat penetrating her cold skin in order to strike a single place inside her body. As the feeling of warmth snaked through every inch of her skin, the blonde vampire closed her blue eyes as she reveled in the sensations being generated by feeling something besides the cold that she had already readjusted to. Her eyes still closed, the Soul inside Tara began to slip out of its usual place, the warmth that surrounded it preventing it from properly even responding to what was happening. As it channeled through the girl's mind and out into the necklace, the Soul rested inside the jeweled piece of the necklace, the warmth that had coaxed it out of its place still surrounding it.

As she opened her eyes, the vampire stared up at her captor, her lips curling into a cruel smile. Lifting her palm's touch from the necklace, Willow's own mouth formed a smile as she saw the change that had come over her pet's eyes and aura.

"There's the bad little Kitten." Still running a finger along her pet's cheek, the red-head sank herself lower onto the other girl's body. "Your Mommy's waited so long to see you."

"Oh, sorry about that. Having a soul makes you wait while the thing complains about what you're doing." Her speech no longer hindered by the seemingly always present stutter, Tara's smile refused to falter. Her nimble fingers on her free hand moved, the digits eventually coming to rest on the red-head's lips. "Didn't realize someone wanted to see me so bad."

"Mmm, Mommy's wanted to see you for a long time." Purring in response to her pet's response, Willow smiled as she slipped her head away from the other vampire's touch, and started to run her tongue down along the girl's neck. "And now I've got a bad little Kitten all to myself."

"Do you now?" Her blue eyes following the head of red-hair moving along her body, Tara's smile continued to grace her lips. "Couldn't tell. The shackle kinda takes away from the whole effect."

"The other you wanted it off too." Tilting her head slightly, Willow looked down at the other vampire as she fell back onto her ankles. "You're getting the same answer though, bad Kitten. Mommy wants it to stay on."

"I think we saw what happened as a result of having it on me. Remember what your evil little spawn did to me? Tried to kill me, tried to drain me dry so that you couldn't even have a taste of me?" Tilting her own head, Tara chuckled slightly. "I'm sure you do. So why don't you take it off?"

"You're trying to manipulate me, aren't you? Naughty Kitten." Smiling at the other vampire's words, the red-head laughed as she saw the complete change in the blonde's expression. "Nice try. Mommy doesn't get tricked so well."

"That's just half the fun then I guess. I've been out of the game for a while."

"Lots and lots of time to make up for then." Pressing her mouth against the other girl's neck, Willow let her tongue make it's path across the bared skin below her touch. Able to feel the bite marks that remained from the night she had been forced to sire the girl, the red-head closed her green eyes and took in the sensations of touching the other vampire. Her tongue still gliding down the other vampire's neck, Willow smiled as she heard the other vampire growl slightly.

"What's the matter, Kitty? Don't like all the foreplay?" Lifting her head away from the bared skin she had been worshipping, the red-headed vampire watched as her pet squirmed underneath her. "The good you loves it. She loves anything Mommy does."

"What can I say?" Continuing to squirm as she felt the other vampire's leather attire brushing against her bare skin, Tara chuckled slightly. "I'm a main course kind of girl."

"Too bad, bad little Kitten. Mommy likes making you wait." Her smile spreading ear-to-ear, the girl resumed her tongue's worship of the other girl's skin. Trailing her tongue down until it reached the very edge of the girl's stomach, Willow felt the vampire actually shudder underneath her touch, the action somewhat betraying the image she had of the 'bad' Tara that she had waited so long to see, touch, and talk to. Shaking her head somewhat, the blonde girl shook her arm in an attempt to break the shackle that still remained locked around her wrist. Hearing the sound of the connected chain rattling against the metal frame of the bed, the vampire's captor raised her head and stared into the girl's eyes.

"It's not coming off, Kitten."

"Damn it, why not?!" Her eyes flashing with anger, Tara stared back at the other girl unflinchingly.

"Because you don't like it. It's bad to be naughty, so Mommy has to punish her little Kitty cat."

"TAKE IT OFF!" Shouting out the words, the vampire shook her hand angrily, only to have the connecting chain rattle even louder.

"Uh-uh. Bad Kitty." Frowning, the red-head moved away from the other vampire and returned to her feet, stepping off of the bed in the process. "You're being the wrong kind of bad."

"Damn it, just take it off!" Shaking slightly from the sudden and abrupt lack of touch from her captor, the vampire turned her head in order to avoid letting the red-head see her face as she whimpered. "Come back."

"Nope, you yelled at Mommy. Soul's coming back to visit." At the mention of brining the soul back into command of her body, Tara began to buckle on the bed in an attempt to get free.

"I'm not letting that thing take me over again, just take the shackle off!"

"You want it off so badly, don't you?" Lowering her voice's tone, Willow smiled as she chuckled, the sound of her laughter unusually soft. "You don't like having your Mommy not touching you."

Tilting her head as she made a tisking sound, Willow ran a finger along her exposed neck. "All you want is for her to touch you and be naughty to you, but she won't do that."

"Tease." Saying the word with a slight amount of anger backing it, Tara closed her eyes.

"Maybe if you would ask like a nice Kitty, your Mommy would be naughty to you again." A sly smile coming to her face, the red-headed vampire came to stand behind the bed's frame, her green eyes looking down at the pair of blue ones staring up at her attentively. "She might just want to hear you beg for her attention, like a little baby. She's a very busy girl after all…"

"Please?" Her tone dropping out noticeably as it became laced with a certain desperation, Tara tried to reach up and touch the other vampire with her hand but found her captor slipping out of her reach.

"Please what? What do you want your Mommy to do to you? Do you want her to kiss you? To lick you? To make you scream at the top of your lungs as she makes you finish?" Making a tisking sound, Willow chuckled. "You have to be specific, Kitten. Otherwise, Mommy might get bored and leave, and you'd have no-one to play with."

"Please…Mommy…" Saying the words with noticeable difficulty and agonizing, Tara closed her eyes and pushed out a breath of air that she didn't need. "Make me scream…"

"See, now you're being specific. But that's still not enough…" Her playful tone continuing to be ever present in her voice, the red-headed vampire continued to stare down at her pet as her green irises danced in her eyes. "Gotta tell her exactly what you want. Otherwise you might not get anything."

"Please make me scream while I finish around your hand."

"See? Better. You're a very specific little Kitten." Slowly making her way around the side of the bed until she once again stepped onto the mattress, Willow's smile never once faded from her face. Positioning herself so that she was again straddling her pet, the red-headed vampire leaned in so that she was only inches away from the other girl's face. "Mommy likes it when you're specific."

"Why is that?" Tilting her head so that her captor could have access to her neck if the desire arose in the other vampire, Tara gazed into the pair of green eyes watching her.

"Because then she won't give you what you want, and does everything else instead." Her smile disappearing from sight as she buried her head into the girl's neck, Willow heard the demon inside her laughing as her pet voiced her frustration at what she had just heard.