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Chapter 7

As she heard the gentle pitter-patter of the rain impacting upon the blackened window, Tara placed her hand against the cool glass. The room around her was silent, considering that her captor had left half an hour earlier in order to feed herself. The door remained locked, with the numerous locks that lay attached to the wooden frame turned into their secure position, ensuring her a little a protection from the numerous vampires that lay outside the world that the room had become to her.

Her body trying to melt into the blanket that she had covered herself with, she felt nothing but another wave of cold rush through her now flowing veins. The way her body had adapted to the cold that accompanied being a vampire still had yet to work in reverse. Even though she should be warm inside, she felt nothing but cold, as if she were sick to some degree.

"Kitty? Are you trying to see outside again?" Turning her head as she heard the vampire's voice, Tara dropped her hand from the window back to her side. With the lack of a proper clock in the room, she had no idea of telling what time it was, aside from knowing that it was night.

"I brought you dinner, Kitten." Holding up the paper bag she held in her fingers' grasp, Willow smiled.

"W-W-W-Where did y-you get it?" Remaining in the spot where she had perched herself on the windowsill, the blonde human watched as her captor approached her. Unable to stop herself from looking at the way the vampire swayed her hips as she walked, the girl swallowed somewhat hard.

"I killed a school girl and stole her lunch." Smiling, the red-headed vampire handed the bag to the girl. "My Kitty needed to eat."

Reaching out to grab the offered bag, Tara saw her captor pull the bag just out of her reach. A smile still adorning her face, the red-head made a tisking sound.

"What do you say?"

"T-Thank y-y-you." As she heard her pet's thanks, Willow handed the bag to her. Eagerly taking the offered bag, Tara opened it and began to shift through the contents held inside. Remaining at the girl's side, the vampire reached out and moved some of the human's hair away from her neck, exposing the skin underneath. Making her fingertips dance over her pet's skin until she found a point where she could feel the girl's pulse, Willow let her cold fingers rest on the place. Keeping her eyes focused on the bag she held in her hands, Tara shivered slightly. She had taken to wrapping herself up in one of the blankets within the room, but even doing that had done little to relieve the constant cold she felt from the air. There was no source of heat within the four walls, at least as far as she could see.

Seeing the girl shivering, Willow frowned, although her green eyes still held the same amount of happiness that they had taken on ever since her return.

"Are you cold, Kitty?" As she watched the girl nod, the red-head's frown only continued to deepen. "Kitten's body's not used to be warm, is it? She's used to be cold."

"Y-Yes…" Nodding her head, Tara felt her captor pull the blanket around her shoulders a little tighter around her frame. Finally looking up from the food she had forced her attention upon, the blonde girl saw those penetrating green eyes staring at her.

"Kitten can't be afraid if she's worried about being warm." Her fingers still dancing somewhat along the girl's neck, the vampire pulled the girl into her grip with only minimal effort and lifted her pet off of the windowsill. As she felt a cold breath bear down on her neck, the human thought for a moment that her newfound life was once more at its end. Seemingly able to sense her pet's fear, Willow chuckled. Pressing her lips against the girl's ear, the red-headed vampire felt the human shiver in her grip.

"Not yet, Kitty. You're not ready yet." Tilting her head in order to look down at her pet, Willow found the girl staring at her with those innocent blue eyes. "Are you?"

Shaking her head, Tara closed her eyes as she reached up and awkwardly pulled the blanket tighter around her frame. Her head buried into the vampire's shoulder, the human girl felt her stomach begging her to eat the food that had been offered to her. The bag still held in her hand, the blonde girl felt the mattress connect with her back.

"You need to eat, Kitten." Sitting down onto the bed beside where she had laid the other girl down, Willow's hand moved some of her pet's hair out of her face. "Mommy got food for you."

"W-Why? Aren't y-y-you just going t-to turn m-me again?"

"Your Mommy cares about you." Nodding, the vampire let her fingers linger on the other girl's cheek. "She wants you to be happy and strong again."

"W-W-What do you mean?"

"She wants to play with you, and you haven't been a naughty Kitten since the Demon made your heart beat again. You've been a good Kitty." Looking at the other girl with her green eyes seemingly aglow with slight disappointment, Willow sighed. "I want my Kitten to be all bad."

"Y-Y-You want to t-turn me b-b-back…" Seeing the vampire nod, Tara closed her eyes.

"You're so warm, Kitty." As she continued to let her fingers roam over the human's warm cheeks, Willow smiled. "You're like a fire, all nice and warm."

Keeping her eyes on the vampire's other hand, Tara forced herself to breathe. Inside her chest, she felt her heart-beat wanting to increase only further as she continued to choke on the fear that had laid somewhat dormant in her heart.

"Do you want to warm your Mommy up?" Still smiling at her pet, the red-headed vampire focused on the other girl's blue eyes. "She's cold."

"I-I-I need to e-eat…" Seeing the disappointment spread across her captor's face, the blonde human held up the bag she still held in her hands. "Y-Y-You said…"

"I know what I said." Still frowning, Willow let her hand fall down to the girl's knee. "Kitten could snuggle with me while she eats though."

"A-A-Alright…" Saying the answer with a small amount of hesitation, Tara saw the frown on the vampire's face turn into an ear-to-ear grin. Her back already pressed against the wooden backboard of the bed, the human focused her gaze on the red-head as she maneuvered herself so that she was sitting beside the girl. Sinking somewhat in order to try and hide herself, Tara found herself virtually melting into the vampire's side, the food she held in her hands shaking slightly.

"Go on, eat up, Kitten." Her hands finding their way into her pet's hair, Willow's fingertips traced each strand from its roots down to where it rested against the girl's shoulders, repeating the gesture over and over again. Keeping her shaking hands on the sandwich that had emerged from the bag, the blonde Wiccan took a small nibble out of it, her stomach leaping at the food that traveled down her throat. Her body urging her to eat more of the food, Tara felt her heart-beat continuing to slow as the fear and adrenaline began to cycle out of her system. Tilting her head as she looked down at the blonde girl, Willow continued to smile.

"Does your tummy feel better now?" Nodding, the human felt her body continuing to relax as the other girl's hands made their way through her hair. Taking another nibble of the sandwich in her hands, Tara closed her eyes. Her smile growing wider as she saw her pet's response, Willow pulled the girl closer to her. "See, Mommy made it all better."

Pulling the drink out of the paper bag, Tara pulled the tab back on the can of soda and pressed it against her lips. As the slightly warm liquid ran down her throat in order to join the food in her stomach, the blonde human rested her head against the vampire's shoulder. Remaining silent in order to see if her pet would respond in any way, the red-head watched as her pet finished off both the sandwich and the soda before settling completely into her side.

"Is my Kitty full now?" Reaching out in order to rub the girl's stomach, Willow smiled. "Talk to me. I want to hear your pretty voice."

"Y-Yes." Nodding as she said her answer, Tara kept her eyes closed as she pulled the blanket tighter around her chest. "C-Cold."

"Aww, my poor Kitten." Pulling the comforter over the human, the red-head watched as her pet continue to shiver. "You can't get warm enough, can you?"

Shaking her head in response, the blonde allowed the vampire to continue to coddle over her. Using her captor's stomach as a make-shift pillow, Tara pulled her knees up to her chest in order to preserve some of her body heat. Playing with the girl's hair, Willow's face seemingly became devoid of any emotion. Breathing in and out, the human felt her mind beginning to go blank as she started to fall asleep. Able to heart her pet's heart-beat beginning to slow down to a more relaxed pace, the vampire eased herself down into a more comfortable position while still accommodating the girl's head.

"Go to sleep, Kitten. Mommy's here."

"So, Wills, good to see that you're getting out of that room for once." Tearing his eyes away from the television set in front of him, Xander saw his 'sister' scowling at him. "You're still pissed at me."

"You tried to put a stake through my Kitty." Snarling her response at the other vampire, the red-head continued on her way towards the door. "I should have put the stake through you."

"Easy there, no need to make with the whole stabbing thing. No-one wants to be dust."

"Then stay away from my Kitten and me." Her green eyes visibly tearing the other vampire to shreds, Willow rested her hand on the doorknob that led to the outside world. "She doesn't need you trying to kill her. She's upset."

"Upset about the whole being a human thing?" Almost unable to catch the look of surprise in the red-head's eyes before it disappeared, Xander smiled. "You didn't really think that you could hide her from me, did you? I can hear her heart-beating, right now actually. She's asleep isn't she?"

"Stay out of my room, Xander." Her voice losing any sense of its seemingly normal playful tone, Willow's fingers curled into a fist. "Kitten doesn't like you."

"She's afraid of us, Wills. We're vampires, remember? Creatures of the night, the things that drain her kind of any blood inside her body? That's what we should be doing to her. Drinking her."

"She's mine." Refusing to restrain herself, the red-head slammed her fist into the other vampire's cheek, causing the male to stagger back a few steps. Getting all the time she needed, Willow threw her 'brother' to the ground, and pressed her boot against his throat. "My pet, mine, mine, mine."

"Alright, geez, you're going to break my neck."

"I'd have fun with that. My Kitten could use matches on you." Smiling at her mind's imaginary vision of the human girl pressing burning matches against the other vampire's skin, the red-head rolled her eyes in a playful manner. "Stay away from her."

"Willow, get off of me."


"Wills-" His words becoming cut off as his sister pressed her boot harder against his neck, Xander looked up at the other vampire with true anger lining his pupils.

"Promise. Me. You. Won't. Hurt. Kitty."

"I promise!" Shouting out the answer, the male vampire was rewarded with the feeling of Willow's boot lifting from his neck. "Jesus…"

"He doesn't want you." Spitting her answer back at her 'brother', Willow's green eyes held nothing but anger. "Don't you remember the whole crosses don't agree with you thing?"


"Shut up. I'm going to get more for my Kitten to eat. If you want to hunt, then come on."

"Be good while I'm gone, Kitten. Mommy had something important to do. Keep the door locked." As she read over the note, Tara breathed a small sigh of relief in knowing that she had the room to herself until her captor eventually, and undoubtedly, returned. She had taken solace in the previous week of having bits and pieces of time to herself, time that she used simply to think. There were times she would place her hand over her heart in order to truly realize that it was actually beating once more. She didn't know whether or not the Powers had intended for this to happen, but she prayed that they didn't. To have a week of being a human once more, only to be re-sired was something that she hoped she could avoid.

And yet…being here made her feel…safe. Willow had told her about how Xander had tried to drive a stake through her heart, only to be stopped by the red-head. Apart from forcing her to feed as a vampire, her captor had done nothing to harm her, aside from the spree of matches down in the cells. Since then, nothing. It was as if the vampire was waiting for something.

She's waiting to turn me.

Sitting down on the mattress behind her, Tara closed her eyes. She hadn't been able to sleep well for the past days and nights, whichever time of day she found herself tired at. The word 'insomnia' came to mind, but she didn't think that was the real reason. She was, for all intents and purposes, living on borrowed time at the moment. Any moment she wished, her captor could, and would, turn her into a vampire once more, forcing her soul back into the ether. And then once more, the Demon would have full control over body, and all of its actions. Once again, she would helpless to watch her body do unbelievable acts of violence and cruelty. And all of it by Willow's side.

The thought of getting out of the room and possibly escaping Sunnydale came to the list of possibilities, but she knew that it would be near impossible, and even if she did escape, there was nothing to stop Willow from hunting her down and bringing her back, or keeping her prisoner somewhere else. Something told her that whatever the vampire wanted, she usually got. One way or another.

The field around her was filled to the brim with flowers and tall grass, both of which wilted slightly as the wind blew across the landscape. Looking out across the open space with her blue eyes, Tara smiled. She felt at peace in that moment, knowing that for once, all the fear she felt was gone, and had given way to unrestrained happiness.

"Tara Maclay." Hearing her name being called out, the girl opened her eyes as she turned to look at the man calling out her name. As her gaze settled on the man, the blonde's eyes widened.

"Dad?" As she stared at the figure standing in front of her, Tara felt nothing but shock spread out through her entire body. The man couldn't be here. She had seen the dead body, had seen the massive amount of blood that had spilled out onto the floor of the living room.

"Don't look at me like that, you insolent little bitch." Snarling his response, Mr. Maclay took a step towards his daughter. "You think we don't know what you did?"

"W-W-What did I d-d-do?"

"You let the vampires into the house, didn't you? You got so tired of us telling you the truth that you decided to let them kill all of us."

"N-No, Daddy, I d-d-didn't…" Shaking her head, the blonde girl took a step back until she felt her back connect with something strong. Turning around, she found herself facing the wall of the Maclay home, the once white walls stained dark red with blood. "I c-c-couldn't…"

"Liar." Saying the word with an almost causal tone, the senior Maclay laughed for a moment, the sound of the laughter sending chills down the girl's spine. "You wanted out of this house your whole life, but you just couldn't bear the idea of having us still alive and able to find you. So you let them kill us."

"No, I d-d-didn't…" Shaking her head, Tara watched as the man in front of her changed form into something that resembled a female figure. As the figure became more and more human like, the human girl found her heart stopping for a single moment as she realized that she was looking at a mirror image of herself, apart from the fact that the girl's face was contorted into a vampire's unmistakable form.

"So, you know what, I figured we have some things to work out, don't we, sweetie?"

"This isn't real, this isn't real…" Closing her eyes, Tara backed herself firmly against the wall. Seizing the opportunity to close in on the girl, the vampire doppelganger grabbed hold of the human's arms, ensuring that she couldn't escape from her grasp.

"Oh, it's real. Don't you think you should know yourself?"

"No, y-y-you're not r-r-real…"

"Stop stuttering and listen to me, you weakling. I'm always in you, understand? No matter how much you try to hide me, I'm always there. You can think all you want that you're some force of good and that you haven't done anything wrong, but you're lying to yourself. You're evil, just like dear old dad told you a million times. E-V-I-L."

"And that's all you'll ever be…"

Her body shooting straight up as she awakened from the nightmare, the human felt as if the world around her had changed to something that's sole goal was to destroy her. Stumbling to her feet as she ripped the covers off of her, Tara felt like the entire room was spinning around her, causing her to feel like she was going to lose her balance and fall to the floor. Steadying herself against the dresser that lay against the wall, the human looked across the entire room in order to find a place that would be small enough to make everything stop spinning. Catching sight of the closet on the opposite wall, the girl stumbled her way to it, almost falling several times in the process. Finally taking the door to closet into her hand, Tara turned the knob and opened it, not even bothering to fumble for the light-switch.

Collapsing against the wall, the girl buried her head into her knees and let the tears fall from her eyes.

"Kitten? Are we playing hide-and-seek?" Rolling her eyes playfully as she heard no response from the human girl, Willow dropped the paper sack onto the nearby dresser. "Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

Hearing the faint sound of what the vampire's mind deducted to be crying, the red-head perked up her ears in order to find exactly where her pet was hiding. Her senses managing to hear what appeared to be the center of the sound, Willow made her way over to the closet door, the crying she heard only continuing to grow louder and louder the closer she got to the door itself. Mentally counting down to a loose version of three, she opened the door quickly, hoping to surprise the girl hidden inside.

Looking up from where she was sitting against the wall of the closet, Tara knew that there were tears streaming down her face, but she was once more helpless to stop them.

"I found you, Kitten." As she knelt down in front of her pet, Willow noticed the girl's tears and her smile rapidly turned into a frown. "Kitty's sad. Tell Mommy why you're sad."

"I'm e-e-evil…" Shaking her head as she continued to cry, the blonde human couldn't force the images of the dream out of her mind. Her father's words, the way the walls had been covered with the color of blood, all of it had seemed so real. It was as if the ghosts of her past had finally managed to catch up with her.

"Poor Kitten. She still wants to be bad for her Mommy, but she can't, so she's all sad." Her green eyes continuing to watch the other girl as she cried, the vampire held out her arms. "Come here, Kitten, Mommy will make it all better."

Her mind barely able to concentrate on anything but the memories of the dream, Tara found herself crawling into the other girl's embrace. Burying her head into the vampire's leather-clad shoulder, she felt more tears limping down her cheeks. Leaning herself back against the doorway to the closet, the red-headed vampire looked down at the girl crying into her shoulder, and made a small sighing sound.

"You don't like being stuck in that human body, don't you?" Not Seeing nor hearing any response from the human, the vampire made a tisking sound as she looked down at the girl. "Kitty, answer me."


"Sssshhhh, Kitten, that icky soul is making you feel bad." Gathering the sobbing girl up into her arms, Willow turned towards the still unkempt bed. "That's all it is."

"I'm evil, I'm n-n-n-nothing but e-evil…" Her blonde hair resting against her tear-stained cheeks, the human girl felt the mattress made contact with her motionless body. Her arms still wrapped around her pet, Willow frowned.

"Kitty's not bad. Kitten's good." Looking up at the vampire holding her, Tara's eyes flooded with confusion.

"No I'm n-n-not…" Closing her eyes again, the human pressed her head back against the other girl's cold shoulder. "I'm not…"

"Does Kitten want her Mommy to make her strong again?" Her green irises still focused on the girl she was holding, Willow waited for an answer, the demon inside her brain rushing to take control of her body. "She can do that."

"N-N-N-No…" Shaking her head again, Tara buried her head even further into the vampire's shoulder. "No, no, no, no…"

"Only when you're ready, Kitten." Resting her chin against the crying girl's head, Willow closed her green eyes. "Only when you ask for it."

"I don't w-w-w-want it!" Still shaking her head, the human girl felt the vampire's hand rubbing a circle on her back. "D-D-Don't w-want it!"

"Only when you ask. I wouldn't make my Kitten sad by forcing her to be bad." Reaching behind where the girl was laying, Willow pulled the pure red sheets up over top of both of them. "Does that make her feel better?"

"N-N-No…" Shaking her head once more, Tara tried to bring her knees up to her chest in an attempt to curl into a ball, but found her captor's legs effectively wrapped around her own. "I d-d-don't w-want to die a-again…"

"But you'll be all big and strong. You could make Mommy proud of you." Her hand resuming its rubbing of the girl's back, the vampire used her free hand to run her fingers along the side of the girl's body. "You could play with Puppy, and your little tummy wouldn't ever be empty again."

"It hurts…Dad s-said I was e-evil…"

"Everything hurts, Kitten, but I could make it better." Feeling the slightly rough feel of leather against her cheek, Tara turned her head slightly as she sniffled back another new wave of tears. Still frowning at the other girl, Willow wiped away some of her pet's tears. "Stop crying, Kitten. You're not bad. The dream Daddy was wrong."

"He w-w-was right though. I'm e-evil. Y-You're going to make m-me evil a-again…" Closing her eyelids over her reddened eyes, the human pressed her head a little more into the pillow that the vampire had laid her on. "Everything h-h-hurts."

"Mommy's going to make you big and strong again, don't worry." Her red-hair hanging around her face, Willow kept her green eyes focused on the human girl. "Does Kitten want to be strong again?"

"I w-want it to s-stop hurting." Pointing to her chest, the blonde let another short stream of tears fall down her cheek. "I don't w-w-want to r-remember w-w-what I did."

"But my Kitty loves to be bad and naughty." Pouting, the red-head pushed some of the girl's blonde hair out of her face. "I heard you in your dream. You were being bad, all nice and naughty for your Mommy."

Unsure of what to say as she felt embarrassment flood through her mind, Tara buried her face into the vampire's neck, pressing her lips against the exposed skin there in the process.

"Aww, Kitten wants to snuggle with her Mommy." Pressing her face against her pet's neck in the same manner, Willow's tongue made it ways across the girl's neck. Shuttering slightly, Tara pressed her lips against the vampire's ear, causing her captor to raise her head in order to look into her blue eyes.

"Ohhhh, I see." A smile spreading across her face, the red-headed vampire's fingers made their way underneath the other girl's shirt in order to reach the skin hidden underneath. "You want to be a naughty Kitten."

Finding herself unable to speak, the blonde human simply nodded her answer, causing her captor to smile even wider.

"But Kitten can't say that, can she? She's too afraid of being bad." Seeing only another nod from her pet, Willow chuckled slightly. "Silly Kitten. Mommy likes it when you're naughty."

Easing herself down onto the other girl, Willow pressed her lips against the human's forehead, noticing that Tara had kept her eyes open instead of closing them.

"And you keep your pretty eyes open for Mommy, alright?"

"O-Ok…" Stuttering out an answer in a voice that barely qualified as a whisper, Tara felt her captor's hand snake up through the shirt she was wearing in order to reach one of her breasts. Shivering at the difference in temperature between her warm skin and the vampire's freezing cold hands, the human resisted the urge to close her eyes as some of the warmth flooded out of her body.

"Good Kitten." Still smiling, the red-headed vampire's free hand started to tug up the girl's shirt until it could go no further without the blonde's assistance. Sitting up slightly so that the other girl could lift the shirt completely off of her body, Tara kept her eyes focused on the vampire's green irises. Her mind was still consumed in its confused state, and as a result, didn't attempt to persuade her to stop what she and the vampire would end up doing. Her own, slightly shaking hands reaching behind her captor's back, the human's fingers played slightly with the corset that the vampire was seemingly never without. As her fingertips made contact with the ties that connected the piece together, Tara saw Willow's green eyes lit up slightly.

"Someone's being an insistent little Kitten tonight." Chuckling again, the red-head reached behind her back in order to undo the ties that her pet had started on. After a minute or so, the last tie became unfastened and the vampire shrugged the piece off of her body, exposing a simple leather shirt underneath. Her fingers falling down to the button on the human's loaned pants, Willow pulled the button apart from where it was fastened, and slid the connected zipper down. Using her free hand to let her fingers dance across her pet's bare skin, the vampire saw the way Tara was hungrily looking at her face. Sliding her recently freed hand from where it had unzipped the other girl's pants, the red-head toyed with the bottom of her shirt before pulling it off slowly and seductively.

Noticing that she still had her pet's unfaltering attention, Willow dropped the article of clothing to the floor where it came to rest atop Tara's own shirt. As her blue eyes set their gaze on the vampire's breasts, Tara bit the top of her lip slightly as she felt her mouth beginning to water. Her instincts having full taken over all of her body's actions, she found herself wanting the vampire more and more. Seeing the look of arousal that had filled out the girl's blue eyes, the red-head's smile became doused in a playful spirit.

"You know, I don't know if you were good enough to have Mommy let you be naughty." Stopping what she was doing, Willow pressed a finger to her chin in an exaggerated gesture of thinking. "Maybe Kitten was bad and she shouldn't get to be naughty."

Shaking her head, Tara tried to reach up and grab the other girl's hand, but felt the vampire's free hand take hold of both of her wrists, and hold them above her head.

"No, no, only Mommy gets to decide whether or not you can do that." Wagging her finger back and forth in a playful scolding manner, the red-headed vampire's smile turned somewhat lop-sided. "And she still doesn't know if her baby Kitten was good or not."

"I w-w-was g-good…" Nodding nervously as she looked up at the vampire, Tara squirmed slightly underneath the vampire straddling her. Upon hearing her pet's answer, Willow chuckled before resting her head on the other girl's chest.

"Then I guess your Mommy will let you be the naughty little Kitten you are."

Opening her eyes, Tara felt something cold lying around her waist, the sensation seemingly bypassing her clothes altogether in order to touch her bare skin. Trying to readjust herself in order to make herself more comfortable, the blonde human's mind struggled to comprehend where it was. Looking down at where the sheets had fallen off of her body, the human's eyes grew wider as she saw why she felt cold.

Realizing that the cold around her waist was coming from Willow's touch, Tara found that her body was completely devoid of any clothing, leaving her as naked as the day she was born. Looking as far over the edge of the bed as she could manage without stirring the vampire holding onto her, the blonde found her clothes lying in a pile on the floor, the garments intertwined with the vampire's usual leather attire.

Twisting her head as far she could manage, the girl found a pair of green eyes staring back at her attentively.

"Morning, Kitten." Willow purred as she nuzzled her head into the blonde girl's shoulder. "Sleep well?"