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You are a liar, you kept things from them, they'll leave you for this.

No, no, stop, this isn't real.

You're a murderer.

No, I didn't kill anyone.



You killed me.

I didn't kill you.

Yuui, Yuui, Yuui, Yuui

...please, stop. Don't haunt me anymore.

You cursed twins, you both should have died.

Who are you?

You doomed us all. Everyone died because of you two.

Please, no more.

Your companions will leave you. They won't accept your past of sin.



"Ah! Syaoran he's awake!" Mokona jumped from bed to land on Syaoran's shoulder.

"Mokona? Syaoran-kun?" Fai felt dizzy and tired as he tried to sit up. "What happened?"

"You got a fever Fai-san and you collapsed on the road. Kurogane-san had to carry you all the way here," Syaoran held out a steaming mug to Fai.

Graciously he took the mug and sipped. He looked up and saw Kurogane leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed. Fai gave him a weak smile.

"You were having a nightmare Fai-san..." Syaoran looked down before raising his head suddenly to make direct eye contact with Fai. "You're not alone. We won't leave you because of a minor thing like the past. No matter what, to us you are Fai-san!" He looked down again, "So...don't be afraid."

"He's right Fai, so rest up and get better from your fever," Mokona hopped onto Fai and gave him a hug.

"Thank you, Mokona, Syaoran," Fai put one hand up to hug Mokona lightly. Then Mokona jumped onto Syaoran's shoulder again and Syaoran walked out of the room giving a brief nod to Kurogane.

"He really won't change, that Syaoran-kun. I'm surprised he said that to me though to him,\ the past is so important, nee Kuro-rin?" Fai smiled propping his head on hand.

"He's been through a lot giving support when he needs it, but he chose this price didn't he?"

"Yeah, I'm just hoping we get to Clow Country again soon. Sakura-chan must really want to see him again."

"I'm sure he wants to see her too, now get to sleep before I knock you into sleep,"

"You're scary Kuro-rin~! " Fai dived under the covers before softly crying the words, "Thank you everyone." He fell into a sweet slumber, his dreams filled with his comrades. He knew he wasn't alone, he had friends who supported him no matter what kind of past he had, friends that he would cherish forever.

This takes place after the end of the TRC manga when Syaoran, Kurogane, Fai, and Mokona are still traveling to different dimensions.

Thank you for reading.