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"This is amazing!" Naruto yelled, laughing with mirth, twirling in the air high above the village. Tinker Bell, shrouded by her glow, flew a corkscrew around the blonde boy, showering him with even more of her Pixie Dust. She was having fun too. She really didn't have many friends. There were other Pixies like her, but they didn't have the same sense of fun and adventure as she did. It had been quite a while since she had just flown to fly, and even longer since she had someone to fly around with. "You can see everything from up here. It's so small. Makes you forget all your worries."

"I love flying," Tinker Bell said, darting into the blonde mass of hair, before poking out, content to just ride on his head for now. It made talking much easier. "And you're right, it is great flying...though I really don't care for that 'so small' comment." Naruto flinched, but Tink popped her head down and gave him a big grin, letting him know she was just kidding. "Only joking," she confirmed. "Being small isn't that bad. Sometimes it's beneficial." Naruto raised a brow, flipping over in the air, seeming to float on his back as he placed his hands behind his head. If only Shikamaru could see the clouds from this close distance, he thought.

"Beneficial?" he asked. Tink flew from his hair and landed on his chest, walking across it as easily as the floor.

"Yeah," she said, dimming her glow to a minimum. "You ninja are all about stealth, right? What's more stealthy than someone my size. I can't stop glowing, but I can dim myself pretty well. I can also light the dark, and fit in places nobody 'normal' sized can." Naruto caught on to what she was implying, smiling a bit.

"Say Tink," he asked, trying to stifle his laughter. "Would you like to be my partner? You know, Kiba's got Akamaru...even Shino has those bugs. You'd put them to shame." The Pixie turned red at the compliment, blushing and turning away from the blonde, who was still oblivious to why she really wanted to hang around him.

"I'd love to," she said, laying down on his chest like he was laying on the air. "Are we going to tell this team of yours? From the descriptions you gave they seem...interesting." Interesting wasn't quite the accurate way to describe the three people Naruto told her about. He didn't seem to mind getting beaten by his pink-haired teammate, but if she tried to lay a hand on the blonde again she'd be forced to show her just how much punch the little pixie could pack. And that Sasuke sounded like an arrogant pain in the ass. She'd also have to see what she could do about the tardiness of his teacher.

Naruto seemed hesitant, but knew he'd have to tell them about Tinker Bell, eventually. He wasn't sure how they'd react. He had a pretty good idea of how the little Pixie would react, particularly to Sasuke. She was already feisty and temperamental, and having one of them say the wrong thing and upset his new friend was not something he wanted to deal with. However, with Tink as his partner, he knew they needed to know. He wasn't sure he could just explain away being able to fly through the air. "Well, I have team training in about an hour...two or three if you count how late Kakashi is" An idea struck him suddenly, and he adopted an absolutely wicked grin.

"Hey Tink, how do you feel about pranks?" Leaning her head back, Naruto saw a similar grin on her tiny face, full of approval.

"You wanna pull something on your team?" she asked, rather hopefully. She hadn't even met them yet, and she was hoping to get the two good. When he nodded, she began to glow even brighter. "What kind of gag are we talking."

"...How high do you think we'd need to be for a water-balloon to hit with maximum impact?" Giggling like a little maniac, the Pixie flew off in the direction of his apartment, the blonde in hot-pursuit.


Sasuke was practically steaming, walking up to the training ground, soaking wet. He wasn't sure how, but he instinctively knew that his blonde-teammate was responsible for this. Nobody else in the village would ever be so stupid as to drop thirty-some water balloons onto him. What he couldn't understand is how they seemed to come from nowhere, falling from the sky with a great deal of force, right on his head and back. The blonde in question was laying contentedly up across a tree branch.

His foot dangling and his eyes closed, Sasuke looked on at his teammate with a gleam in his eyes. He reached up to try and pull Naruto out of the tree, but something small, yet hard, crashed into the back of his head. He whipped around, but saw nothing. Turning back, rubbing the now sore spot, he raised a brow finding Naruto gone. He heard the blonde snickering behind him, and again turned to find nothing. A tap on his shoulder had him spinning, but his teammate was nowhere to be found.

He warily turned once more and came nose to nose with the blonde, and jumped back when he realized the blonde was seemingly floating in mid-air, seeing to be laying on said air on his stomach, his head resting in his hands, still laughing. "You know, Sasuke, most people take their clothes off before taking a shower." A tick mark formed on Sasuke's head, and he reared back his fist to punch the idiot in the face. However, something gripped his hair, yanking rather forcefully. Whatever it was let go, and he saw what seemed to be a speck of light fly over and circle Naruto's head, before stopping to perch on the landing-boy's shoulder. On closer inspection, he noticed the ball of light wasn't simply light. What appeared to be a girl, no more than a few inches tall, now stood on Naruto's left shoulder.

"Sasuke," Naruto announced, motioning with his other hand to the tiny figure. "This is my new partner, Tinker Bell. She's a Pixie." Mouth agape, Sasuke just nodded dumbly, his mind temporarily shutting down to avoid what was probably a cataclysmic system crash. He had thought fairies and pixies were the stuff of little childrens' bed-time stories, yet here was a tiny, glowing, winged figure standing right before him, pointing and laughing...wait, what?

Indeed, Tinker Bell was having a good laugh at Sasuke's expression, which quickly turned into a frown. Unfortunately, this seemed to be even funnier to the pixie, managing to elicit a reaction. Instead, he tried to ignore the strange jingling bell sound that made up the smaller blonde's laugh, and turned his attention to his teammate. "How were you flying just now?" he demanded, and again, Naruto pointed to his Pixie companion.

"Pixie Dust," he announced. "Tink's practically a factory for the stuff. Just a little bit and gravity is your bitch." Sasuke, quirked an eyebrow when a cross-looking Tinker Bell seemed to try and talk to Naruto, though all he could hear were the sounds of those tinkling bells. "Ok, sorry, I'll watch my language," Naruto said.

"You actually understand her?" he asked, getting a strange look from Naruto.

"You don't?" Sasuke shook his head in the negative, and Tink and Naruto shared a look. "You actually understand her?" he asked, getting a strange look from Naruto.

"That's weird…" Naruto scratched his head, then laughed sheepishly. "Imagine if someone heard me talking. They would think I'm crazy!"

"Yeah…imagine that…" Sasuke mumbled as he eyed the small girl who blew him a raspberry. He frowned. He was curious as to who she was, and where she came from. Were they more like her? But then his thoughts came screeching to a halt.

"Sasuke!" Their female teammate yelled as she entered the scene. She was currently out of breath, her hair was disheveled, and she looked dead tired. It appeared she just woke up, and probably fell out of her bed.

"Hey, Sakura," Naruto greeted with a smile. Sasuke raised a brow. Normally Naruto would greet the girl with enthusiasm and ask for a date.

"Naruto…" Sakura was prepared to turn him down again, but froze as she caught sight of his shoulder. She scrunched her face as she got closer. "…what is that? One of Shino's bugs?"

"What?" Naruto saw Tink frown, and his eyes widened as Sakura reached a finger towards the smaller girl. "Wait!"

Sakura's finger touched its target. And before Sakura could reply, the small creature started waving around, but all she could hear was the jingling of small bells. She saw Sasuke look away with a shake of the head, and Naruto was blushing. He was glad his teammates couldn't understand her. The pixie seemed to have quite the imagination, and a colorful vocabulary to vocalize it. Tink suddenly appeared on her finger and walked. Wait, walked?

"What…" Sakura mumbled. She raised the finger to eye level, and got a better look at the creature. "…a girl?" She looked at the clothing she wore. "She's pretty...kinda dirty looking though..." Naruto was about to yell, but it was too late. With a frown, Tink flew right into Sakura's face.

Ten minutes later, a figure appeared on a nearby tree branch in a swirl of leaves. Naruto was the first to notice the new arrive, who had his face buried in a book.

"You're late!" Naruto yelled.

Kakashi blinked. Only one yell? He lowered the book, and looked at his students. An angry orange one? Check. A brooding one? Check. A pink one? He looked around for his student, only to see her walking towards the group. She was covered in grass, and slightly wet. He sighed as he placed his book away, and he leapt down to see what his students had done now.

"Sakura?" Kakashi asked.

"Don't ask." Sakura mumbled as she plopped down.

He flicked his eyes back to Naruto, only for him to do a double take. Naruto was currently holding onto a glowing object. Said object looked as if it was trying to fly at Sakura.

"Hmm…" Kakashi walked over to Naruto. "…what's going on here?"

Tink finally stopped squirming, and looked up at Kakashi as he bent down. But then, she noticed something in his pocket. As soon as Kakashi turned to Naruto, she vanished.

"That's Tink, sensei." Naruto rubbed the back of his head. "She's my… well, my partner. I figured she could be helpful."

Kakashi glanced back to Tink, only to see her missing. "What is she?"

"A pixie." Naruto replied, as he looked around for Tink.

"Pixie…?" Kakashi stood back up, and looked thoughtful. Then a lightbulb went off. His new book. Jiraiya the Toad Sage had written a brand new Icha-icha book, and this one had a young human stumbling upon a tiny village full of Pixies. He shook off the oncoming blush as he felt something in his pocket. He reached in and pulled out his book. He looked at the book, only to see a pair of small legs poking out. "Oh…" He flipped open the book, only to see the tiny girl. She had swirls in her eyes, and a deep blush.

"Ah! Tink!" Naruto quickly moving toward his friend. She was still blushing, and wore a goofy smile.

Kakashi snapped the book back closed, and placed it back into his pocket. He read the page that Pixie was reading, and knew what was going on in her tiny pixie head. He smirked, but quickly had to wipe the blood that dripped from his own nose.

"So, her name's Tink?" Kakashi asked. Nearby, Sakura and Sasuke both perked up.

Naruto waved his hand at Tink in order to wake her. "Huh? Oh, yeah. Tinker Bell." He sighed in relief as Tink started to come to. "I stumbled upon her not that long ago. She was injured by that damn demon cat Tora, but she gave the fuzzball what was coming to it at least."

Kakashi was about to reply, but paused as Tink flew around Naruto, and all he heard was jingling. He watched in amazement. "Does she talk?" He needed to know, and he wondered if the Hokage knew about her as well.

"She…" Naruto paused, and Kakashi heard jingling. "What? You can't be…" He turned to his sensei. "She wants to know more about your…" He sighed. "…book."

Kakashi didn't expect that. But, from her reaction earlier, he probably should have. He smiled. Finally. Someone who actually understood his love for fine literature. "So, what else can she do?"

Naruto smiled. Tink flew above him, and Kakashi saw flakes of glowing, golden dust land on the blonde. And before he could ask what that was, Naruto hovered. Naruto placed a foot onto the ground, and then, he jumped. Sakura and Sasuke stood as Naruto flew straight upwards. It was as if he could touch the clouds.

"Incredible…" Sasuke whispered. Sure he seen it earlier, but not to that extent. Kakashi mirrored him, only he lifted up his headband and revealed his sharingan. He watched Naruto closely. So closely, in fact, that he didn't notice that Tink was with him. Instead, the pixie found herself place on Kakashi's shoulder. She was fixated on that eye.

Kakashi continued to watch Naruto. There was no real purposeful chakra application. It was more like the natural chakra in his body had expanded, flowing off of him in waves and pulses. And it was almost as if those pulses were propelling his student through the air. He felt movement on his shoulder, and he turned his head. His sharingan examined the small figure. On the surface, he couldn't detect much Chakra, but he chalked that up to her size. Comparatively, she probably had an equivalent amount of chakra as someone normal sized. A similar size-to-chakra ratio. Perhaps she could be a good partner for Naruto, and an asset to the team. He smiled and lowered his headband.

"Woah..." Sakura said in awe as Naruto landed. He didn't even look winded. "How is that possible?"

"Pixie dust." Naruto simply replied. He looked around for his friend, only to see her sitting on Kakashi's shoulder.

"So…" Kakashi started. He wondered how he should talk to the girl. "Um, how do you like Konoha?" He flinched. That was… awkward. But, the girl nodded with a jingle. He shrugged, and had to ask. "What did you think of page 62?" And he had to smile. The girl was jingling like crazy, and blushing as if she was volcano that just erupted. "That good, eh?"

Naruto walked up to them with a smile. At least one person on his team likes Tink. Or at least is trying to get to know her. Tink noticed Naruto, and flew towards him.

"What do you think, Kakashi-sensei?" Tink found a nice comfortable spot in Naruto's hair to relax.

Kakashi smiled. "She's… unique. I give you that." Tink perked up. "I like her. She would make a nice partner for you." He paused as he thought another question. "How did you fly, exactly?"

"Pixie dust," the Blonde said again. "Tink here is almost like an unlimited supply." He felt Tink pluck a hair for some reason. "She's pretty awesome."

"Well…" They heard Sakura pipe up. They almost forget they weren't exactly alone. "She is kinda cute, but that attitude…" Sakura shrugged, but felt a sudden chill as the pixie changed color in glow from golden to a violent red.

Kakashi frowned. Pixie dust? That could mean serious trouble. If word got out…He would need to swear his students to secrecy. The last thing Naruto and Tinker Bell needed was the council separating the two and then taking the dust from the fairy until she was nothing more than a pile of dust herself. "Alright." He cleared his throat, and the kids got in line. Only this time, Sasuke was in the middle, while Sakura tried to stay far away from the 'crazy' fairy. "The first part of the chuunin exams is closing in. And with the addition of Tinker Bell, we'll have to change up our training to add her to our strategy." He got a jingle for a response. "Naruto?"

"She said she's ready. But…" He paused. "Um, I don't know…" He sighed. "She said that she can't be held responsible for what happens to the...the um...pink hag." Naruto's shoulders sagged as another jingle was heard. He needn't bother translating that last one, as Sakura now was red in the face.

"What?!" Sakura yelled. Naruto had to hold Tink back now, Sasuke doing the same for Sakura. Kakashi palmed his face. Maybe they would be a good team...if they didn't tear themselves apart first.

Chapter End

Hey guys, so it took a while, but with the help of Karasu87 (who came up with a base outline for me to use for the meeting between Sakura and Kakashi) I got it out.

Now, I know for a fact that many of you don't bother with Author's notes, but this needs to be said, since I had a question from a reader asking if this story was 'NaruHina.' I will NEVER do a NaruHina story, and I have very good reasons why, which ANYONE who goes to my forum page will see. Here's a short list. Anyone who disagrees, I will be glad to debate you, and have about twenty or thirty others who would too.

1. Hinata is a Stalker, plain and simple. She just watches and waits and hides. It's not cute, it's creepy. If you were being stalked, even if they claimed to love you, would you say 'Let's start dating' or 'POLICE!'

2. There are far more deserving ladies for Naruto. Yet authors tend to have Naruto push them aside for her.

3. Hinata is a freaking weakling. Yet every NaruHina story makes her the strongest female in the story. It's honestly unbelievable.

4. It shows up in crossovers. And not just 'semi-crossovers' but full-on 'Naruto gets sent to another world' crossovers. At no point in any 'sent to another world' crossover should Naruto be paired with ANYONE from his world. Period.

5. It's been done to death, and there is no original way to pull it off anymore.

6. It's always done within about Ten seconds. Hinata says 'I love you,' Naruto replies 'Even though we've had little to no interaction up to this point, I love you too.' Fanfics should have a realistic element to them. They need to be believable in-universe. 98% of the time, it isn't.

7. Hinata was, until recently, a secondary character ONLY. Naruto had very little interaction with her. There is a limit between love at first sight. You need interaction to build up feelings.

8. Hinata doesn't 'Love' Naruto, it's mere Hero-worship. She took his Nindo as her own, she strives for him to 'Notice' her, not 'Love' her. After her childhood, she grew up repressed, and her mind latched on to Naruto due to his rebellious free spirit. Were he not around, she would have latched onto someone like Kiba, or maybe even Sasuke.

9. For sake of argument, let's say she does 'Love' Naruto. Love can go unrequited. If you think she's really a stronger character than Canon makes her, then she can handle it.

10. Fillers don't count. Why? Because Filler is anime only, and does not appear in the Source Manga. Manga sets canon law, not Anime.

confession during the Pein Battle. It wasn't sweet. It wasn't tragically romantic. It was cowardly and selfish. She made the confession because she believed they were all going to die, so it was her last chance. So rather than actually helping Naruto, she basically dropped a bombshell on him, and her being there triggered the six-tail transformation (which would have happened had it been anyone, btw. He probably would have transformed if it was Shikamaru who he thought was killed.) And fyi, that much Demon Chakra reduces Naruto's natural life-span. So, not only was she selfish and cowardly, she also reduced the amount of time Naruto has to live...epic...fail.

12. She does not have the communication skills to talk to Naruto unless plot intervenes.

13. Typically harems are ruined as soon as she joins the fray. And she does not have it in her to be dominate enough to become "Harem Matriarch".

14. She is idolized for no good reason by her fandom (going so far as to demand an author reviver her from the dead so they could be paired), while her father is demonized. She got kidnapped, and her father then pushed her to train, and she turned into a sniveling little whiner. The fact that he even let her be a ninja at all astounds me.

15. The only way to properly do this pairing to is drastically alter Hinata's personality (through believable means only) and flesh out a growing connection between the two. And there were a few good stories I recall that did that. But you read the reviews for them and the fandom attacks them like rabid dogs, saying 'She's to OOC' or 'Hinata would NEVER do/say that.' You couldn't get more flames if you printed the story on paper and lit it on fire.

So I say again, I will NEVER do this pairing. It is hands down the most unbelievable pairing in the franchise, outside of the yaoi and I personally put it on a level with Crack pairings.

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