Hey guys,first fanfic here a big fan of Persona 3 i had this idea in my head for a while so thought of writing a fic about it please R and R ,I will only continue if the readers enjoy it

NOTE: Minato in this fic will be different,Hell a person ain't normal if he/she has death sealed inside them for 10 years...without furthur ado here we go...(I know his cannon name sucks but its always Minato for me)

"Hey...do you think this coffee really does work?" a brunette asked her friend while sipping on a coffee.

"Whaddya mean?" Her friend replied.

"I mean does this stuff make you cuter?" The brunette asked.

"Well I heard about it but it sounds a bit fishy to me why the question Yukari-chan?"

The brunette now identified as Yukari blushed a bit and said "ummm..well I have been thinking about getting a boyfriend" Her friend was surprised afterall in the school Yukari was known to be untouchable turning all the guys down."R-Really? Since when?" She almost yelled

"Shhhh...no need to yell but...since a while..but you better keep quiet about it i haven't told this to anyone except you." Yukari said with a glare

The other girl nodded slowly...then suddenly smiled..."Oh got you'r eye on somebody at school Yukari-chan?"She said teasingly...the other girl signed "No the school is full of morons most of them are perverts...but ill wait for him surely he will come someday..."Yukari said with a dreamy face.

"But still what type of guy do you have in mind?

Yukari adopted a thinking pose."hhhmmmm...I really don't know but i wish my prince has silver eyes..."

Somewhere in another part of the world...USA to be exact,there was a young teen with silver eyes and an odd hair colour of blue which covered his right eye humming a song while listening it through his mp3 player around his neck.

Suddenly somebody yelled loud enough so that he could hear it "Oi Minato,lad there is a letter for you sumthing bout a scholarship offer from some Gekkou high school"

The boy, Minato paused his mp3 and groaned "Alright gramps...leave it on my door I'll check it out" He resumed his song and started humming again after the song was finished he took the letter that was at his doorstep...

"A letter from Gekkoukan Highschool...hhmmm...location...Iwatodai..."The boy blinked then a horrible memory hit his head.

"Iwatodai huh? been a while lost so much in that dammed city"The boy gritted his teeth and suddenly the light flickered on and off and dark energy seem to envelop the teen his face had a look of pure hatred but he calmed down after a while and sighed "But i ain't the guy I used to be maybe ill accept the offer afterall my parents loved the school...and I might find something out." The boy left his room to find his gramps

Time never waits. It delivers us all to the same end. You, who wish to safeguard the future, however limited it may be…

You will be given one year.

Go forth without falter, with your heart as your guide...The hell?

Minato woke up from his sleep and groaned "Great first night in the city already had a strange dream and a blue butterfly...I like blue but no butterflies.."

"Due to a malfunction in the switching system, today's rail schedule has been greatly altered. We apologize to any customers who were in a hurry."

The next stop is Iwatodai…"

Finally, The boy stepped off the train and walked outside he glanced at his watch..."Oh crap its almost Creep Hour"




11:59...but his watched stopped the atmosphere changed the moon took on an eerie yellow glow while his surroundings turned green, and there were coffins everywhere...a normal person would have been freaked out but Minato only signed "Great no music for a whole hour...thanks for reminding me why i hate you Iwatodai.."He took out a paper from his pocket and began to find his way to his dorm..

After a loooong while he finally reached his TEMPORARY dorm he pushed open the doors and stepped inside...the dorm was rather good...couches and a TV a small kitchen..."Man i need sleep this damn jetlag..ugh...hhmmm the couches look good enough"..."WHO IS THERE?" Yelled a voice which belonged to a girl...

Yukari POV...

Crap...who else could it be during this hour?...I nervously walked down the stairs yelling about whos there but no one answered...at the first floor I saw a guy who was about my age...with blue hair?...ugh never mind whats important is that he is awake during the Dark Hour...I grabbed the gun and pointed at him and he...

Signed? "I though I was through with muggins when i left the states..." I was shocked but kept my stance he lazily lifted his hand and was about to mutter something when another voice...of someone I know cut in "I GOT THIS TAKEBA".

Minato POV

Standing next to me was rather a cute girl with a short skirt,pink sweater and a gun...geez i never thought girls would mug me...guess there is something worse than fangirls i lifted my hand to cast a spell which would save my ass from the bullets...oh i have this power to summon awesome and terrifying monster from within me...quite handful...when suddenly another voice yelled...

Normal POV

A teen with silver hair lunged at the bluenette, he threw his fist towards him but Minato dodged and backed off abit the other teen although did not stop as he tried to hit him again and again but Minato dodged all his blows but at the same time he was thinking "Woah...that was close...I never expected two persona users to be present here...hhmmm...emperor with strong electricity spells and that girl..Takeba was it? she hasen't summoned her's but...Lovers arcana" While he was thinking,a punch barely touched his cheek although it felt like an ant bite...Minato gritted his teeth,pissed he powercharged his hand and punched the idiot in the face sending him flying towards the could hear a gasp from the girl..then another voice full of confidence cut in "I GOT IT SENPAI.."

A new guy with a cap and a sword was running towards Minato holding his sword like a baseball bat intended to cleave the bluenette,as the sword was coming down in motion, the bluenette caught it between his fingers,the girl just stood there speechless thinking to herself "He knocked out senpai in a punch a-and caught the sword with ease...what the heck is he?"

Minato was not a happy guy,he was sleepy and after knocking out a punk,another came running in,still having the sword between his fingers he wispered "Bad move punk.." he was about to punch the dumbass,then suddenly yet another voice cut in...this time a mature and commanding one.

"Iori WAIT!"

Minato POV

What the hell...another one? thankfully it didn't lunge at me..but still I was pissed,not to mention sleepy as owner of the voice was a girl,who had an aura of authority wearing a long skirt..another gun? great and curly red hair which covered her right eye,just as she made her entrance the lights came back on and my mp3 began blasting music,I paused it and let out a snicker..."Oh so this it the welcoming committee?"I said with venom in my voice,the readhead winced a bit and began "I apologized they though you were a- thief?" I cut her off "With a school uniform and quite ironic the thief didn't carry a gun"

She began again "Sorry again it won't happen."I cut her off again...and she seemed annoyed but I didn't care.."Where the hell am I?" I asked as I looked around for a bit then said..."Everyone has a gun the idiot on the floor has boxing gloves,you and the cap wearing idiot have swords not to mention the bow that brunette has and" I trailed off...

I looked towards a dog with red eyes and white fur carrying a knife in his mouth...oh great...and he's a persona user..."THAT DOG HAS A DAMN KNIFE IN HIS MOUTH Is this some kind of a mafia group?" I finished the readhead spoke again with some irk in her voice I let continue not cutting her off this time..."As i was saying we are truly sorry we did think you were a thief."I wanted to say something but instead I kept quiet...*sign*.

"Alright so who are you and these?"...The girl began the introduction..."My name is Misturu Kirijo...(ohhhhh)...the other two are Junpei and Yukari,"she gestured towards the two standing teens were in shock for a couple of seconds but they began..."h-hhey dude sup? Said the hat wearing idiot..."Ummmm..hey" Spoke the freaked out brunette, I nodded and then spoke" My name is Minato Arisato...and after all the insanity can i see my room please?"..."oh not a problem Takeba please show Arisato his room..Iori please help me with Akihiko" Redhead commanded and Junpei checked on the still knocked out dude, while Yukari spoke "Ummm...please f-follow me Arisato-san." I followed her towards the stair

Yukari POV

That was unreal...but still I feel really bad for him he looks real tired and already had to fight for his life...since he arrived this is the first time I saw him properly, he had blue hair that covered his eyes...and silver eyes...they were beautiful,He was also quite cute.

We reached his room the last one on the second floor."This is it pretty easy to remember huh..since its right at the end of the hall." He just blinked..I sweat dropped "Uumm...so any questions?"I asked and he shook his head he didn't really wanted to talk wether it was the insanity or wether he was tired..."Can i ask you something?I asked and he nodded "On your way from the station was everything ok?." He leaned towards me abit and whispered "No there were coffins and blood every where"I froze, he whispered again" Night Takeba-san" And went into his room I was utterly shocked..."I gotta tell senpai about this" I ran ran towards the stairs.

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Note:Minato didn't meet Pharos because he already has signed the contract

Note 2: He has most of his ultimate persona's and has maxed some of his links..

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