Monsters with Souls

Warnings: This is a fan fiction crossover featuring Naruto and Bleach. In no way shape or form do I own the series and/or its characters. This story however is an original idea that I have had for a while now and decided that it is time that I got around to writing it. Some of the characters may seem a bit OCC so please don't hate me for it. Please make sure that you leave me your comments and reviews telling me what you think!

Key Guide: "regular speech", 'thinking to ones self', *mental speech*, (author notes), bold - Kyuubi & Shirosaki speaking, italic - attacks/jutsu

Chapter 1 - the meeting

A four year old Naruto Uzamaki was currently running for his life from the villagers that live within Konohagakure other wise known as the Leaf Village. Naruto could see and hear the villagers as they held kunai knives in hand shouting out "Kill the demon!" Naruto panted wildly as he ducked into an alley hiding from view as he watched the villagers run past. Naruto waited a few minutes before he scampered out of the alley as he tried to make his way back to his home. However Naruto was not successful as someone saw him.

"There he is….. Get him!" yelled out a random villager. Naruto began to bolt again as the villagers gave chase.

'Why do they always want to kill me? What have I done to disserve this?' Naruto asked himself as he continued to run. Naruto ducked into another alley coming to a dead end. "Damn it all!" Naruto cursed to see that the villagers had blocked the only exist. Naruto quickly coward in a corner as he could see the hate fill the villagers eyes.

"Its time that you die demon!" shouted out a random villager.

"I'm not a demon! I have never done anything to disserve any of this!" Naruto yelled back as hot tears ran down his whisker marked face. But the villagers wouldn't listen to the four year old. They knew that Naruto had the nine tailed demon fox sealed within him. Because of their blind hatred for the fox, they saw Naruto as the demon. They didn't see the boy as a hero for holding the demonic fox's spirit within him.

"Just die demon. This world will be much better without you." stated a villager as they lunged at Naruto with kunai knives in hand. Naruto could feel the metal bite into his skin as he screamed out for help and for them to stop. "Nobody not even the Hokage can save you demon."

Meanwhile within Naruto's mindscape… Naruto's cries didn't totally go unheard. The nine tailed demon fox known as Kyuubi no Yoko heard his human hosts cries. Its not like the great demon lord asked to be sealed within a human vessel. But considering what happened that night four years ago, he was still lucky to be somewhat alive. Kyuubi knew that if his human vessel died, then he died. Kyuubi could hear and feel his host's pain and cries.

"Please stop! Somebody help me!" Naruto cried out. Kyuubi could feel Naruto's fear as the kunai knives cut into his body.

'They are honestly trying to kill him!' Kyuubi snarled to himself. Kyuubi rose to his paws rushing at his cage as he knew that he had to help his host. The sound of the bars rattling echoed through the mindscape keeping Kyuubi caged. "Damn it all!" he growled darkly. Kyuubi felt helpless as the only way he had out of his cage was if Naruto undid the seal. Kyuubi had noticed that when he slammed against the gate, some of his chakra leaked out. He had noticed that his chakra had flowed up to the pipes that laid above him merging with the blue energy that ran through them. 'The blue energy must be Naruto's chakra.' the fox thought to himself. A large foxy grin stretched across Kyuubi's face. "Hold on Kit, help is on the way!" Kyuubi roared out as he closed his eyes allowing his chakra to flare out. He poured all of his power out as he rapidly ran his paws through several hand signs. 'I hope that this works!' Kyuubi thought to himself.

At that same moment….. Naruto could feel a small burst of power flow throughout his body. He could hear a dark voice calling out to him in the back of his mind. Naruto's small hands began to rapidly go through several hand signs. He could hear the villagers laugh at him as he looked like he was trying to unleash a jutsu.

"This is the end of you damn fox!" cried out the villagers. Suddenly there was a large burst of power that came out of Nartuo as he was surrounded by a red cloak of chakra. The villagers backed away from Naruto in fear as when Naruto's hands landed on the last and final hand sign, the red chakra emitted a bright light blinding all of the villagers. Naruto's small and frail body disappeared from the alley as Kyuubi teleported him away from the angry mob.

Meanwhile….. A six year old Ichigo Kurosaki was walking home from school as he ruffled his hand through his orange locks. Once again he was picked on because of the color of his hair. Lets just say that it didn't end too well for the kids that picked on him. Ichigo sighed to himself as he held a letter in his hands for his parents or more precisely his father. His mother just recently died as Ichigo felt that it was his fault that was until his imaginary friend told him that it wasn't. Ever since Ichigo could remember, he has been different from everyone else. Ichigo possessed the power and ability to see, hear, and speak with ghosts. At first Ichigo thought that his all while imaginary friend who looked exactly like Ichigo was a ghost and/or spirit. But he found it odd that this being looked exactly like him except he was devoid of all color as his eyes were golden yellow in color resting within a sea of black. When he spoke, Ichigo could see that his tongue was blue. Ichigo thought that he was a bit too old to have an imaginary friend but this white version of himself admitted that he wasn't a ghost and/or spirit but rather a part of Ichigo's powers. Ever since the white version of himself told Ichigo the truth of what happened to Ichigo's mother and what he truly was, Ichigo had given his other self the name Shirosaki Ogichi. Which roughly translates as white Kurosaki Ichigo but Ichigo called him Shiro for short.

"It was their own damn fault King. They clearly were asking for it as you were only defending yourself." stated Shiro as he walked right besides Ichigo. Nobody else could see and/or hear Shiro.

*I know Shiro. Just sometimes they would leave me the hell alone.* Ichigo thought back mentally. Ever since learning about what he was capable of, Ichigo had set up a way to communicate with Shiro mentally that way nobody thought that he was nuts. Suddenly Ichigo stopped as he could sense something odd. *Shiro do you feel that?* Ichigo asked his other half.

"Sure did King. But I don't recognize it. Whatever it is, it isn't a hollow and/or a ghost." stated Shiro. Ichigo couldn't help but to feel that somebody needed his help.

Nearby… Naruto fell out of Kyuubi's teleport leap in a bloody mess. His clothes that he was wearing was torn to shreds. Naruto felt very weak, tired, and drained of energy. Naruto stumbled through the alley as he could see a kid two years older than him gasp in shock at the condition of Naruto's body. The kid had bright orange hair and warm chocolate brown eyes.

"Hey kid are you all right? Hang on, I am going to help you." stated the older kid. Naruto could feel another presence with inside of him telling him that it would be all right, that he could trust this boy. Slowly Naruto's eyes began to close as he passed out cold.