Monsters with Souls

Warnings: This is a fan fiction crossover featuring Naruto and Bleach. In no way shape or form do I own the series and/or its characters. This story however is an original idea that I have had for a while now and decided that it is time that I got around to writing it. Some of the characters may seem a bit OCC so please don't hate me for it!

Author Reviews: to ultima-owner: *laughs* too true….. Mayuri wouldn't be himself if he couldn't take things apart. I am frankly glad that the head captain keeps him in place not to mention Komamura wouldn't allow anything to happen to Naruto as he thinks of him as family. To ElektrikRage: I actually understand the part where almost everyone is out for Naruto's blood but the mob scene was about the only thing I could think of at the time in order to introduce the story before I had Naruto teleport to Ichigo's dimension. To PurpleLovingCutePineappleDork: just to warn you that you may have to wait a while for the sequel as I am trying to finish off some other stories that are currently in the work before I pick up any of the sequels. Thanks to everyone who left me their comments and reviews telling me what you think of this story. Please don't forget to leave me your comments and reviews telling me what you think. Thanks!

Key Guide: "regular speech", 'thinking to one's self', *mental speech*, (author notes), bold –demons speaking, italic - attacks/jutsu, -spirits/hollows speaking-, [translation], =zanpakuto speaking=, ~Hogyoku speaking~, +flashback+

Chapter 30- training journey

After the trip to the Seireitei to find out Aizen's plans to create the Oken in order to become the soul king and the Akatsuki's ties into the whole thing, both Ichigo and Naruto headed back to the Kurosaki clinic to plan. Yoruichi was going to help train the two to achieve their full power with their zanpakuto's. When they got to Naruto's home dimension, they planned to seek out the pervy sage. That night at dinner they told the Kurosaki family about what happened. They talked about the chunin exams, meeting another Jinchuriki like Naruto, the attack on the leaf, the Ataksuki, killing Orochimaru, and Aizen's plans. After a long moment of silence, Karin slammed her hands down onto the table.

"I can't believe that bastard!" snarled Karin.

"Karin….. language!" scolded Isshin.

"Sorry dad." stated Karin.

"Don't worry Karin. Aizen and the Akatsuki won't get away with their plans. No matter what we will stop them." stated Ichigo.

"That's right Karin. We aren't alone in this fight as I know that every Soul Reaper, Jinchuriki, and ninja will help us stop them." added Naruto.

"You both have to promise that you'll be careful." Yuzu cried. Both teens rose to their feet hugging Yuzu.

"We promise that we will Yuzu." they both stated in unison.

"When do you two plan to start this training?" asked Isshin. Ichigo walked over to a nearby calendar looking at the dates. Between the constant travel between two dimensions, both were time lagged. Ichigo noticed that summer break was going to begin before the new school year.

"Summer break seems like the safe bet. If we aren't back before the new school year, Kon and Kurama can take our place." stated Ichigo.

"What about you Naruto? What is going to happen when the dimesions have been stabilized and the threat is over?" asked Isshin. Naruto sighed running his hands through his blond locks.

"I don't know. Possibly I will leave this dimension to live back where I originally come from. I appreciate everything you all have done for me as I can never repay you all for everything you have done to help me." Yuzu broke down into tears with the news that Naruto wouldn't be around anymore. "Please don't cry Yuzu. I never truly belong here. Besides I have a dream that I want to achieve back home. I want to become Hokage over the leaf village. I can't do that if I remain in this realm." Naruto stated.

"I know… it's just I am going to really miss you Naruto when you're gone. You're a very important part of our family as no one can ever replace you." cried Yuzu. Karin tried to be strong but she couldn't hide the tears that were in her eyes. Naruto got up hugging both Karin and Yuzu.

"I know…. I am going to hold onto these memories forever. You guys have done more for me when no one else would. You don't know how much it means to me that you guys were willing to open up both your hearts and home to me. I will always treasure everything you have done to help me never carrying about where I came from or what I hold inside of me. Even when you guys learned the truth, you never treated me any differently." Naruto stated as tears began to form in his eyes. Within his mindscape it began to rain as even the great demon fox Kyuubi was crying.

*God Kit….. you know just what to say to touch everyone. If it was possible, I would love to stay in this dimension with the Kurosaki family but we both know that it is next to impossible.* stated Kyuubi.

That night Ichigo and Naruto spoke to their mod souls filling in Kon and Kurama into the plan.

"Oh we should warn you about three of your classmates. They each possess a strange power. We have seen it for ourselves as they could tell that we weren't really you." stated Kon.

"Who are they?" asked Ichigo.

"Uryu Ishida, Orihime Inoe, and Yastora Sado." answered Kurama.

"Isn't Orihime the girl that you have a crush on?" Naruto asked.

"No…. Orihime is the one who has a crush on me. But her taste in food is something to be desired as half of her contractions would make even you sick." replied Ichigo. Naruto threw his head back laughing.

"Come on Ichigo… I have seen the way that you look at Orihime. Don't deny that you like her!"

"What about you and Hinata? The girl can barely speak when she is around you." The two teens spent almost the whole night talking about girls, plans to stop Aizen, and school.

The next day Ichigo and Naruto went to school being stopped by Uryu, Orihime, and Chad. The two knew that these guys could tell right away that they were the real deal.

"So you're finally back. Now tell us what's going on with you two." stated Uryu. Both Ichigo and Naruto looked at each other as they had discussed what to do about these three.

"After school. Meet us on the roof." replied both Ichigo and Naruto in unison. Uryu looked like he was going to argue but didn't as he simply nodded his head. After school the five teens meet on the roof as both Ichigo and Naruto took turns explaining everything. Uryu, Orihime, and Chad looked like they didn't believe Naruto and Ichigo. Both teens sighed out loud as they took out the mod souls popping them into their mouths as they were separated into their soul forms. The three teens stood there in shock as the two substitutes weren't done yet as they both manifested their inner monsters. All three lept back quickly as they manifested their own powers.

"Hold up….. we are still the same people that you have always known. We just have more power and aren't what you call exactly normal." Naruto stated as he retracted Kyuubi's cloak. Uryu, Orihime, and Chad explained about their powers and other things. Uryu happened to be the last Quincy as his spiritual bows could destroy hollows completely. Orihime and Chad were just learning about their powers. Both Naruto and Ichigo then told then about Aizen and his plans. They asked the three if they could help aid in the upcoming fight and to keep Karakura safe from hollows.

"I don't see why I should help out soul reapers as they are the mortal enemies of the Quincy." stated Uryu.

"But we aren't full soul reapers, only substitutes seeing how we are still alive. Besides if Aizen has his way, there will be nothing left." stated Ichigo.

"Ichigo has a point. If the Akatsuki and Aizen do succeed in their plans, they will remake the realms into their own image killing everyone who doesn't fit into those plans." added Naruto.

"I guess that you do have a point." replied Uryu.

"You know that I will always have your backs." stated Chad.

"I don't know how much I can be but count me in." added Orihime before she decided to lightly kiss Ichigo on the cheek.

*Ha… told you that sooner or later Orihime would show you how she feels towards you!* Naruto laughed mentally as Ichigo's face turned beet red.

The school year came and went quickly as Ichigo and Orihime began dating. By the time summer break came around Orihime told Ichigo to be careful.

"When we get to your dimension Naruto, you are going to ask Hinata out. Don't try to deny that you have feelings for her." Ichigo stated.

"Sometimes you can be a real slave driver Ichigo." moaned Naruto.

*Yeah… but he does have a point. She is about the only girl within the whole village who likes you.* stated Kyuubi.

*I know Kyuubi but will she react the same way when she learns about you being within me?* Naruto questioned.

*Who is to say? Orihime didn't when Ichigo told her about me and showed her his hollowification. If Hinata is truly in love with you, it won't matter to her who or what you are.* stated Shiro. When the two arrived home, they could feel the familiar tug on their bodies.

"Guess that it is time." Ichigo stated. Both teens said goodbye to their family and told Kon and Kurama to protect the Kurosaki family. "We will see you if and when we get back."

"Be careful you two." stated Isshin before their souls vanished from the Kurosaki clinic. Both Ichigo and Naruto lept landing within the Namikaze estate. Haku lept back in shock when the two suddenly manifested.

"Ichigo… Naruto…. Welcome back!" shouted Haku as he hugged the two teens.

"Hey Haku how have things been?" asked Naruto. Haku proceeded to tell them what has happened. Most of it they had heard from Shukaku and Gaara.

"Since you two are hardly around, I have been helping the other teams and doing solo missions."

"Sorry Haku as it may seem that you will have to continue on without us." stated Ichigo as he filled his teammate into what was going on.

"I see so you came here to train. Well the third has been training the fifth hokage."

"The fifth?" questioned Ichigo and Naruto in unison. Haku had filled them in on the mission with Jiraiya to get Tsunade to become the fifth hokage.

"The battle with Orochimaru has shown Sarutobi isn't in the best shape to continue being hokage." stated Haku.

"I wonder if she knows about us?" asked Naruto.

"I hardly doubt that Sarutobi wouldn't tell her about two ninja soul reapers who can leap dimensions and the terrible burdens they carry. We did after all defeated and killed off an S rank rogue ninja and saved the leaf village." stated Ichigo.

"Well good luck on your training. If you guys ever need any help know that I am always here to back you up." stated Haku. The two teens nodded their heads that they understood as the two quickly flash stepped over to the hokage tower.

They knocked on the hokage's door to hear a voice telling them to enter. Sitting behind a desk was a busty woman with long blond hair tied back into two pigtails.

*That must be the fifth hokage Tsunade.* stated Kyuubi. Sarutobi stood by Tsunade's side as a soft smile caressed his face.

"Naruto…. Ichigo… I was just telling Tsunade about you two." stated Sarutobi.

"Does she know?" asked Naruto bluntly as Sarutobi nodded his head yes. Both Naruto and Ichigo sighed softly before filling them into what they had learned.

"So you both came here to find someone to work to train you before this plan can come about." stated Tsunade.

"We already have a teacher from the soul society who can teach us how to harness the full power of our zanpakutos. We also have a teacher in mind for training us with our ninja skills." stated Ichigo.

"Every able ninja and ally we have should be made aware of this threat. There is no telling if they may be able to pull it off before the five years. Everyone is in danger as they won't rest until they have destroyed everything that is within their path." added Naruto.

"If we have to go and convince them of this threat, we will do it." stated Ichigo. Tsunade turned towards Sarutobi as the old man knew that the story did sound credible. But he knew that seeing the power that Ichigo and Naruto contained will prove very convincing to everyone and anyone.

"Who is the person you have in mind from here to train you?" asked Tsunade. A smile caressed both Naruto's and Ichigo's face.

"Jiraiya." they answered in unison.

They both found Jiraiya at his usual spot at the hot baths spying on women. It was this time that Naruto crept up onto the pervy sage.

"Hey pervy sage….. stop spying on the women in the hot bath!" Naruto yelled into Jiraiya's ear earning shrieks from the women and giving the man a heart attack. Ichigo could hardly contain his laughter.

"I told you not to call me that! And you have just ruined all of my research. I trust that you have good reason to disturb me." stated Jiraiya. Both Ichigo and Naruto could see a black cat walking up to them as it winked its eye.

"Actually yes….. we want you to train us. The hokage has given us a mission to the other lands to convince our allies about the threat that is coming. You are to accompany us to train us." stated Ichigo.

"No thank you." replied Jiraiya.

"What if we told you that a hot woman was also coming with us to train us with our zanpakutos?" questioned Naruto earning a smile from Jiraiya.

"Then that would be a different story. When can I meet her?" asked Jiraiya as he was drooling. Both teens smiled as they pointed to the black cat that sat before them.

"Yoruichi Shion met Jiraiya." both teens replied.

"How is a cat a hot woman?" asked Jiraiya. Both Naruto and Ichigo turned quickly covering their eyes.

"Ok Yoruichi… show him!" stated Naruto. Yoruichi proceeded to transform from her cat form into a nude woman. Jiraiya suddenly flew back several feet with two bloody noses as he fell to the ground as his legs were still twitching in the in the air. Foam drooled from his lips as his hands were locked almost like he had a cramp. Yoruichi proceeded to transform back to her cat form as both teens turned to see Jiraiya on the ground transformed into a blubbering mess. Both teens gave Yoruichi a thumbs up.

"Nice job Yoruichi!" they stated in unison.

"That's the most fun that I have had in years. I don't think I have ever earned that reaction before." she stated with a smile on her face.

"When he comes to tell him to report to the hokage's office to get the information about the mission. We will meet you both at the main gate." stated Ichigo as Yoruichi nodded her head. Now their journey could begin to train in how to fully use their powers to stop Aizen and the Akatsuki from their goals!


Dimensional War

Sequel to "Monsters with Souls". Years have passed for Ichigo Kurosaki & Naruto Uzamaki as they set out to find a way to stop Sosuke Aizen aided by his Arrancar army & the rogue ninja group the Akasuki from their goals as a war between the 2 dimensions is bound to happen. The only ones who can stop it are Ichigo and Naruto as they put everything on the line to stop the war from happening.